(2021-05-18) Keysexual
Summary: Keyson and Sebastian sittin' in a tree…
Date: 2021.05.18
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Game Room
This large open area is a game room. A variety of both retro and modern arcade games fill the area. The lighting is subdued so that lights from the various games make the most impact and so there isn't any glare on the screens. The center of the floor is translucent glass. Thick and frosty so no details can be seen in the study area below. Amoung the electric games are also a few non-tech ones. Two pool tables, a foosball table and air hockey. Curved stairs lead down.


Sebastian isn't generally seen in the Game Room unless he's hanging out with Keyson, watching her play a video game or, in the rare instance, when they get control of the television set. He's not generally one to join in on the video games, but he'll occasionally play if foosball, air hockey, or pool games are started up. Although no pool with Keyson…unless he's on -her- team!

Keyson hums as she plays soem fighting video game, her feet propped up in Sebbie's lap. "Get all your work done for the day? Or ignoring it for the pleasures of-" She stops as the game calls out "FINISH HIM!!!". "Hell yes." Buttons are slammed.

Nina wanders around the corner into the game room. She's still not really up on video games … something to get Key to teach her, perhaps … but she can usually find other students here. That's important. She watches Keyson and Sebastian together and quirks a quiet little smile, then peers through the viewfinder of "BattleZone," reading the instructions. "Don't let me interrupt." She pushes at one of the joysticks with one finger as though she expects it to bite. "I got a B on my math test, by the way. Thank you for your help."

Sebastian is more than happy to be a bit of a footrest for Keyson. He watches as she plays the game, actually amused that the game is still around, although with better graphics. "Yes, I'm ignoring it for the pleasure of your company," is offered before he glances over at Nina's greeting. "She might be focused on the game. Congrats on the B."

Only once Keyson is victorious in the game does he sneak a tickle to her foot.

Keyson's won this round, and twists to look at Nina, "A B?!?! That's great! we'll keep working, next test will be a B+." She laughs, kicking at Seb gently, "I'm worth ignoring it for!"

Nina looks over at the kicking sound and laughing, and deduces what probably just happened. She listens to Keyson's response and watches them both curiously. "Yeah, thanks," she says, somewhat belatedly. She looks back into BattleZone, then back at the two of them. "Are you two… flirting? I'm not from this century. I don't know these things."

Sebastian actually smiles a little mischievously at the giggle and the kick. "Careful! There's sensitive stuff here…" since her legs -were- on his lap. It doesn't stop him from reaching to tickle a little more. "Yeah, I guess you are…" but then he looks over at Nina, blinking a moment. "Pretty sure flirting is kind of timeless and universal…although…girls and boys are allowed to sit together and hang out together without chaperons now."

Keyson's leg kicks more, he tickles, he gonna get kicked. That's the way of the world. She giggles more, "Sensitive stuff." She outright laughs, "Gosh, could you even imagine a chaperone? How terrible. It's not like we do anything that would need that anyway." She rolls her head to look at Nina, "What was flirting like back then then?"

Nina shrugs her shoulders inward, almost defensively. "It depended on who was watching, I guess. I remember my sister flirting with the boy she eventually married. A sidelong glance, a smile like there was some great joke they both knew the punchline to but weren't going to repeat… giggling… Given that their first baby came only seven months after they got married, I suppose it worked."

Sebastian gives a little snort, "Seven months? They were doing more than flirting. You -do- know that biological stuff, right?" Back to Keyson, "Men and women weren't allowed to even kiss until they were engaged and they couldn't go out on dates alone and had to have an older chaperon." Although Keyson is correct that they've been pretty chaste. "I think it's kind of free reign here as long as you aren't in someone else's room after curfew or with the door closed."

Keyson's nose wrinkles, marriage? No thanks! Baby? Key actually shakes her head no. "Gross." Baby and all. Not wanting to talk about all that, she shifts and turns back towards the screen and her fight, "Marriage is dumb."

Nina rolls her eyes. "Yesss I know the biological stuff. I know they were doing more than flirting." She wraps her arms around herself and looks back into BattleZone, then looks down. "I don't know. On the one hand, all the things people got married for when I was… before… back then… most of them are gone. Not all, but most. Why do you think it's dumb?

Sebastian lifts an eyebrow at Keyson's mention of the 'baby stuff'. Well, they're still young. "I never gave a thought to marriage." Nina gets a smirk, "Well, I'm glad you know that stuff." He didn't want to be the one to explain it. "I think people still get married for mostly the same reasons, but I don't think it's as culturally demanded now."

