(2020-11-22) Rust Removal
Rust Removal
Summary: Quentin helps Sydney remove rust, and Marcus plays with magnets.
Date: (2020-11-22)
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Patio Coral Springs
Sun Nov 22 23:41:08, 2020 — Sun Nov 22 20:41:08 2020

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and raining.

Marcus - 5' 6" African American teenager with a short locks and wide smile.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Sydney - Steel Girl. Short. Blued steel hair. Green reflective eyes.
Exits: [BF] Back Field [CA] Cafeteria
[CO] Coral Springs Courtyard [CW] Covered Walkway
[SB] Student Building

Sydney yawns and stretches. Muscles everywhere. She's fresh from the gym, sweaty and a little rusty, and still breathing hard, with a towel wrapped around her shoulders. She sags onto one of the chairs on the patio, cooling off, catching her wind. Someone's given her quite the workout. She swabs her face with the towel occasionally, and wipes the back of her neck and down her sides.

Having finished his 'adventure' in the town for the day, Marcus had made his way back to the school and gotten a pop for himself before heading to enjoy it on the patio. And, just as he's about to make his way out there, a reflection catches his eye. There, on the patio, is one of the people he's been very curious about! He quickly ducks back inside the door and slides his backpack off and starts rummaging through it for something. Anyone who's familiar with him would recognize that this was not his 'school' backpack, but his 'adventure' backpack, so there's really no telling what he's got in there.

Quentin is munching on an apple as he wanders into the patio from the direction of the courtyard. Despite the daylight, he is, perhaps strangely, not wearing his sunglasses. He always wears those sunglasses, almost everywhere in the school. For once he isn't, so the reddish tinted hazel eyes can actually be seen. He pads toward Sydney and waves. "Hey Sydney. Good workout?" Muscles? What muscles? Quentin doesn't seem to notice. Or, if he does, he simply doesn't care one way or another. He's wearing comfortable looking jeans and a long sleeved teeshirt, both in nondescript grey. And eyeblinding neon green sneakers. Over top of the shirt, a jacket hangs open at the front, the hood pushed back.

Sydney waves at Quentin, as she reaches into her gym bag for some steel wool, and begins polishing the rust off her arm. Little bits of red powder fall away and leave her skin shining bright underneath. Yeah, technically it's a waste of food, and certainly Iron Fist never bothered. Sydney reflects a moment. Iron fist was kind of a slob. She scrubs at a rusty spot some more.

After a few seconds of rummaging, Marcus pulls out an object and thrusts it into the sky in victory! Okay, well, it's actually a pair of objects. Two small, round magnets, about the size of a quarter; the kind you could get at pretty much any hardware shop or science kit. He slides his backpack back into place on his back and then pulls the hood up on his plain red hoodie, crouching in his blue jeans as he 'sneaks' back towards the door. Poking his head around the corner, he sees that Quentin has now arrived and is providing an /excellent/ distraction. So, he ambles out the door, oh-so-non-chalant, hands in the middle pocket of his hoodie as he totally doesn't glance sideways at the pair as he makes his way towards the other side of the patio fencing.

Quentin steps closer to the table and flops himself down in one of the chairs. He looks both curious and fascinated by the use of the steel wool. "That doesn't hurt?" Thus far, he's fascinated enough that he hasn't yet noticed Marcus. At least, not until the other teen comes around the corner. "Hey Marcus. How you doing?" Oops, clearly he's /not/ going to be that great of a distraction! Unless, of course, that means distracting Sydney from what she's doing and over to Marcus. His eyes don't stay on the teen long, before going back to what Sydney is doing. He munches on his apple while he watches the polishing commense.

Sydney shrugs. "A little. Kind of like scrubbing your hands with boraxo. But I like being shiny." She curls a smile. "Probably a girl thing. I dunno."

What? Caught already? Marcus looks a little surprised when Quentin addresses him. "… oh … uh … hey," he manages, pulling one hand out of his pocket and offering a brief wave. Since hiding has so epically failed him, he instead turns and makes his way over towards them. He'll have to figure out a different way to be sneaky! He gives Sydney a brief glance. All that silver, all that skin; those short shorts revealing her supple, muscular legs, that tank top clinging to her torso, the way that towel hangs …. HOW IS HE GOING TO GET A MAGNET ON THERE!?!?! And yes, while the freshman may be staring just a little, his thoughts are only naughty in an innocent type of way, which is completely not a contradiction in the least.

