(2020-11-20) Mutual Healing
Mutual Healing
Summary: Besa and Quentin heal each other. Besa gets birded.
Date: IC Date (2020-11-20)
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Coral Springs Courtyard Coral Springs
Fri Nov 20 13:01:45, 2020 — Fri Nov 20 10:01:45 2020

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a fall day. The weather is freezing and overcast.

Besa - A 17 year old, lithe, 5' 5" tall Egyptian male with amazing hair and piercing dark eyes. A faint scent of dirt clings to him.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Rain - A young woman in her late teens. Pale complexion, light blonde hair and amazing grey eyes. impeccably dressed
Exits: [AB] Academic Building [AC] Admin Complex
[D] Coral Springs Dock [PA] Patio

[E] Metis/Prometheus Lobby [W] Ares/Athena Lobby

The weather is fair. But what does that really mean, when one thinks about it? Today, fair means light, fluffy clouds rolling by on a somewhat stiff breeze. Right now, there are clouds up there, which is good for Quentin. The cool is not quite so good, and he's wrapped up in a fairly warm looking fleece jacket. The hood of it is, at present, down, showing off the fire red hair that doesn't seem to like being tamed. It's always that fluffy nature of those that almost have curls, but not quite, seem to suffer from. He lifts a hand to run his fingers through it and glances up at the sky. Despite the sunglasses, it's obvious he's squinting a little bit. Quentin is presently stopped where he can see the ocean, and his face turns that way a moment later, taking in the view.

Besa comes walking down the courtyard, arm in arm with Rain. Both are dressed not in school uniforms. But Besa is dressed nice, no clay smudges today! His clothes are expensive, but he wears them like he's not aware of the cost. It's just clothes. His accent is thick as always, "After we go to the healers, The office has wished me to come speak on the trip to Japan." There's been talk of offering it as an extra credit mission. There may be demons to fight…maybe. He pats her hand, "Perhaps we will see Ashton, yes?" Trotting on B's other side is a chocolate lab wearing a service vest.

The pair strolling arm in arm and a study in opposites. He is dark where she is light. He looks to be in a pleasant mood, where she looks like she has no emotion at all. Little can be seen of what she is wearing. It is all covered by a camel hair knee length coat with faux fur trim on the collar and the boots she wears go at least to her knees. Her only accessory seems to be a canvas umbrella case that hangs on her back, the strap crossing her chest, marring the nice lines of her coat a straight, leather wrapped handle peeking from it. "Are you sure you want to involve the students in this?" she asks of him, her stoic tone matching her expression. Her arm lifts to check her watch "You may be able to catch him at lunch." her views of Ashton haven't changed, she is civil and cooly friendly, but only for Besa but wouldn't go out of her way to see the half-demon.

The first thing Quentin sees is not the people, but the dog. But he knows what the service vest is, so he doesn't approach. Only then are the people with the dog looked at. And he actually takes a step back away from them. He appears to be wearing a school uniform under the jacket. Over the next few minutes, with the wind blowing the clouds on through, they all blow away, leaving the sky empty until the next set of clouds on the horizon reaches them. Quentin sighs quietly and pulls up his hood. He pulls what looks like one of those folded up sets of tent poles from his pocket, but they're a touch thicker, and white with a small ball on one end and an obvious handle with a strap on the other. He flicks it out and it settles into a long pole looking thing. "Heulwen ddwl," he mutters.
You paged Besa with 'Translation: Stupid sunshine.'

Besa sigh, eyes flickering to the monument, "The teachers approached me, and….I would feel better having people I know with." He then smiles softly, "I do not know that Sky will come. And some of the students are already involved, yes?" Ah yes, lunch. Beyond perfect hair bouncs as he nods, "I miss Miss Annalee's meals." Cocoa does her job well and stays near Besa. The ancient teen's gaze lifts when he hears the curse. Rain's seen that look before, where his eyes got that last look briefly and he'll call back something in Welsh. Rain may pick up the word Amun-Ra.
Besa pages: "Translation: It is not wise to curse Amun-Ra."

"I'm not sure that Ashton qualifies as some." that's the only current student Rain remembers being involved in this demon situation. "Are you letting the school pick the students from the volunteers or will we be picking them out." the mention of her twin has her frowning briefly "Despite our connection sometimes I don't even know what he is going to do." since they are no longer attending the same school the twins aren't in each other's pockets as much. The space has probably done Rain more good than Sky. The student in the near distance goes unnoticed until Besa calls out to him in a foreign language. "Someone you met on your previous visits?" the young man in the uniform gets a studied look from her.

