(2021-01-26) Return to Paragon Island
Return to Paragon Island
Summary: A select number of students are brought along on a survalence mission to the old school grounds. They quickly realize why the school moved.
Date: 2021-01-26
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The school put out a notice that a team was going to be assumed for 'extra credit work'. It is mandatory. Once assembled, the students would find themselves in front of Unit 23, a military group that helps with security at the school. The Gym teacher, inferno is also there, apparently the leader of Unit 23. In his gruff voice he'll inform everyone, "This is the site of the first Coral Springs. An inner-dimensional rift opened and it had to be abandoned. We've been monitoring the island, but all of our cameras have been destroyed or deactivated. We think there may have been some kind of EMP blast. This is strictly a recon. No heroics. Just intel so we know what we're dealing with. Understand?" All students will be dressed in their Team outfits, and then ushered onto a helicopter flown by a 20 something harsh hispanic woman. She goes by the name of Pulse and is clearly a speester of some type. All of Unit 23 has communication earpieces on. Along with former students, now Unit members Felicia and Daxton, is Vinny. He's a former student that's been asked to accompany to help with keeping the current students safe. 

        Extra credit. To a go-getter like Sorcha Daly, it goes without saying that she's shimmied her skinny arse into her team threads and signed up. Of course she's heard rumors of the 'old school' from other students who are on the precipice of graduating. The ones who attended V.1 and are about to jump off the diving board from V.2. These facts are as skewed and embellished as one might expect. So naturally Sorcha is going into this 'task' with mixed opinions… but she is a brave girl; she is ready-ish.

        Sorcha is one of those assembled before this Unit 23 lot, outfitted in the Ares colors with her hair pulled back into a high fiery ponytail and the full plume of a fox-like tail swaying behind her body. She awaits direction, keeping her emotions and worries in check. Not bad for a grade 10. 

Vinny seems to be glad to be back and able to do something useful. He offers a grin to the younger students, listening to what's being said. "I wonder what's out there," he offers, words kept quietly as he looks around. When it comes to extra credit, Reese needs all that they can get. So of course they are the first, okay maybe not the first, first, but certainly one of the first of the students to sign up. The team uniform has them a bit squirmy, though they have added a long jacket over the top and not only to keep them warm, and of course the blue slouchy beanie on their head helps. "I am so good at not doing heroics!" they answer Inferno in their accented tones "It is what I do best!'' At first they were fine with the mission but hearing that from the guy in charge is not reassuring and a bit of nerves starts. Looking down from the vantage of the helicopter they point to a repurposed oil rig below "Are you saying that used to be the old school? Keyson's not happy about being picked to go, and it shows. the tiny teen is pouting, arms folded as they fly over the old Fetch Arena. "What do you mean…inner dimensional…Like, Dr.Who?" The Metis girl sighs before biting her lip and tugging on her braided hair. The hoodie for the mission is at least green, with a rhinestone tree on the back with music notes floating in the air. Who knows where she got it from!

 There is a snicker from the female Unit member, well the one that isn't piloting the chopper "Yes and no. The Doctor traveled through time and space, not other dimensions," Felicia answers Keyson "except when he did." she gives a shake of her head "Poor, poor Rose. I didn't like her, but that ending." she stops talking when she gets a look from Inferno. Though her reaction isn't typical. The gruff guy gets a wink and smirk "Shutting up boss." she is incapable of taking anything serious. The half-Native youth isn't here for extra credit. It's a nice thing to get, but… it's not his purpose. He's wearing his team Prometheus colours, and he has his black hair tamed into a braid at the nape of his neck. Kentucky's quiet, but he's here with the other students. And he's perhaps a bit more than his usual withdrawn self on the helicopter ride, given that he's never been on one before. At Reese's question, though, he glances at them before looking down and towards the structure below. He studies it for a moment, and then he looks over to Keyson. "Who's Dr. Who?" he asks quietly, tilting his head faintly to one side. Vinny grins as he hears Reese's question. "Ah, the good old days," he comments, a bit lightly. "With the underwater rooms." He looks to Felicia and Daxton, offering them both a grin. Unable to hold back a chuckle at Felicia's words. "Missed you," he offers, a bit quietly. 

