(2020-11-24) Pre Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Pre Thanksgiving Thanksgiving
Summary: Thanksgiving in the Coral Springs Cafeteria.
Date: (2020-11-24)
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Cafeteria Coral Springs
Tue Nov 24 20:50:27, 2020 — Tue Nov 24 17:50:27 2020

The cafteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see..well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Keyson - A delicate 14 year old hispanic girl with long dark hair. She always has a necklace with a key on it around her neck.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Reese - A short teen, probably half-Asian. Always wearing a slouchy beanie pulled low to cover all the hair.
Exits: [AB] Academic Building [PA] Patio
[SC] Supply Closet

The last day of school before the Thanksgiving break is given and on top of it being only a half day the lunch is serving a traditional Thanksgiving lunch to the students that didn't get on the ferry right away to head back home for the holiday.

There are a dozen or so students that seem to be sticking around for the meal at least. Most are international students, but there are others that are still here for other reasons.

Sitting at one of the tables is Reese. They have a plate sitting in front of them piled with all the usual Thanksgiving foods, but remains untouched so far. They are just staring at it, occasionally poking the pile of red stuff next to the turkey with trependation.

Quentin might qualify as an international student, though his family had moved here too. He hasn't ever had a Thanksgiving meal, so this is a treat he'd decided to stick around for. He's wound up with a plate piled high as well, and is making his way toward an empty table when he spots Reese. "Hey Reese. Mind company?" He /tries/ not to invade peoples' space without asking first. …. except when he's a bird. Then? All bets are off.

Keyson seems happy about the meal, she's chattering away with anyone and everyone as she gets her food. Eventually she randomly plops down at the table with Reese. The undeclared (She really needs to declare!) huffs and tells Reese, "I know, right?" …She knows….what? She then looks up at Quentin, "Oh! Hi! When'd you get here?"

A Thanksgiving dinner is a new thing for Kentucky, as well. The food looks interesting, and it smells good. And so, he's picked up a plate that's ended up fairly loaded with food. He doesn't really qualify as an international student, but… his brother Quentin is still here, and so he's still here. He follows a few steps behind Quentin, coming up near to him like some darker shadow of the redhead. His hair's braided at the nape of his neck, and there's the usual hunched in shoulders and ducked chin and lowered gaze brought about by his shyness. A small smile finds the corners of his lips, and he gives a small nod to the group of folks. "Maybe a bit more company?" he offers, in a soft voice.

The arrival of everyone seemingly at once has Reese looking up from thier plate to them. For a moment they are to distracted by Keyson plopping down to answer Quentin and Kentucky immediately. "Oh, yeah sure!." the accent clearly marks them as not being from around here. Definitely Chinese sounding, but not the stereotypical accent. Clearly they have been speaking English for a long time too. "Are you all sticking around for the holiday as well?" they ask as the fork is used to gesture to empty chairs "And could some explain what this red chunky, jelly stuff is?"

Quentin grins at Keyson and shrugs with a little smile. "Hey. Just a few seconds ago. How are you?" He looks to Reese. "And how are you, Reese?" He is wearing his sunglasses, as he has a tendency to do. It's a thing. He glances at Kentucky and smiles, then bumps the taller teen with his elbow. As welcome is granted, he plops down into the seat next to Reese and sets his tray on the table. "Nah. We'll be in Shady Cove with our parents, for the most part. Though, if I have questions about any of the homework I have, I might wind up back here for at least part of the time," he says with a laugh. He glances at the chunky jelly stuff. "I /think/ that's cranberry sauce. I did some research yesterday on Thanksgiving dinners, and that looks like the picture that was listed for the cranberry sauce. I could be wrong, though." He eyes his own plate, and picks up his form to poke the chunky jelly stuff on his plate. "It looks wobbly. Oh well. Can't possibly be any worse than blood pudding." He spears a chunk and stuffs it into his mouth.

Keyson hums, digging into the food before she stops," I'm good. Oh! oh! We should say what we're thankful for!" She grins, "I am! My Uncles not smoothed everything out yet with teh police. So I'm here! I'm thankful for being here! Yay!" He giggles, poking her own cranberry sauce. It's the best dan cranberry sauce arund though!