Quentin has no idea what he's listening to. The words themselves all make sense, but there's no context there. He aims the cane out on front of him and turns to start in the general direction the other pair seem to be going. Only to stop, expression going astonished, as Besa speaks in Welsh back at him. Well. An antiquated dialect, but still Welsh! After a few moments the astonishment settles enough that he replies. "Nid wyf yn gwybod pwy yw'r Amun-Ra hwn. Sut wnes i felltithio … uh … ef neu hi?" Clearly, he's not familiar with Egyptian deities! He starts forward again, keeping the cane out in front of him. He doesn't want to walk into anything or anyone today!
You paged Besa with 'Translation: I don't know who this Amun-Ra is. How did I curse… uh… him or her?'

Besa knows Rain's resistance to Ash, so he let's the comment slide, "I have friends, Rain. They wish to help me." There's a nod, bouncing hair, "That is part of what we will be discussing." A soft elbow to Rain's side, "I think he prefers college parties to fighting demons and getting sarcophicus pieces." The former Promethian quietly tells Rain, "No…at the coffee shop." The cane is new, Besa's eyebrow lift and he switches back to English for Rain's sake, "Amun-Ra is the Sun god. It is not wise to call him stupid." Besa's smile softly, and that can be heard in his voice.

There is a look at both Besa and Quentin as the both continue to speak in a language she doesn't know "Is this where I should say something in Italian to make the conversation truly international?" is she sarcastic, is she serious, it's hard to tell as her tone is pretty deadpan and she has very little to no accent. The coffee shop answer has her nodding to Besa, though she actually has an expression, a wince at calling a deity stupid "Never insult a deity, even old ones. Just because you don't believe in them, doesn't mean they don't believe in you."

Quentin gets to the stuff at the center, and the cane runs into the different terrain and other assorted things there. He stops, and moves the cane until it's back on the cobblestones. Only then does he move forward again. The cane is new, in that it isn't seen very often. Or, wasn't, when the sky was remaining overcast for the first week he was here. He tilts his head a little bit at the explanation. "Ah. I did not know," he says in very Welsh accented English, swapping over as Besa had. "I am not calling him stupid, so much as the effect of the clouds going away. I can't see when it's this bright." Really, it's not all that bright, just the normal brightness for this time of year when there are no clouds blocking the sunshine. How's he going to cope when summer hits?? His head tilts toward the pair of them. "I didn't realize I was insulting a deity," he says. "Or I wouldn't have. My pardon."

Besa leans into Rain slightly, "Espeically old one." B smiles again, "Hopefully Amun-Ra finds your offence too minor to notice." A slight head bow, Besa seems to be leaning more into his religion lately. "It can be very bright at times." His head tilts and Rain knows that look, "Is this…sun blindness something you were born with, or an injuiry?"

"It's not us you should be asking pardons of." Rain tells him in a droll tone of voice. A glance at Besa, yes she knows that look all to well, but this is Besa so she isn't surprised that he is asking or that his mind has went that direction "You must be new to the school this year." being a student last year she would of remembered him, mostly because of her brother "Prometheus is a good choice, but I would of suggested Athena." of course she would have!

Quentin smiles shyly. "Yeah, never good to insult gods. Any of them." The Welsh have plenty of their own gods. Pissing them off is never a good idea! With the use of his cane to guide him, Quentin eventually reaches the pair. He uses the sounds of their voices to gague how close he's getting, and stops when he's probably ten feet away. He's not sure. He can't really see them. "I was born with it. Any bright light gets me. I'm not used to full on sunshine. Where I'm from, it's overcast far more than it's not. It.. I can't see colors, so the brighter the light, the more the darker shades of grey and black are washed out until I can't tell what's empty space, and what isn't." He pauses and hesitates for a moment. "Are your… fingers okay?" Wait. What? Quentin tilts his head toward Rain, and nods. "I am, yes. My name is Quentin. Why Athena?" He sounds curious.

Besa chews his lower lip, considering, "I can heal you….it may not last, as you were born with it, but….my healings may help? If you would like." Rain's prefeereance for Athena gets a soft eye roll, "You are not supposed to say that, Rain. All the Teams are important." Are they though? A head tilt, Besa glances down at his hands, "They are…fine? Thank you?" Rain gets another look, is this a new slang thing he doesn't understand.

