(2020-11-17) Studying & Revelations
Studying & Revelations
Summary: There is studying, ice, and talk of whether powers are useful on ourselves.
Date: IC Date (2020-11-17)
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Student Building Coral Springs
Tue Nov 17 21:36:52, 2020 — Tue Nov 17 18:36:52 2020

This building serves a dual purpose. First and foremost it is a place for study. The first floor is divided into a variety of cubicles of various sizes where students can either study alone or in groups.

Each cubicle is furnished with the necessary items to make it conducive to study. There are one or two sitting areas outside the cubicle area for study or group discussion as well. A variety of paintings and plants decorate the area and lots of large windows and light fixtures provide plenty of light.

In the center of the ceiling is an translucent round area that lets light in from the floor above but no detail can be made through the thick glass. Surrounding the glass area is normal ceiling. Curved stairs lead to the game room upstairs.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.

Keyson - A delicate 14 year old hispanic girl with long dark hair. She always has a necklace with a key on it around her neck.
Marcus - 5' 6" African American teenager with a short locks and wide smile.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Sebastian - Freshman Latino teen, Black, shoulder-length hair and dark eyes.
Exits: [CM] Commissary [PA] Patio
[UP] Game Room

Just when you think you're safe, *ADVENTURE WILL FIND YOU!* While Sebastian may be totally focused on his studying and his textbook, there is another student who has no such problem. Marcus has been trying, unsuccessfully, to flick a paper football over the divider at his station and into Sebastian's general vicinity for the better part of five minutes, now. Did Sebastian even realize Marcus was there? No matter. Finally, one of his attempts to flick the football over his divider works and the paper triangle spins through the air in Sebastian's direction. Accuracy, however, is sorely lacking with such projectiles, so who knows where it will actually end up. Or if anybody will even notice.
For his part, though, Marcus immediately celebrates by thrusting both fists into the air. He then realizes that would likewise immediately give him away, so he quickly ducks his head down and scribbles furiously at his notebook, tongue hanging out of the corner of his mouth. He is, apparently, supposed to be working on his math homework. If anybody checked his work, however, it would be clear that he's currently just scribbling numbers and letters fairly at random in an attemp to look 'busy.'

Keyson was up in the Games room, but is walking down the stairs. Well, walking isn't quite right, she's dancing down the stairs listening to soem song on her phone. Lucky for everyone she has her earbuds in. The tiny teen still hasn't claimed a Team yet, She also still has that pink cast on her arm. She seems ina. good mood though, landing on the bottom of that stairs she gives a spin, bopping along.

Quentin is coming in from the patio. He carries several books and a notebook with him. He might be planning on doing some studying. And that seems to be exactly what he's up to, as he heads for one of the closer unoccupied cubicles and lays his books down on the desk. He glances at those already gathered here, and nods to any who look his way as he flops half bonelessly into the chair. As he flips the uppermost book open, a biology book, he rubs his forehead briefly. Then sets about to reading in the proper chapter.

<FS3> Sebastian rolls Perception: Success.
<FS3> Sebastian rolls Reaction: Good Success.
Sebastian looks up at the motion of the paper 'football' heading his way and there's a sudden flash in his eyes before they turn ice-blue and the paper football is flicked right back in the direction it came, only this time, covered in a thin layer of ice. It will probably hit the side of Marcus' divider with a 'THUNK' before falling to the floor to melt. There might actually be an amused smirk as Sebastian begins to look back to his studying when more movement catches his attention. Keyson is given a wave as he catches sight of her dancing down the stairs and Quentin is given a nod.

One thing that is -definitely- different here than his previous schools is that it's so small he can actually kind of know who people are. For good or for ill.

Thunk? … /thunk/? Paper footballs decidedly do /not/ THUNK. Plink, maybe. Plop, certainly. But thunk? Never. Although he has the keen focus of a chess grandmaster, the completely out of the ordinary and therefore wholely distracting sound of the 'thunk' somehow manages to break Marcus's concentration and draw his attention away from his world-saving homework. Standing up and /peeeeeering/ over the side of the divider (instead of just looking at the floor where it landed), Marcus frowns. Somehow, his paper football did not land anywhere near its intended destination. Even more disorienting, it was now apparently /melting/. Why, how could this be? He'd crafted it so carefully, so painstakingly, with all of the precision and delicacy that a freshman in high school could muster on short notice! Marcus sits back down, looks around, then drops to the floor to retrieve the paper projectile.
"It's cold!" he exclaims, out loud, to no one in particular. And then he tries to stand back up without paying enough attention to his surroundings bonks his head rather severely on the table. Immediately wincing and ducking back down, he rubs at the back of his head gingerly while mouthing a silent 'ow.'

