(2021-01-03) StarGazing and Hoodies
StarGazing and Hoodies
Summary: Sebastian and Keyson have a talk
Date: 2021-01-03
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Patio                                                            Coral Springs 
            Sun Jan 03 20:07:50, 2021 — Sun Jan 03 17:07:50 2021             ----------------The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.
It is a winter evening. The weather is cold and clear.

It's not quite time for lights out and Keyson is bundled up in a worn light jacket which is too thin for a winter night. Her arms are crossed, the tiny teen is perched up on one of the tables. She looks upset, large eyes up towards the stars, almost like she's making a wish. 

Sebastian was dropped off a little earlier in the day with luggage for the next few months and some new Christmas presents that were received over the holidays. He might be wearing one in the form of a new, cushy hoodie as he makes his way outside with an apple as a snack, post-dinner. He doesn't seem otherwise bundled up for the cold, nor does he seem to be bothered by it as he takes a couple steps forward. After a long moment of silence, he offers a simple, "Happy New Year," as a potential conversation starter. 

Keyson's eyes slowly look over to Sebastian, there's a moment and then she plasters a bright smile, "Hola Sebastian. It is." Is it though? Shifting on the table to face Seb, "I hope your holiday was filled with store bought cookies." That seems an honest hope, which is weird. Her hand raises and she tugs on her hair braid, trying to cover any other emotions she might be having. 

"Actually, I got to help make a bunch of homemade cookies which were then given to their friends and stuff." Sebastian moves a little closer since he wasn't told to 'shove off' yet. "I got sent back with some more tupperware boxes of them to share." Or eat himself. Dark eyes go to her hands on her braid before he looks back to Keyson, "Is everything all right? You looked a little upset when I first came out."

 Oh sure, make cookies. Key sighs, but nods, "That's nice." her hand drops, realizing she's broadcasting."Who me?" Eyes big and she giggles, looking back up to the stars, "I'm wonderful. The stars are pretty tonight, aren't they? I can't see them at home like this. Too many city lights." Did she go home for the holidays? 

Sebastian doesn't respond immediately. He also looks up as the stars are pointed out, "They are. I think we're just far enough from town so that the lights don't mask as many. I can't see them at home as well either," even though 'at home' seems a little weird to say. There's another silence before he offers, "I'm here if you want to talk. I know I'm not the friendliest or…maybe not necessarily the nicest, but…" he's trying. "If you want to talk. No judgement."

 Keyson giggles again, looking over to Seb, "Talk? Oh…no no. There's nothing to talk about." She shrugs, looking back up to the stars and losing the smile on her face, "He's not coming. He…I…" A deep breath, "My uncle said I wasn't worth getting." 

 "Worth getting?" is repeated before he gets an inkling as to what she might be talking about. "You spent the holidays here?" Even Sebastian admits that's a low blow. "I'm really sorry," is offered earnestly, "And your uncle is wrong. You're worth it." There's a brief frown as he realized what he just said but then he offers, "Next break, you're coming home with me, ok? I mean, it's really boring but my foster parents are the nicest ones I've ever had. We don't really go a lot of places, but you'd be welcome." 

Keyson takes another deep breath, "They won't let me travel alone and my grandmother has too many to worry about…" There's a nod, but there's also something else she's not saying about the entire situation, clearly. "No, it's ok…I know I'm not. I'm the reason I'm stuck here." She smirks, "I doubt your folks would want me." A giggle and she looks back to the stars, "Imagine trying to explain bringing a criminal home." and then she looks down where his ankle monitor would be, "It might not sit well with them, you bringing me home."

 Sebastian actually laughs at the concern, "I promise you…they aren't worried about a criminal. They've already got one." The ankle monitor is still there on him. "They live over in Thunder Bay so they drive here and back so it's not really 'traveling'. Also, they're powered themselves and I can't imagine them saying 'no'. They're just…like that." Nice and kind and welcoming. "I'll ask them but I'm sure it'll be just fine." There's another moment of thought before he unzips the hoodie and offers it over, "You look cold." 

Keyson nods, she know he had to have done something to get the ankle jewelry. Her nose wrinkles, almost like she doesn't quite believe him about the foster parents. "I'm really glad you have them, Sebbie." She smiles, arms still wrapped around her torso, but then her eyes widen in surprise, "…Really? It is awfully cold…are you sure you won't get cold?" While worried about him, her hand starts reaching for the offered hoodie. It's a hoodie!! He'll never see it again! 