Listening to the explanation that Quentin gives has her chewing her lip a moment "Is this blindness to compensate for the abilities that brought you here?" she asks of him. She even sounds curious about it. The question of fingers has Rain looking down at Besa's. She is just as confused by the question as he is and gives a shrug. No idea what that's about. "Why not Besa?" she asks of him "When we were students didn't we try to encourage the unaffiliated to join our teams?" she remembers a lot of those conversations.

Quentin's brow furrows with that news. Thought? Hope? "I…" He takes a breath. "I won't say no, but you should be aware, I'm also a healer, and if you're touching me and something is amiss, I don't always have full control over it." Well. At least he's honest. The wind hasn't stopped blowing, and clouds are starting to blow overhead again. Quentin's squinting eases as that happens. He reaches up a hand to rub his forehead briefly. "Maybe your healing will get rid of this gods awful headache," he says thoughtfully. He glances down to Besa's fingers, and his brow furrows. "I could have sworn they'd gotten cut off.." He shakes his head. Quentin shakes his head to Rain. "No, I don't think so? It's something I was born with. Part of what makes me color blind." He stills for a moment, and then shakes his head. "I'm not unaffiliated. I'm Prometheus." He lifts the bottom of the jacket to reveal the bright yellow piping on his uniform shirt.

Besa lifts one of those fingers and shakes it at Rain, 'Yes, but now we are alumni and must be encouraging of all the teams, yes?" There's the tiniest upturn of his mouth though, "Besides, he is a guardian. that is good." Ah ha! The real reason! He turns back to Quentin, listening, "What does your heal take from you? Is it something you do not wish to give?" The healer nods more, hair flopping, his smile can be heard in his voice though, "It should. My healings can be powerful….but perhaps stop invoking h gods will help as well?" Cut off? B looks down again at his hand and wiggles his fingers, 'No, not in this life." He starts to move closer, unbuttoning his jacket. "My healing is old….are you squimish?"

"You don't think so?" Rain echoes back "With you being a healer, I don't think the two would be connected either. But powers are strange with the connections they make." she knows that better than most. "Yes, the golden yellow tie gave your team away." that's what it is for " Amusement doesn't come easily to the teen girl, but she has learned to fake it over the years and she fakes a smile "You only say that because you were Prometheus." she will call him out. That's what siblings do. She then reaches out to help Besa remove his jacket and will drape it over an arm neatly.

Quentin seems amused at the banter back and forth between the two older alumni. He doesn't answer the first question of him, but shakes his head to the second. "I don't mind giving. And it depends on the person. If the person is conscious and cooperates, it leaves me feeling better, full of energy and life, afterward. If the person is unconscious or fights the healing, it depends on how severe it is, but it drains me. If it's bad enough, it's like my body goes into shock." He lifts a shoulder, not really seeming to mind. It simply is what it is. He follows the look to Besa's fingers and nods. "Must have been a dream. I have them, sometimes." Quentin shrugs a little bit, then grins at the question. "Nah, man. I'm a bird. I eat raw fish. Definitely not squeamish. Except on the occasion I suck one down whole and it's still alive. That's… squirmy." He looks thoughtfully at Rain, then shrugs a little bit. "I dunno. Maybe? I suppose they could be connected. Except bright light doesn't stop me healing. It just makes it so I can't see." Quentin looks between the two alumni again. He settles on Rain. "You never did say why you think Athena is the better choice," he points out with a smile of his own. His? Not faked. He is amused.

Besa and Rain look nothing like siblings, but they certainly act like it! The Egyptian teen nods, "that sounds…nice." Quentin's healing. A head tilts, Q's a bird….okay. After rolling up the sleeve of his left arm, B reaches into his pocket, B pulls out a rather old looking Ivory dagger. It's small, but looks very sharp. His forearm has many,, many scars, all apprently self inflicted. Some new, some older. "The healing is in my blood. It must touch your skin. Are you well with that?" The ivory dagger twirls in his hand briefly.

From further out on the grounds is where Kentucky is making is way. The patio, or most likely somewhere further beyond. He's without his blazer, but is otherwise in his school uniform. His dark hair is caught up at the nape of his neck, braided, though it's no longer as neat as it was this morning. There are frayed bits that have escaped, and while some of them have settled to frame his face, most of them just get tussled all around when the wind blows. One of his hands is tucked into a pocket of his uniform pants, and the other rests at his side. As seems to be common for him, there's a hunched sort of withdrawnness in the set of his shoulders, and his gaze is downcast. He's not paying close attention, and there's a slight furrow to his brow.

