(2020-11-09) Meeting Sebastian and Keyson
Meeting Sebastian and Keyson
Summary: Quentin meets Sebastian and Keyson
Date: IC Date (2020-11-09)
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Coral Springs Courtyard Coral Springs
Mon Nov 09 22:23:53, 2020 — Mon Nov 09 19:23:53 2020

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a fall night. The weather is cold and snowy.

Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Keyson - A delicate 14 year old hispanic girl with long dark hair. She always has a necklace with a key on it around her neck.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Sebastian - Freshman Latino teen, Black, shoulder-length hair and dark eyes.
Exits: [AB] Academic Building [AC] Admin Complex
[D] Coral Springs Dock [PA] Patio

[E] Metis/Prometheus Lobby [W] Ares/Athena Lobby

Keyson leans forward, like she's tellling him a secret, "It's not good for your hair." Being electricuted, that is. The tiny teen's eyes widen and her voice rises an active, 'We have a beach?!?!" She's speaking in Spanish and the new girl is dressed not in uniform. A hoodie with a t-rex starting "uNstaoppable" and her hair is braided over a shoulder. Turning away from Sebastian, who's seated on a bench, she looks arudn almost frantically, "Is there sand? Do we get seagulls? Seashells? Cam we swim?" It's not quite dinner time.

Sebastian is also speaking in Spanish when he replies, "<Yes, there's a beach…and don't most beaches have sand? I guess some have rocks…pre-sand? I think there are seagulls everywhere. I guess there are shells? There are some tidepools and those are interesting…and yes, we can swim. I'm not sure if they have a lifeguard there…I only went down in the summer but there were far fewer people here." At the mention of electrocution and his hair he offers, "If I get electrocuted, I'll have a lot more to worry about than just my hair."

Quentin enters the area from the direction of the academic building, of all places. At nearly dinner time. Must be an over achiever. He pauses to look over the statues, and then notices the voices. He glances toward Keyson and Sebastian, but there's no comprehension on his face at whatever they're saying. Spanish is, apparently, something he doesn't know. He offers polite nods to both of them as he starts across the courtyard toward the patio. His pace is unhurried.

Keyson eyes Seb's hair, "No…you should worry about your hair if you get electricuted." She seems happy with the news of the beach though, "Yay! That's going to be so much fun!" The teen clamps her hands togethr, bouncing in place. A pink cast is barely visible underneath her right sleeve of her hoodie. "Oh!" That's universal! She switches to English, "Hello!" She waves as she smiles at Quintin, she's new to the school.

"If I get electrocuted, I'll be dead. Don't think I'll care about my hair then," Sebastian response in Spanish, but when Keyson switches to English and greets another student, he looks over and offers a nod right back. He's on a bench with, what looks to be, homework stuffs, his uniform tie stuffed into the pocket of his blazer.

Quentin is also new to the school. He'd just started classes today, in fact. He doesn't have any books or homework with him, oddly. What could he possibly have been doing in there? Maybe he left them behind? He tucks his hands into his pockets as he starts past the pair on the bench. Only to pause as he's greeted in English. "Hello," he replies, his own English strongly accented with Welsh. "How are you both?"

Keyson giggles at Sebastian, "You should always care about your hair, silly!" She has a Chicago accent, not from around here it seems. Turning to Quintin, "I just got here! This is so fantastic! Do you like the school? What grade are you? I'm a freshman, so it Sebastian! Isn't that wonderful? I don't have a team yet, do you? What color are you going to pick, what's your favorite cookie?" She ends the tirade with a head tilt, blinking expectantly and then giggling.

Sebastian blinks at the greeting but then offers, in English, to Keyson, "If I'm dead, I really don't think I'll be caring about anything." He then sort of sits back and watches as Keyson spews her barrage of questions at the new kid. At least she only asked him these one at a time!

Without his sunglasses on, just regular glasses at present, Quentin glancing up at his hair, fluffy and kinda mussy, is easy to see. He looks back to the pair sitting on the bench a moment later, though. "Uh. Sophomore. I just started today, though, so still learning." He tilts his head a bit at the barage of questions, but doesn't seem flustered, just considering his answers. "I'm not sure about picking a color, but I went Prometheus. What are the colors to choose from?" That's an interesting question! "Favorite cookie is ginger snaps." He blinks at Sebastian. "Why would you be dead?" Quentin's brow furrows with some concern at that!

Keyson tuns back and tells Seb, "Don't worry, I'll fix your hair so you don't have to worry about it." Wait, does she mean now or if he's dead or what?!? But then she laughs at her joke and looks back at Quentin expectantly. "oooh! You're older! Wiser! More mature!" She laughs, "You're yellow too!" She points at Seb's tie stuffed in his pocket, "Team mates!" A soft gasp at the revelantion of his favorite cookie, 'I've never made those before!"

