(2020-11-29) Frozen Cookies Don't Crumble
Frozen Cookies Don't Crumble
Summary: Cora and Sebastian try to study while Marcus is up to his usual: shenanigans
Date: IC Date 2020-11-29
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Library Coral Springs

The School's library is one of the largest buildings in the school. Five stories tall and the size of a 747 hangar, plus a basement, its built in a long line of square clusters of of dark polished hardwood shelves, with desks and reading chairs of the same wood. At the center of each cluster, surrounded by a wrought iron and polished brass railing, is an opening extending from the ground floor to the skylights above, that sunlight (albeit carefully filtered to protect the books) might reach the inside of the library.

And what a collection: thousands upon thousands of books, some quite ancient, on every topic imaginable.

There are more. Around the perimeter of each cluster are robot dumbwaiters (stocker robots) and the ubiquitous brass robot tracks run around each floor of the library well above head height. Students can request books from the archives in the basement, and the stockers, along with the tracked robots overhead, will see that the book reaches the stocker closest to the student.

Theres still more. A battery of desks with ultra-thin computers and keyboards provide access to a vast electronic library, stored below in vaults that could weather a nuclear detonation, and checked out to student iPads.

Physical books are as easy. Pick up a book and carry it out. The RFID embedded in the book is paired with the RFID in a students ID tag. Best have the book back on time. Students who fail to often serve detention shelving books by hand.

It is a fall evening. The weather is warm and clear.

Sunday, lame day. Last of a weekend, and a nice long weekend at that! Tomorrow classes start again. So all the poor students have had to return to school and get ready for classes. Cora? Well, she's one of them, and is currently at one of the desks here in the lirbary typing something on her personal learning device (computer), a pile of textbooks off to the side, one of them even open up!

Sebastian returned earlier in the day; he didn't have too far to go and as he needed/wanted to catch up on homework, he was brought back. He's nabbed one of the seating areas and has spread out among a few nearby seats, including the sofa he's claimed as his own. There's a tupperware of homemade chocolate-chip cookies so that he can have a much-needed snack.

How in the world can anyone study when there are MYSTERIES that need solving!? This is the common plight that plagues Marcus's grades and it shows. It's so hard to focus on schoolwork when there are ghosts and girls made out of metal and all sorts of other things to investigate. Plus, he's going to school on a freaking island! There's a forest and a lighthouse, and … a library. Which is where he's been forced to go, in an effort to contain his shenanigans. It's … not working, though, as instead of sitting at one of the desks studying or reading or doing ANYTHING academic, Marcus has climbed ON TOP of one of the book shelves and is presently investigating the brass track that the stocker robots move on. Will anybody notice? Will anybody care? Will anybody stop this kid from ruining things? Only time will tell ….

Cora is sans beverage, or snack, and this is probably a major issue. Or maybe not, she is tiny and slender as can be. So maybe she's good about not snacking or something? Or just broke. Either way, nothing to occupy her as she worried about typing. Eventually, she leans back in her chair and looks up towards the ceiling, hands hanging to her side as she lets out a languid sigh.
<FS3> Sebastian rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Marcus rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Sebastian has noticed. He always notices. He's also noticed Cora at her own desk. It's part of his 'thing'…noticing who and what is around. Dark eyes do occasionally flick up to keep an eye on Marcus' climbing act and to potentially intercede if necessary. For the moment, however, he doesn't say anything…but his eyes begin to lighten to an icy blue. Just in case.

When Cora sighs, she gets Marcus's attention. With the track having been investigated about as much as is possible at present, he now needs a little assistance. "Psst!" he hisses loudly. "/Cora/!" he whispers at a volume that would not be counted as a whisper. He'll then try to flag her attention and beckon for her to head towards him, once again not-whispering, "/C'mere! I need your help!/"

Cora is suddenly blinking them. Surprised at the sudden call of her name, then looking around rather shocked. Then suddenly she sees who it is up there. Then she's just blinking, and looking a bit more terrified for some reason. It's at that point she responds, at least to Marcus… ~Get down! You shouldn't be up there! You're get in trouble.~ It sounds full volume to him (Unless he can block telepathy somehow, then there's nothing) and for anyone else? Just silence! She's rubbing her forehead otherwise.

"If you need help to get down, just say so, Marcus," Sebastian speaks, not really looking up at the current situation since it doesn't seem to have changed. "If you need a book on the top shelf, you should have said something…" but then he looks up with those now-ice-blue eyes and sets down his pen. Just in case, again.

