(2020-11-22) Buddies at a Bargain
Buddies at a Bargain
Summary: Marcus bumps in to Cora at Finders Keepers
Date: IC Date 2020-11-22
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Finder's Keepers Shady Cove

Unlike huge bargain basements, what this location lacks in size it makes up for in quality of goods. Encompassing two storeys in one of the oldest buildings in town, patrons are easily able to find a variety of meticulously priced clothing and accessories on the ground level. Moving downstairs, one can find dishes, housewares, art pieces and a small assortment of vintage electronics. Washrooms and a receiving room for donations are accessible at the back of the building.

The store boasts variety and cleanliness, despite its close quarters. Thievery and vandalism are highly discouraged, due to rumors of the proprietor being a crackshot with a shotgun.

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and drizzling.

So, there's definitely a sign on the door that says "No Backpacks Allowed" and a space near the door where teenagers can actually leave their backpack while in the store. So this is the first stop Marcus has to make after opening the door and oogling, slack-jawed, at the knicknacks (and maybe some paddywhacks?) and … shall we say 'vintage' clothing available on the first floor. "Wowwwwww," he intones, frozen in the doorway and blocking the path for anyone else who may want to come in. Someone should probably nudge him to move ….

And it looks like Marcus isn't the only one from the school here. As a petite girl in a Prometheus uniform (Cora) is busy perusing some of the dresses over on one of the racks. She's pulling out what appears to be a rather goth styled almost LBD sort of number, holding it out and looking at it for the moment with her head slightly tilted to the side and her lips pursed rather thoughtfully.

Marcus is /not/ wearing his uniform, since it's not a school day. He's got on jeans and a gray hoodie, which is not currently up. There's a gentle *ahem* from the proprietor behind the front counter, which jolts Marcus out of his reverie. He smiles his all-American smile and waves at the adult, before shuffling to the side and dropping of his backpack diligently. Having noticed Cora's uniform, he makes his way over to the other side of the rack that she's currently looking at and waits for a few seconds. Then, he smiles and says, "Hey."
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Cora seems to have been lost in thought, or at least not paying any attention at all before she says. "Oh. Um, hi." She says then, rather shyly, putting the dress back and saying. "You go to the school too, right? Think I've seen you around at least." Her accent still a bit strange, European for sure, but definitely not an American one. And being a Junior, she probably was wearing the uniform on a weekend due to some of the required community service all Juniors and Seniors must do during the school year.

"Yup!" Marcus chirps, nodding. "Why are you still in uniform?" he asks, apparently either not aware of or not considering the requirement of the upper-classmen. Then, he looks around a little, before leaning in and lowering his voice. "You're not on a mission or something, are you?" It's obvious the thought makes him at least a little excited.

The girl shakes her head. "No. Just got done with a few hours community service over at the library. I was helping put books back on the shelves." Cora doesn't seem like she's terribly out of sorts from that! "Thought I'd stop here before curfew since it's open odd hours like tonight. See if there was something I liked."

"Oh," says a disappointed Marcus. Not nearly as exciting as he'd hoped. But, still …. "This place is pretty cool, huh?" he offers, looking around again. "There's gotta be some interesting stuff to check out."

Standing a bit under 5 foot tall, and showing just a little bit of lanky awkwardness as well. This girl has a heart shaped face with the somewhat marred complexion of a teenager, and a particularly pale complexion at that. A paleness contrasted heavily by the dark kohl eyeliner she has on. Her nose is a little small, while her lips have a bit of a pursed sulkiness to them by nature. Her face is framed by brown hair that falls to just past shoulder length, complete with bangs that fall almost far enough to hide her eyes too, complete with a cute yellow ribbon to help add a touch of color. Though it is currently braided back on each side to keep it under control. Between her pale complexion and how skinny she is, she gives off a very frail sort of impression.

Right now her slender form is covered by the school sweater vest. It's a bit loose on her right now, perhaps just a touch too big, though the sleeves seem the right length. Along with it is the blazer, complete with the yellow of Prometheus, complete with an equally yellow ribbon tied at her throat. With it, she wears the school skirt, pleated and falling to the proscribed length, nothing bold in how she's wearing it. Black stockings are worn on her equally slender legs, and finally on her feet she wears kitten heeled dress shoes to complete the outfit. All in all, a very basic application of the school uniform.