"If I'm electrocuted, I would be…so I'd rather not, thank you." Sebastian then looks between Quentin and Keyson before pointing out, "Just because someone's older doesn't automatically mean they're more mature." The Sophomore gets another glance when he says he's in Prometheus, but a hand drifts back to his homework book…it might get opened again.

Quentin looks back and forth between the two, hazel eyes settling on Sebastian. "If you were electrocuted, you would not necessarily be dead. Or it might be possible to resuscitate you." He looks a bit started at the proclamation that he's older, wiser, and more mature. He shakes his head. "Older, maybe, not sure about wiser or more mature," he points out. "Maybe?" He follows the pointing to Sebastian's tie, and then Quentin fingers his own tie, still at his throat, though a touch loosened. "Is that what color it is? Yellow?" A smile comes, next. "Ooh. Ginger snaps are very tasty. Sweet, but with a bit of a bite, and crunchy. I like ginger bread too, but the crunch of the snaps is very nice."

Keyson thinks it's funny that Seb feels the need to point that out. A bright grin is flashed in his direction before she tells Quentin, "Maybe!" She moves closer to him, invading his personal space to look closely at the tie, "Yup! that's yellow!" She lifts her hand to poke at the tie, much like she did Sebs before looking up and clasping her hands together, "Ginger snaps it is then!"

"Trust me. I haven't tested it out, but I'm fairly certain that I would be," Sebastian offers before he watches as Keyson moves up close to the other kid. "She's very excited to be here," he points out unnecessarily.

Quentin is suddenly glad for the uniform he hadn't changed out of after classes as his personal space is invaded. He doesn't back away, but he looks … not precisely uncomfortable, but hesitant. He doesn't even back away from the poking at his tie! "I highly recommend ginger snaps. I'll message Mum and see if she's willing to make some." His eyes shift to Sebastian and he nods. "I see that," he says. "By the way, I'm Quentin. Pleasure to meet both of you," he says, eyes moving between both of them as the words are for both of them.

Keyson makes a pish-posh noise at Sebastian and waves her hands excitedly, whatever that means before looking back at Quentin, "Oh, you don't have to do that. I'll make them!" Oh boy. She smiles up at him, head tilted sligthtly, "I'm Keyson! But you can call me Key. Everyone does!…Well, not everyone, but a lot of people that know me do!" She giggles and will ask him, "Where are you from?" She's still not moved out of his personal space.

Sebastian offers, "You can also buy them at the store," even as he starts to open his homework back up. He'll look up again and offers another blink before glancing back down. Keyson already introduced him, so he seems fine to leave it at that.

But after a moment, the book is closed again and whatever he had is gathered up, "I'm heading to dinner. It'll be starting somewhat soon…sinc you two are new, thought you'd want to know."

Quentin nods to that. "Okay, that works. I'd be willing to try them." Guinea pig, anyone? "It's a pleasure, Key," he says. "You can call me Quen or Quentin, whichever you prefer. I'll answer to both." The giggling is infectious, in that it brings a smile and a measure of relaxation to Quentin's body language. "Wales. I'm from Aberystwyth in Wales. Where are you from?" He doesn't seem to be minding the personal space invasion so much anymore. He blinks at Sebastian. "Buy them at the store? But homemade cookies are so much better," he says. But for the dinner bit, he nods. "Thanks, I appreciate that. I'm still not used to everything here."

Keyson gasps, looking almost comically shocked at Seb, "They're not for you, don't be mean! Her head lifts in a defient way, but she nods, dinner would be nice. Again she clasps her hands, "I like Quen! I'm gonna call you Quen, Q!" What? "Whales? That's far away! Do we see a lot of whales here? That's a lot of water!" She laughs, lifting a hand to cover her mouth, "I'm from Chicago! Bang Bang!" She lifts and points a finger gun at him before laughing again.

Sebastian just sort of blinks at the others before shaking his head and muttering something…not in Spanish or in English. He gathers his books and offers, "See you both later then," and seems like he might say something else, but chooses not to. He will offer, though, before making his way back inside, "Don't stay out after Curfew or you'll get in trouble. There are a lot of rules…and they seem to mean them." And with that, he goes to drop off his books before going to dinner.

Quentin laughs. "No, not whales, like the ocean creatures. Wales, no 'h', the country. It's part of the UK. It's on the western coast of the eastern island. But it is a lot of water. It's northeast of here. It's pretty warm here, compared to where I'm from." He pauses a moment. "What's Chicago like?" He waves to Sebastian. "Later!" He nods about curfew. "I won't. The tired is already setting in," he says with a quiet laugh. It is warm out tonight, no snow in evidense. And just about dinner time. If dinner hasn't already been served in the cafeteria. He and Keyson are standing next to a bench, and Keyson is very much standing in Quentin's personal space. But he doesn't seem to mind, having relaxed because of her apparent bubbly and happy personality.

