Code Name of Character
Halle Bailey
Name: Madison Kellogg
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas
Age: 15
Aliases: Maddie
Origin: Unknown, Birth
Grade: 10th
Team: Metis
Dating: Awkward
Powers and Abilities: Animal Stuffs: Control, Communication, Warging
Portrayed by: Halle Bailey

Madison is unsure where her powers come from, she just knows that she has had them since birth. This is her normal.


Past School Years

Kindergarten -
First Grade -
2nd Grade-
3rd Grade - Tokyo, Japan - Koga
4th Grade -
5th Grade-
6th Grade- Bellingham, WA - Grace
7th Grade -
8th Grade -
9th Grade - Shady Cove MS (last few months)
10th Grade - Coral Springs 2018 - 2019 School Year



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IC Events

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(2018-10-09) Mystery Light
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(2018-09-27) Roomies
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(2018-08-21) Ker-SPLAT!
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(2018-05-22) Coffee and Catchup
Coffee and Catchup Summary: Not real coffee with catsup, that's gross. Date: 2018-05-22 ...

(2018-05-16) Terror in the House of Horrors
Terror in the House of Horror Summary: A group of students investigates something off at the...


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