See, here's the thing about being on top of the bookcases. There's really not a whole lot of /room/ up there. Just barely enough for Marcus to squeeze up there and shimmy to the end so he can dangle over it and examine the track. And here's the thing about telepathy. You typically don't see it coming. Because, you know, it's invisible. And therefor, it can be rather surprising. And Marcus is the type who is rather easily surprised. Especially when he's on high alert because he's up to no good. So, when Cora's voice sounds in his mind, full volume, he yelps and jerks up. And bonks his head. And ducks and leans, trying to rub his head. And looses his balance on the edge of the bookcase. And then flails as he falls off the side, back into the aisle, knocking multiple books off the shelf at the same time. Lucky him, he's only gonna fall maybe eight or nine feet and most likely only gonna bruise himself. Unlucky for him, he's definitely probably maybe gonna get in trouble for even being up there. AND HE DIDN'T EVEN GET TO FINISH HIS INVESTIGATION! X|

Cora just winces at the fall, looking over and seeing the results and cringing further. Then looking over towards the scene of the low key disaster, likely even as librarians and others are to. A crashing student hitting the ground is definitely going to be noticed by anyone in the library. Her hands rise to cover her mouth and stifle the gasp that follows too. A moment of hesitation following as if trying to figure out if the person is ok or if they need help asap.
<FS3> Sebastian rolls Reaction: Good Success.

Sebastian isn't psychic but he did seem to see this coming. At least he's able to see which direction Marcus seems to be falling and, lifting the pen-less hand, his hair also turns an icy grey-white and a stream of…snowflakes/ice bits/cold energy shoots out and an ice-slide quickly forms in the path of Marcus' fall. It's cold and hard but will hopefully provide less damage than if Marcus just fell all that distance.

<FS3> Marcus rolls Can't Hurt Me+Body: Good Success.

There's an 'oof' when Marcus hits the cold, hard slide made of the same ice that composes Sebastian's cold, hard heart, and he makes it to the floor in a slower, albeit slightly safer way than he had, moments before, been destined for. Now if only Sebastian had caught all the books, instead, Marcus could have fled the scene with no evidence to his presence. But no, no … the books didn't make it to the slide and are now piled on the floor. Luckily, there's only five or ten of them. Marcus rubs his backside and winces as he stands up to collect himself, looking back up at the space he'd previously occupied. "Awww, man! It was so hard to get /up/ there," he complains to no one in particular. "Now I can't reach the track."

Chloe is still wincing a bit at the slide, and the noise. She's still covering her mouth. That's definitely not the sort of thing that happens in the library from time to time,let alone often at all! So it's hard not to be shocked by it. Head shaking side to side as her hands go back to her side and then to turn back towards her work, hands moving to her lap to smooth out her skirt. Then up to her temples again. She's certainly seeming afraid of being in any way associated with this.

Once Marcus has safely landed, the slide begins to dissipate into snowflakes and mist until it's just a little chillier in the library. Sebastian's hair and eyes are still light, but that will fade in a half-hour or so. "Pretty sure that you really shouldn't be messing with the track or hanging out on the bookshelves. Besides, now you have books to put away if you're so bored. And you're welcome."

Wholly consumed with the predicament of getting back up to the track to continue his investigation, Marcus only waves a distracted hand at Sebastian's logical analysis. Pft! Logic! "Wait! This is perfect!" he says, snapping his fingers and moving over to one of the consoles. "Hey Cora, c'mere! I'm gonna call one of the book-bots over to help me put the books back. I'll give you a boost and you can tell me if there's like a control panel on there or anything!" he says, truning back to the girl and waving his hand in a circle, gesturing for her to come. Thank goodness the library is an airplane hangar and largely automated! He won't face any repercussions until someone looks at the security footage! Which has obviously not occurred to him, since he's not even the slightest deterred by his first failure or Sebastian's sage warning.

Cora hears her name again and legitimately grimaces. This can't end well. Her templs are massaged another moment before she looks back over her shoulder, then shifts around to shake her head. "No way. You have any idea how much homework I still have? I didn't get anything done over the weekend." She's still talking at a low voice, and seems to have that air of someone trying to warn whatever is being planned is a terrible idea at that.

Sebastian just sort of blinks at Marcus, "Why do you care about a control panel? Leave the book-bots alone to do their job. Or are you trying to injure yourself? Because we know that you -can-…" he was here when Marcus banged his head on the underside of a desk not too long ago.

