(2020-11-12) How to Win Friends and Influence People
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Summary: Marcus meets Keyson and proves he's a vampire. … or something like that.
Date: IC Date 2020-11-12
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Student Building Coral Springs
Thu Nov 12 19:11:09, 2020 — Thu Nov 12 16:11:09 2020

This building serves a dual purpose. First and foremost it is a place for study. The first floor is divided into a variety of cubicles of various sizes where students can either study alone or in groups.

Each cubicle is furnished with the necessary items to make it conducive to study. There are one or two sitting areas outside the cubicle area for study or group discussion as well. A variety of paintings and plants decorate the area and lots of large windows and light fixtures provide plenty of light.

In the center of the ceiling is an translucent round area that lets light in from the floor above but no detail can be made through the thick glass. Surrounding the glass area is normal ceiling. Curved stairs lead to the game room upstairs.

It is a fall evening. The weather is cold and snowy.

The newest freshman has yet to pick her team, so her uniform is accented with a grey clip on tie. Not that it's very visible. Currently the undeclaired girl is curled up on a couch, bundled up in a too big for her hoodie that has a paint can pouring a galexy out of it. She has her phone out and ear buds in. Whatever she's listening to, she's humming to it very loudly as she plays on her phone. Keyson doesn't seem to be aware of anything else going on around her at th moment.

There's a bit of a crash and then a tumult as a particular freshman boy comes slamming through the front door and trundling up the steps at full speed, backpack clunking along the ground as it dangles from his elbow. He sprints directly towards the couch and it's occupant, full bore, and then at the last second leaps! … and vaults over the back of the couch. He lands on the other side and hits the floor, laying flat on his stomach as his backpack settles to the ground next to him. If anyone could tell, it would definitely appear that he's hiding.

Keyson looks up and has a bit of a deer in head lights expression as Marcus vaults over the couch and hides. She blinks, wetting her lips before looking back down at her phone. Slowly one eye bug is pulled out and she'll ask in a sing song voice, "What's your favorite cookie? Can you believe there's someone here that prefers store bought cookies to home make ones? I think he might be a super villian." There's a pause and then she laughs, still looking at her phone.

Silence. No more crashing, no one pounding up the steps, no windows breaking …. Marcus exhales and closes his eyes. And then, Keyson is saying something. Marcus immediately stiffens in surprise, holding his breath again. Had he not noticed her? After a few moments, when all appears to still be safe, he exhales again. Slowly, carefully, he pushes himself up from the ground, until he's able to peer over the edge of the couch. "… were you talking to me?" he asks in a loud whisper.

Keyson laughs again, it's airy and a little spacey sounding, "Sure!" Her music is still going , but she's no longer humming to it, instead she turns to face him, dipping her head low so she's eye to eye with him, "Are you playing a game?"

"A game of life or death!" Marcus says, eyes wide at the question. He then glances around, making sure nobody's listening in or spying on them. Leaning in, he quietly explains, "Some people just don't understand that this island is full of …." He trails off for a second, looking around once more, just to be double sure. "/Adventure,/" he finishes, as if the word was some kind of mystic or holy phrase, replete with a gesture of his right hand to signify the magical nature of the word.

Keyson's eyes widen and she gives an excited ,"Ohhhh". Large eyes are blinked slowly back at him, "Adventure? What kind of adventure? Did you get bit by something?" Her gaze will follow his hand movement, like she's expecting soethign to happen with the motion. A thought comes to mind and she starts to giggle.

Making a fist, Marcus shakes it at fate, the world, and everyting. "/Yes!/ I was bit by the mighty mosquito of /life!/ And I can see all the magic and mysteries that surround us on a daily basis," he says, sweeping his hand through the air slowly to encompass their surroundings. He then sobers back up and shakes his head a little. "A few of the upperclassmen didn't appreciate that I was investigating in the same area they were … well … I'm not sure /what/ they were going to do back there, but they chased me away from it, so!" He then smiles a little and holds out his fist. "I'm Marcus."

Keyson eeeps, scooting away from Marcus, "You're a vampire?!?" Her phone is clutched to her chest nervously, "I don't want you to suck all the magic away!" She untangles her legs, moving to stand up. She's a tiny thing. "They were prolly afraid you were going to suck away their magics!" She looks down at Marcus a moment before lifting her chin, trying to make herself look a little bigger than she is, "I'm Keyson, and you can't suck me!"