Keyson stops dancing land enough to wave back to Seb before she starts dancing over towards him. Her eyes widen when Marcus cries out, casuing her dancing to stop, "Oh! Marcus!" Her hand raises to him next, "Do you need a sweater?" She giggles before dancing in the spot she is.

Or to at least give the students the ability to recognize when faces are unfamiliar. Even Quentin is starting to recognize faces and he hasn't been in the school for more than a couple weeks. He's wound up sitting almost half sideways in his chair, so he sees the act of the head getting bonked by wayward desk. He winces. "Are you okay, Marcus?" The question is softly spoken but as their cubicles aren't that far apart, is audible enough to both him and Sebastian. He glances up at Keyson as he hears her voice, and waves at her once before looking back to his biology book. Though he keeps some attention on whatever Marcus' answer will happen to be.

Sebastian can't help a little snicker as Marcus bangs his head on the table but then manages to school his expression back to something close to neutral. "You ok?" is asked as he moves from his study nook to help the other kid up - but his eyes are still ice blue. Subterfuge isn't his forte. "Need to go to the Medical area or something?"

Still gingerly patting the spot where he whacked himself in the head, Marcus is slow to slide out from under the table and rise again. Wincing hard and looking to be in at least a little bit of pain, he looks around at the people who've noticed his accident and shakes his head a little. "I'm fine," he says, waving off Quentin and Sebastian's concern and taking a breath. And then, he looks at Keyson, slightly confused. "… why a sweater, though?" he asks. But at least he didn't drop the football! Put him in, coach!

Keyson giggles, "You said it was cold, silly." She turns and catches a glimpse of Sebastian's eyes which makes her compeletly forget about Marcus's need of a sweater, "Oh! your eyes are so pretty!" She clasps her hands together and starts to bound over towards Sebastian. She twirls once close, her skirt lifting alightly as she does, spotting Quentin and waving, "Hiiiiii!"

Quentin nods at the answer to the question.. questions? … and turns more attention to the biology. Briefly. Then he shakes his head and closes the book. Concentration? What's that? He is, curiously, still wearing his sunglasses, despite being inside and it being evening-time on top of that. "Are you settling in okay, Keyson?" The sweater explanation seems to make sense to him. And he looks curiously at Sebastian's eyes, but they don't really seem all that different to him, so he just looks confused.

"Don't get used to them, they'll go back to brown soon enough." Not enough was expended for them to stay light for too long. Sebastian might, however, flick some hair out of his eyes so that maybe they're a little more visible. "You sure you didn't mess up your head?" is asked of Marcus before he shrugs to Quentin, "Temperature seems fine to me." There is actually a glint of mischief in his eyes even as they start to fade back to their usual dark-brown.

"No more than my math homework is gonna," Marcus responds to Sebastian, smiling. Keyson's explanation gets a pause, and then a silent, 'oh,' and a nod. Yes, that does make sense, after all. At the comment about pretty eyes, Marcus immediately diverts his attention to Sebastian's eyes and leans in closer to peeeeeer. "… your eyes change color?" he asks, before straightening back up. Only /slightly/ awkward, then? "That's cool. … huh!" Marcus has a wonder. "I wonder why my powers didn't kick in to protect my head?" It's even a legitimate wonder, for once! However, there's probably very little reason for him to bend over and examine the bottom of the table for devices to block his powers. He does it, anyway, though, kneeling and running his hand slowly over the bottom of the table, in case the devices are invisible!

Keyson smiles brightly at Quentin, "I am .I love it here so much!" She bounces on her toes and moves towards Seb again, "OHHHH! They //change! How cool!" She's ironic and didn't even mean to be! Math? Math? Key likes Math, she seems to be unsure which boy to walk towards so instead stops and twirls to look at Marcus, head tilting to watch as he searches for…something.