Marcus rolls his eyes at Cora's response and looks indignant. "Oh, come /on/. It'll only take a second! Just a little peek and then I'll let you get back to your stupid homework." And then, a thought occurs to him. "Unless … hey, you've been here for a while. Have you ever gone into 'the /vaults/'?" With an emphasis on the obvious secretiveness implied by calling them 'the vaults.' And then he turns to Sebastian, baffled by his lack of understanding. He then proceeds to explain it to Sebastian as if one of them were an idiot, and Marcus is sure it isn't him. "What do I care? Well, if there's a control /panel/, that means you could give them external /controls/! So I wouldn't have to just try and /catch/ one as it went into the vaults, I could catch one and /then/ tell it to go to the vaults. And I could tell it to bring me back, when I'm done!" Duh. So obvious. Or something.

Cora shakes her head. "No, because I don't wanna get detention!" That honestly sounds like something she's utterly terrified of, it's apparent even in her tone. The small junior once more seems like she's uncertain just what to do from here. "Seriously, you're gonna get in trouble if you do that. It's not a good idea. And some of us really can't afford to get in trouble. REmember not everyone's here because they just got accepted, some have legitimate restrictions and getting kicked out could be really bad."

Sebastian doesn't look at all convinced. He begins to gather up his notes and books, "Yeah, I'm not going to be privy to that idocy. Next time, I won't try to prevent you from breaking your neck." There's a light-eyed glare at Cora, "He won't listen to reason like that. He doesn't seem to care that his actions could actually get others in trouble."

What? Consequences? Detention? Expelled? These are obviously foreign concepts to the kid who's mom was a teacher; his evasion skills must be close to legendary. "Oh come on. Nobody's gonna get in trouble!" Famous last words, those. "All I want you to do is /look/. You don't have to touch anything! You can't get in trouble for /looking/ can you?" he asks. But, then Sebastian is getting up and walking away. "… wait …. … /can/ you?" he asks, blinking and looking between the two other students. "It doesn't say anywhere that we're /not/ allowed to check out the robots. I mean, it's a library, right? We're supposed to learn things in here? So we're learning about the robots!" he says, raising both his hands in emphasis. Oh, the rationalization of a 15 y/o mind. Almost anything can be reasonable, if you just work your way around to the right perspective.

"I wasn't even allowed to leave the campus to go to town my first few months here, at least without supervision." Cora says. "I don't want to go back to that." Yep, the mousey girl with the weirdly European sounding accent is definitely not priving to be a shenaniganator. Or even an accomplish to a shenaniganator. "And the library's supposed to be peaceful so we can do our work. You've seen how crazy the dorms are by now."

Sebastian pauses and turns back to scowl at Marcus, "You most certainly can, especially when that 'looking' puts you or others in danger. 'Learning about the robots' is not 'Find their controls and follow them into the vaults, where students aren't allowed to go'. Look at them while they're out and doing their job. Also, as she says," he nods to Cora, "Libraries are supposed to be quiet so people can focus and study."

"Yeah, but the DORMS don't have /vaults/!" Marcus replies to Cora, exasperated. How can no one else find this mystery so incredible it needs investigating? He's obviously flummoxed by the lack of cooperation he's getting out of his fellow classmen. "Have you ever /been/ in the vaults? I haven't found anybody who has! I wanna know what's in there!" And then Sebastian is teaming up with him and he flails a little. "I /do/ wanna look at them while they're out doing their job! That's why I'd call one over to help put the books back! But I can't get a good luck cuz they stay up on that track thingy, so that's why I was gonna have Cora get on my shoulders so she could see better!" He then sighs and droops, shaking his head, defeated. "/Fine/. Nevermind. I'll try and figure something else out." And he mopes as he moves to start picking the books up off of the floor, closing them, making sure they're not dusty and that the covers are intact, as he begins setting them into a pile.

"How do you know?" Cora asks, so seriously and emotionlessly deadpan it's hard to say if she's joking or not! "And I wouldn't need shoulders even if I did help. I can fly you know. Slowly." So there's that at least, it seems. This girl must have some extremely weird power combination! She's looking over the books then too, and then to Marcus. Before asking more quietly, and at least sounding concerned, "You're ok, right?"

Sebastian rolls his eyes, "The 'vaults' are probably just holding books that they don't have room for on the shelves or books that are out of date. This is a school with teenagers. You really think they're going to keep something valuable or powerful -anywhere- on this campus?" Because surely Marcus isn't the only one in the school's history with this sort of inquisitiveness. He then just shakes hsis head and starts to head back out of the library again as the talk returns to robots.