The exciting world of the upperclassmen! Really not so exciting after all. Until it is. "Yeah, they get some cute stuff sometimes. Fee and Kaylee took me here when they could so I could start getting some actual clothes that weren't my uniform. I've never stopped coming. It's cheap, and the stuff is in good shape. I always feel guilty about my guardian having to spend too much on me." Cora says, a bit sheepishly at that. "What brings you here?"
Cora just looked at you.

Marcus blinks. "Fee … and Kaylee?" he asks. "They go to Coral Springs, too?" Which reminds him. "Ohhhh yeah! Sorry, I'm Marcus, by the way." And with that, he moves around the clothes rack and holds his fist out, grinning again. "I forget to introduce myself, sometimes. My bad."

"Not anymore. Both alumni now, Kaylee was a Senior when I first got here, and Fee a Junior. So they're both gone now, well, from campus - Fee's still around a lot since she's from town here originally. And Kaylee's mom became my legal guardian, so, I still see her a lot too. Even if she's in college now. But they both were a huge part in making me feel welcome here." The girl explains. Before looking at the first and then fist bumping back. "Cora."

"Oh! … well … that's cool. So, she's like your sister, then?" Marcus asks, moving to lean on one of the other clothing racks. … and suddenly finding that it is not meant to bear weight as it starts to tip over. He reacts quickly enough, though, catching it and preventing it from toppling to the floor. His dignity, however, is probably in the dust.

Cora nods to that. "Yeah, pretty much now. Never had a sister before, but she became one." She agrees before she says. "Like, still a total opposite of me. She's all sunshine and light and such, and I'm… not. I struggle even being in bright light." Then whatever else she was about to say is cut off by a gasp and both hands covering her mouth. "Are you ok!?" She asks quickly.

Looking very much like a deer in the headlights, Marcus holds the rack for several seconds to make sure it doesn't fall. He then sets it back to its proper orientation and adjusts several of the clothes hanging there to make them look 'presentable' again. "Yeah! … yeah. I'm okay," he says, grimacing. Good thing he doesn't blush! "So … um … yeah!" He dusts himself off, now, and offers another wave and a sheepish duck of his head to the proprietor who's now eyeing him suspiciously. Darn kids! "Well, I hope she's a cool sis. I've got three younger siblings, myself. But, it's pro'ly a little different being the older brother than being the little sister." He then cants his head to the side. "Wait, you said she's in college? … like, regular college? She didn't graduate to be a superhero or something?"

Cora goes over to help straighten it up before looking over towards the proprietor and nodding along with what was said. "He's ok." Then she steps back and says. "Yeah, she really is. If she didn't have other powers I'd say her superpower was being super nice. And yeah, regular college. She plays basketball. Her powers aren't the sort that help with that, but she definitely still does things for good." Then she says. "I've sort of been the little sister, otherwise. But the two different familes are… night and day."

"… /huh/," Marcus says, as if her revelation was something he hadn't even considered before. He nods, though, approving. "Well, that's cool. She sounds like a cool person. … so … you're an upperclassmen, right? Do you think there are more people like her or not like her at the school? Cuz, so far? Most people seem pretty into themselves."

The small girl nods to that question. "Everyone's different." Cora says with a little shrug. "It's a hard school. Most people here can get into any college they want and do well. So a lot of the kids are really focused on their studies. And given how stressful it gets to do everything else sometimes, yeah… lots of keeping to themselves. Or their cliques." She doesn't seem like she cares much.

Marcus 'ahs' and nods. "I gotcha," he adds, though he probably really doesn't have any comprehension. Looking around again, Marcus is reminded why he came here. "So! You've been here for a while. I've been investigating and keeping track of all of the weird or mysterious things going on on the island, but I haven't even gotten started on the town yet. You got any leads for me?"
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"Not really. My last year and this semester have been blessedly quiet ever since the creepy doll girl the year before, or the Russian dude who was trying to take over the world or something." Cora sounds decidedly relieved at saying that too! Not to mention looks like she shivers a bit even saying it."

Creepy doll girl? This piques Marcus's interest. "Wait, creepy doll girl? Nobody's told me anything about that! Wanna fill me in? Oh, wait, should I grab my notebook? … I've got a notebook." Oh boy, does he ever.