"It is something to think about and maybe experiment with later." Rain says to Quentin as she takes a step back to give Besa and Quentin space to do the healing. Reaching into her coat pocket she removes a bandaid. Carrying bandaids becomes a habit if you hang around Besa long enough. And it has been a few years for them, since right before freshman year! "I doubt my reason would make you run to the office and switch teams." she tells him. He will have to be satisfied with that.

Quentin doesn't miss that head tilt. He smiles. "Yeah. I'm a bird. Osprey. Hense the fish," he says with a quiet laugh. Then, a shrug and Quentin sobers. "It can be nice. Or I can wind up unconscious to the point that I wake up some time later on oxygen." He watches curious as the sleeve is rolled up, and he blinks. And blinks again. "Ah. Now I know what the cuts were, that day in the coffee shop." He nods at the explanation. "I'm well with that," he agrees. Motion seen out of the corner of his eye catches his attention, and his head turns toward Kentucky's form. He tilts his head. "Kentucky," he says, the single word sharp enough to catch attention, hopefully. He glances back to Rain. "Maybe not, but it would still be interesting to hear, if you wish to speak it." He'll be satisfied if she doesn't wish.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Good Success.
Besa makes a thoughtful look, does being a bird change the healing? no, not really. Once permission is given, Besa brings the ivory dagger to his skin. He lets the blade bit into his dark skin several inches. He doesn't know how much this healing will take as it's the first time. Blood immediatly pools and he reaches for Quen's hand to press into the wound. It's warm, as it should be, but the warmth seems to spread up Quen's arm, around his body and settles in his head where it starts to repair his eyes and headache. Besa's eyes are closed as he whispers prayers to his gods.

As the cut is made Rain also gets an alcohol swab from her pocket. She is like a girl scout, always prepared. Unlike the teen she accompanies she is aloof and doesn't give any further explanation as to why Athena. She has seen this healing many times, done it herself a few times as well. Those are some stories! Once the healing is done and Quentin's hand is removed she will proceed to patch the new cut up with the bandaid and had Besa his jacket back. "We should have lunch while we are here." she suggest "Ms. Annaleise's cooking was excellent." and this is coming from a person who was raised with a 5 star chef cooking for her family "I am going to see what is offered today." she then heads off in the direction of the patio, choosing to use that entrance instead of the other one.

The sound of his name being called, especially in a voice as familiar as Quentin's, is enough to pull his attention out of wherever it was buried. The furrow of his brow unknits, his features clearing, and it takes him a moment to focus and then look in the direction the voice had come from. Wind messes with the sources of sounds. A smile comes to his features, and he lifts a hand to offer a wave before his steps turn to start in the direction of the group. He sometimes gets easily absorbed into his thoughts. It's a thing that happens. Once he's drawn closer, he tilts his head a little to one side, noticing the… something… going on between Quentin and Besa. He isn't sure what, but… he doesn't interfere. "Hey, Quen," he says softly, trying to be unobtrusive about it so as to not be interrupting.

<FS3> Quentin rolls Healing: Great Success.
Being a bird has never changed Quentin's abilities with healing, so probably won't change any sort of healing. Quentin watches what Besa does with that ivory dagger, fascinated. As his hand is pressed into the wound, Quentin gasps at all the information coming at him along with the healing, his eyes closing to better concentrate on what he's 'seeing'. The headache leaving is a very great relief, and he hasn't noticed anything to do with his eyes just yet, except that they don't hurt. He's concentrating too much on Besa. He doesn't respond, just yet, to Kentucky joining them. He can't, until the healing lets him go or the contact is broken. For, as he'd warned, instinct grabs hold of him and starts healing what little is there to be healed. And all that would seem to be is some of the more recent scars start to heal and fade out. And, of course, the current cut. Oddly, that one heals last. The blood, however, doesn't go anywhere. What's been bled already remains on Besa's arm and Quentin's hand.

Besa's dark eyes fly wide open, he's not used to healing not hurting afterwards. He's got to be old enough to graduate, but he looks young enough to still be in school. A soft word in an ancient language before he swallows and pulls away, his arm looked at by both Rain and himself before she leaves. A tissue is pulled from his jacket that eh gets from her before she leaves and he offers it to Quentin, "That was….thank you." He seems shaken, but not nessicarily in a bad way. A warble in his voice, "How is your head?"