Sydney turns to Marcus. "Hey." She mops her face with her towel again. "I've got a rust spot on the back of my head again, don't I? That's what you're staring at. Right?" The idea of sticking magnets to her, surprisingly, hasn't occurred. Yet. It probably will.

Quentin tilts his head and looks perplexed. "What is boraxo?" Clearly, he hasn't ever used that sort of thing for cleaning. Maybe he doesn't clean? He chuckles and shrugs. "Might be a girl thing. Might not be. Hard to say. Need someone to do your back?" Another bite of apple is munched. "You know, the sheer variety of apples you can get here astonishes me, sometimes." He glances to Marcus again and offers a smile. "How goes?" Back to Sydney. His fascination is likely from a medical standpoint. There doesn't seem to be any interest otherwise. Or, at least, his eyes don't linger anywhere they shouldn't! Another bite of apple. Munch munch.

There's an audible gulp when Marcus is caught staring. "Rust spot? What? No! I wasn't staring! No, I was … uh …," he searches desparately for a reason for his lingering gaze. And then Quentin offers a change of subjects and so he totally goes with that, suddenly very interested in apples. "Oh really, Quentin? What do you mean? Red and green?" Yes, yes, Quentin, the ultimate wingman! HELP!

Sydney looks at Quentin a moment, then smiles. She hands him the steel wool and turns her back to him. "Yes please. She draws the neck of her tanktop down in back (thereby up in front) and yes, the back of her looks a lot like her face. Steel, shaped like skin, rusty in spots.

"Oh. Well. In the UK, we don't get nearly this variety of apples. I couldn't tell you about red versus green. Or couldn't, before day before yesterday, because I'm colorblind. But what we can get in the UK is a fraction of the types I've seen in the grocery stores here. I've seen red delicious and golden delicious and galas and granny smiths in Aberystwyth, but not much more than that unless you go to some specialty places. Here… In the little grocery on the corner near where my parents live, there's at least fifteen. This one's a cameo. Can't get those where I'm from." He shakes his head and takes another bite. Yum! He sets the apple down on the table and accepts the steel wool, rising to his feet. He steps around the table to Sydney's back and eyes the rusty spots there. "This is kinda cool. I can actually tell what's rust and what isn't. I think if Besa hadn't healed me, I would have a hard time telling the difference without feeling it." He shakes his head and starts scrubbing off the rust spots he can see. And just like his fascination, there's nothing at all naughty in the scrubbing.

Sydney isn't trying to be seductive. Really. Especially not to Freshmen. But Ooo having someone steel-wool her back is lovely. She pauses, leans forward, and draws her shirt up in the back to the neck, keeping her arms and the front of the shirt bunched around in front for the sake of modesty. Muscles here, muscles there, smooth and shiny and like sculpture, but she moves and gives under the touch, and she's warm. "Most of my rust is on the inside. I metabolise iron for energy. The cooks here do a good job making scrap metal into interesting dishes for me. Curried lug bolts are probably my favorite so far." She looks over her shoulder. "Besa can heal birth defects like color blindness? I didn't know that. I've heard that's pretty intense when you can see the differences betgween colors again. Or that's what they say in the glasses commercials.

"How do you /rust/?" Marcus asks, astonished, as he drops into a seat to watch Quentin scrub Sydney's back. He then eyeshifts a little, and, since Sydney doesn't seem at all shy about the rust, he decides maybe she won't mind if …. He slides the magnets apart while they're still in his hoodie, using his thumb to separate them. Then, he ducks his head a little, and 'drops' one of the magnets out of his pocket and onto the ground, hopefully in Sydney's direction. It's not a super powerful magnet or anything- it's a common enough type. So, he'd have to get it pretty close for it to react at all. But, maybe he'll get lucky. But, here goes nothing! … he's always got the other one in his pocket for backup.

