(2021-05-19) Do You Think I'm Pretty?
Do You Think I'm Pretty?
Summary: Nina asks that question of Sebastian. Awkward much?
Date: 2021.05.19
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Back Field
The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.


Nina is practicing her telekinesis. With a baseball. She throws it as hard as she can, catches it before it touches the ground, and brings it back to her hand. Kind of like a yoyo, except without a string. Assuming she's not boosting it on the way out, she's not a bad thrower. She hasn't yet mastered the women's softball pitch method, with its distinctive body motion, or anything. Just throwing from the shoulder. She pauses occasionally to brush off her legs, as though unused to having the wind touch them.

At least the weather has turned to the warmer, even though there's a slight drizzle in the air. It hasn't stopped Sebastian from wearing a hoodie over his school uniform outdoors, probably because it's at least some layer of protection from the damp. It also means that getting some fresh air is a little more comfortable, even though the cold never bothered him.

It's been a leisurely walk from the patio towards the back sports fields where it is surprisingly empty for such a day. He pauses at the edge for a moment before calling, "You know, they have pitching machines for that…so you don't end up throwing our your shoulder by pitching wrong."

Nina zaps the baseball to her hand and holds it. "Are you saying I throw wrong?" She looks over at Sebastian, tossing the ball from one hand to the other. She's not in uniform. Probably doesn't want to get it dirty. These are play clothes. "Hello, by the way.

"I'm saying that if you're not careful, you're going to hurt your shoulder throwing like that. If you're going to keep doing that particular exercise, you might want to see if they have a pitching or tennis ball serving machine. Save you some potential pain." Sebastian blinks a moment before giving a wry sort of smirk and offering back, "Hello."

Nina cocks her head. "Alright. Suppose you teach me to throw then?" Nina huffs quietly. She thought she was doing ok. She tosses the ball - without heating it up telekinetically - to Sebastian. Mildly annoyed does not equal 'good reason to kill him.' Not by a long shot.

Sebastian manages to catch the ball and lob it back, "I'm not a ball player. I just know that if you keep with that motion, you're going to hurt yourself. The gym teacher can probably help…now, if you want to know how to ski or ice skate, that I can show you."

Nina sucks the ball unerringly into her hand telekinetically. "Cold power. Ice skating. I can see that. We wouldn't even have to wait for winter, would we?" She grins. It's an infectious sort of grin, a little cockeyed. Perhaps she's getting more comfortable in this body.

"Not necessarily, no," Sebastian shrugs, "But the warmer it is, the harder it will be to keep anything frozen. Because that's how science works. Not going to help you with your ball-catching though. I also think the ice skates have been put away."

Nina chuckles. "Besides. When it gets to that season again, you'll be teaching Keyson. I saw how you looked at her last night." Nina looks away. "It was like seeing inside you, for just a second. I'm not telepathic or anything like that but… you have an attitude… and then you have the real you." Nina shrugs a little.

"I offered to teach Keyson this year. She was a little nervous about it…which is odd because Chicago gets really cold." Where she's from. "My relationship with Keyson has nothing to do with my relationship to others," he'll point out but there is a little frown when she mentions seeing the 'real' him. "I can assure you, the attitude is also real."

Nina looks at Sebastian, as though she's trying to see both. "I think you're right. Maybe it'd be more fair to say 'the rest of you'." She looks away. "Sharks have no tender side. What you see is what you get. More… sophisticated creatures… mostly mammals… have that, has been my experience. We humans take it to a level even dolphins couldn't imagine. I understood that… conceptually… but that second when you said you would kiss her at some point was… loud." Nina shakes her head. "Sorry. That probably sounds insane to you. It's just… I was always… 'feelings like that are for grownups.' And then you see someone you know doing that. Having those feelings.

"Most animals also have only basic reasoning and personalities. Humans are exceptional in that, for better or for worse," Sebastian will add. His brows furrow some at some thoughts before he offers, "Isn't that part of adolescence though? Going from a kid to a grown-up? Our bodies and brains changing…thoughts becoming more complex…"

Nina nods. "I think so. I've fought changing for so long… to avoid becoming a fish… it's hard to let go and let this life change me. And yet I still wonder sometimes…" she looks at Sebastian, and then looks away. "Like… I know you're with Keyson, and she's my friend so I'm just looking for your opinion here… but I wonder sometimes if you think I'm pretty.

Sebastian blinks again, "I suppose I can understand that…I'm not sure I'd want to be a fish either. That must have been pretty difficult. I also understand the concept of not wanting to let go and let things change." That last is said a little quieter before he glances back sharply at her question. There is a long moment of silence before he shakes his head, "Oh, no. I am not falling into that trap. Keyson is delicate enough with this sort of thing, so I am not going to take that bait…"

Nina looks away, blushing. "I just wondered. You're a boy. You're… articulate. I figured I'd get a straight answer from you.

"Marcus would be honest as well, although he is far less articulate," he does seem a little flattered at that. "I just don't need to get Keyson upset with me over something like this."

Nina is still blushing. "He'd get out a magnifying glass to try to figure out why. I like Marcus, probably a lot more than you do. But he's not as mature, I don't think." She looks away. "Forget I asked.

Sebastian can't help a little chuckle, "No, he's definitely not. But I think he'd answer honestly without too much scrutiny." But the chuckle soon fades, "He thinks he's entitled to know my thoughts and reasons behind my thoughts. He is not. So we butt heads about that. I'm fine not getting along with everyone."

You say, "For him, everything has a reason, and he wants to know them all. " She fans her face a little. "For you… you seem reticent to… be part of all this. That puzzles me. I feel it, and I know why I feel it. Why you'd feel it when you were born to it, I don't understand."

"Born to what?" Sebastian asks, moving on with this new subject. "Having powers? I wasn't born to it as far as I know. It just started happening." He also glances about, "Or do you mean the school?"

You say, "Being fourteen."

Sebastian ahs and lifts a finger, "I'm -fifteen-, thank you very much." It does seem to be a distinct difference, as if suddenly things change after only a few months of being a new numerical age.

Nina raises an eyebrow. "You're ancient" She giggles. Seriousness over.

"Not as ancient as you. I wasn't on the Titanic, after all," Sebastian will point out. "Although I'm guessing all those years as fish probably shouldn't really count."

Nina sticks her tongue out. "No, not really. I learned to be an adult fish. I didn't learn to be an adult human.

Sebastian shrugs, "Fish age faster. No one at fourteen…or fifteen…has learned how to be an adult human. I'm pretty sure that's part of the point of this…or any…school."

Nina nods. "Having babies is less a concern when you lay eggs and swim away."

Sebastian tilts his head, "I'm pretty sure that no one expecting you to have babies and be a mother right now…or ever, if that's what you want. Times are different now. You have a lot more options."

Nina looks at Sebastian. "I know… conceptually. Getting my head around it is trickier.

That gets another shrug, "You have at least four years here to do that. And then who knows how long after? No one's expecting you to know what you want to be at eighteen, either. Kind of the beauty of it, I guess. As long as you have control over your power and, I'm pretty sure the school would like you to use it for good rather than not."

Nina curls her lip a little. "Yeah… that's the real trick, isn't it?" She looks away.

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