(2021-02-02) Dino Stampede
Dino Stampede
Summary: It's all Sebastian's fault
Date: 2021-02-02
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Paragon Island
In the center of the island, a large open area, roughly 100 meters round, that used to stand as training grounds for the students of Coral Springs High. The center has been cleared for a helicopter landing space and a temporary base of operations has been established by Unit 23. The bleachers that once held students cheering on their Arena Fetch teams are now broken and what's left of them are covered in aggressive looking vines. The pillars that once held lights are now toppled and if one looks carefully the ground is littered with tracks from creatures that shouldn't be alive in this time period. The temperature is warmer than it was at the school, no snow accumulates on the ground.

It's not the first wave of students at the island, but the others didn't get much. Unit 23 has a base set up, it's a fancy tent with supplies, but it's still a base. The weather here is warmer than it should be, no snow collects on the ground. Daxton is in mission gear, a gun strapped in it's holster visible but locket in with a snap button. Another Unit 23 member is present as well, they're floating , eyes white and seem to be scanning the area mentally. This is Afterthought. Daxton waits at the helicopter site with Callisto, who is definitely not dressed in go-go boots. Once the students, there's a handful of them, get off the chopper, Dax will tell them. "For those of you that don't know me, I'm Tempo. This is Strawberry. Today's mission is try and determine what the threats are on the island, so we can better equip teams to go further down into the old school grounds. Any questions?"

Good. No go-go-boots. Sure, Callisto was alive for the actual relevant times for such attire, but she ain't wearing such things to a dinosaur island. Nope. Callisto Aine graduated awhile back and given her ties to U23 through Daxton, of course she is along to help out at this dangerous site. She's outfitted appropriately for the soiree: mission gear, well-fitting; a weapon in the form of a butterfly sword.. that's it. The rest? All in her head… seriously.

As Daxton addresses the students, her pale gaze is upon Afterthought as they do their scan. It's evident that the fey girl thinks highly of the mentalist because her expression is almost reverent as AT floats there. Until, well, DEXTER… DEXTERS. A sharp glance at the 'Strawberry' moniker and her slender palm reaches out to slap the speedster on the shoulder. Par for the course.

Sebastian is here for the extra credit…and maybe to see what Keyson was really talking about. He stands, his arms crossed, kind of glaring about the island before he raises a hand, "So, what's the plan for when one of us gets eaten or stepped on by a dinosaur?" Dark eyes look over at Tempo and 'Strawberry', "Has -anyone- seen 'Jurassic Park'?" The slap on the shoulder gets a smirk, "I like her."

Is extra credit worth coming back to the old school and possibly getting eaten by dinosaurs? Maybe, maybe not, but after consulting a few horoscopes and doing so readings themselves Reese figured being eaten wasn't in the cards today, or at least that's what the magic-8 ball said. So here they are, dressed in the blue and white Ares mission uniform and eyeing the U-23 members. "Seen it, and all the sequels." there is a shiver "This place gives me…" there is a pause for a moment "I do not know the English word, so nevermind." the surroundings get a visual scan "We going inside this time, or surveying the outside?"

Daxton takes the smack, he earned it. Those good at reading faces can see the corner of his mouth twitch, like he's trying to not smile. Seb gets a nod, and to the questions, "I should have asked you to identify yourselves as well so I'm not yelling hey you. So, your first question. The plan is for you to not get eaten. In theory you've ben taking classes, you all have powers. Use them. If you can get away without engaging, great, if not. Kill it." He's serious. Oh boy. "We've not encountered anything big enough to step on anyone yet, T rex style. But be aware that's why you're here, to help us figure out what we're dealing with." and then after a beat he tells Sebastian, "Me too." He holds up an hand to Reese, "No, what? talk through it." Powers are powers and if someone's spider senses are tinging… "We're going to be Outside for now. They seem to originate from inside, so there's going to be more in the school that out."

The willowy white-haired girl doesn't carry on beyond the smack, wanting to keep things professional. However her gaze lingers a few seconds longer upon the speedster before her hands move to clasp in front of her abdomen. Her eyes flit to observe those who have turned out to lend aide: both Sebastian and Reese are given a onceover; mostly to just acquaint herself with them so she can be of better assistance if (hopefully not) things go sideways. Was she a student once? Feels like yesterday. Seb's remark earns a tiny quirk of Callisto's lips. "He earned it." She mouths to Sebastian, but nothing more. Her gaze swings 'round to note Reese, "It gives you 'the creeps'?" Asked as she tries to supply what she thinks to be the word that the fellow mentalist is groping for. "Understandable. I rather like the first one. The original." Said in a near-whisper, only to silence immediately once Daxton speaks onwards. Callisto turns to watch the speedster, keeping close to his side.

