(2020-11-18) The Lights Are Dim Enough
The Lights are Dim Enough
Summary: Quentin finds the game room, and discovers he doesn't need his sunglasses. Yay!
Date: IC Date (2020-11-18)
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Game Room Coral Springs
Wed Nov 18 11:46:07, 2020 — Wed Nov 18 08:46:07 2020

This large open area is a game room. A variety of both retro and modern arcade games fill the area. The lighting is subdued so that lights from the various games make the most impact and so there isn't any glare on the screens. The center of the floor is translucent glass. Thick and frosty so no details can be seen in the study area below. Amoung the electric games are also a few non-tech ones. Two pool tables, a foosball table and air hockey. Curved stairs lead down.

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and fair.

Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Keyson - A delicate 14 year old hispanic girl with long dark hair. She always has a necklace with a key on it around her neck.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Reese - A short teen, probably half-Asian. Always wearing a slouchy beanie pulled low to cover all the hair.
Exits: [DN] Student Building

Since Quentin doesn't skip classes, or at least hasn't thus far, it's early evening after classes have been let out for the day. Despite the weather outside being warm and fair, Quentin is not taking advantage of that fact. Nope. Nosirree. Warm and fair means no clouds or minimal clouds which means lots of sunlight which means ouch. So he's finding other things to do today. And yesterday, he'd noticed the stairs and the semi translucent glass up above. This is his first time up here, and he comes up the stairs at a sedate pace, looking around curiously. "Wicked," he breathes, and takes a moment to take his sunglasses off. The lighting here is dim enough he can get by with just his contacts, which is quite helpful. He tucks one arm of his sunglasses into the front of his shirt and then wanders about, having a look at the various games on offer here.

Keyson bounds up the stairs, listening to soemtig on her phone and dancing around to it. Not that the tint teen isn't aware of what's going on.In her arms is a zip lock bag of what appears to be home made cookies. She's true to her word, it seems. She made cookies yesterday! The undeclaired student has a hoodie on over her uniform that's pale blue and has what appears to be a potatoe on it with a heart. A love potatoe? She heads towards the video games, humming as she spins.

Keyson has a pink cast on her right forearm.

No class, no uniform. Instead Reese wears a pair of baggy jeans and an oversize fashionably patchwork button up, that on their short stature nearly hangs to the knees. Instead of a black slouchy beanie on their head it is a bright purple slouchy beanie, pulled down so far that it rests right at the eyebrows and the back rests on the shirt collar. They sit on the edge of the pool table, legs swinging, bag of what is probably some kind of chip, in one hand, and a capped half-full bottle of soda sits beside them. At the moment they just seem to be snacking on the bright orange-red snack as they watch other students entertain themselves playing the video games. When they notice the arrival of Quentin they hop off the pool table and head over "Hi Quentin!" they grin broadly "No sunglasses? Dark enough in here than?"

Love potion number … spud? Quentin pauses in his exploration of the game room when he sees Keyson enter. He lifts a hand to wave, but doesn't greet as she's clearly listening to music and likely won't hear him. Without his sunglasses, his eyes appear hazel with a hint of a red tint to them. It's an interesting color and not one that is normally seen. For a change, Quentin isn't wearing his uniform either. A pair of comfortable looking faded grey jeans, a grey long sleeved pullover shirt, and a pair of truly eye blinding neon green sneakers. He takes no appreciative notice of the change in color of Reese's beanie, but waves to them anyway. "Hey Reese, how are ya?" Then he nods. "Yeah, it's dark enough in here. It's almost as dark as the room Kentucky and I share. I swapped out the bulbs so I don't have to wear sunglasses or contacts all the time." He considers the games. "Even the games aren't so bright they hurt my eyes. I think I might wind up spending quite a bit of time up here."

Keyson's aware and hears voices, she grins spinning and heading towards the otehr studnets, "I have cookies!" She opens the bag and holds it out expetantly. "I made them yesterday." They appear to be chocolate chip.

In the world Reese lives in, one steeped in the supernatural, red tinged eyes is one of the lesser traits that they have seen, even if they don't see it in non-possessed humans. It would be more alarming if Quentin was actually showing signs of possession. Thankfully not, they aren't equipped to deal with an exorcism at the moment. "It's good that you have found a place you can be comfortable in." they reply to Quentin.

As Keyson bounds over they look over to the girl and the cookies she offers out. There is a glance at their red-orange fingertips, from handling their own snack and shakes their head "No thanks." they hold up the hand "I'll just contaminate them."

"Cookies! Keyson, you rock," replies Quentin. As the bag is held out expectantly, he accepts one of the cookies within and takes an experimental nibble. "Yum." And another nibble. And another as he continues exploring around. Nope, no signs of possession other than the red tinged eyes. That effect is probably the contacts he's wearing, since red tends to cut some of the glare from sunlight. Not enough, if the light level is high enough, but enough to help at least a little. He happily munches on his cookie as he finishes his circuit of the game room and comes back to where Keyson and Reese are. He finishes the last bite about the time he arrives there. "I haven't ever played some of these games," he says.

