(2020-11-25) Chance Meeting
Chance Meeting
Summary: A chance meeting turns into getting italian sodas. Oh the desire for good quality boba tea.
Date: (2020-11-25)
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Main Street Shady Cove
Wed Nov 25 11:16:56, 2020 — Wed Nov 25 08:16:56 2020

Main Street is built with sidewalks lining each side and a residential area at each end. In the center is the heartbeat of town, with a courthouse square and the road going around each side of it with old fashioned lamp posts lining the sidewalks in front of the businesses and a sporadic stone bench placed for shoppers. Several side roads lead off to other businesses and more residential areas.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.

Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Reese - A short teen, probably half-Asian. Always wearing a slouchy beanie pulled low to cover all the hair.
Exits: [AA] Ancient Arts Pottery Studi [CL] Cocoa Loco
[ES] Evergreen Square [MD] Maple Drive
[MS] Mug Shot Coffee Shop [OC] Ocean Circle
[SS] South Street [UR] Uptown Rink

[W] Wok This Way

Quentin likes it when the weather is partly cloudy like it is today. It's easier for him to see where he's walking to. Presently, it's cloudy enough to block to sunshine, but breezy enough that the sunshine still peeks through occasionally. Thus, the redhead has his hood up, for those sunshinier times. He's walking from one of the side roads, from a residential area where people who have reasonable incomes, but are not by any means rich, live. His hands are tucked into his pockets as he walks along the east side of the sidewalk, keeping himself in the shade for those sunny times as much as is possible. It's around mid morning, though getting closer to noon than morning now. He might be heading for the coffee shop. Maybe.

This is a bit weird. Middle of the week and being allowed off the island. No complaints from Reese though, they are taking advantage of it. With it being middle of the day, right before a holiday the streets aren't as being as one would think. Yay for small oceanside New England towns in winter. They are dressed for the weather, hoodie under a mid weight jacket, jeans, boots and of course the slouchie beanie pulled down so no hair shows. They seem to be heading in the general direction of the coffee shop too, but from the opposite direction, a few small shopping bags in hand. Seeing Quentin they start to give a wave, but realize quickly that may be pointless so instead calls out "Quentin!" they then veer to head toward them. "If I knew you were coming to town we could have come together."

Calling out Quentin's name was the correct choice, as right at the moment Reese comes into visual range, the sun comes out from behind the clouds. Quentin grimaces, pulling a hand free so he can pull his hood farther forward over his face. Then the clouds block the shine of the sunlight again, and he relaxes. "Hey Reese," he replies with a happy smile. He pauses where he is until Reese gets to him. "Oh, well, when school is out, I live here in the Cove with my family. Else I would have been happy to come together." He bounces on his toes. "Where you heading? I was going for the coffee shop. They have excellent italian sodas."

"Oh yeah. you mentioned that yesterday. Your whole family moved here so you could attend Coral Springs?" it's easy to tell that Reese finds that an odd concept. "Many families in China and other Asian countries send at least one of their children abroad in high school if they can afford it. In most cases they are set up with a host family, or relatives, at least for those that aren't sent to boarding schools. Very rarely does the whole family move. Sometimes one parent will, but that is just as rare." A hand comes up to rub the back of their neck "Thankfully Coral Springs is tuition free or else I wouldn't be able to go." there is a grin in return "I was heading over to the coffee shop too. I may try one of those since they don't have boba tea."

Quentin bobs his head in a nod. "Yeah. Mum 'n da both got jobs here. Da's working at one of the uni's, and mum at one of the hospitals. Not sure which one, haven't been to either yet." He listens to Reese's explanation. "You're here by yourself, then? I know Mum's planning on doing a traditional Welsh dinner on the holiday. Welcome to come. She said we could invite a couple friends." Quentin grins and motions toward the coffee shop. "Shall we, then? Boba tea. Isn't that the stuff with the little bubble things in it? The Chinese buffet probably has that." He pauses, brow furrowing. "Maybe."

