(2021-05-13) The Gathering Storm -or- You //Have// to Know Star Wars
The Gathering Storm -or- You Have to Know Star Wars
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Date: 2021.05.13
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Coral Springs Dock
Not only is there a new school, but apparently there is a new island as well. This one is much larger and a lot more cliffy and forested than the previous one.

The docks are quite nice, with a heating and air conditioned building that has vending machines and restrooms so students can wait for the ferry in inclement weather.

To the left of the docks is a small park like area, the rest is left as nature intended it. Mostly rocky shore, with waves and riptides that make any swimming here dangerous. A winding, flower and tree lined cobblestone path curves up a hill and signage indicates that the school is at the top.


Nina sits well back from the rail on the ferry, keeping her eyes on the horizon. She looks - very carefully - over at Keyson. "How are you doing?" Conversation. Something. Anything. Keep her mind off where she is, and how wretched she feels.

Keyson's not scared of being on the boat, just in the water…and otehr things. But that's different. The Metis is dressed in her usual hoodie, a leg bouncing from where she sits next to Nina. "I'm…good. This is good. " She smiles a little too brightly, "I think you're goig to be happy once we get this shopping done. New clothes always make me feel better." Her nose wrinkles, and she looks away, leg bouncing more.

Nina nods and swallows. "Good. I don't think I like traveling by ship much anymore. Also, Alina seems to get seasick. So… talking is good. You told me about how your family used your abilities… where was that again?

Keyson can only nods, not really understanding. She's gotten better about just accepting things about Nina, but…it's still a lot to grasp at times for the teenager. "…Alina?" But then Key offers, "You know they make medicine for that not dramadill or something like that." Her cheeks flush slightly, "Oh…uh….Chicago. My family's in Chicago."

Nina looks at Keyson. "There's something they don't advertise on TV," she says. "Maybe… we can get some while we're in town. Chicago, that's right." She looks at the horizon and swallows a few times. "Alina." She points to her face. "That was her name. Before." She tries not to freak Keyson out. After all. It's not like she has a superabundance of friends.

Keyson nods, "I'm sure there's some in town….or at the shcool for next time." She reaches over and will pat Nina's arm gently. "Don't throw up." Helpful advice. But then Nina's dropping that bomb and the Hispanic girl just blinks, "oh." What else can you say to that anyway? A deep breath and she too looks out over the water, "So…you need undies…did you need other clothes too? Do you want to go to fancy stores, or thrift or what?"

Nina blushes. Hey, it takes her mind off her stomach, at least. "Almost all the clothes I have, I got from the school book store. So I have underpants, and they all say Coral Springs High on them. I have uniforms. And I have this, the outfit I came here in. Which I didn't exactly buy." She pauses and looks a little wistful. "When we left, everyone was excited about shopping at department stores. There were Sears Roebuck catalogs going around. We had nothing like that back then. So I don't know. I've been… faking it? I think that's the word I want. That's why I asked you if you grew up here, in this world, on this planet. So teach me what you know, because I don't know anything.

Keyson chews on her lower lip, "Really? A Sears? That's like….grandma clothes. We'll find you something better. Something in this century!" Hahaha….Key's funny without meaning to be. ""I'm not really the best role model, i didn't go to school either, but I'll help you as much as I can."

Nina chuckles, the green fading from around her jawline a little. "This century. Exactly. When we left, it was 1912." She looks at Keyson. "You didn't go to school? I understand your math ability would have made a lot of it unnecessary, but… no school at all?"

Keyson wets her lips, dark eyes going back out to sea. She likes watching water. She grew up with Lake Michigan after all. "No….Uncle said it wasn't needed. I read what i could, and watched you tube on stuff, but…." It's why she's not so great at English class. "I think maybe i went to like…a preschool for a while…I kinda remember an alphabet rug."

Nina reaches out to pat Keyson softly. "Our lives before were what they were. I think we both… did the best we could. And now we're here."

Whether she meant it this way or not, the ferry does begin its movement to dock shortly after Nina said "And now we're here". It gets much smoother in the protected water, and the boat is shortly tied up, constraining its movement even more. Nina looks a lot more relaxed when the tying up is done. "I am your padowan. Lead on, Master.

Keyson's leg starts bouncing, "Yeah…now we're here." Does she wish she wasn't? She's unsure. It's a double edged sword in her opinion. "If you have enough money, we'll get you a few outfits along with the unmentionables." She says that last part with a. giggle. "There's coffee and ice cream in town too, if you want. I don't really know what else you want to do…" She'll stand but then frown, "How do you know Star Wars?"

Nina laughs as we head ashore. "I wanted to understand 21st century America. You have to know Star Wars. "I have some money. You said something about a thrifty store? That might be a good place to start. I don't know enough about fashion to get expensive things anyway."

Keyson's smile brightens at the mention of the thrift store, 'Oh yes. It's all second hand clothing, but that's like…cool. We'll find you a pair of jeans and maybe some fun shirts and a hoodie…" She glances over Nina and just asks her, 'Are you a dress girl or no? Do you need shoes?" She'll skip off the boat, "I mean, Star Wars is fine I guess….It's kinda hokey.Like…Space Wizards with light swords?" She rolls her eyes.

Nina laughs softly. "Romania is a place where we take our folk stories seriously. I'll have to tell you some sometime, and you'll see space wizards with light swords aren't that strange to me. The movies are a little uneven though… as for dresses… these are literally the first pants I've ever owned." She doesn't mention that technically, Alina's original pants were first. But bad things happen to your clothes when you get shot in the head. Nina just doesn't mention that part. "So dresses… I'm used to them.

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