Cora bites her lower lip. "She first struck about two years ago. A little girl, who did something like… well, controlling dolls that attacked town. She really, really hated fun and toys." She laughs nervously. "It'd be really funny how much it was like a bad christmas movie if she wasn't so frighteningly powerful. I think some of the upperclassmen finally stopped her, but yeah."

"… but … you're not /sure/," Marcus intones, wheels in his head turning. "… you know … do they keep a record? Of like, missions or stuff that the students have done? Is there like, an archive of super stuff or something? I never even thought to ask before."

"I never really followed up, and wasn't asked to go help. And I don't know, maybe they do, it was never something I much looked into." Cora says, biting her lower lip and seeming nervous for some reason. "Not everyone with powers is much use with things like that. Can be dangers to everyone we're with." She's shifting her weight back and forth and looks back at the dress rack and touches the same black one she was looking at earlier.

"… really? Like how? What can you do?" Marcus asks. And, he moves to go lean on the rack of clothes again, but he stops himself and grimaces, glancing back at the front counter. Nope, nothing to see this time! "I mean, I get that not everybody's gonna be out in front fighting bad guys. But, we can all contribute, can't we?"

"I mostly just… make ghost lights. I can give them form, and sometimes they'll do more. But it's inconsistent. At least for combat. It works far better just to entertain. If you saw the show in the forest a couple weeks back, that was all my power." She says, then ends up taking out the dress and holding it up in front of herself to look over towards a mirror.

"You should try it on," Marcus offers, when Cora holds the dress up against her. "I mean, if you're thinking about it. … do they let you try stuff on here?" And then she mentions the thing in the forest. "Oh! That was you?" he asks, surprised. "Yeah … I heard about it. But, I thought it was gonna be something different. I'm … well, parties aren't really my thing."

"I probably should." Cora says finally, taking a deep breath. "Kaylee's probably gonna think it's funny. She's all sunshine and rainbows. And me… like I said, I'm sort of the darkness." She pauses and adds, "Yeah, it was me. I'm not much for parties either. But it's fun to be up on stage like that, I can just… not worry about people. They're there to see things. I don't need to try and hold conversations and figure out how to fit in." She starts to go over towards the fitting room area and slips into it. "Be out in a few moments."

"Well, she doesn't have to wear it, then," Marcus offers, smiling. And then he tries to find someplace to sit and wait while she changes. "Yeah … people think I'm pretty weird, so I don't always fit in so great, either. But, I just don't worry about it. If folks don't like me, they don't like me. Not gonna stop me from having fun and finding out about all the mysteries!"

Cora is in the changing room for a little bit. Since, well, it takes a few moments to get off the darned uniform and keep it from being crumpled up. At least she doesn't have to take off her tights or anything. When she finally emerges it is now wearing the black dress, with long sleeves and hollow shoulders and a weird neckline almost like a keyhole and laced up. "Yeah, it fits pretty well. Shoulda had it for halloween, it's a bit witchy looking." She giggles softly, holding her hands out and turning from side to side to show it off a bit. "Honestly, here was the first place I ever even had friends, before here was… well, most of my life really sucked. But that's probably for another day."

Marcus gives some small applause at the turn, smiling and nodding. "Very Wednesday Addams," Marcus comments. "It suits you. Not that I know anything about fashion, but you don't look bad in black?" He shrugs, because he really doesn't know what he's talking about when it comes to looks. When Cora announces that she never had friends before, Marcus frowns a little, then smiles and shrugs his shoulders up. "Well, I'll be your friend. If!" Because it's a big if. "You're willing to help me on my adventures."

"Not the first time someone's compared me to her." Cora doesn't sound as if she is offended by it either. "OK, I'll get it." She goes back into the changing room to get her other stuff and fold it carefully before going to the register and paying. Not bothering with changing back - just slipping her sweater vest and blazer on over it, the blouse and ribbon are put into a bag. "Thanks." She says to the owner. "I need to get back to the school. Still have some homework due tomorrow." She says to Marcus then. "It was nice to meet you. And… if I can. I don't promise I'll be any good at helping with them. But we'll see." She looks like a deer in the headlights. "I gues sI gotta start being the cool upperclassman sometime."
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Marcus just grins as he follows Cora through her transaction. "Pft. Cool's overrated. Life's more fun when you're weird. Thanks for the info on the doll girl! And it was nice to meet you, too. I'll see you around!"

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