This time, when the change occurs, Quentin is actually watching and sees it. Though, his sight of it might not be as impressive as others' might be. Changing from one shade of grey to another just isn't that impressive, really. The knowledge, on the other hand, that they're normally brown is more interesting to Quentin than the change itself. "What is brown like, versus blue?" he wonders aloud. He looks toward Marcus. "Do your powers protect you from yourself?" He sounds curious, there, for he doesn't know what the other boy's powers are. He glances to Keyson and smiles. "Oh good, I'm glad you like it here."
<FS3> Quentin rolls Alertness: Success.

"Only under certain circumstances," and by now, they're probably back to their usual dark brown. Sebastian makes a face at the mention of Math, "Don't even get me started with that…Math is math, right? So why does it have to be done a certain way?" 'New Math' is not his friend. But when Quentin asks his question, that gets a curious tilt of his head, "Are you colorblind? Usually, brown is darker than blue…but there are also light browns and dark blues. But mine go dark to light and back." He adds again, "Under certain circumstances."

Finding no devices underneath the table, Marcus finally makes his way back to his seat. He sets the paper football on the table and is just about to get scooched back in for homework when Quentin makes a point. He turns and looks at the kid, cocks his head in thought, then holds up his index finger and waggles it. "You know, that's a /good/ question! Maybe they /don't/!" And then, he digs in his backpack for a second and pulls out a notebook that … well … lets just say this notebook has seen a lot of 'use.' It also has sticks, leaves, and some other sundry articles sticking out from it randomly. He opens the book, flips to a particular page, then rotates the book so he can write in its margins and starts scribbling notes. Keyson would recognize this as the same notebook he'd pulled out the other day, his 'INVESTIGATIONS' notebook.

Keyson will also help Quentin, "Brown feels like chocolate while blue feels like swimming." Her hand moves to play with the end of her braid, "I'm good at math, I can help?" A giggle as the notebook is pulled out, but Key won't comment because, secrets. Instead, "So…your powers are changing the colors of your eyes, Sebastian?"

"Aye. Colorblind," replies Quentin. His brow furrows at the explanation and looks a touch frustrated. "I have no frame of reference for any colors. I mean… what is brown versus blue like? What do the colors make you feel?" It's a thing he's been curious about since he came here, really. Well. No. All his life, honestly! He's diverted, at least briefly, from the frustration of not being able to see color by Marcus' answer to his other question. "I know I can't heal myself. I know, generally, what my state of health tends to be, but I can't do anything about it." He perks up at Keyson's answer of his question, though. "Oooh! Chocolate and swimming," he says thoughtfully, head tilted in a way that shows he's deep in thought now. He doesn't even really notice the notebook, not on a conscious level. All Keyson's fault, too!

Since the question about his eyes have stopped. Sebastian relaxes just a little. He'll let Keyson talk about math, "Maybe. I just think that it was fine the way it was before…why make it different." So he knows an earlier form of 'math'. But anyhow. He'll mostly let the other three talk about how to describe color, "Have you tried those glasses that are supposed to help correct the colorblindness stuff?"

"… I mean … I'm not gonna say /no/. The only thing I'm having trouble figuring out is how you figure out what the numbers are supposed to be after the mixed variables when you're factoring equations," Marcus responds to Keyson, shrugging his shoulders up. But, since we're talking about Quentin's lack of ability to see color …. "… you know … how do we know that /we/ actually see the same colors? How do we know it's not like, you see red and I see green, but we've actually just agreed that it's purple and neither of us knows any better!?" … how hard /did/ he hit his head? "… wait. There's glasses that fix colorblind people? … what do they do for the rest of us!?"

Keyson laughs, "Math is all just unlocking a problem. You just have to think about it in the right way." Her nose wrinkles as she giggles, "It's easy then!" So easy! Poof! Easy! Twirling he end of her braid she'll nods to Marcus, "Oh, yeah. I can help with that. Just let me know when!"

Quentin comes back to reality at Sebastian's question of him. he shakes his head a little bit. "They don't work. You have to have at least /some/ ability to see color. I don't. I'm one hundred percent color blind. And highly light sensative on top of that." He glances to Marcus and grins. "That's also a good question. I know I don't see color. All it is is shades of grey, black, or white, for me. About the closest I can come to differentiating is using a color wheel to compare shades of grey. And yes, there are glasses that can fix colorblind people if they aren't entirely colorblind." It's a thing, apparently! And one that has been tried, and failed, apparently. As for math… Quentin shrugs a bit. "I'm not great, but I can get by, mostly. It's art I have trouble with," he says with a quiet laugh.