Marcus blinks at Keyson's reaction. "What? … no … I was … /what/?" Marcus asked, totally confused now. He stands, finally, since Keyson is standing, and shakes his head. "I'm not sucking /anybody/. You just asked if I was bit by something and I was using a … erm … meta-floor? Meta-poor?" he tries, frowning and scratching his head as he searches for the word.
Keyson just looked at you.

The tiny freshman stands there, definetly, watching Marcus like a hawk incase he tries to suck anything! No Sucking! Her head tilts slightly, eyeing before shaking her head, "That's exactly what a vampire would say!" Keyson caught you, mister vampire! She points a finger, waggling it at the taller student, "You need to be good. Or they'll make you put glitter on! Do you want glitter?" Oh boy. Her other hand, with her phone, drops to rest on her hip. She definetly has the sassy look down, even if what she's saying is kind of out there. Outside her hoodie hangs a necklace with an old fashion skeleton key on it.

Marcus blinks and then peeeeeers at Keyson. He can't tell if she's serious or not. But, she certainly looks serious. He nods, then turns around and picks up his backpack, setting it on the arm of the couch in front of him. "Here, I'll prove I'm not a vampire. I've got a granola bar in my backpack. Vampire's can't eat granola, right?" he offers, gesturing towards his backpack without moving to open it. "I'll even let you get it out, if you're worried."

Keyson's not sure if that's true or not, but she also knows her knowldge of such things is most likely lacking. "I don't know…I have a cousin that can't eat granola bars. But that's because he's allergic to peanuts. He choked and couldn't breath and they had to give him a shot, not even at the doctors!" Her eyes widen and she waves her hand, although now instead of pointing at him, she's trying to stop him from opening up the bag, "No no! Don't! i don't ant to give you a shot!" A soft laugh, "No wonder you don't have a favorite cookie."

Well, now Marcus is at a loss. He reaches up and scratches his head again, frowning. "Oh. Well … I don't know how else to prove it to you," he says, shrugging. "But, I'm not allergi to peanuts …." And then she's laughing and talking about cookies? "… I have a favorite cookie," he argues. "Snickerdoodles."

Keyson's head tilts, "Oh, that's nice. Peanuts are good. I like Paydays. It's like getting paid, with candy!" Her hand brings her phone to her chest, that music in her ear is still going, but she seems to be ignoring it. "Snickerdoodles! Exactly what a vampire would say!" She laughs more, "I promise to not put garlic n them! Or holy water!"

Marcus makes a face at the thought of putting /garlic/ in SNICKERDOODLES. "I don't think /anybody/ would like 'doodles with garlic in 'em. Holy water, tho, pro'ly ain't a big deal," he says, shrugging. And, since he's not going fishing in his bag for granola, he slips his backpack back onto his back. "You know, now that I think about it, you might be on to something. I've prepared for a /lot/ of things, but I don't have any preparations for vampires …," he considers, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully.

Keyson offers back in a strangley strong voice, "I said I wound't!" No Garlic, yeesh! She grins widely, "Oh sure. No one ever prepares for family." She leans in , and whispers almost comically, "Family is the worst kind of vampires. Ah ha ha hahaha." Well, she's having fun at least, even if she's not making much sense.
Marcus is a little surprised by her sudden declaration, but his hackles smooth back down quickly. Marcus rolls his eyes at Keyson's comment about family and then smirks a little, which quickly grows into a full grin. "I dunno. Half of my family is aliens I ain't never met, so who knows what they like?""

Marcus is a little surprised by her sudden declaration, but his hackles smooth back down quickly. Marcus rolls his eyes at Keyson's comment about family and then smirks a little, which quickly grows into a full grin. "I dunno. Half of my family is aliens I ain't never met, so who knows what they like?"

Keyson's eyes widen again, "Alien vampires? No wonder you suck magic!" See, it all makes sense now! She finally slips her phone into the pocket of her hoodie, making the last ear bud pup out of her ear and dangle. She doesn't turn off the music or move to put the ear buds in the pocket with her phone. "So you know the other half of alien vampires families?" She turns, looking out the door where he first came from, "Maybe they were meeting aliens!"

Marcus just laughs and shakes his head. "Nah, my dad's family is completely normal and pretty boring," he explains. "And my ma's the only one of her family here. At least, that we know about. She from some other galaxy, on Earth in refugee status or some'n. We just only found out this year and she ain't really wanna explain it all, so." Then, Marcus quirks his head to the side and discovers a question. "Wait … so … do you do magic?"

