Maple Drive

Maple Drive used to be a bustling hive of activity before the hospital closed and a new one was reopened across town. The abandoned building still stands, located nearby a derelict park and some abandoned houses that have all fallen into disrepair.

Abandoned Hospital

The abandoned hospital is a danger and visiting it is highly discouraged by the local townsfolks, in fact most of that area is considered off limits, but that doesn't stop the local teens from exploring there.


Old City Park

The old city park also is here with an overgrown park area, playground equipment that has rusted, and a basketball court that needs an overhaul.


Area 51 Skate Park

Area 51 Skate Park is also located in this area but it's kept up by die hard local teens who still use the park and hang out here as often as possible.


Old Train Station

The old train station used to be in full operation, but now the tracks have fallen into disrepair from unuse and the bordering forest has claimed it and the tracks.



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