Anton Yelchin
Name: Logan Smith
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Created in North Dakota
Age: 14
Aliases: Terminator, Data, HAL, various other pop culture robot names.
Origin: Cybernetic Organism
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Ares
Dating: What Is Love?
Powers and Abilities: Cybernetic
Portrayed by: Anton Yelchin

In the year 2004, the young boy known as Logan Smith was born to Doctor Emmanuel Smith, what many would consider a mad scientist and one of the smartest men in the world, and Laura Smith. Laura died in childbirth, giving her life to allow Logan a chance at one of his own. Heartbroken and tormented by his wife's death, Emmanuel did everything in his power to give Logan the best life, as well as keep him safe.

…Until he became fourteen. He had just finished middle school. Logan was spending time with his friends at the mall as his father was supervising, until a mall shooter shot three bullets into the young Logan, killing him almost instantly. two of the other boys were also killed by the blind spray and pray…leaving Emmanuel heartbroken and borderline insane.

Refusing to let his son be taken from him, Emmanuel put all of his knowledge, all of his skill to the test. He was already experimenting with the rare metal Tungsten infused with Carbon Steel and nanotechnology to create a hyperalloy, so that's what became the outlying body for his son, producing a endo-skeleton composed almost entirely of nanites in the end. The flesh was also made out of a nanite coding, meant to be able to perfectly mimic human tissue and only able to mimic the set skin-appearance of Logan.

Thus….Logan Smith was reborn. But as a machine, Logan did not understand personality, and addressed Emmanuel as his 'Creator' and not 'Father'. To account for this, while unable to give his child REAL human emotions, he prgrammed a chip that allowed his son to be able to fake personality and be able to perform such things. But this helped Logan blend in, he still did not understand humans, and wanting to be as such, Logan requested that he be sent to a real school.

Emmanuel knew that Coral Springs was a place for special kids….so he arranged for Logan to be sent there.

So now Logan has his mission perogative: To learn and understand how to be human.

IC Events

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