Ariel Winter
Name: Mabel MacAlister
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: USA
Age: 15
Aliases: None
Origin: Experiment
Grade: 9th
Team: {$team}
Dating: Sierra
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Metamorphic Water-based Lifeform
Portrayed by: Ariel Winter

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 17.836

Initial results of Microbial Aquatic Biomimetic Empathic Lifeform cultivation in a solution of 99.9 percent water to 0.1 percent Hexoflourocortane-9 (a.k.a. HFC-9) are promising. Microbial yields are high and their structural bond to the water they inhabit is solid. Commencing Phase 2 of project next week.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 18.419

Success! Sensors have picked up a distinct psycho-empathic field generated by the organisms. Field is only detectable when organism density in liquid medium is CLASSIFIED ppm. Maintaining this level of saturation within the medium requires regular administration of HFC-9, at least CLASSIFIED cc's per week. Current test batch is being prepped for transfer to lab in Hamburg for continued testing.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 20.728

Incident reported during transportation of M.A.B.E.L. prototype to Hamburg lab. Truck carrying containment device impacted another vehicle. Reports are that occupants of vehicle were a family of tourists: NAMES CLASSIFIED. All occupants of vehicle impacted died on the scene, and the containment device was breached, spilling the prototype onto one of the victims, NAME CLASSIFIED. Containment procedures were initiated, but most of the prototype was lost, only 100 mL of protoype recovered. Standard cleanup/coverup procedures in place. Recovered fraction of prototype will be brought to lab in an attempt to recover our progress.

Project M.A.B.E.L - Entry 20.935

Excellent news, recovered sample still displays mild, but detectable, psychoempathetic field. Work will now commence on rebuilding the microbial base and adding additional base liquid. Requesting high-priority delivery of additional HFC-9 to assist.

Project M.A.B.E.L - Entry 42.371

It's been 22 weeks since the incident, and we have succeeded in restoring the M.A.B.E.L. prototype to its original volume. Microbial density is optimal, and initial tests are proving highly promising: when exposed to certain external stimuli (see Addendum 23.9), the normally transparent liquid base exhibits metamorphic capabilities, changing density, shape, color, in what appears so far to be an almost entirely unlimited capacity. Experiments regarding ways to control the changes by applying additional psychic stimuli will commence later this week.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 42.745

A strange and highly unexpected development: the prototype, during exposure to electrical fields combined with low-level psychic resonance, suddenly assumed the form of a young girl, who looks to be 12 or 13 years of age. The prototype seemed confused and frightened, banging on the containment unit walls and crying out for its parents. We continued monitoring subject. This behavior continued for about 2 hours, before subject seemed to fall unconscious, at which point it resumed its original transparent, liquid form. We will continue investigating.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 43.569

Subject has been resuming its 'human' shape more and more often, even without outside stimulus. Each time, it reacts similarly, becoming agitated and crying out for its parents. We have brought in a child psychologist to establish communication with the subject while our team investigates the cause of this unexpected development.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 43.928

Interesting developments. Subject has eagerly communicated with our psychologist. It identifies itself as 'Mabel MacAlister', and claims its last memories before 'waking up' in the containment chamber are of being in a car with its parents, before they were 'hit by a truck'. Our team has theorized that the M.A.B.E.L. prototype somehow 'imprinted' its psycho-empathic field onto the dying thoughts of the daughter of the couple that was killed during the previous incident, before she too died. The process by which the microbial agents have organized themselves in such a way as to mimic and process human thought and memory, however, remains unclear. Additional testing will be performed.

Note: The irony of the imprinted personality's name being 'Mabel' is not lost upon this researcher.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 45.520

Additional testing over the past few weeks shows subject's mental state is nearly identical to that of a standard teenage girl. She repeatedly requested clothes, displaying embarrassment at being naked. This was denied. After several days, subject manifested the ability to change its shape so as to appear clothed. Subject appears to be gaining control over its metamorphic capabilities, the limit of which are as of yet unknown. Attempts to injure subject either with warning or by surprise result in the subject's 'body' reacting to flow around the source of the attack, suffering little or no damage to its liquid structure, though causing subject mental distress at the perceived harm. However, two major sources of potential harm seem to be effective: electrical stimulation appears to cause the subject extreme pain and loss of cohesion and control. Experimental results indicate that continued high-voltage application of electrical stimulation could destroy the microbial cohesion entirely, thus 'killing' the lifeform. In addition, the lifeform displays an aversion to water, especially in large amounts. Experimental results indicate that if subject is immersed in over 100 gallons of water (Note: a little more than the contents of an average bathtub), microbial cohesion quickly falls, and subject becomes 'diluted', losing the ability to keep a solid form and maintain human thought. It is theorized that if immersed in a pool or the ocean, subject would become permanently diluted and 'die'. Subject appears to sense this danger instinctively, and displays a panic response if large amounts of water are introduced to its environment. More testing required.

Project M.A.B.E.L. - Entry 68.390

Disaster. After several months of experimentation, the project as we know it has been halted. The director's daughter, Alexandra von Zeiss, has requested that the subject be released into her care, and this request has been granted, against my very explicit protests. I have been assigned to monitor the project from afar, as subject will be 'integrated' with other 'exceptional individuals', and we will monitor how it reacts and if it can grow and learn. While I believe it is dangerous to let lose a nearly indestructible shapeshifter that we cannot fully control into the world, the Director seems certain that her daughter will be able to keep the subject under control. Despite my doubts, I will continue my project as best I can.

Mabel MacAlister's Diary

Dear Diary,

Oh my god, so excited. I never thought those scientists would let me out, but Alex *saved* me! She's the best. And now she says I'm coming to school with her, too! Finally! I still miss my parents every day, but at least I won't have to worry about all those crazy experiments every day. Alex says the school we're going to is for 'gifted individuals' like us- I guess she means more freaks like me. But I guess at least I won't stick out too much- and besides, all i have to do is stay with Alex. She'll take care of me like she always does. And I'll take care of her.

I really hope what I heard about the school being on an island isn't true, though. Ocean everywhere? Just thinking about it makes me want to pour myself into a bucket and never come back out. Oh, I think I hear Alex coming to pick me up. So excited!

Mabel <3 <3 <3

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