        The redhead smiles slightly, tail twitching. Peers are asking the questions worth asking so she remains silent, awaiting answers. Sorcha isn't one to supply much smalltalk.  Inferno huffs, and when he does smoke pours out of his mouth. "All of you zip it. You can chatter about TV later." Pulse's fingers fly over the controls, they're clearly designed for someone with her abilities. She starts to land the copter, the bleachers in the stadium have a lot of damage, some are just missing entirely. There's plants that have grown, including a lot of vine types. Once landed, the students are usher off. Inferno tells the students, "Don't go off alone. We meet back here in an hour. You each have been given a badge that has an emergency alarm. if pressed, Unit 23 will come and extract you. Understood?" Reese is about to question further when they are told quite pointedly to shut the mouth. They do so, knowing better than to upset the guy who could make you run extra laps, or do a bajillion pushups. Bad news when you can't even do one pushup. They are more than happy to get off the helicopter and away from the smoking mouth man "Understood." is said with a quick nod as they look around at the island they have landed on. "Was this part of the school too?" Vinny takes a few deep breath as they get off the helicopter, looking around a bit carefully. He also makes sure to sniff the air a few times, looking over at the plants. "Just smells like plants," he offers, glancing around again.

 Keyson will move to be closer to Kentucky. "I wish i had a camera. That's how I usually case out places." What? She smiles sweetly at the other students, "Where do we go?"

 There's a glance around at the others who are here, and Kentucky's brow furrows a little bit. He glances towards the man giving orders, and he returns to being quiet. Once the helicopter has landed, he gets off with the others, listening at the instructions. He gives a single nod, but doesn't say anything. They were told to be quiet, after all, so he does. He glances towards Reese, and he lifts one of his shoulders in a faint shrug. He doesn't know. His dark gaze turns to Keyson, and he raises an eyebrow slightly. "It's… a good way to make sure all of the details are captured," he says softly, giving a small nod to her. "Pick a direction?" he offers to her, a small smile ghosting the corners of his lips. 
There is a curious look at Vinny "You were here when this place was used as a school right?" Reese asks the CS alumni "Where do we go from here?" as Keyson brings up the suggestion of a camera they furrow their hidden eyebrows "Use your phone. It has a camera." in their experience all phones have cameras. Seeing the concrete tunnel on the other side of the arena fetch field they point "Where does that go?" Vinny nods at Reese. "It used to be a part of the school, until it was closed down," he replies. He pauses briefly as he looks between the students. "It was because of dinosaurs, if I remember right." A brief pause, before he adds, "The buildings are over there. That's where we were supposed to go?" Gesturing in the direction of the old buildings. 

        Silent until now, Sorcha's amber eyes round in surprise. "Dinosaurs.." So the chattering of some of the seniors is true. Her tail quivers and stills between her ankles, her nostrils flaring with a deep breath. "Let's just see what this talk of a blast was all about.. have a looksee and get out of here." She declares, patting her hip in search of a cellphone. Well now, she didn't bring one. Her luck, her mother would call right in the middle of a Do Not Make Noise moment Once the buildings are indicated Sorcha, in true Ares fashion, will decide to make the approach. Keyson's nose wrinkles, "My phone's camera isn't the best…" But she'll pull it out. Kentucky gets a smile, but she agrees that maybe Vinny should lead. "What happened here?" She'll kick loose rock, having it skitter across the ground in the general direction that Reese pointed out. "Is that…."she trails off, turning back to give Vin the dumbest expression ever. "Que'?"

As the students all chat about where to go, the tunnel that was pointed out echos with bird like sound. It's prolly the echo making it sound louder than it is, but it's kinda startling.

 There's a glance towards the alumni, and Kentucky frowns a little bit. Dinosaurs? That's just… a thing that doesn't sound very good at all. From what little he understands about dinosaurs, they can be… significantly large. He looks to Keyson, watching her as she gets out her phone for the camera. He has his phone with him, on silent and tucked away. He stays somewhat near to Keyson, though not too close at the same time. At the sound that comes from the tunnel, Kentucky tilts his head slightly to one side, waiting to see what will come. His experience with creatures is rather limited.