Kentucky is very quiet after that initial greeting was offered. He looks Quentin over during the process of whatever's happening between him and Besa, and he looks over Besa as well. Each with equal scrutiny. One of his eyebrows quirks up a touch as he notices certain things but says nothing about anything. Because, manners. His other hand tucks into the pocket of his uniform pants, and he tilts his head faintly to one side as he looks to Quentin, awaiting the answer that Besa had asked for.

Quentin isn't used to being healed. Nobody's ever healed him before. His type of healing, and that his Da can do, can't really heal things that are not injuries. When the contact is broken, Quentin takes in another sharp breath. His skin isn't quite as pale as it had been before, a healthier flush to it. Not that he'd precisely been pale, before, just… he /looks/ healthier. More energetic. And he bounces on his toes. "I think I could fly to the moon and back," he says. "My head feels great. The headache is entire..ly… gone…" His voice gets smaller and slower and the words trail to a stop. He slowly takes his sunglasses off, his hand trembling visibly. He looks at Besa. Then at Kentucky. Then at the green, just as the clouds clear off again, sending sunshine down to light the green of the grass. "Holy shite," he breathes at whatever it is he's seeing. He focuses again, and blinks, hazel eyes with a distinct reddish cast to them in the sunshine. Contacts? Or normal? He accepts the tissue and wipes the blood off. True to his word, not squicked out by it at all. Then again, anybody who eats live fish… "You're welcome. And thank you too," he says. He steps closer to look over Besa's arm. "That, my friend, is how a healing that goes well is supposed to work. Both of us feeling better than when we started." He bounces on his toes. Then realizes Kentucky is like /right/ /there/! "Hey Ky. You okay? You looked a little depressed when I first saw you." Okay, he might be a liiiiittle bit hyper now!

Besa flexes his hand a few times, Rain will be pleased, less scars! He smiles softly up at the other teen, nodding, "That was…." He trails off, the other is swearing and looking at…something. Besa turns to try and see what it is, "Did it work, yes?" He hopes so. Ken is offered a soft smile and a tiny hand wave. Besa is not hyper it seems.

The quirked eyebrow seems to nudge up just a touch as he continues to watch Quentin. And there's a hint of a smile to come to the corners of his lips at the pronouncement, when it comes, and then he gives a small nod. "I'm glad it is," he says, a warm note to his voice. That Quentin is headache free is very good news! "Maybe not the moon, though. Breathing is good," he adds, a bit of amusement creeping into the words. Then his head tilts in the opposite direction. "What are you seeing, Quen?" he asks, curious. Then he glances to Besa, studying him for a moment and withdrawing a hand to offer a little wave. "Hey, Besa… I think? I'm sorry… names are sometimes not easy to remember," he says softly, a bit sheepishly. His attention turns back to Quentin, watching him, and then he gives a nod. "No, not depressed… I don't think… just… thinking. I've been trying to think of non-violent ways to use what I can do," he admits in a quiet voice, lifting one of his shoulders in a small shrug. Things that don't involve burning things to ash.

<FS3> Quentin rolls Shapeshifting: Good Success.
Quentin nods. "It worked, yes," replies Quentin to both of them. "I'm seeing color. I don't know what to call the color, but it worked! Woo!" So excited is he, that Quentin forgets to introduce Besa and Kentucky. At least they've already met once! And then his form is blurring and changing, with the accompanying sounds of a body changing shape. His clothing seems to disappear, replaced with feathers when he can be seen clearly again. The plastic cane clatters to the cobblestones. And an osprey sits there, wings spreading as he takes flight. Birds tend to be fairly high energy creatures anyway. Maybe that's why Quentin usually seems at least a little on the hyper side. He flies out and around the center grass thing, form long and slender and around twenty or so inches long. Highly maneuverable, with the shape of his body and wings, and he flies a figure eight around the two boys before swinging around in a larger circle. He flies back around and comes to a somewhat clumsy landing on Besa's shoulder. He's pretty okay with the flight, not so great with the landings! Poor Besa is gonna get buffeted with a thirty inch wing!

This is a large hawk, smaller than a bald eagle but larger than a red tailed hawk. An osprey. His length is roughly twenty-two inches, and his wingspan appears to be about sixty-six inches. His body is long and slender, his wings narrow and with a bend in them, giving him an 'm' shape when his wings are extended. His legs are long. His underside and shoulders are creamy white. His back and the tops of his wings, as well as the top and sides of his head and neck are reddish brown. His breast feathers have reddish brown speckles. His eyes are hazel gold and large.

