(2020-11-10) Music and Home Sickness
Music and Homesickness
Summary: Quentin plays piano, and he and Reese talk about things.
Date: IC Date (2020-11-10)
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Art Room Coral Springs
Tue Nov 10 12:04:24, 2020 — Tue Nov 10 09:04:24 2020

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.

The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.

The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.

Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.

Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.

It is a fall day. The weather is cold and snowy.

Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Reese - A short teen, probably half-Asian. Always wearing a slouchy beanie pulled low to cover all the hair.
Exits: [Out] Academic Building

It's maybe an hour before classes start, and the weather outside is cold and snowy again. Still? Quentin doesn't actually have class in the art room this morning, but there's a piano, and his had been left behind in Wales. So here he is. Still wearing the ubiquitous sunglasses, he strokes his fingers over the keys as he sits down on the bench. He presses a key, testing the sound, and nods, finding it perfectly in tune. "Perfect," he murmurs, bringing his other hand up to rest on the keys. He starts playing, a simple melody, but pretty none the less.

Is there even an art class in the morning? Who knows, Reese certainly doesn't. Their art class isn't until sometime after lunch. They aren't very artsy but it was a better option than life science. Entering the room, dark eyes scan the space, overlooking Quentin for a moment as they search the room. A few words are said under their breath as they cross the room, to start searching the cabinets where the smocks and protective clothing is kept. As the piano music starts there is another look to where Quentin sits at the piano "Nice playing." they say "I wanted to learn when I was little, but my mom wouldn't let me." They are dressed in the uniform, but the blazer seems to be missing.

Quentin has his blazer on. He stops the music to shrug out of it now, and sets it beside him on the bench. "Thanks," he says. He glances over his shoulder to Reese. "I enjoy it. It's a good way to stop thinking for a little while." He turns back to the piano and starts in on another song, one that's a little bit more complicated, a little bit more lyrical. "How are you today?" The question is slightly distracted, given that most of his focus and concentration is on the song he's playing.

Reese searches through the cabinet a few moments before exhaling a sigh of relief. Their blazer is pulled from the cabinet and the pockets searched. "You've only been here for two days and you need a brain distraction already?" a phone wrapped in earbud cords is pulled from the inner pocket before the blazer is put on "I wonder if that is a record. For me it was a week and a half before I had to find something to sew." sewing, that's a bit old fashioned.

Quentin nods seriously. "Yes," he says. "Mostly, it's something familiar. Nothing else here is. I haven't ever been away from my family for this long. The weather is too cold and dry. The land is different. The sky is different. The sea is even different. It's… a little distressing." Someone might be a little homesick! Though his voice does remain distracted, the song never faulters. He draws it to its natural end, and then lets the sound die. He blows out a breath. "It's too bright, here. A good part of the time back home, I could go outside without my sunglasses and still see where I was going." Quentin chews on his lower lip and takes a breath. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't whinge."

That is something Reese can relate to "I've never been away from home at all." they say in a manner that suggests they understand "Not even weekend overnights at my grandparents." they take a moment to fix the mess they made of the cabinet before going to lean against a table "After the first few visits the nurses in the infirmary said they couldn't treat homesickness." as for that other stuff, they can only imagine what a pain that is. "It's not as bad now. It only happens if I get a call from my dad or sister."

Quentin turns on the bench and pulls his feet up onto it. He hugs his arms around his knees, and lays his cheek against them, turned so he can see Reese. "Same, other than school days. But the rest of the time, my family was always there. This.." He looks around the classroom. "It's neat, but…" He shakes his head, meeting Reese's eyes again. She knows! "That reminds me, though. I need to visit the nurses in the infirmary. I want to volunteer my powers. That's in the…" His brow furrows as he thinks on the literature map. "Admin building, right?" He takes a deep breath and blows it out slowly. "I imagine it'll get better. I should just be happy I have Kentucky. My parents are trying to adopt him, so he's kinda my brother. So.. y'know. Makes it a little easier." Remember the bright side!

Reese totally gets it. They are surprised that more students aren't having the same issue, or maybe they are and hide it better. "Your powers?" brows furrow as eyes shift upward a moment "Your powers are healing based?" it's the shot in the dark that makes the most sense. "Yes, that's where it is." (OOC: If the player remembers right at least). Confusion for a moment "Your brother? You mean the guy you were with yesterday?" a blush colors their face and an embarrassed laugh is given "I thought," a dismissing hand is waved "nevermind that. Good luck to your parents on adopting him."

Quentin might be able to hide it better once he has a chance to get used to the place. But with so much different… yeah, he's not succeeding well. Yet! He nods. "Yeah, healing. I can assess health, and heal." Quentin blows out a breath and uncurls his arms from his knees and sits up like the sixteen year old he is. The motion is very reminiscent of 'come /on/ Quen, stop acting like a baby!'. He nods about his brother. "Yeah. Kentucky." He blinks, and then laughs, shaking his head. "You thought we were.. what? Together? Nah. But I know what his triggers are and how to snap him out of most of them. Thanks. Mum and Da say it's gonna take time, but have faith it'll work out. And so do I. Ky's good people." He doesn't seem to be overly bothered by whatever Reese had thought. Or, at least, he's not embarassed by it.

"Well that's useful at least." Reese replies "I seem to remember student assistants in the infirmary when I went there those few times, but I honestly wasn't paying much attention." they were too busy wallowing in self pity. More blushing as Quentin prods but the mention of triggers makes it fade "I have heard that quite a few students have troubled pasts. It's good that he has found a friend that treats him like a brother." they will have to keep that in mind for the future.

"It can be useful. And it's fun learning what everything means. My parents have taught me some, but as they both say, we never stop learning. There's always something new to learn." He nods about troubled pasts. "I think I should be grateful I'm not one of them. I like my nice calm past." He smiles at the part about Kentucky. "Having a brother is good for him. Having friends will be good for him too." He turns back to the piano and starts in on another, simpler song, a jaunty, cheerful one this time.

"My mom helped me as best she could. Her powers are a bit different than mine." Reese tells him "My dad is normal. He has no powers. Neither does my sister. It only happens in the oldest child on my mom's side of the family." It's not just random power in their family. "Friends are good." They give a grin and then gestures out "I'm going to get breakfast. I'll see you later." With that they put their earbuds in and load up some music as they head out.

Quentin nods thoughtfully to that. "I inherited the powers from both my parents. Dad has the healy stuff. Mum the shifting. Caitrien's powers haven't manifested yet, so we're not sure what she's going to have yet." He finishes the song and gently closes the cover over the keys, then rises to his feet. "Yeah. Friends are good. And breakfast sounds fantastic. See you later." He heads out at that point too, but heads for the Prometheus dorms first.

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