 Despite having heard the stories, having it confirmed once more by Vinny, who was there, Reese is once more surprised "Dinosaurs? What kind of dinosaurs?" they aren't all that knowledgeable on the subject "The meat eating kind or the plant eating kind?" They are hoping it is the latter. The bird-like trilling from the tunnel has them looking a bit nervous in that direction. When it comes to a lot of things the teen is somewhat fearless, ghosts, etc. Dinosaurs though, that's different "We are going toward the tunnel?" they ask like that is the last thing they wanna do
 "I don't remember," Vinny offers to Reese, before he frowns at the sound from the tunnel. "Anyone know what kind of sound that is?" he asks, before he frowns. "So, what kind of skills do you guys have?" Starting to move a bit to the side of the tunnel, in case something is on the way out of there.

<FS3> Sorcha rolls Shapeshifting: Good Success. 

        The bird 'noise' causes Sorcha to pause briefly in her gait, "Huh.." She blinks, "Not much I can do as I am, to discern birdspeak but… uh…." OK so it is not the most badass form to take when hearing ominous sounds from a frightful tunnel in an abandoned ex-school… alas…

        Suddenly the slender girl in the team colors is replaced, in a flash of light, with a red fox. Whatever she was carrying is absorbed into that strange subspace that is reserved for heroes… even heroes in the making.. who change forms. Mostly. Some of Sorcha's belongings — hench why she packed light — fall in a circle around the fox as she freezes, cocks both ears in the direction of the sounding bird calls.

        Listens. Keyson shrinks in on herself, not wanting to believe all this crazy talk. But she will raise her phone, bringing the camera up. Her response to Ken moving closer? She too takes a step closer to him. "No! No we're not going in the tunnel!" Have none of them ever seen a horror movie? That's like hearing a noise in the basement and going down to check! Her eyes widen and she gives a small yelp as Sorcha suddenly is a fox, phone swinging that way before she goes back to the tunnel.

The animal noises stop briefly, almost like it's listening before it starts up again. Anyone with heightened eyesight can see movement in the tunnel, as if something is approaching. That wasn't necessarily a question that Kentucky wanted to give consideration to, but since Reese voiced it — it's a good question! "Either kind could be a problem. Though if the plant eating variety then there would be evidence of plants being eaten, I would expect?" he suggests. He gives a small shake of his head at the alumni's question, not recognizing the sound at all. "Fire," he offers, briefly. His attention slips towards the redheaded girl who shapeshifts, and he raises an eyebrow at that. It's not the first time he's seen shapeshifting, so he's not entirely caught off guard. His gaze turns to Keywon, and he tilts his head to one side. "It is all right, Keyson," he says softly to her, trying to be reassuring. "Sounds like some type of bird to me." Reese answers the first question easily the second question though has them rubbing the back of their neck "Nothing useful, unless you suddenly are in the mood for a seance." nope, not helpful at all. The sudden shifting from human form to fox has Reese looking to Sorcha and saying something in an alarmed tone but not in English "And I think the plant eating ones were huge. They would be easily noticeable." they continue to inch toward the tunnel, peering down its length to see if they can see anything. Vinny Whistles as he sees Sorcha changing into a fox. "That's a good ability," he offers." At first moving towards the opening, he suddenly comes to a stop as he looks into the tunnel. "Wait… Step back." Did he just see some movement in there? "Something's coming!" He takes a few steps back, before he looks around, to see where they could go if they need to retreat fast. 

        The small rust-colored canid is statue-still for a time, ears twitching. That bottle brush tail bristles even moreso as the birdnoise piques into something. A whine, and once Sorcha gleans what she needs from the one-sided exchange she plucks her attire up from the ground — all of it basic, easy-to-don-and-remove-stuff — in her jaws and drags it off to some obscure spot. These are the actions of a creature (girl?) who is used to having to shift and dress hastily and with much trust placed in her peers at this time, Sorcha dresses hastily and returns, albeit a bit more unkempt with hair in array and her clothes not quite as perfectly-assembled as before.

        "So, ah.." She starts huskily, buttoning her overcoat, "It's a hungry birb, and it's not happy to have us here. Doesn't sound like a finch singing at a feeder, but maybe that finch's ancient relative that's hangry.." She trails off, unnerved by the activity in the tunnel.