Besa will take the offered hand, "Hello, yes. I am Besa Ini-Herit. I am sorry, I do not recall your name either." A sheepish smile is returned. His hand is warm and dry, most likely from all the clay he works with. His smile grows warmer when Q annouces it worked, "Praise be, wonderful!" He likes helping people! But then….bird! The ancient teen stops talking and just watches Q fly with some wonder. That is until he's used as a landing pad….poorly. "Oh!" and then a few choice words in ancient copic as his hands comes up to protect his face and eyes from the feathers.

Kentucky gives a surprised sort of grunt of sound that's a bit quiet, his eyebrows both going up from the emotion. "That's awesome, Quen!" he exclaims, happy for his brother. He finds it hard to fathom, hard to imagine! What must it be like to go from seeing things in shades of white and grey and black to being able to see the proper colours? "If you're looking at the grass, then… green," he offers in a helpful sort of manner. There are so many shades of all of the colours! "Oh! I can show you the different shades in the pencil crayon set that I have," he says, the idea seeming to strike him out of the blue. He draws, sometimes. He moves a bit, to give the shifting Quentin more space, and he can't help but to watch as the osprey heads off in apparently energetic flight. There's a bit of colour that comes to his cheeks, and he shakes Besa's hand. "Kentucky Kendrick," he says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "It's all right. I think we only met once before… at the coffee shop…? I think," he says, a thoughtful note to his voice. And he can't help but to give a little giggle at the osprey's slightly less than graceful landing.

Oooh. It's not the feathers that will cause damage. Those are actually pretty soft feeling. It's the bones on the leading edge of the wings. Quentin is, at least, at an angle that nothing /but/ the tips of his primaries get Besa, and nothing but the back of Besa's head. Bonus of landing facing /forward/. No wing bones to the face. Those hurt in a bird this size! The wings are still spread, mantled a little bit, as Quentin finds his balance. He, of course, doesn't understand the few choice words. If they'd been in Welsh…. Finally, he finds his balance and the wings fold. As though in apology for the poor landing, the osprey attempts to rub his feathery cheek against Besa's. Just the once, though. Then he turns reproachful eyes on Kentucky for giggling at him. But only reproachful for a moment. The sparkle of amusement can be seen in them. The eyes that would normally be yellow appear almost orange, in this bird. Something to do with his contacts, maybe?

Besa repeats Kentucky's name, to make sure he has it right. Anything else he was going to say is swallowed up by bird. He tries to hold still, although he's tense. There's a huge bird on hsi shoulder. The Egyptian blinks, unsure what to do. He looks a lttel funny, froze with uncertainty. "T-That is quite impressive, Quentin."

<OOC> Quentin says, "Size comaprison. https://live.staticflickr.com/8295/7743112888_a568767ebe_b.jpg"

Softly, Kentucky clears his throat and sort of shifty eyes a little bit. Nope. Totally wasn't giggling at his brother. Nope! Except that there are dimples showing, and Quentin heard him, besides. "I kind of wish I had a bottle of orange juice to be able to show you that," he says, a thoughtful tone in his voice. He gives a nod to Besa, at the repeated name. Then he gives a nod, agreeing. "Mmhmm, it is pretty impressive. You're fine, really," he says, attempting to be reassuring. Quentin is a fair size raptor, but… hopefully the reassurance helps.

Quentin isn't huge, huge. He /is/ close to two feet long, tip of beak to tip of tail feathers, but he doesn't weigh as much as one would think. He doesn't weigh half what a good sized cat his length would weigh. Though Besa /would/ be feeling the sheer grip strength in those taloned toes, there's no feeling of talons piercing clothing or flesh. The bird's feet are half the size of Besa's hands, something easily seen from this close up. Just think of him as having a cat on your shoulder. Except his feet and talons are a lot bigger than any cat his size would have! And then there's the beak. It's big enough it looks like it could do some serious damage. But he's not /really/ a bird, right? There's a human mind behind those almost cold seeming avian eyes. Except they sparkle with amusement and glimmer with intelligence. And a warmth that is missing from the eyes of most raptors.

Besa's a small guy, so yeah…..Q is dwarfing him. Dark eyes study the bird closely, "I have a friend who has wings. He took me flying once. It was amazing." He glances at Kentucky, "The colored pencils is a good idea. Perhaps see if the science room has a prism?"