Keyson listens, althouhg her gaze keeps going to the door. When he directly questions her though she laughs, turning back and clapping her hands in excitment and giving a short laugh, "No! But I always wanted to! I could have a rabbit any time I wanted." She frowns suddenly, a pout coming to her face, "But I'd need to get a hat. Do they even still make those hats anymore?"

"Top hats? Of course," Marcus says, shrugging and smiling. "The question is, would you get in trouble for having a pet on campus?" Marcus winks and adjusts his backpack. "So … what grade you in? You ain't got a team yet?"

"I'd just put it back in the hat, silly." It's magic, duh! Keyson giggles as she starts to sway from foot to foot. She has ear buds hanging out of the pocket of her hoodie, which has a paint call spilling over and dumping a galxey down the front. The tiny student answers Marcus, "I'm a freshman, no team yet. I like green though."

Marcus chuckles and nods. "So long as they don't /look/ there." Marcus notices her swaying and gestures towards the couch. "Hey, sorry, I didn't mean to scare you off the couch. My bad," he says. "You can sit, I'll keep back. And I'm a freshman, too, but they put me in Ares."

Keyson nods in a very much agreeing kind of way. It's a good plan, rabbit in a hat. "Oh! Thanks!" And she'll sit down, on the floor in front of the couch, looking up at him, "So you're new too then? Is this what all schools are like? Blue looks nice on you, good choice!"

Marcus looks a little surprised when Keyson chooses the floor, but he's quick to recover. He moves a few feet away and plops down onto the ground as well, stretching his legs out and crossing them at the ankles. He leans back on his hands, his backpack still in place behind him. "Nah, not really. I mean, going to class and walking the halls in between, that's kinda the same. But, most schools ain't on islands," he says, holding a hand up to tick off the points as he makes them. "Most schools ain't boarding schools, most schools don't have forests and lighthouses, and I don't know no other school gots kids with superpowers." And then, at the compliment on his colors, Marcus blinks and looks down. "… oh! Thanks!"

Keyson listens, leaning towards Marcus as he talks, "I've never been on an island befor…or a school." She gins, bopping her head from side to side, "Yay! There's so many powers!" Again she lifts her hands and claps before hugging her arms to her chest. Depending on how observant he is, Marcus may notice the top of her pink cast showing at the edge of the sleeve. "I like all colors really, but green is nice."

"… you've … never been to a school before?" Marcus asks, incredulous. "… what the heck did you /do/ up till now?" And, since Keyson leaned forward, Marcus mirrors the gesture. He draws his legs in and crosses them, resting his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands in front of himself.

Keyson follows exactly what Marcus does, crossing her legs, elbows on knees, hands in front of her. "Nope! I watched lots of videos and read books!" She grins and then laughs, "I worked with my Uncle, doing important things!" She lens closer and stage whispers, "I'm just waiting for him to come get me from here so I can go back to helping!"

… well … /that's/ odd. Marcus frowns a little, then a lot, then shakes his head and shrugs. None of his business, he decides. "Cool," he offers, shrugging. "Why /here/, though? Couldn't you be at a school where your uncle could always be around you?" he asks.

Keyson sighs, dropping her chin to her hand, "Noooo. There's this who…..mix up and he and the police need to work it out.." She picks at a thread at th hem of her hoodie. "They sent me here until they can find him and work everything out." But then she perks up and smiles, "But I get to meet all types of people now, so that's fun! And go to school! yay!"

There's a little bit of suspicion on Marcus' face. … okay, there's a lot of suspicion. "So … this uncle …. He never had you in school? Like … /ever/?" Marcus asks. He's not /accusing/ anyone, but …. "I mean, don't that seem weird at all? Especially since I'm pretty sure it's the /law/ that you gotta be in school."

Keyson goes back to picking at the thread, "Well…I think when I was with my nona I went to soem kind of daycare….I remember sleeping on mats. that was fun!" She looks up at Marcus and flashes him a bright smile, "Oh, no no. You don't understand. We were doing super hero work!" She giggles, "And I mean….I watched everything I could online. Sometimes I got books and stuff. i really like math. What's your favorite subject?"

"Uhhh … /huh/," Marcus responds, not convinced. He considers Keyson for a few seconds, then shakes his head. Not his business! Nope nope nope! When she asks about his favorite subject, Marcus takes a deep breath and considers, then shrugs. "Pro'ly English? Maybe? I dunno. I like school, in general." Then, he considers it some more and a smile breaks on his face again. "Though, I think I'm gonna like science a whole lot more /next/ year, when we get into the cooler stuff. I mean, I /love/ investigating and solving puzzles and mysteries and stuff. Science can help with that, right?"