Keyson starts playing another battle, but answers, "It's dumb. People promise things and they always lie. And having a baby just makes it worse. Now there's three people to be disappointed." Ouch. Her brow furrows gently, studying the fighter she picked. Almost like she's avoiding looking at the other two students, "Dating and flirting are fine, but….marriage never lasts."

Nina looks at Keyson while she's looking away. "Or they die," she says, simply. "I think I'm immature or something. I still feel like "boys, ick" most of the time… but not all the time."

"My parents were married and they loved each other very much. Stan and Trish have been married for a while and love each other. They couldn't have kids which is one of the reasons they're fostering," Sebastian offers quietly. "I don't think that it's always bad. But I also think that people sometimes get married for the wrong reasons and then all that stuff happens…" He tilts his head at Nina, "I don't know about that. Maybe you don't even like boys. And that's ok too."

Keyson shrugs, "Dying, leaving, lying…" It's all in the same vein. Someone gets hurt. her head tilts, she's not going to argue with Seb, she's glad he's got all those positive examples. "Maybe you're like….grey sexual, Nina."

Nina looks from Sebastian to Keyson. She nods at what Sebastian says, "Maybe, yeah… or maybe it's not that they got married but that they had problems that didn't go away." She looks from one to the other. "Wait… How did we get from…immature to you think I'm…LBG… um… that?"

"You don't get married to get rid of problems. It doesn't work like that." Not that he's had experience with that, either. Sebastian watches Keyson as she starts up a new game before he looks to Nina, "LGBTQIA+, I think, but no one's saying that either. I don't think there's an age where you have to be interested in someone. If you are, you are. If you're not, you're not. I didn't think I would be, until Keyson."

Keyson gets quiet, still frowning as she smashes buttons. "You brought it up, Nina. Saying boys were icky, but sometimes not." She snorts, "Sebbies 'Keysexual'. Oh dear lord, no. It makes her giggle though.

Nina rubs her temples. "LGBTQIA+. God. It's complicated anymore," she says quietly." At 'Keysexual' she snorts and giggles. "I'm going to get a soda. Do either of you want one?"

Sebastian gives another snort but doesn't contradict her. At least they find it amusing. "Just be who you want to be. Or play around and try to figure it out. That's the way I see it." Sebastian is at least fairly self-aware on that point. "Sure, I'll take one, thanks…" because while he can't drink coffee after noon, apparently he can have sodas without detriment again. He then turns back to Keyson and watches her quietly for a moment before he finally offers quietly, "I won't lie to you."

Keyson tells Nina, "I'll just drink some of Sebbies!" hahahah, she's funny. But when things get a little more serious, she pauses the game and tilts her head as she looks at Sebastian, "I know. We're not married." He gets a bright amused smile, "You've not even kissed me, I don't think you've gonna try and put a ring on me."

<FS3> Nina rolls Telekinesis: Great Success.

Nina gets up and goes over to the soda machine to try a new trick. She pulls a dental mirror out of her pocket and peers into the coin slot, and there's a click. A bunch of clicks. The machine flashes "credit: 25 dollars" "Oops." Nina quietly presses for 2 sodas, a grape and an orange, and heads back to the others. "Grape or Orange? And um. Apparently there will be more for free for a while."

"I will…" he just hasn't felt the right moment yet! This is not something that should be rushed! Sebastian gives a little pout even as she mentions that, but the fact that she's smiling even as she talks about it means the pout doesn't go too deep. "We're teenagers, so no. Not right now. Who knows what the future is going to bring, anyhow."

The question from Nina brings him back from that line of thought, "Orange, please." A glance again to Keyson, "That ok?" Since they're apparently sharing.

Keyson rolls her eyes and ignores Seb's pout, but it's almost comical, "Orange is fine. Thanks!" So kind of him to offer! "How'd you do that, Nina?" Not that she'd be able to, but she normally can't afford soda, so that's a nice trick!

Nina pops open the grape. "The switch that triggers the coin counter is down inside the machine, but with a mirror, I can see it. And if I can see it, I can mess with it." She sips her soda.

Sebastian gives a "Thanks" as the soda is offered and he opens it but lets Keyson have the first sip if she wants. "You could probably just unlock the door though," is offered to her. He'll settle in to continue watching the game and converse even though he probably should be doing homework.

Keyson chews her lower lip in thought, maybe she could just…unlock the machine. Something to try later though. Seb gets a grin as she takes the soda and drinks, popping her lisp afterwards and handing it back. "Yes, but this way, everyone gets pop!" Oh, she sounds so very Chicago with her pop. She turns back and unpauses the game.

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