"Apparently, yes, but only temporarily, from what he said. So this isn't going to last very long. It's been interesting, being able to see colors the last couple of days. It's… pretty intense, yeah. I haven't ever been able to see colors before, so.. it's been an interesting experience learning what thing is what color." Quentin chuckles at the thought of curried lug bolts. "I like curry too, it's one of my favorites." He doesn't stop scrubbing while he's talkign, either. And his scrubbing is gentle, yet firm enough to remove the rust. "Metal rusts when it gets wet. Swimming or sweating either one would do it, yeah?" Concentrating on the rust spots as he is, Quentin doesn't notice the dropped magnet.

Sydney nods, stretching a little at the scrubbing. Every friggin little muscle fiber is duplicated with careful precision, apparently, even gooseflesh, which just looks weird. "Ohhh, I'll give you a week to stop that… Never got to the point with my boyfriend to do this… well, I'm sorry it won't last for you." She re aches out with the toe of her shoe to nudge the magnet back toward Marcus. "I think you dropped this." Whether she recognises it as a magnet and doesn't care or just thinks it's random junk is not clear.

Marcus hasn't had health class, yet, but Quentin's explanation furrows his brow in confusion. "… wait … you sweat?" And then she's nudging the magnet back at him and his eyes go up. She noticed that! "Oh! … uh … must have fallen out of my pocket …," he says, grimacing. So glad his cheeks won't betray him! He leans down and picks the magnet back up. No reaction. Drat. Maybe he needs a more powerful magnet? He's already forgotten his first question as his brows knit together again while he considers his second, putting the magnet back in his pocket. 'Just asking' apparently hasn't occured to him as a way to answer his questions yet.

Quentin chuckles at Sydney's comment about stopping. "Anytime you need, I'm at your service, m'lady," he says in that very Welsh accent of his. He shakes his head a little bit. "Clearly, your boyfriend doesn't know the power of back scratches and back massages." This said with some amusement tinging his voice. He glances down at the mention of something dropped, and then back to what he's doing. He's gone from upper back to mid back and is on her lower back now. At least, what's visible above her shorts. He hasn't seemed to really notice what Marcus is trying to do with magnets.

Sydney says, "I'm a molecular cyborg. All my nanomachines are bonded to living cells. So I have to have water on board or they'll die. I have to breathe oxygen or they'll die. So I rust, and that liberates chemical energy from my body mass to power both biology and nanomachines. The differences get fuzzy, really. And yeah, He was a nerdy, nerdy guy, my boyfriend.""

Nano-machines? Cyborg? … ohhhhh. Marcus grimaces again and definitely puts the magnet back in his pocket again, rejoining the two of them. Magnets + Computers = bad juju, even he knows that. "Yeah, but … like … do you have the same … uh … what do they call it? Body systems? Like, skeletal, nervous … there's one for like, how we sweat and stuff. Is that all the same, then?" And then, as the thought has finally sunk in a little, he realizes she's given him the chance to ask his question without being randomly weird! "So if you're like, a bunch of little machines, are you magnetic? Or do magnest bother you?"

Quentin tilts his head. "Was? Clearly he should have scrubbed your back for you," he says in an amused tone. He pauses in his scrubbing to look over her back. Scrubs a little bit more in the middle of her spine area, and then nods. "There. I got all the rust," he says, and steps back to offer the steel wool back. With the same motion, but his other hand, he's reaching for the rest of his apple. Yummy yummy appley goodness! He also doesn't seem surprised by her explanation. "That fits with what I saw when you let me look." He glances over to Marcus. "It all seemed to be basically the same in the same layouts when she let me see. It was really neat. Most interesting thing I think I've ever seen, though being able to see color might be a tie for that. I haven't decided yet."

Sydney stretches, letting her tank top fall back where it belongs. She arranges it in front to keep modest. She takes a long breath of the deliciously cool air and lets it out in a happy sigh. "Thank you. That was lovely. Yeah, he left school at semester, I guess. Not really sure. I was away for a while and when I came back graduation had happened and also he was gone. Haven't been able to get in touch with him. He had complicated family issues." She looks at Marcus. "Electro-magnetic pulses can knock me down briefly. Actual electric shocks really hurt me. Regular magnets? They feel weird in my hands when I handle them. Kind of… not hot, but… urgent. It's hard to describe." An analogy occurs to her, and makes her face flush straw colored, not quite heading to purples yet. Yeah, not an analogy to use with Freshmen. "I actually wrote the manual on this for the guy who made me… one of those 'stay useful to delay being tested to destruction' projects. So… if you have questions, ask. I'll try to answer them. Not everyone feels the same way about their powers but… there are like two of us left in the world, so I don't mind."

