(2021-05-09) Matching Underthings -or- We //must// shop!
Matching Underthings -or- We must shop!
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Date: 2021.05.09
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Math Room
Smooth white walls, dark polished wood wainscoting, a travertine floor and an arched ceiling give the math room an almost church-like feel and sound, and the narrow, vertical windows do nothing to break that impression. There's a tremendous view of the sea below, crashing into the cliffs, and a view of other, less tamed islands, in the distance. There are jumbotron screens at both ends of the room, and these are used by the instructors to show techniques and display results. They can also be used by students when called upon. When not in use, they usually have fractal images or Escher scans, lending a slight touch of 70s record album cover to the church-like room. Math is weird sometimes.


Nina sighs. Her school day doesn't end when everyone else's does. She's struggling in remedial math for goshsakes. So here she is, getting tutoring from Keyson. She rests her head on her desk while she waits for Keyson to arrive so they can go over her homework - which is still in its perfect steaming pile from being assigned.

Keyson comes bouncing in, a notebook in hand and a sucker already popped in her smiling mouth. Her hair is braided and peeking out her green hooded. "Ready to rock this math out, Nina?" Skipping over she sets her notebook down, pulling a pencil out from behind her ear. "I brought suckers for encouragement even!" Oh boy.

Nina looks up at Keyson and sits up slowly. "Rock… like… rock and roll." It sounds different with the flipped Rs of her accent. "Sure. Sorry. It's been a long day. I had my appointment with the dentist and the doctor instead of study hall."

Keyson nod energetically, "Yup!" A nod, "Oh, sure…docs are the worst." She's not really been to one very often, but it's coming . "I promise, we'll get threw some of this and your day will get better." She giggles, "I'm better than study hall, anyway!"

Nina nods. She starts into her assignment, especially the parts she doesn't understand. After wading through a couple, she pauses. "You're… a woman of the world, right? This world, I mean. You were born on this planet fourteen…fifteen years ago and all that, right?"

Keyson settles next to Nina, leaning closer to look at what she's working on. "Okay, sooo….let me know what you don't get, kay?' There's a pause as she tilts her head, "Uh…I guess? I mean, yeah, I was born ….on earth?" God, she hopes she was! "Why?"

Nina slowly but surely blushes so hard she's almost purple. "If… my mother or my older sisters were still alive, I would just ask them this, but… the doctor told me that… as I put weight back on, and my body… develops… redevelops… whatever… that I need to buy things I didn't have to buy before. And… I can't ask my mother or my older sisters. They're long gone." This, interspersed with swearing in Romanian at the quadratic equation. With help, though, she does get through it.

Keyson just blinks, clearly not following. "You…..need to go shopping?"

Nina nods. She leans in and whispers. "I need to buy a bra. I've never even seen one in person. They weren't invented when we set sail for America. Apparently I'm… poking out of my blouses, and the doctor tells me that's going to get worse. Quickly."

Keyson blinks more before her eyes widen, "Oh…uh…yeah. Bras are important. Unless you don't want to wear one. Like…it's your choice, ya know?" She smiles then, thinking, "I….yeah, I could go shopping with you." Screw being safe! She's tired of hiding! "Do you have moeny for it? Bras can be expensive."

Nina nods. "Some. I have a clothing allowance…and I never let being out of money stop me from shopping." She cocks her head. "I don't have to wear one?"

Keyson's not going to judge how Nina gets clothes. A shoulder lifts as she goes over some of the other girl's work, "I don't always wear one. It's not a law, as long as your nips aren't showing, you should be fine. It's all about what you're comfortable with, ya know?" She looks up, grinning brightly, "Women's Rights!"

Nina curls a little smile. "Okay, those I've read about. I didn't know they applied to our clothes." She scratches her head. "How do you keep yours from showing?

Keyson glances down at her own chest, she's pretty small, "Well, I wear layers a lot, but I just…make sure my shirt is buttoned." Tha's prolly not very helpful. "Just don't flash anyone. Besides that, it's no one's business. Unless you want it to be." Pretty wise advice comign from the little Metis.

Nina ponders that and nods. "But so many clothes want to hug your skin. And swimsuits… my God. You might as well go naked."

Keyson laughs, "Some do, yeah. If you don't mind people being able to tell you're not wearing a bra, who cares?" She shrugs again, "I don't swim, so…not really an issue for me." But then she laughs, "I do liek tank tops, a tank top with a hoodie? Perfect summer outfit!"

Nina smiles meekly. "The clothes I grew up in had embroidery and wrapped around your chest. It sounds like I should go shopping with you anyway. That sounds comfortable. So I can just… let them show? If I want to? If I don't mind people seeing?" Yeah, she does cringe a little. "I didn't know that."

Keyson nods, "Well, Not like…the skin, but you definitely don't have to wear bras all the time. That's just society keeping women down!" Oh to be 14 and not top heavy! "It's your body." Is it? "You get to decide what people see and what they don't."

Nina nods slowly. "Okay. So… layers to keep from poking through, or say 'to blazes with it' and ignore them. Got it. So… I'll probably still get one when we go shopping… if you'll help me pick one that's the right size and all that. Just… so I have the choice?"

Keyson taps a problems, pointing out where Nina forgot to do something, "Sure. We can even get you cute matching undies. Everyone says it's nice when they match." Not that Key has any that match. She's lucky her socks match. The only thing new she has, besides her school uniforms, are the hoodies that she somehow keeps acquiring. "Do you have enough other clothes too?"

Nina blushes again. "Bras can match your underwear? I didn't realize that either. I spend a lot of time on the internet, but… I'm mostly trying to understand the culture, idiom, technology… the fashion made no sense to me at all. There is one woman… a singer. She wears loose clothes, and that was more comfortable to me. Am I supposed to dye my hair green, as she has, in order to wear them that way? That was never made clear.

"Sometimes they can be super sexy, but I don't think you want that." Not to start! Not at this age! "You think this fashion makes no sense, go look at 80's fashion? I think they were all hit on the head!" Keyson laufhs, enjoying the conversation. "Green? No? Only if you want green hair. It's the same as bras. You only have to go that stuff if you want to." She looks down at her braid, maybe thinking of it with green in it. "Dying hair is expensive."

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