"In reality, we," Sebastian gestures to himself and Reese, "Are fourteen year olds. So no matter the few months of classes we've had, we," he gestures again to himself and Reese, "Are not equipped to go up against Dinosaurs. I don't think anyone at that school is. They rampaged through a school full of powered kids before, right? So how are we better able to deal with it?" There's a glance to the gun that Tempo is holding, "Even if you have an Elephant tranquilizer in there, I doubt it will take one of these down."

This is what the poor teachers have to deal with having Sebastian in their classes. Luck ducks.

"Why not send in drones and things…because they don't bleed when they get crushed. Might get a better idea than sending in expendables. Or was that the point? Weed out those that can't somehow survive?"

The mention of powers has Reese giving a nervous laugh, they are about as useful as a wet noodle. Other than the laugh Reese is quiet until Callisto provides a word and there is contemplation "Close, but I was thinking those bumps you get on your skin." they shrug "But creeps work, and this is coming from someone who has been dealing with the supernatural all their life." hence the nonchalance at having a real life elf standing in front of them. As Sebastian speaks they can't help but agree "Outside it is!" and least outside they can run for their life if necessary

Daxton turns and then laughs amused at Seb attitude, "I'm not in charge. You have question like that, ask your teachers. You want to go back to the school, I can call the helicopter back now. Your choice." The speedster looks over at Reese and listens before nodding, "As far as we can tell, this situation is all inner dimensional, not supernatural. But people did die here, so….maybe?" Daxton is aware of ghosts, but that's it. Just that there are such things. He's already explained to the group that the goals for this mission is purely intel. They want a headcount (If possible) and types of threats on the island. The group will be staying outside for now. The weather is warmer, no snow gathers on the ground.

Ah, so many different personalities here. Callisto notes all of it, keeping silent for the most part and as capable as she (hopes) to be. Drones in lieu of students? Sure, she's wondered; as far as she reckons, it's part of the 'hero' training! It's a bit of a generalized way of putting it but there you go. There is a mild wince at mention of the students and teachers who, yes, did die here. Powers don't always mean immortality and she looks down briefly in deference to those lost. She looks up moments later, the ends of her hair quivering with pent up psychic energy.

"They won't answer me," Sebastian points out. "I usually get threats of detention." He frowns at Daxton, Callisto, and the silent Afterthought before muttering, "I've already lived one life. At least getting eaten by a dinosaur is a badass way go to," and he starts stomping off in a direction to 'scout.

Adventure backpack securely fastened, eyes wide and darting to and fro, Marcus has already been a busy little bee, examining the helicopter landing pad. Also making himself a general nuisance by asking WAAY too many questions. He's also got a brand new, formerly blank Composition Book, which he's been scribbling in almost non-stop since the helicopter arrived to get them. Now that the helicopter has dropped them off, he's been sitting on the ground, scribbling away furiously, the tip of his tongue sticking out the side of his mouth, which is the only reason he's stopped asking questions. Finally finished with whatever novel he'd been working on, he deftly sticks the notebook back into his adventure backpack, rummages for a second, and then pulls out something that's been fashioned out of tinfoil. Which he promptly straps to his head using a string tied under his chin. After adjusting and doublechecking its fit, he rises and moves to catch up with everyone else. "So when do we go inside?" he asks, having missed out on previous instructions.

"It is true. The teachers do not like him all that much." Reese says quite tactlessly, though since its pretty much true they aren't worried about hurt feelings. With Sebastian stomping off they start to hurry after "Wait…" but then Marcus is joining them once more "Ready to go and try not to get eaten?" they ask thier fellow Ares. "Wait up Sebastian!" they call after him as they take a few steps and look to see if Marcus is following.

Daxton gives Seb and what can you do kinda look, although there's a touch of amusement to it as well. "Stick together, Promethian." No one gave him names, so they get called their teams! He starts to say something, but stops when he sees Marcus and his hat. "What the hell are you doing?" Callisto gets a glance, like maybe he expect her to understand. "Unless that's part fo you power set, take that off." And then his eyes narrow, "Do you have a problem listen, Ares?" He's suddenly feeling some empathy for Inferno. Reese gets that quirk of the corner of Dax's mouth and he'll admit, "The teachers didn't like me much either. What matters right now is that you each have each other's backs. Be a team." He motions for everyone to go in the direction Seb goes. Afterthought stays where they are, floating.