"Really!?" Marcus asks, suddenly excited. Sitting upright, he pulls his backpack off of his back again (yes, he was sitting in his chair, wearing it- the kids kinda weird!) and quickly unzips it, pulling out his "Adventure" notebook. The notebook is, at this point, starting to wear out, as it sees a great deal of use. There are scribblings all over the front and back, as well as random things sticking out of its pages- sticks, leaves, ribbon, string. He opens it to the middle and flips a couple of pages, and then digs a pen out of his backpack and starts scribbling furiously, his tongue appearing at the corner of his mouth as he focuses. As he finishes, he asks another question, "Can you put magnets down or do they just stick to your hand?"

"You're welcome," says Quentin. "Anytime you need help with that, let me know. Happy to help out a friend." He takes a bite of his apple and happily munches away. Clearly, being able to see without being blinded by the sunlight suits him quite well. He nods about the boyfriend. "I'm sorry to hear that. Complicated family issues happen sometimes. I'm glad mine isn't complicated." He looks thoughtful as he listens to Sydney talk about stuff specific to her. "I can see the electric shocks. Metal is very conductive." He blinks as she blushes. "That's an interesting effect," he says, drawing attention to said blushes. Evil Quentin! He sobers a bit at the testing to destruction thing. "That … yeah. I can't blame you there. People experimenting on other people suck." He grimaces and takes a somewhat annoyed bite of his apple. Clearly, he doesn't like experimentation! Especially any that sounds less than consentual. He nods his agreement about asking. "Same. I don't mind sharing things about my powers either. For me, sharing could mean the difference between life and death." Literally, in some cases! Quentin looks at that adventure notebook and smiles. That thing is as much a part of the other teen as Quentin's sunglasses are typically a part of him. He doesn't seem to mind being ignored by Marcus. This is fascinating stuff, afterall.

Sydney scratches her head. It's squeaky when she does that. "You know, I don't know. We'll have to try it some time. I imagine it'd be like handling scotch tape, but… could be like supergluing your fingers together too." Syd grins. "I like you guys. You're fun. It's easy to get morose or broody sometimes… but you're fun."

Marcus is /juuuust/ about to volunteer the fact that he has some magnets handy, but … that might not be in his best interest at the moment. Since he was scribbling in his notebook, he totally didn't notice Sydney's blushing or Quentin's reaction to the blushing. Nope, he just makes more notes, turning the notebook sideways so he can fit more along the margin. If anybody would hazard a look at the notebook, it would be almost indecipherably full of writing and doodles and symbols. The kid's got … a lot going on. He looks up at Quentin when he mentions sharing his powers could mean the difference between life or death and blinks. He's just about to say something when his phone starts chirping and he sits up straighter. "Oh shoot! I was gonna drop my backpack off before dinner," he announces to everyone. Then, he grimaces and offers a smile at Sydney. "Do you guys wanna sit together at dinner?"

Quentin grins at Sydney. "I'll admit, I was a little morose and broody my first couple of weeks here, but now that I'm settling in, the homesickness is going away. Still hits me sometimes, but… I think I like it here. It's interesting. The classes are interesting. You all are interesting. I was in a regular school back in Aberystwyth. This is so much better." He pauses and tilts his head, then smiles again. "I like you both too," he says. He eats a little more apple, and then nods to Marcus' question. "Sure, if you want. My brother will probably join us. He usually sits wherever I am." He hadn't sat back down yet, so he doesn't have to hop up. "Speaking of, I'm going to go find him and remind him it's dinner time," he says with a laugh. "See you two there." He turns and trots off, still munching on apple, toward the courtyard.

Sydney says, "Sounds fun. I should go change for supper. I'm not actually supposed to leave the gym in this. I have an excuse there. If my shirt has sleeves when I lift, it won't by the time I'm done."

Sydney gets up, adjusts her shirt yet again, suddenly selfconscious of how much of her it shows off to our budding mad scientists. She laughs and heads for her dorm room.

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