When Cora mentions she can fly, Marcus whirls around. "You can /fly/!?" he asks. Because that would make things SO much easier than climbing, or putting on shoulders. In fact, no less than 17 different 'investigations' that would benefit from flight pass through Marcus's mind in the blink of an eye. Cora could very soon find herself someone's most favoritest person. And then, he backtracks in the conversation a little, and looks at Cora dubiously. "… they don't. They couldn't. I'd have found out, by now …. Wouldn't I? I mean, I've definitely /looked/ for secret entrances and stuff …," Marcus says. Then, he looks at Cora again and scrunches up his face. "Naaah, you're just messin' with me," he decides. "And yeah, I'm good. I'm pretty tough, ya know!" He smiles and gives Cora thumbs up to prove it.
"Yes, actually, I do! I'm sure they are! I mean, it's a school full of super heroes! /Somebody's/ gotta be doing some kind of top secret research! And the old school got destroyed, right? You know they've got all those defense turrets in the walls of the dorms, right? So they've /gotta/ have more stuff, elsewhere, too! And they think we're just a bunch of kids and we don't need to know so they don't wanna tell us, since they want us to focus on school. But /I/ bet there's all KINDS of stuff here, just waiting to be discovered! I mean, Reese sees all those ghosts, right? So what else is here?" As Sebastian walks away, Marcus frowns and then shakes his fist at him. "Just you watch! I'll show you I'm right!"

"Not to mention old books that can't be accessed day to day, but need to be looked at carefully." Cora adds to what Sebastian says, "I know sometimes people can ask to go see books like that. Our library makes most universities' look bad. And you can totally ruin old books just by touching them wrong. Or too much light. Or too moist of air, or too dry of air."

There's a moment when Sebastian turns back as if to say something, either in response to Marcus or Cora but then shakes his head again and walks out. He'll go study outside or something where it will be quiet and others won't be trying to break into places 'just 'cause'.

"… books?" Marcus asks, blinking and looking between Cora and Sebastian again. Then he scrunches his face up again, skeptical. "They wouldn't keep just /books/ in there. … would they?" Clearly, this revelation is troubling. Why, books aren't worth investigating at all! Just look at his grades! He frowns and folds his arms across his chest, then goes to lean on the pile of books he'd just made. Which promptly falls over and he stubmles, but catches himself on the bookcase. … oops! And now he has to pick the books up again, with a frustrated sigh, he kneels down to do just that. "… stupid /books/," he mutters under his breath.

There's a pause before Sebastian stalks back to where he was sitting and scoops up the tupperware of cookies that he almost forgot.

"I've never been to a library with a /vault/!" Marcus shoots back at Sebastian, indignant. "And if it's just books, I don't see why they'd lock them up like that. Sure, maybe keep them in a special section or something. But it just seems a little … I dunno, /extra/ to make it a whole giant vault underneath the building," Marcus says, obviously dejected. He then moves over to one of the consoles that students can use to summon the robots, so he can have it put back the books on the upper shelf that he can't reach. At least he's cleaning up his mess?

"How do you know?" Cora asks, head tilting a little bit. "Most libraries I know of have them. Like I said, it's a place to keep rare things. Nothing that unusual. Just safer than other places. Especially since the cold war when there was always worries about The Bomb or things like that. Or in places that worry about tornadoes or earthquakes."

"The world isn't always going to be the way you want it to be. Almost never." Now that his cookies have been retrieved, Sebastian moves to make his way back out of the library again. "Go ahead and try to get into the vault. Maybe getting in trouble will at least get you thinking about consequences."

"Well, then you've been to some weird libraries. The only library that I know of that has a vault as locked down as the one here is the Library of Congress, and you can bet they've got more than books in /there/," Marcus says. And then Sebastian just goes and piles on, and Marcus- already with a sour mood, isn't up for it. "Oh, yeah, you telling /me/ to think about consequences? Cuz you know /all/ about that, huh?"

"…most libraries?" Cora says again. "Maybe the lock here is good, but it's just due to how many books are here. Books are valuable. My parents used to love hitting over libraries. One or two books and make a lot of money. Easier than a museum too, generally." There's a bitterness in her tone at admitting that, but a matter of factness too. Like she's had to come to accept it happened.

"You need to not think that 'National Treasure' is a Documentary. It's fiction." That's where Sebastian goes when Marcus mentions the Vault beneath the Library of Congress. Marcus' challenging question actuall gets another pause, "Yes, I do. In many different ways. But obviously you don't seem to care what happens to you…or anyone else you try to finagle into your schemes. Just because this is a school for people with powers doesn't mean that you can get away with whatever you want."