Watching the students, Callisto turns her cool blue-green gaze 'round to Daxton. Something Seb says stays with her though…. he's lived 'one life'? Wait, this 14 year old kid.. has lived one life? Hm.. interesting. Now is not the time to 'delve', so to speak; but it piques her curiosity some. Those words are too…. well, un-adolescent… to go unnoticed by an immortal being. Anyway, she goes on watching the speedster for a moment with the odd glance to AfterThought. Back to Daxton.

She looks up, watching Seb pressing on and Reese giving chase. "Mmmm…" She exhales, "A real mixed bag. It.. could be a good thing?" Asked smoothly as she pushes some hair behind a pointed ear, turns back to Daxton. This is right when he tries to figure out Marcus's deal and Callisto can't help it, she smiles a bit. Looks like the group has a 'keener' present. Indeed a mixed bag.

"I know naught of your intention." She says gently to the Ares, gaze lingering briefly upon Marcus. "Whatever purpose that serves for you, do be careful."

"Listening to what?" Marcus asks, totally honestly. But, he can tell by the tone and the looks that he's getting that he obviously missed something important and grimaces, ducking his head. And then, he's being ordered to take off the tinfoil hat? He protectively covers it with both hands, explaining, "It's not /not/ part of my powers!" He looks between Callisto and Afterthought, but nobody else orders him to take it off. And oh, hey! Look! Everybody else is leaving! "Um, I'm just gonna go catch up with them!" he says, darting after Sebs and Reese. "… no way I'm going out here without /some/ protection," he mutters to himself, under his breath, as he rechecks his chin strap. "… hey, Sebastian. … did you forget your helmet? I've still got my spare," he offers as he catches up to the other boy.

Sebastian has just started off in a direction and he still continues a few steps even after he hears Reese call to him to wait for him. Eventually, though, he does pause, glancing over his shoulder to note both Reese and Marcus approaching. The tinfoil helmet gets a roll of his eyes, "They aren't telepathic Dinosaurs, Marcus. That's useless here." Nevermind that it's useless everywhere as far as he's concerned. To the others, "I'm just going in a direction. If we run across anything…I dunno."

<FS3> Sebastian rolls Alertness: Great Success.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Marcus rolls Alertness: Good Success.

<FS3> Reese rolls Alertness: Success.

The tinfoil hat that Marcus wears and seems quite protective of confuses Reese, but now is not the time to question it and just assumes its an alien thing. Their cellphone is taken from a pocket and they use it to take pictures of their surroundings as they go. "If we run across anything I am going to hide behind you two." they inform the other two "I am to pretty to die." as they talk they keep snapping pictures until they just stop in their tracks, looking from camera screen and into the sparse woods a few times "You mentioned students and teachers died here, right?" not waiting for an answer a nod is given "The place being haunted should not be to surprising than."

Daxton just glances at Calli, "Come on. If any of them die on my watch I owe Pulse $20." He's joking….right? He follows, keeping an eye out for threats, but lets the students collect the details.

"Twenty dollars..?" Callisto blinks, shakes her head slowly. Silvery-white hair sways behind her body as she moves along in the students' wake, but does not outright join them. It is a big order for a small group of kids, but again… it's training to the nth degree! She takes her job seriously, to not let anyone get eaten. Like Daxton, she is watchful and aware of what is going on. Keen eyes are trained upon Marcus, Reese and Sebastian. "A look, then we must away." Callisto says softly, using her old-timey patterns of speech as she cases out the situation.

"You don't /know/ that yet, Sebastian!" Marcus argues. "Not to mention, there's a dimensional rift! Who knows what kinda radiation may be coming from there! Plus, it also blocks out ultraviolet rays, microwaves, and maybe even death rays. I mean, can you imagine how dangerous it would be if the velociraptors had /death rays/!?" Marcus says, sounding far too excited by the prospect. As they near the vines, though, he's quickly distracted. "Hey, look! … something's been nibbling!" he announces, and immediately drops down on all fours and crawls towards the vines. … it's a good thing the Mission Uniforms were made of pretty sturdy stuff, he's probably going to get it pretty filthy. Suddenly, he pauses, sniffs a couple of times, and then makes a face. "Ewww! Hey guys! I think I found some poop!" he calls, crawling over towards the pile of dung. He looks at it for a few seconds, then reaches around into his backpack to rummage a little. Soon enough, his hand emerges … with a stick. Yes, a plain old stick. Which he then uses to poke at the poo. And since the question will /obviously/ be at the forefront of everyone's mind after they see it, Yes. His stick /is/ better than bacon.

