Code Name of Character
Elle Fanning
Name: Lumi Iclyn Frost
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Bettles, Alaska
Age: 16
Aliases: {$alias}
Origin: Birth
Grade: Junior
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Single
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities:
Portrayed by: Elle Fanning

Lumi was born in Bettles, Alaska, 16 years ago to Samuel Frost and Asiaq. Asiaq is Inuit, born and raised in Bettles. Samuel was a Finnish explorer who took advantage of the Alaska Permanent Fund and moved there for the stimulus payments.


IC Events

  • 09-25-2020 - Arrived at Coral Springs!



(2020-09-25) Prometheus - The New Ares
Prometheus - The New Ares Summary: Ankle Jewelry, New Arrivals, Ghosts and Fire. What could go...

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