There's a small smile from Kentucky, and he gives a small nod to Reese at their acceptance. "Thank you," he says softly, a bit of shyness in his voice. He looks at the red chunky stuff that Reese had mention, and then he lifts one of his shoulders in a faint shrug. "I… don't know. I've not come across anything like it before. I mean… it's… kind of like jello but not really," he comments, eyeing the blob of it on his own plate. It's not the right colour for the jello that he's come across, and he's never had it with… things… in it. But he's not in the habit of saying no to any of the food that he's served, even if he doesn't like it. As he's bumped by Quentin, there's a quiet murmur that comes from him, and he ducks his chin slightly, colour rising to his cheeks as he glances towards his brother. Then he gives the redheaded youth a small nod before he shifts slightly, putting in the conscious effort to lift his shoulders and adjust the rest of posture accordingly. He glances to Quentin, briefly, nad then he sets his tray on the table before pulling out a seat to sit. And he nods in agreement with Quentin's words. "Mmhmm. I'll come along with you, if you come in. I'll probably end up with questions, too," he says softly, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks again. "What are cranberries?" he asks softly. Then he blinks a couple of times. "Umm… is blood pudding actually made of blood?" he wonders. His attention turns to Keyson, studying her for a long moment. Considering things. "I am thankful to have a family. To not be somewhere that is… unkind," he says softly, giving a small and single nod.

"I'm alright." Reese answers thier attention still on his plate mostly "What I am thankful for?" they only have a rudimentary understanding of Thanksgiving so the confusion is minimal "I guess I am thankful for my family and finding new friends." is their own answer after giving it a bit of thought. There is some tasting of the food on thier plate and a nod "It's good, but needs hot sauce." they don't eat anything without that particular condiment "Hopefully they have some hot enough." they get up from the table to go see the cafeteria staff about that.

"Good," says Quentin to Keyson. Good is good, clearly! He takes another bite of the cranberry sauce, apparently deciding it's not as bad as blood pudding. He considers the … question? Challenge? Challenge. And what the unaffiliated student happens to be thankful for. He glances to Kentucky. He has no idea what police might be involved with, but it still seems a good thing to be thankful for! He glances to Kentucky. "It's gooier than jello. Jello is firm. This stuff isn't. It's more like jam." He grins at his brother. "Good. You know I enjoy company." He really does, even if he's kinda quiet about it for the most part. He swallows at Kentucky's question, and nods. "Yes. There's actual blood in blood pudding. It's not actually pudding, but more of a gummy sausage. Pig's blood, oatmeal or barley, pork, onion, and some spices I'm not sure of is Mum's recipe. It's… interesting. Meaty, with a metallic aftertaste." He shakes his head and closes his mouth with a click of teeth, as if realizing that this might not be the best conversational topic right now. He smiles at Kentucky at what he's thankful for. "I… am thankful for the good health of everyone I know." He reaches for his drink and has a slug of it. It appears to be apple juice. He waves to Reese as they head out for hot sauce. "You have any plans for the holiday, Keyson?"

Keyson blinsk, and then alugsh at Reese. Hot sauce at Thanksgiving?!?! So funny! She looks at Quen to answer Ken's question abotu teh blood pudding before she nods, "Tottally, Kentuk! Not being soemwhere unkind is the best thign to be thnkful for!" Gross Blood! "I'm going to explore town mostly."

Thanksgiving isn't really something that Kentucky is familiar with. He's never celebrated it before. He read some information about it, but that was it. One of his eyebrows quirks up a touch at Reese's answer, and he gives a small nod. "Having friends is good, too. It… has taken getting used to. Having friends," he says softly, colour creeping to his cheeks. He picks up his fork, poking a bit at the cranberries, and then scooping up some of the mashed potatoes with gravy. He tilts his head a touch to one side, and then he gives a nod. "I'll try it," he says softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Then he quirks a smile and nods. "Mmhmm, I know you do. I… am getting to," he says softly, colour coming to his cheeks. He's shy, and it takes him a bit of time. He wrinkles his nose a little bit at the description of blood pudding, but he listens attentively. "It sounds… odd. Blood has a weird taste, by itself. I would still try it," he says softly, giving a small nod. He tries any food, really. He's not used to having a choice other than — eat or go hungry. "That's a good thing to be thankful for, too," he adds, giving a small nod to Quentin. His attention shifts over to Keyson, watching her. "Exploring town sounds like a fun thing to do. I haven't explored much of it, yet," he says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Then he ducks his chin a little bit, his gaze holding to her. "You can call me Ky… if you want," he offers in a quiet tone, shy.

"Mum said we're going to have a Welsh meal on Thursday. Cawl, which is a kind of lamb soup with veggies. Rarebit, which is melted cheese on bread. Laverbread, which is seaweed and oatmeal. Glamorgan sausage, which is cheese, leeks, and breadcrumbs in a sausage shape. Welsh cakes, which are basically spice cakes. Bara brith, which is a fruit loaf of bread. Bara brith is my favorite. And tatws pum munud, which is a soup or stew with smoked bacon, potatos, onions, carrots, and peas, with the vegetables all sliced so they lay flat. If you'd like to come, you're welcome." He grimaces a little bit. "I don't like blood sausage. I don't like the metallic taste. And it's more of a Scottish thing than a Welsh thing. Mum doesn't usually make it. She's the only one who likes it." Quentin nods about exploring the town. "I did a little exploring the first week I was in Shady Cove before I started here, but I didn't get much more than a couple of blocks from our house." He grins at Kentucky, then nods to Keyson. "And you can call me Quen, if you'd like."