"If we run across anything…maybe just run? Although we don't know how many there are…" Sebastian pauses as he notes the footprints. "A lot, I guess. Or one who runs across the same place many times." Could be one of several scenarios. He looks over at Reese, "That's what I heard, yes. My guess is they're more concerned about the dinosaurs than they are about spirits." But then he looks thoughtful, "Can you, like…talk to them? Can they tell us where the dinosaurs are?"

He blinks at Marcus, "It doesn't block microwaves. There's a reason you can't put metal like that in a microwave. It catches fire. And aluminum foil won't block radiations. That's…just a fact. And if they have death rays, we're pretty SOL, aren't we?" He just sort of sighs as Marcus dives into the brush, "Don't you know that it's never a good idea to split up the party? Stay with us, Marcus." He will, however, call back, "We found tracks!" since there's no other way to report back right now. Maybe they can hear, maybe not. Sebastian will press on, albeit more slowly, and keeping an eye on the direction of the tracks.

"Marcus, lets not give the dinosaurs any ideas." While Reese does find Marcus' antics amusing, his excitement might draw attention to what they are hoping not to run into. "Or even better maybe try not to let them know where we are." hopefully between Sebastian and them, Marcus will calm a bit. "Running, hiding, really I just need to hide better or run faster than you two and I will be fine." though from the amused grin its easy to see they are kidding. "Really Marcus? Poop?" eyerolling though when Sebastian mentions tracks they hurry to catch up with him and answers his question "Yes, well anyone can talk to a ghost, the harder part is actually being able to see and hear them, but yes I can do that part too." they lift a hand to wiggle fingers "I can even touch them, but I do not like doing that."

Hey, $20 is a lot of money! Dax grins though and keeps walking. As they start to split up, he motions for Calli to stick with Marcus. One student to protect is better than two if it goes south. Plus, poop. The talk of ghosts is noted, but he lets the students work this out. That's the whole point, right?

As Seb's group rounds a bend, there's a small group of 3 cow sized ….dinosaurs. It's not any dinosaur that's known on earth (at least not yet). They're a lot like a triceratops, but thinner and taller. The three horns on their heads are striped , along with some of the feathers that are on their backs. They're grazing, but the largest one stops, like it's sensing something.

Silent, watchful… non-intrusive, but ready to intervene. Callisto gives Daxton a glance before carrying on. However once the dinos are sighted, even one such as Callisto — who has seen a lot in her lifetime — is struck dumb. Dinosaurs. A deep breath, a sigh…. she waits. Watches.

<FS3> Sebastian rolls Past Life: Great Success.

"It does /too/ block microwaves! That's why they'll explode, cuz the waves bounce off the metal. You don't know everything," Marcus argues, eschewing good science and facts for personal conviction. "And you don't /know/ it won't block death rays. It might! Better safe than sorry," he continues arguing, even as he investigates the poop with his stick. He pokes at it a little, breaking it up. Then, after considering for several seconds, he rolls his stick in it a little, then gets out his brand new, newly minted Adventure Notebook. He flips through it, apparently searching for a particular, empty page. He then wipes the poop from the stick in the notebook, closes it and puts it back in his backpack. Then, he wipes the stick off for a few seconds on the grass and on a vine, before also returning it to his Adventure Backpack, which he then slings back over his shoulders and tightens again.

With his crappy investigation over, Marcus crawls out from under the vines/bleachers and wanders after Sebastian and Reese. And, when he spots the dinos, his jaw drops and he stops and stares, his hand going up to slightly adjust the tin foil on the top of his head. Remarkably, he doesn't have anything to say, now. Just open, unabashed staring.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Seb=Cryokinesis Vs Dino=3

< Seb: Good Success Dino: Success

< Net Result: Seb wins - Marginal Victory

"Can you ask them?" Sebastian asks of Reese. "Where they are? How many? If there's anything else? You don't need to touch anyone…" but if they can do recon without potentially becoming a Dino-snack, that might be a better option. Of course, when they turn that corner and the three creatures are there, he sighs, "Well…nevermind." He stops and just sort of watches the things, "Maybe they're herbivores…" since they -are- grazing.