Sebastian shrugs at the explanation, "Ok," and then to Marcus, "Probably nothing. Maybe look like sunglasses. I've never tried them because I'm not colorblind, myself." He then glances to Quentin, "No one says you have to be an artist and there's a lot of art that doesn't rely on color." Back to Marcus, "Pretty sure that for the most part, there is a consensus on what most people agree on in terms of color. That's a science-class question, if you ask me."

Marcus gestures at the homework on the table in front of him at his cubicle. "Well, that's what I'm working on now, if you wanna stick around. Or we could find time later, if that's what you meant? I mean, it's not like I've got a million things to do tonight," he says to Keyson with a smirk. And then Quentin's describing his vision, and Marcus is suddenly much more interested. "But how do you know what gray, black or white are? Maybe you're actually seeing the real colors and we're just guessing!" And then here comes Sebastian with his logic and his reasoning and his deductiving thinking. "Yeah, but how do we /know/?" … the 'man' is implied. And he's not even smoking weed! Anyone picturing Marcus living off the grid in a van under a viaduct? No? Nobody? Well, maybe someday.

Keyson pauses, and looks like she's counting, but then she shakes her head and tells Marcus, "I don't." Don't what?!? She finally reaches up and pulls the earbuds out of her ears, "But I have to go right now. I'm late." She just stands there though.

Quentin nods. "They look a bit like sunglasses, yeah." He nods at Sebastian. "Of course not. Still have to pass art classes," he says with a quiet laugh. Being colorblind doesn't bother him so much as being unable to experience the same thing other people do. Having colors described to him, though, that had seemed to help with that! He glances to Marcus and shakes his head. "I don't. It's just all varying shades of the same color. I assume it's grey. And that's what I call it." He laughs. "Maybe I am seeing the real colors. But I don't think so. My cones don't work at all, which is what allows the brain to percieve color." He might know a bit about his condition. Maybe. He looks to Keyson and lifts a hand to wave it at her. "See you later, Keyson."

"If the art teacher knows you're colorblind, I'm pretty sure they can make concessions. I mean, it seems to be -that- kind of school," meaning that they'll actually listen if students need some help with things like that. Sebastian shrugs again and just shakes his head before moving back towards his books and notes spread out. There's another pause as Keyson mentions that she has to get going but just stands there. "Do you need…help getting to where you're going?" She's not the first to mention getting lost."

"OR! Or or or or or! You could just paint with whatever colors you /feel/ like, and then it will truly BE art! The realest form! Unvarnished by opinions or typical conventions like color coordination and complimentary colors!" Marcus says, to great effect, using vivid hand gestures to emphasize the epicness of Quentin's ability to astonish the art snobs out there by creating truly meaningful and heartfelt work. … or something. But, then Keyson says she's going, and Sebastian's offering to help her go, and Marcus just looks a little confused. "… okay …? Well … I mean, I dunno how long we'll be in this section, but … you know where I live, so …."

Keyson blinks slowly turning to look at the students before she lets out another laugh, "You're all so fun. I'm glad I have friends." Her head tilts and she shakes her head at Seb, "No…do you?" Maybe he's lost! She smiles brightly at Marcus, "I don't!" Know where he lives! "I have to go make cookies now!" She waves to th boys before turning and skipping out of the building, where she promtly turns the wrong direction.

Quentin opens his mouth and then closes it again. "Huh. I'm sure the school is aware. I mean, none of the teachers have said anything about me wearing my sunglasses in class yet. So.. maybe? I'm taking music lessons right now, so it hasn't come up that I'm colorblind." To Marcus he chuckles. "Been there, done that. I'm told the effect tends to be eye blinding." He rises to his feet and gathers his books. "I just realized the time. I have to go too. Thanks for the chat. It's been interesting and good." He waves to Keyson as she makes her way off. "Mm. Cookies. Later," he says, that last to Marcus and Sebastian. He makes his way off now, in the opposite direction Keyson had gone!

Sebastian gathers up the rest of his things and just shakes his head at Keyson…and Quentin. "Must be nice, huh? Everything fixed by cookies." He glances to Marcus, "Let me know if you need an ice-pack for your head. Hope you didn't hit it too hard." With that, he'll also make his way back towards the dorms to finish up his homework.

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