"The set of coloured pencils that I have is something around a hundred and fifty different shades. Describing colours isn't easy," Kentucky says, ducking his chin a little bit. He lifts one of his hands, brushing a bit of hair from his face and tucking it behind one of his ears. He takes a moment to look over the osprey that his brother has become, and there's a smile that comes to his features. "Quentin's the only one that I know that can fly. I could make platforms, maybe, and might be able to walk on them. I've never tried before," he muses, a thoughtful tone to his voice. There are a lot of things that hd hasn't tried with his powers.

<FS3> Quentin rolls Shapeshifting: Good Success.
Quentin is at least having an easier time perching on Besa's shoulder than a cat his size would. Having two feet instead of four really helps with that! There is one more feathery cheek to Besa's cheek, perhaps in thanks for being a good sport. Then Quentin falls off. At least, that's what it seems like to start with. He simply steps off and plumets toward the ground. Then his wings snap open, flap once, flare out, and he comes to a much more graceful landing on the cobblestones next to his cane. There's a long moment of blurring, stretching shape, and the popping of bones and tendons as things stretch and rearrange themselves… then Quentin is standing there as a human again. "I think maybe just basic shades," he says. He looks around, and up at the sky. His sunglasses are still perched in his fluffy red hair atop his head. "It's so pretty, but more than basics is just going to confuse me. Especially if this is temporary as Besa had said it was likely to be." He turns to the Egyptian and studies him for a moment. Then he's rushing over and throwing his arms around the shorter young man. "Thank you," he says. "Thank you so much. I haven't ever seen colors before. It's always been shades of grey." That, clearly, is the more important bit than the headache being gone! "I would take you flying, but my flight shape is a bit small. Maybe, someday, if I learn how to sprout just wings in this shape…" Hey, anything is possible, right? He pulls back and looks at Kentucky, brow furrowing. "Platforms? Of fire? I think that would be.. painful for whoever tried to walk on it if they weren't fireproof."

Besa nods, thinking that teh set of colored pencils sounds perfect. His head tilts, "Platforms?" He's not following what Ken is talking about. The ancient teen gasps, moving to try and catch the falling bird, but then it's falling and he tkes a step back. A nod, "Start with the basics, btu do not deprive yourself of seeing them all." Og look, he's being bum rushed. Besa tenses, "Oh! Ah….yes, you are very welcome." Fire? What?

<FS3> Kentucky rolls Pyrokinesis: Success.
It's more intriguing than disturbing, to watch Quentin shift his shape from one to the other or back again. "Well… basic shades isn't a bad thing. I mean… it still gives you an idea for the colours, even if it is only temporary. There are a lot of different shades within a colour, ranging from the pale to the darkest, but… just seeing the colour itself must be quite something," he says, a thoughtful tone to his voice as he tries to imagine it for himself. Then one of his eyebrows quirks up, and he gives a small nod. "Mmhmm. Platforms of fire. I mean… theoretically, it might work. I don't know. I haven't tried before. And… well… yes. There is that, too. The only way that someone would be able to go with me onto them is if I carried them. The flames won't… shouldn't… hurt me," Kentucky says, a thoughtful tone to his voice. He tilts his head a touch to one side, then gives a nod to Besa. "Yes. Platforms. Discs, maybe? Like this, sort of," he says, trying to explain. And since he wasn't really doing well in explaining, he goes for demonstrating, lifting his right hand free of his pants pocket before making a slight gesture and making a slightly larger than dinner plate sized swirling disc of fire that's about an inch thick, hovering in the air around waist height. He creates it closer to himself than to the other two, though, mindful that their familiarity with fire isn't the same as his.

At least the hug was short lived. Quentin nods to the advice. "Right. Don't deprive, but start with the basics. I think I can live with that." He hopes! He might not have even noticed the attempt to catch him when he fell/flew down to the ground. That was simply the easiest way to leave Besa without risking a wing slap to the face. At the thought of walking on, or being carried on, platforms of fire, Quentin shivers. "Only if I'm in osprey shape at the time so if something happens I can fly up. I would suggest trying it yourself first. 'cause… Ouch if they burn you. I'll stay down here, I think. That way if you get singed, I can heal you."

Besa ohs! A small step backwards, but there's not any fear on his face. That perfect hair bounces as he nods, "Like, stairs, yes? That float." He's mostly got it! He smiles softly, steping back to hsi orignial space. "That will be good in winter, yes?" He chuckles and gives a nod, 'I should go find my sister before heading to medical." Both boys gets a smile, "It was good to see you. I hope you have a happy day."