Then, as the one lifts it's head, Sebastian stretches a hand towards it. Just as a blast of icy-cold streams from him at the curious Dino, his hair turns a silvery-grey and his eyes an ice-blue thanks to his rather specific power-tell.

There is some thought as Reese continues to follow Sebastian, letting Marcus do his investigating back in the shrubbery. "It depends on what type of ghost it is. If it is an intelligent and aware spirit then yes, but if it is just a residual ghost then no. They usually don't even know they are dead and are not aware of anything. Just going through the motions." and then there are dinosaurs and all thoughts of ghosts are gone "Wow." is breathed out, it doesn't quite sound like English, but its close and means the same thing. The phone is lifted and pics are taken some before Sebastian tries to freeze them some while it happens.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Great Success.

Daxton's eyes widen and he too swears softly when he sees the dinos. Becasue Dinos. But then there's a ice blast directed at the small herd and Dax moves faster than humanly possible to be between the students the dinosaurs. He then stills, waiting to see what the creatures do.

The not trycs are not happy with the cold blast. The bigger one is hit, it's not enough to freeze it in place, but frost forms on it's armor and it rears back it's head and lets out a bellow. Which sounds much more like a bird scream than a lion roar. It turns towards the student, head lowering, preparing to charge or at least look intimidating. The other two edge away from the group.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Amazing Success.

Powers now begin to come into play and Callisto's brow furrows. Very closely, she observes the dinosaurs' reaction to the icy blast. Nowhere near as quickly as Daxton, Callisto makes with a long-legged stride to get closer to the action. Still not making to intervene, she is nonetheless preparing to take action. Preventative action. The moment risk arises where the students are concerned, the fey girl will act. As the dino bellows, Callisto narrows her eyes. Fine tendrils of silvery hair begin to rise from above her shoulders, trembling behind her body. Especially when the irate dino lowers to charge.

When Sebastian just straight-up /attacks/ the peaceful dinos, Marcus balks. "What the heck!? We're /scouts/, not attack troopers! How stupid /are/ you?" he shouts at Sebastian. He'll then dash a little ways to the side and try to grab the dinosaur's attention, waving his arms in the air and shouting at it. "Heeey Dino! Nice mister dino! Look at me! Look at /me/!" And, if he /can/ get the dino's attention, he'll then start trying to calm it down instead of rile it up, slowing his motions and getting lower to the ground. Because, in the movies, it's good not trying to show dominance to something bigger than you. … unless this is more like Avatar, in which case he's got it all wrong.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Seb=Cryokinesis Vs Dino=3

< Seb: Success Dino: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Sebastian's eyes narrow as people start getting in the way! "I am not stupid," is snarled at Marcus and a hand is moved a little in his direction as if he might be next. When the creature starts to stare him down, the hand shifts back and more icy-cold shoots out…only this time, to the ground in-front of it. If it decides to charge, it's going to be hitting a patch of ice. "So I'm supposed to wait for it to attack us? I thought you wanted these things killed." Even though nothing he's done would kill it yet.

Seeing more ice blast coming it's way, the biggest one charges. Which causes the other two to react the same way and change their direction and charge. The big one goes for Seb, it stumbles on the ice but keeps going. The smallest one looks like it's on a path that will directly cross Marcus. And the last one is headed towards Reese.

Reese is a bit surprised too and nearly drops their phone as they were taking picture of the dinosaurs "I never heard them tell us to kill the dinosaurs." they say as terror begins to bloom in their mind at the dinosaur taking offense to the attack. "I am to pretty to die!" they scream as they turn on their heel and start to run the direction they came from.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Marcus=Physical Vs Dino=3

< Marcus: Good Success Dino: Success

< Net Result: Marcus wins - Marginal Victory

Well, of all the …. Good luck, Sebastian! Nice knowing you! Marcus will make sure Keyson gets your hoodies when you die. As the smallest dino charges at Marcus and another charges at Sebastian and finally one at Reese, Marcus flails. This was /not/ how it was supposed to go. What happened to sticking together? What happened to teamwork? … and they put Sebastian on /Prometheus/? Dude is /so/ a Metis.