Perhaps Kentucky is exploring on his own, much as Quentin had been doing. Or perhaps he'd caught a glimpse of his brother heading up to here. It's hard to tell what exactly may have brought him here, but… here is where he is. He steps in and pauses, his dark gaze wandering over the area whilst he chews on the inside of his lower lip. He's in casual clothes as well, a pair of dark blue jeans, black sneakers, and a dark green turtleneck. The sleeves are pushed up mostly to his elbows. And his dark hair is caught in a neat braid at the nape of his neck, though there are locks of it that escaped to hang by his face. He steps further in, starting to head towards Quentin, though not in any hurry.

Keyson laughs, "Oh! Don't be silly!" She pulls a cookie out and shoves it in Reese's general direction. "Quentin! You have pretty eyes too!" Too? Who elese has pretty eyes? She seems pleased with the praise and grins, "I'm the cookie fairy! Yay!" She'll start skipping as she bounds aroudn the room, nicely foricn g cookies on everyone.

Some people take the cookie and some have cookies thrust upon them. Guess Reese is having one thrust at them, so they politely take it, despite the chip powder on their fingers "Thanks!" they say as Keyson bounds off. "I haven't even heard of some of these games."Like a few of those." they gesture to a few of the retro ones "Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, sure, but Joust and Galaga?" there is confusion in their tone "Never heard of them." the cookie is bitten into and a surprised hrm is given at the fact that it actually is good . Facing toward the stairs gives Reese the line of sight to see Kentucky come up the stairs and a wave with the cookie filled hand is given "Hi. I was wondering when you would show up." they give an amused grin.

Quentin lifts a hand to wave to Kentucky as he sees his brother. "Hey Ky. Look! I found another place I don't need to wear my sunglasses." He bounces on his toes. This makes him very happy. "That there are games here is just an extra bonus." As he's already had a cookie from the cookie fairy, Quentin isn't greedy and doesn't take another one. Instead, he moves toward one of the video games and gives it a closer look. He shoots an amused grin toward Reese. They're right. Where Quentin is, Kentucky isn't often far behind! "I've played Galaga. It's a little bit like Space Invader, but faster paced. The invaders move faster and in circles."

A bit of colour creeps to the half-Native youth's cheeks at Reese's words, and he gives a nod of greeting to her, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "I saw him come up, so… I figured I would find out what's up here as well," he says, a bit of sheepishness to his tone. He does take a cookie when one is offered to him by Keyson, thanking her and then studying the cookie for a moment before sniffing it and taking a bite. Then his dark gaze turns to Quentin, and he smiles at the words. His typically hunched shoulders are slightly better, at least. "That's great, Quen!" he says, sounding pleased and happy. "And less headaches, too. That'll be good," he affirms. He doesn't, interestingly, get close to any of the games. A bit wary of them, perhaps.

"This was one of the first places I checked out when I got here." Reese says to Kentucky. "That and the cafeteria." a person has to have their priorities! Fun and food, is where it is for them. They follow Quentin over to the arcade game. As they follow the chip pack, covered in flaming Chinese characters, is folded and put into a pocket "I tend to play fantasy MMOs or fantasy single player games."

Quentin grins over at his brother. "Games. There's games. I mean, I knew there was a game room, but I didn't expect it to be dim enough I don't need my sunglasses." He nods his agreement. "Yep. If I can study here or in our room, that'll be a lot less headaches." He'll still have to deal with the headaches from the light of the classrooms and outdoors, but he'll make do. "The games won't bite you, Ky. Try a couple. They can be fun and some of them are great for hand eye coordination." He takes a last look around and breathes deeply, content. "I'm going to go grab some of my homework. I'll be back." He glances to Reese and nods. "Fantasy MMOs or single players are my preferred too, but we had an arcade kinda like this back in Aberystwyth. It was pretty great. Anyway, I'll be back." He turns and heads down the stairs at a faster pace than he'd come up them. The last thing that can be seen is him putting on his sunglasses, then even the red hair can't be seen anymore.

"I… didn't know that there was such a place," Kentucky admits, ducking his chin a little bit. He hasn't seen anything similar to it. And navigating the school has been taking some getting used to, for him. He wasn't used to figuring out where to go before. He steps up a bit closer to Quentin, taking a look to the machine that he's standing near to. "I… they are… unfamiliar," he says softly, his brow furrowing a bit. He doesn't know anything about arcade games, he's never played them before. "And it means a change of scenery, too. Some say that is a good thing, when studying," he says softly, giving a small nod to Quen. Then there's a smile to tug at the corners of his lips, and he gives a nod to Quen, at the mention of fetching homework. "I will still be here," he says, giving a nod. He watches his brother leave, and then he returns his attention to the machine, studying it for a long moment without actually touching it. Though at least he hasn't shoved his hands in his pockets.

The mention of homework has Reese wrinkling their nose in distaste "Ewww." clearly they don't like it. "Is it still called homework even if we aren't at home?" it's school, not home, even though they live there. As Quentin heads off they turn to Kentucky "Want me to teach you now to play one of them?"

"Probably…? Technically. I mean… this is kind of a home away from home, since we live and eat and sleep here," Kentucky says softly, ducking his chin slightly with the opinion he'd offered. He lifts his left hand, fingers catching that stray lock of his hair, and he sweeps it back from his face to tuck it behind one of his ears. Then he gives a small nod to Reese, a bit shyly. "If… you wouldn't mind…?" he asks, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks.

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