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Name: Luz Garcia Santiago
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Nacogdoches, Texas
Age: 15
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Genetic, Tech Regulation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: {$team}
Dating: Significant Other(s)
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Weaponry and Energy Conversion, Hallucination, Phasing
Portrayed by: Actor Name

Luz is well aware of three facts:
1. He knows Luz is a girls name. Take it up with his grandmother. No really, let him know how it works out for you.
2. He has a catastrophic insurance policy named after him. They are still rebuilding the football field.
3. His power regulator is not alive. Probably.

Luz was born with a mutation which passively converts psychic emanations into a hybrid thermal/electrical plasma. Unfortunately, this power was unstable and thus it became necessary to outfit him with technology from an experimental walker project.

IC Events

None Yet (if you want to wiki-fu a module to list logs, the code can be provided). This is extra writing presently to taste the parameters of this field in relation to the hanging box and see if I write too far that the box might cover up some of this text.


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