Keyson makes small gagging noises, she clearly would not try blood pudding. She seems content to eat her meal, but she nods enthusiastically, "Yup! I hear there's a coffee shop too!" Yikes, Key on caffine? "I like Kentuck though! Ky sounds too much like Key!" She giggles, "And we don't look anyhting alike!" She turns to look at Quen and just blinks before giggling more.

"Umm… I think so long as I don't have to pronounce them right in order to be able to eat them, then I'll be okay," he says, quirking a bit of a grin as he looks to Quentin. There's a bit of amusement in his voice, and showing in his eyes, too. "I've… never tried any of those things before," Kentucky says, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks. His meals weren't very interesting before he ended up running into Quentin. "We can go exploring more. On the break," he suggests, ducking his chin a touch. He's managing, so far, to keep his shoulders up and keep his posture. His attention turns to Keyson, and he gives a nod. "There is. They make a good coffee with caramel in it… I… forget what it was called," he admits, shyly. He eats a bit of his food then, and one of his eyebrows quirks up slightly before he gives a small nod. "Kentuck is okay, too," he says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "We don't, but that's okay," he adds.

Quentin does not blame Keyson for that at all! He's from the UK and he doesn't like blood pudding at all. He nods to her. "There's a coffee shop, a chocolate shop, and a Chinese buffet. That and the old city park is all I've managed to look over. Ky, old city park is where we met." He tilts his head and considers. "Ky versus Key. They sound different to me, but Kentuck is interesting too." He blinks behind his sunglasses at the giggles at him. "Wot?" The difference in 'wot' and 'what' is audible, and it's clear that while he isn't sure what he's being giggled at over, he's also amused. Quentin grins at his brother. "Of course you don't, but I'll teach you if you like," he says. He chuckles and shakes his head. "There's no reason you should have. I don't think they are really made here anywhere. They're kind of a Welsh thing." He nods with enthusiasm. He likes the idea of exploring. "Caramel macchiato," supplies Quentin, about the coffee drink Kentucky had had at the coffee shop. He nods agreement with the other two. "None of us look anything alike," he say with a quiet laugh.

Keyson's eyes widen, "Coffee with carmel?!?!" Oh heaven! He makes happy sounding noises as she eats, ignoring Q's wot. She looks up, ready to say something else, but then the phone in her pocket starts playing the Teen Titians Go theme song. "Oh!" She reaches into her pocket, bulling out her phone and frowns, "I…I need to take this…" She hops up and walks away as she answers in a questionly tone, "Holla?"

"There's a chocolate shop? I didn't notice that! Maybe we can go there on break," Kentucky suggests, one of his eyebrows quirking up a little bit. Then he gives a small nod. "Mmhmm. That's where the bus stopped, was outside the park. It… seemed like a good direction to walk in. I… wasn't feeling so well, after the bus ride," he admits, ducking his chin a bit. Then he tilts his head a touch to one side. "I'd like that, for you to teach me," he says, giving a small nod, a warm smile coming to his features. Then he brightens a little when Quentin gives the name of the drink he'd had, and he gives a nod. "Mmhmm, that. It was tasty, I liked it," he says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Then he considers for a moment before giving a small nod. "That's true, none of us do," he agrees. He looks to Keyson and gives a nod to her. "Of course," he says softly, in regards to her phone call. His attention turns back to Quentin. "Is it a hard language to learn?"

Quentin shakes his head. "Coffee with caramel and chocolate." Even better, right? His brow furrows at the change on Keyson's demeanor. But all he does is nod. "Take care." He watches her walk away briefly, then goes back to his food. The cranberry sauce is all gone now. "Not so sure I'm keen on the cranberry sauce. It's a bit.. bitter," he says. He starts on the stuffing and potatos and gravy. He nods to Kentucky. "Yup. It's a fancy custom chocolate shop, too." He smiles a little bit and nods. "I know you weren't," he says. He eats another bite of stuffing, then another of potatos and gravy. He considers the question. "I… don't know. I've been speaking Welsh since I was little. I can tell you it has less vowels than other languages."

Kentucky gives a nod of agreement. "Mmhmm, chocolate too. We'll have to stop at the coffee shop again, I think," he says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. There's a brief glance to Keyson, but his attention turns back to Quentin again, eating in around talking. "It is, a little bit… but it's not terrible. It's better with some of the turkey. Or mixed in with some of the mash and gravy," he comments, a thoughtful note to his voice. "If they have chocolate covered caramels… I'd like to try one," he says softly, a bit shyly. He's not very good about voicing out his likes and dislikes, yet. He ducks his chin a touch. "It felt weird, on the bus… the seat I was in faced backwards," he says, wrinkling his nose a little bit. "I've… never been taught a language before. I don't know what learning one would be like," he adds, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks.

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