Now, if maybe Marcus had been contemplating the dinosaur charging at him and not whether Sebastian was a good fit on his assigned team, he would have put more thought into his reaction. He's /got/ superpowers, after all! But no, he was too busy wasting seconds contemplating his erstwhile friend to come up with a better response than simply diving out of the way at the last second. He doesn't actually manage to clear the path of the dino, though, as it bucks him through the air, sending him flipping. He hollers, 'Whoaaaaaaaa' as he gets and assisted flight through the air, then rolls as he hits the ground. However, there are no crunches or snaps of broken bones, and when he stops rolling and winds up on his butt looking very confused, it would appear Marcus is, at least, alright. For the moment, anyway.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Seb=Cryokinesis Vs Dino=3

< Seb: Success Dino: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Seb=Energy Vs Dino=3

< Seb: Good Success Dino: Failure

< Net Result: Seb wins - Solid Victory

Well, that sucks. "Dammit!" is cursed as the ice on the ground isn't enough to cause the dino to slip and slide. "It used to be enough…" is muttered before Sebastian shoots out more ice at the charging dino. This is more just a blast of whatever cold energy he can muster, holding his position until the last minute where he tries to dive out of the way.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Reese=Reaction Vs Dinosaur=3

< Reese: Failure Dinosaur: Good Success

< Net Result: Dinosaur wins - Solid Victory

Being short and having only two legs, Reese is no match for the larger, four legged dinosaur. They can only run so fast and the dinosaur is quickly catching up with the teen. They try to zig zag around trees to no avail the screamed words "SEBASTIAN THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" can be heard echoing through the forest followed by a Gahhhh!

Daxton rolls his eyes and speeds off zip zagging himself through the trees, getting in front of the dino and then swooping Reese off he ground bridal style. The dino keeps running, leaving a few feathers floating down in it's wake.

The dino that tossed Marcus makes crying noises and runs away as well, clearly scared.

And lastly the dino hit by Sebs blast falls as it's legs are frozen up, but it's close enough to Seb that it's going to fall on him if he's not careful. It's screaming in pain and fear.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Psychic Vs Frozen Dino=3

< Callisto: Great Success Frozen Dino: Failure

< Net Result: Callisto wins - Crushing Victory

The build-up of psychic energy emanating from the fey girl is potent, but it's exactly that: a build up. Callisto is not here to detract from the cause, here.. she's just present to make sure nobody dies! Body taut and tense as dinos disperse and run amok, her pale gaze observes the students' reactions. A wince as Marcus is sent flying, but a quick assessment reveals to the former Metis that the boy seems ok. Reese, well.. they are another distinct concern! She can hear them crying out!

Her immediate concern is Sebastian and his own plight. As the dino realizes it's situation and cries out in pain and terror, it is not a destructive mental blast that hits it… but… a calming one? The weight of the fey girl's mental prowess grips the terrified beast's psyche and if all goes according to plan, it will slip into harmless unconsciousness. Hopefully Sebastian moved!

Since trouble is still afoot, Marcus doesn't take long to collect himself. With the clear and present danger to his person having passed, he bounds upright and looks around. Oh nuuu! Sebby is about to be pancaked into frosty goo! With an adrenaline-boosted sprint, Marcus dashes towards the other kid, hoping to push him out of the way in time, since the /actual/ speedster is rescuing the princess bride. … dread pirate Daxton? It has a nice ring to it …. At least Marcus has the wherewithal to shout, "Lookout!" You know, just in case Sebastian wasn't aware he was about to be smushed into a teenage wasteland.

Sebastian's widen some at the sound of the dino scream…pain and fear. Hm. That's not good, is it? It gives him enough of a pause that as the thing falls, he's not entirely out of the way. He does remember to try and roll, but the force of the dino catches him, sending him tumbling a little further into the brush. He's not beneath the creature, at least, but there's a distinct, "Ow…" coming from the brush.

<FS3> Reese rolls Psychometry: Good Success.

One second they are falling and the next second the have been scooped up and after a moment of stunned silence they start squirming and thrashing "Make it stop! Put me down!" hands pushing against Dax's chest in an effort to get away from him "I don't want to see anymore!"

The last dino is breathing slow and deep. Dax doesn't put Reese down till they back with the group, although thankfully that's not a long time. Speedster. "Calm down, I was just making sure you weren't trampled!" Ungrateful kid! There will be some damage control that happens after the students leave. All injured parties , and those not injured, are ushered back to the helicopter and told that they need to write a report on everything they saw and did today (extra credit suddenly got harder).

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