"Your father works at a university?" Reese can't help but laugh "Mine teaches English and world studies at an international high school back in China." that would explain why they speak English so fluently "He's from Cornwall in the UK." they pull out their phone and load up a family photo to show. Mother, tiny Chinese woman, Dad, average sized white man, Reese and a younger sibling, clearly a sister. "My mother does not work at a hospital though." though they don't share what their mom does "That's the tea. Those bubbles are tapioca pearls. I don't like the other kind. the ones that pop." there is a shudder at the grossness of that "They have the canned bobo tea. I'm not that desperate for it."

"Yeah," he says with a grin. "History and biology at uni level. Sometimes he helps mum on some of her tougher cases. He's healy like me. Or I'm healy like him. Or…" Quentin trails off, expression thoughtful. Then shakes his head and looks at the picture. A smile blooms there. "Nice," he says. He pulls out his phone and pulls up a picture of his family. His father's a goofy looking redhead that /looks/ like a college professor. His mother appears to be a dark brunette. He gets the curls from both. A younger sister is in the picture, too, with hair brighter a red than Quentin's. And Kentucky, looking all kinds of uncomfortable, lurking beside Quentin, shoulders hunched and looking like he wants nothing more than to hide behind his hair. He nods. "The ones with tapioca pearls are good. I don't like the other ones either. There's just something /wrong/ about bubbles that pop in your mouth. Ugh." Another thing in common. He wrinkles his nose. "Canned? Yuck."

"I can sense and communicate with the supernatural like my mother, but I don't have her precognitive abilities. Mine went in the other direction." Reese gives a shrug "Much to her disappointment." there is a beat when they realize that can be misunderstood "I mean she is disappointed I have powers. She wanted her children to have a normal life, instead of a haunted one, like hers." they get it and seem pretty ambivalent about the whole thing "She got her wish in my younger sister at least." as they get to the coffee shop they pull the sleeve of their jacket down to cover their hand before grabbing the door handle to open it. "Maybe if we ask enough the coffee shop will offer boba tea!" they can hope.

"That's cool," replies Quentin, fascinated by the explanation. He then nods about the children and having a normal life. "I got powers from both my parents. My sister seems to have only inherited mum's at this point. She doesn't have vision problems like I do, either," he says with a quiet laugh. He bobs his head in a nod as the door is opened, and he steps inside. "Maybe. You know, you can probably order it online. I think you can order almost anything online these days. 'course, that would mean you'd have to make it yourself, but worth it, right?" He bounces on up to the counter.

Reese follows Quentin to the counter, but in a much less energetic way. They recall a bit about what Quentin has said in the past about where he got his powers, but more details are good. "Who else have you invited to join you for Thanksgiving tomorrow?" they ask tilting their head slightly as they look from the drink menu to Quentin. They aren't in the know about other friends Quentin might have, but they are sure he has them.

Quentin is, now that the homesickness is gone for the most part, tends to be pretty bouncy and energetic. Even when he has a headache. Which tends to be more often than not. Stupid light sensativity! "Just you and Keyson. Kentucky will be there, of course, and my parents and sister. I doubt Ky invited anybody, and we know the same people, so." He does have other friends, yup. But Reese seems to be one of his closer ones, if not precisely on the best friend spectrum. He considers the menu, pursing his lips. "Hm… I had hazelnut last time. I think I'll go with tiramisu and vanilla this time. Blended italian soda, please," he says to the barista.

"Keyson?" ther is confusion from Reese for a moment "Oh! The girl that ate with us at lunch yesterday." they don't know everyone's name yet. "Rasberry itslian soda." they say to the barista as their phone rings. It's pulled out and they look at it oddly "It's the middle of the night there. Why is my mother calling?" hmm "I'll be back."they tell Quentin as the step away to take the call, answering in what is most definitely a Chinese language.

Quentin nods. "Yep, that's Keyson. Dunno if she's gonna come or not. She giggled when I said she was welcome." He shrugs a little bit, not bothered by that fact. Quentin nods to Reese as they make off to take a phonecall. He doesn't understand what's going said, and wouldn't listen in anyway, so turns his attention back to the barista. He pays for the two italian sodas, and when they arrive, takes them to a table toward the back. He sets the raspberry one on one side, and sits on the other himself, contenting himself for the moment to enjoy his italian soda!

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