Keyson seems to believe what she's saying, for what ti's worth. Her hands do an excited motion, "Oh! I love puzzles! I'm so good at them!" Her laughter is almost infectious, "I would think so, yes! And telling stories. you have to understand mysteries to tell good stories!"

Marcus laughs a little, smiling. "My moms used to yell at me all the time when I got to tellin' stories. I'm good at coming up with stuff. I'm /not/ necessarily good at making any of the stuff sound realistic before I've let it come out my mouth." He then slides his backpack off again and swings it around to the front so he can open it and start rummaging through it.

Keyson nods in understanding, "People don't always believe me." She empathizes. She's not shy, she leans a little closer to look in his bag, "Don;t eat the granola!" She sounds worried for him. "I promise, I won't hold it against you."

Marcus looks up and blinks, having forgotten the reason for her concern. Then, he remembers and chuckles, nodding. "No worries, shawty. I won't eat the granola," he agrees. After a few seconds of rummaging, he pulls out a notebook that has scribbling ALL over it. It also has things sticking out of different pages in absolutely no sensible fashion. A feather, a leaf, another leaf, just apparently random stuff. "This is my investigation journal for the island," he explains holding it up. "I'm gonna find out every single secret there is."

Keyson seems to consider then nickname and then nods, she'll allow it. "Ohhhhh that looks compliated!" She puts her hands out and makes a gimmmie motion, "Does the Island talk in it's sleep? I read about some people who tell their secrets when they talk in their sleep…"

Eyebrows shoot up at the 'gimme' motion and Marcus pulls the notebook closer to him. "Oh, I don't … I don't let other people /look/ at it. It's secrets!" Marcus explains. "Besides. … not everybody thinks my mysteries are actually mysteries. … some people make fun."

Keyson shakes her had, "But how am I going to be able to help you if I don't see it?" Silly boy! "I'm good at figuring out secrets." She leans in again and whispers, "It's my super power!" She huffs, dropping her hand, "Fine! I didn't want to see your book anyway!" She starts to gather her legs underneath her.

When Keyson withdraws and seems upset with him for not sharing, Marcus grimaces and then starts rubbing at the back of his neck. "I mean … it's kinda messy … and it's not really in order …," Marcus says, before holding the book out and looking away. Stupid girls and their pouting powers. Totally not fair.

Oh no, he didn't want her to! Key's an emotional girl, who flips on a dime. Everyone has been nice to her so far, but in that pat her on the head kinda way. But she thought this vampire alien might have been a real friend. "It's fine. I get it." She does, people don't know her here yet. They don't know that she is a super hero, just like her Uncle says! She stands, smoothing out her skirt some. The hoodie is big enough on her that it covers half her skirt. It clearly isn't her's based on size. "I hope you have fun with your mysteries. I'm going to go find out what the aliens are doing on the other side of the island with the seniors." The ear buds are still dangling from her pocket.

Marcus looks genuinely sorry at Key's reaction, lowering the book. And then she's standing up and brushing her skirt off. "… wait … /what/? What are the aliens doing with the seniors!? Is that why they chased me off!?!?" Marcus asks, quickly scrambling to his feet and stuffing the notebook back in his backpack, as if he's gonna come with. Because … *ADVENTURE*!

Keyson shrugs, "Maybe?" Her eyes narrow and she folds her arms, "And where do you think your going?" Her foot taps lightly, It's hard to be intimidating when you're that small and wearing a hoodie that's that big. But she's trying!

"… with you? … to … investigate?" Marcus replies, hopeful. And then, a thought occurs to him and he slips his backpack down so he can rifle through it again, quickly pulling out a blank notebook. "I've got another notebook you could use!" he offers. And then he digs through it again and pulls out what looks very much like a tin foil hat. "I've also got anti-mind-reading equipment so they won't know we're there!"

Keyson looks intrigued, but then her nose wrinkles up, "That is not very pretty at all, Markus." Does he even know her name? She will take the notebook though, "Well….This won't due…." And then she turns and starts walking away.

Marcus stands still while Keyson denounces his offer … and then takes it. And then she turns and starts walking away and the boy stands there, dumbstruck. He scratches his head again, watching her as she makes it to the steps. Then, he shrugs and puts the tin foil on his skull, adjusting it and heading after her. "Hey, Keyson, wait up!" he calls, sliding the backpack onto his back again.

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