(2016-10-14) Coffee Shop Talk
Coffee Shop Talk
Summary: Dax and Felicia catchup while getting coffee on their way to work
Date: 2016-10-14
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Another school week is over and done and like most students of CS Felicia couldn't wait to get off the island and go into town. Sure she has to go to work soon, but until then she can get a coffee and do a bit of hanging out. The whole buddy system that the school has insisted on doesn't bother her. She rarely leaves the school by herself anyway. And Dax is a convenient buddy and speedy taxi service! "Two in a half weeks and the park closes and I'll be out of a job." she says as she walks into the coffee shop and heads to the counter to order a hot chocolate "Though the next few weekends there should be fun. We get to dress up in costumes. They assigned me the Bride of Frankenstein." she finds that amusing.

Daxton's been quiet, mostly pouting cause his Chicago trip's been postponed. "Are you wanting a different job afterwards?" He can see if they need a dishwasher at the pizza place. He's in his tee shirt already, looking up at the possible caffeine choices.

"Gonna have to get one whether I want it or not." Felicia tells him as she eyes the pastries in the case "Motorcycle insurance is expensive." not to mention gas and parking fees. She really didn't think this through, typical teenager. She didn't inquire as to why the Chicago plans fell through but she knows there were others as well "Is U-23 still going to come here and looks at places at least?"

Daxton nods, That makes sense. "Yeah, just probably not gonna be able to get one this weekend." were they getting paid in Chicago? Weird.

Felicia takes her hot chocolate from the barista and gives Dax a nod, her expression saying how much that sucks "Well at least you will have more time to look around and decide on what you want." even if they can't throw money at it yet "You still going to hang with them though?" she doesn't know the exact plan "At least you get to escape the crazy for a weekend."

Daxton gets his triple shot of whatever and nods, "Yeah. We may even catch a movie or something, if we can talk Inferno into it." The four of them sharing a popcorn bucket would eb amusing to see. "I just want my own room." For reasons.

"Oh fun." Felicia gestures around "You wanna grab a table or walk around town?" she is good with either. "Derek, ugh. I don't blame you." she wouldn't want to be roommates with him either, she'll assume that is the biggest reason. "I just want Thanksgiving break to get here. After yesterday's craziness with the attack, and one guy suggesting we make out and then Aidan asking me on a date.." she shakes her head. "Something must be in the water."

Daxton corrects, "I got Vinny. He's okay, just…." He shrugs. He just wants his own room, is all. He nearly spits out his drink, "What?" That could be about either of the last two things. "Who asked you to make out? And what did you tell Aidan?" If something's in the water, that would explain why he's back with Becca, but still!

Felicia ohhs at the correction, she can't keep them all straight "I'm surprised he isn't staying with his parents like Anna is." makes her wonder if Squidface is such a big deal after all. "Least it didn't come out your nose." she says at the near spit take, a little amused at the reaction "Link asked about the making out. Though that was after Ollie turned him down." it's doubtful she minds being second choice. "I told him no." her tone suggests that should have been obvious "He's nice an all but I don't like him like that." and she isn't the type to just say yes to get a free meal.

Maybe he is? Dax doesn't pay attention (I have not been told ooc what's up). He shrugs, "I have no idea what's up with all of that. His hand waves, but it's at super speed, so she gets fanned briefly, "Link did? Why? I mean, besides he wanted to make out with you. That's obvious." He then frowns, "Wait, what? He was just asking girls?" How gross is that? He nods about Aidan, "Well, good to be honest."

"I don't either…all these detentions better be worth it." over half the ones Felicia gets now are from Krutcheon and her jokes and puns about being a Chuthlu look alike. She is taking one for the team and Anna! She shrugs "I don't know and all the telling me I'm cute and pretty is going to get old." she gives an eyeroll, most girls would like that, but apparently she doesn't "I mean i know I am , duh. I don't need to be reminded." and there is that ego surfacing. "Yeah, Aidan's a good guy, he doesn't deserve games." and Felicia really isn't capable or willing to play them. Glancing at her phone for the time she heads to the door to leave "Time to roll. We don't wanna be late."

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