"Most libraries don't also have /us/," Marcus argues with Cora. "And so what if it /is/ just books? So what? Then I found out. And, if it's just books, then why would I get in trouble for finding out?" And then Sebastian continues going on and Marcus rolls his eyes, along with his head. "You think you know /so/ much about the world, just cuz you did something stupid and got you some fancy jewelry for it. Well, you know what? You can go jump in the ocean for all I care. I see why y'all in Prometheus," he says, shaking his head and turning back to the robot console. It's a pain in the butt, but he'll have to request each book get put back individually. Mostly because he doesn't know how to queue things in the system yet.

"Because like I said, you could easily wreck things just by being there. Touch the wrong button. Open the wrong door. Any of it could ruin a document that has no copies. Or something like that. Books are valuable, no one's denying that. But they're also vulnerable. And a place like this makes them even more vulnerable. So many kids who can use fire, or light, and accidentally break stuff because of it." Cora explains, shuddering a bit.

Sebastian just blinks slowly at Marcus, "Actually, yes, I -do- know a lot about the world. I know you don't believe me, but that's not really my problem, is it? And I'm only in Prometheus because that's where they put me. I wasn't given a choice." Cora gets another glance, "He doesn't understand…or he doesn't care. All that matters is that he gets to do what he wants."

"Well, that's just stupid. If the robots can go in and get stuff out, there's no reason I couldn't go in there. If it were that simple, they could just put simple warnings on it. But that's not what they did, which is why I think it warrants investigating," Marcus says, not turning back to Cora since he's got a few more books to get put back and he has to check which titles they are so they go back in the right spot. Sebastian's comment, however, gets another roll of his eyes. "You don't know me, dawg. You got no idea what I want, what I understand or what I care about. Besides. You the one with the bracelet. You the last person anybody should be listening to, cuz you obviously don't know as much as you think you did."

The no choice thing really seems to get a weird look from Cora, a tilt of her head and a raising of her brow. "Put you in it? Even I got to choose, I've never even heard of someone just put in a team." Yep, a surprise. "Im sure you could change if you think one would suit you better. They're supposed to represent our personalities and views." She explains. Then further looks back to Marcus a moment. "You'd be surprised how few care about warnings."

"And you don't know me," Sebastian adds before he mutters something under his breath about 'arguing with children'. His still-light eyes look to Cora, "The choice was made for me and that was that." He glances again at Marcus before revisiting his path back out of the library.

"Oh, /Sebasstian/ is SPECIAL," Marcus offers to Cora, ever so helpful. "The whole world is out to get him and eat his lunch, which is why he's such a jerk to everybody." Finishing with getting the last book put back on its shelf, Marcus sighs and runs his hand over his braids. "See, that's the thing. I pay pretty close attention to warnings. I'm also careful as I can be." He then shrugs and walks around to the other side of the aisle, retrieving his 'adventure' backpack. "But oh well. Not finding anything out, today."

"Just give it time. Adventure tends to find us here, and it might not be what you think. It might be a lot scarier, and awful, than you'd think. Not fun. I don't think anyone thinks it is fun." Cora shivers. Obviously she's definitely in the school that doesn't think it's fun at all!

A frozen cookie comes hurling back through the library towards Marcus. He heard that! Sebastian doesn't come back this time…instead, he really continues his way back to his dorm.
<FS3> Marcus rolls Reaction-2: Failure.

"You act like I think everything's fun and games. I don't. I know how seri-," Marcus is starting to say, when suddenly he is hit in the side of the head by a frozen cookie. There's a thunk as it hits and Marcus reacts accordingly, immediately moving to rub the side of his head and glare after Sebastian. He looks down at the cookie, then after Sebastian, then back at the cookie. Then, he scoffs and reaches down to pick the cookie up, wiping it off on his hoodie. "See? And he says /I/ think I can just do whatever I want," he mutters, sticking the cookie in his pocket. Heck, who throws away perfectly good food? Marcus isn't about to. Free is his favorite flavor. "/Anyway/. I'm up for anything, fun, not fun, scary, whatever. If it's just books in the vault? Cool, good to know. But, I wanna /know/. I'm not just gonna take the word of adults 'just because,'" he says, adjusting his backpack and sticking his thumbs in its loops. "I found out not to long ago that my mom's an alien, even though she looks completely human. So I'm /not/ just gonna take stuff at face value anymore, ya know?"

Cora winces at the alien comment too, less a cringy wince than a surprised one though! Her eyes getting wider at the mention. But here she's also starting to gather up her books and close up her laptop. "Just don't get in trouble. Don't get kicked out." Cora says as she starts to walk away too. "Sorry, I need to get back to my dorm before curfew. Still have a lot of homework to get done tonight. Have a good night." She offers.

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