<FS3> Kentucky rolls Fire Immunity: Success.
"It's… well. It's kind of like everything else I do with fire. Sometimes it's there and it works well, and sometimes it's not," Kentucky says, a small smile touching his features. He doesn't mention that sometimes it kind of goes super nova and explodes. Nope. Not planting that image in Quentin's head. Or Besa's. But it's a thing. It happens sometimes. "Yes. That would be a way of doing it, Quen. But better that you stay on the ground, this time, anyways," he adds, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks. He looks to Besa, and then gives a nod. "Similar to that, yes. And… yes and no? It depends on how cold it is. Colder is worse," he explains, lifting one of his shoulders in a bit of a shrug. "It was good to see you as well, and a good day to you too," he says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He shifts the disc, lower, then glances to Quentin for a moment before taking a moment to remove both his shoes and socks and step up onto the platform.

The only reason Quentin hadn't stepped back is he's somewhat used to Kentucky conjuring fire out of thin air. He grins at Besa. "Kinda makes me glad I got him as a room mate. Power goes out, I have my own heater." He winks at Kentucky. It's true, but at the same time amusing. He perks right up at the mention of medical. "Medical? I've been working in there quite a bit. Anything I can help with?" He smiles back. "It was good to see you again too. And… try not to get your fingers cut off, yeah? 'cause if that happens, you're gonna kick me out of an elevator into space shortly after, and I didn't care much for that part." He shivers and shakes his head. That must have been some vivid dream! Not plenting the image of a super nova in Quentin's head is probably a very, very good idea for Kentucky. Best to avoid that one! He nods. "Ky has a hard time getting fire to appear when it's cold. We tested it by roasting marshmallows one evening. Which remains me, I got the stuff for s'mores last weekend. Totally forgot about it until just now." To Besa he lifts a hand and waves. "Later. Have a good day."

There's a quirk of a grin as Kentucky looks to Quentin, and he gives a nod. "Mmhmm. Or if the heating in the room isn't enough, then you can have me make the room warmer. Course, that wouldn't need fire to do, at least," he comments, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks. One of his eyebrows quirks up at the mention of fingers being cut off and a space elevator. "Umm… I think that needs more words to go along with the mention of," he comments, a bit confusedly. "The farther below freezing it is, the worse it is," he explains, lifting one of his shoulders in a bit of a shrug. It's something that he's grown used to. "Ooh. Maybe we can do s'mores later tonight. Or tomorrow, since that's Saturday," he offers. He stays for a moment up on the disc of fire, and he wiggles his toes. "Apparently this time, I'm okay," he adds, quirking a bit of a grin.

"Right. You've done that for me a couple of times already." Quentin watches the older teen make his way off, then turns his attention back to Kentucky. He tilts his head. "Hm? Oh. My dream? Yeah, I suppose. I had a dream. Besa," he nods toward the departed Egyptian teen, then looks back to Kentucky, "Was doing something with a party. It's pretty vague, now. Anyway, something happened and someone attacks the party. Besa's fingers wind up cut off. I grab them and follow him onto an elevator. I heal them back into place, and then the elevator opens and he kicks me off and into space. It was… scary and intense and odd." He nods agreement about he s'mores. "That sounds fun." He watches the other teen on the disk, and relaxes only when Kentucky says he's okay. "You sure? No burns?" Quentin steps closer. Close enough he can reach out with his fingers and touch the other teen's hand, but far enough back he's not getting singed by the disk. He wants to see for himself that his brother is okay.

"Mmhmm, I have. It can be cold at nights, sometimes," Kentucky says, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "That's… a strange dream. I don't think I like it much," he comments, his brow furrowing a little bit. He lifts a hand, brushing his hair back from his face, tucking it behind one of his ears. "Mmhmm! The s'mores should be fun. So long as the fire agrees, but I can always try again if it fails," he says, a thoughtful tone to his voice. He's quiet briefly, and then he gives a nod, quirking a bit of a grin. "Mmhmm! I'm fine, promise!" he says lightly. And he moves to step off of the disc and back to the ground, reaching out to take Quentin's hand after he does. He doesn't want for Quentin to have to come too close to the fiery disc since they can sometimes be a bit unpredictable. And there will be no signs of any burns or pain or injury at all within him. He makes a slight gesture, and the floating disc of flame vanishes.

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