But it's new! And apparently worth the sacrifice. "Oh, I don't get cold," Sebastian waves that question off. "I mean…I don't want to bathe in Liquid Nitrogen, but warmer than that, I'm fine. Just like Else." It's easier to talk about that than his foster parents. "I didn't really want them…but they were forced on me and they're probably a lot nicer than I deserve."

 Keyson shivers, but nods and slips the hoodie on over the jacket she has. The addition of the hoodie seems to lighten her mood some. "It's a really nice hoodie." Her hands immediately sneak into the pockets, "Soft." Doesn't he get cold? "That's kinda sad. You never need to get cozy?" How sad! "Sometimes we get what we need, not what we deserve." 

"Thank you and I think it is, too." Soft and a nice hoodie, that is. Sebastian's brows lift at the mention of it being sad, "I can still get warm and it doesn't seem to be a requirement for being cozy, I don't think." But with that he adds, "I never really thought about getting cozy, really. It wasn't something I've really done." 

Keyson's head shakes, her hands staying in his pockets, but her braid bouncing lightly on her shoulder. "Right, but….getting cozy is best after being cold. It's like…hot chocolate…it's always better after being cold!" Her logic is solid! She blinks, turning to look at him in some disbelief, "You've….very wanted to get cozy?" How sad!

 "I still like being warm, it's not like I don't feel -anything- but it's just…not cold. It's not warm, it's just…not cold right now." But then Sebastian lights up briefly, "We had cocoa with the cookies! It was nice." Was that 'cozy'? "I was…am…was…really angry." He's not too sure what he is now. "And wanting to be 'cozy' doesn't really fit in with that, you know?" 

Keyson studies him but then smiles warmly when he gets excited about the cocoa. "It is nice, isn't it?" Key flat out asks, "Why are you so angry?" It's not a judgy tone so much as curious. A head tilt, "Don't you think cozy is better than angry?"

 "It was good. I mean, I think I've had it before…although I usually just drank coffee and water and…" and things he's not allowed to drink for another seven years. The next question has him putting his hands in the pockets of his jeans and glancing back up at the stars. Finally, Sebastion answers, "I don't know what I am right now. It's easier to be angry because it's more familiar. And I'm not sure that 'cozy' is that easily obtained."

 Keyson's eyebrows lift in amusement, "Just coffee and water and…" She giggles, "That sounds boring." Key is sometimes pretty immature, but she'll give Seb time to answer. "Easier is….easier. But it's not better, usually." She smirks, turning back to the stars, "What do you want to be, Sebastian?"

 Sebastian isn't going to elaborate on what he used to drink besides what he previously mentioned. He looks like he might say something else but chooses, instead, to also look up at the stars. "Better for whom though? Because I think everyone has a different idea of what 'better' might be." He gives a sigh, his breath plumming as it hits the colder air. Again, her question isn't answered right away but he'll turn to her after a few seconds and offer, "I guess that's why I'm here. To figure that out." 

"Well….right now better for you I would think." Key chuckles, pulling the new hoodie tighter around herself. "Yeah…that's what they say." About the school. She smiles a little sadly and pulls her knees up to her chest, "I hope you do." 

"You too." is offered quietly. Sebastian then looks at the apple that he brought with him and back up at the stars. "Want to go in and grab a cocoa before too many kids come back? I mean, it was just the stuff in the packets and water, but I think I saw they had the packets with marshmallows. And I have those cookies." 

Keyson looks over, slightly surprised, "You want cocoa?" The 'with me' is unspoken. She assumed he was annoyed by her. "I'd like that, yeah. It's cooold out, believe me!" her legs drop and she hops off the table, "Marshmallows are the best!" 

Sebastian isn't going to analyze it too much yet. "We had one of those…melty things where you pour the hot milk over it and it melts and becomes cocoa. And there were marshmallows inside. It was kind of cute. But this is just the packets," so maybe not as impressive. "I was going to suggest that maybe you should not stay out too much longer because of it. I hear frostbite is pretty terrible." There's a brief little smirk at that before it fades and he moves back towards the doors inside. 

Keyson not had a hot chocolate bomb, so she just tilts her head in confusion, "A…what?" Her hands lift to pull the hoodie up over her head, "Packets are good. It's all I've ever had. Except this one time my uncle got me a hot chocolate from Panera bread. That was like… the best thing I've ever put in my mouth." She follows, "This isn't quite that bad out…I can still move my fingers."

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