 Keyson looks pale, guns and gangs are one thing, they don't try and eat you! This is completely different! She lets out a soft swear in Spanish before reaching for Kentucky's arm with her free hand, "…maybe we should….go back to the helicopter? Reese! Don't get too close!" Talk of huge dinosaurs doesn't help, she doesn't want to be stepped on either! The fox is glanced at, but she keeps her shaking phone recording on the tunnel. 

Bird relatives indeed. Out steps a very large dinosaur looking creature. It has feathers, but not enough to cover it's whole body. It's skinny, legs and neck much longer than anything in the movies. This is not a recognizable species by anyone here. But it is what it looks like, big and scary and as it throws back it's head and screeches at them, angry. The creature is easily over 6 foot tall, it's tall moving behind it almost like a whip.

<FS3> Kentucky rolls Pyrokinesis: Good Success.

 Hadn't there been a lesson about that? About birds descending from dinosaurs and some dinosaurs being hypothesized to have feathers? Kentucky doesn't really remember, but there's a vague recollection. He glances towards Reese, then to Vinny. A frown touches his features, and he moves forward a bit, to position himself ahead of Keyson. He doesn't step back as Vinny had directed, though. He waits, though, and there's a look in Sorcha's direction as she returns from getting dressed once more. He closes his eyes for a brief moment, perhaps simply finding some inner ground, and he lightly rubs his right palm against his leg before lifting his hand. He makes a motion with his right hand and a half-dome of fire rises up to butt up against the tunnel and the ground and with fire in an arc to fill in the space. The fire is a number of inches thick. Hopefully it will trap the dinosaur from being able to keep coming towards them, and if it does come towards the fire in between then it will hopefully be burned. The fire is bright and hot, predominantly red but streaked and swirled with white. Turning his head, Kentucky looks briefly over the others, then to Keyson. "Go, head back. With the others. I will be behind you. I will hold it here," he says, his voice oddly firm but gentle as well. 

        Well then.
        Well now. Sorcha's eyes fill her face as the Angry Great-Great-Great-Not-Godzilla-Birb-Gramma(or Pa?) makes the appearance. Sorcha is no hero, not at this age, and she is definitely not going to push boundaries. "Run." She croaks, abandoning all pretense of getting her clothing straight. "RUN." Sorcha cries, and turning on a heel with her tail bristled and huge, she starts hoofing it back toward the copter. Hasty glances over a shoulder are given every few paces, seeing if anyone is falling behind. If so, in true-terrified-Ares-fashion, she will double back. But in the meantime?

 "Back to the helicopter is a wonderful idea, Keyson." The appearance of the large lizard creature with sparse feathers sends all other thoughts out of Reese's head. They are definitely not getting any closer now, in fact they have decided to get as far away as possible. Seeing the fire spring up and the words from Kentucky "Running is good. I do not mind running." actually they do, but under the circumstances they aren't opposed to it. Vinny is unable to hold back a brief chuckle as he hears the Spanish swearing. "Sounds about right," he replies in the same language, before he frowns at the creature. "Now, that's an ugly…" he begins, going silent. He starts moving backwards in the direction of the helicopter, so he can see if Kentucky's fire works, and also if the boy needs some help to get out of there fast. After all, he's here to help protect the students, right? If he can't do so by fighting skills, he can use his speed. "Get back fast," he offers to them all. 

Keyson lets out a strangled cry. It really is a dinosaur! Holy hell! Her hand shakes even more, the video at this point will be useless most likely. Her eyes widen as Kentucky forms a fire barrier, "B-but….Tucker…." She wets her lips, and will start to back away, not quite running as Sorcha suggests. The Metis doesn't want to leave Kentucky, but is clearly scared.

The fire indeed gets a response from the creature, it rears back and hisses, some of the feathers puff out around it's head making it look terrifying and ridiculous at the same time. It starts to make a different noise, and those with sharp ears will pick up that it's being returned from somewhere else on the island. It's not alone!

One of the students, who knows which one, presses the distress button and two speedsters show up very quickly to either escort or fireman carry them back to the chopper. Once everyone is accounted for, Pulse gets them off the ground. Once high enough, on the surface of the island can be seen movement, there's definitely more than one of the creatures.

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