Keyson nods, eyes wide, "I know! But can we sees whales here?" She's very….tangenty. She's standing a little in Q's personal space, th tiny teen has on a hoodie, but underneath it if one notices such things is a pink cast on her right arm. "Chicago? oh! It's windy and cold….and warm It's great! We have the best popcorn there!" She laughs, it's a warm sound, "I thought I'd be there forever, but now I'm here!" Her hands go up in the air in a who knew kinda motion. "Sebastian says there's a beach and everything here! with sand!"

Quentin bounces up on his toe tips and nods. "Oh! Yes, you can see whales here. I was out flying this morning and saw some out away from the island." He notices, perhaps for the first time, the pink cast on her right arm. "What happened to your arm?" he asks. He nods to what she says about Chicago. "It sounds interesting. And yes, a beach. And a cliff. And some tide pools and a peninsula too, but it's not safe to go there unless you can fly."

From the direction of the dock is where Kentucky appears. His shoulders are hunched forward, his chin ducked and his gaze downcast. His breath fogs in the cold air, and snow drifts down to the ground. His hands are tucked into the pockets of his jeans, and his long dark hair is speckled with snow, locks of it falling forward to either side of his face. He's not entirely dressed for the cold, and he wanders his way towards the courtyard, leaving footprints in the snow. Quiet and shy.

Keyson laughs, turning towards the water almost liek she's hoping to see the whales right now. "I wish i could fly and see whales." She looks back at him and with an almost childlike honesty tells him, "I broke it." She pouts, wanting to go see all the places, 'No fair!" The weatehr sure got cold fast, the small freshman, tugs at her hoodie, "Do you know where dinner is?"

Quentin notices Kentucky about the time he notices the snow is falling. He lifts a hand to wave to Kentucky, and then turns his attention back to Keyson, stuffing the hand back into his pocket. He smiles at flying and seeing whales. "It's fun. Flying." He tilts his head and glances down at her cast. He keeps his hands both in his pockets, lest temptation get the better of him. "I can… fix that.. if you like," he offers, nodding to her broken arm. "I won't, unless you want me to, though." He nods about dinner. "Yes, I know where dinner is. Across the patio and into the cafeteria. That way," he says, nodding in the appropriate direction.

Keyson blinks, head tilting again as she's not sure what he means, "Do you not like it?" Her hand reaches up to tug at her braid, a touch of nervousness showing, "I liked the color, I thought it was fun. Is it too much? Sometimes I'm too much. Like when I talk about whales. Or popcorn." She follows his wave and will wave to the incoming quiet student, "I talk a lot." She can admit that.

As he draws closer to the courtyard, Kentucky's steps slow a little bit, the voices heard. His dark gaze lifts, and there's a smile that comes to tug at the corners of his lips at spying Quentin, and he lifts a hand to offer a wave in return. And there's a bit of colour that comes to his cheeks at the wave he gets from the other student there, offering a small nod. His hand slips back into the pocket of his jeans, and he stops once he's come within normal speaking range of the pair. "Hey, Quen," he offers in greeting, giving him a small nod. Then he looks to the girl and manages a little bit of a smile. "Hi," he says, in a quieter voice. Shy, still, but at least he actually greeted her.

Quentin shakes his head. He pulls a hand out and points at her arm, but doesn't move to actually touch it. "No, no. Your arm. I can fix it so it isn't broken. Your braid is beautiful and fun and I like it a lot." He shakes his head again as he draws his hand back and tucks it back into his pocket. "You aren't too much. You remind me of my sister. She talks a lot too. She will probably start here next year if we're still here." He smiles at Kentucky then looks to Keyson. "Key, this is my friend Kentucky. He's also a sophomore and also new here. He started today too. Kentucky, this is Keyson, she is new, and a freshman." Introductions out of the way!

The new student gets a smile , btu she's distracted by what Quen is saying, "oh. .. OH! Not my braid!" And then she laughs, "I was going to tell you you were being very rude, but I'm glad you're not! yay!" She compeleltly forgets his actual question, she seems happy he's not being rude, 'Oh wow, you have a sister, how fun! She's coming here too?" She giggles, "Hello Kentucky! You're older and smarting and more mature too!" Again she laughs at her own joke. She's a happy one!

Quentin's mention of the girl's arm causes him to look towards it and make notice of the cast that she wears. His brow furrows a little bit, a touch of worry to his features. Yet he doesn't ask about it. He glances towards Quentin, one of his eyebrows nudging up a touch. There's a flicker of something in his dark eyes when Quentin mentions the possibility of them not being here in a year, but he doesn't chase after that yet, either. "Thank you, Quen," he says, a little smile tugging the corners of his lips, for the introduction. His gaze turns to Keyson, and there's a little smile and a nod. "It's nice to meet you, Keyson," Kentucky says softly. He blinks a little, perhaps a bit uncertain by her bubbliness. "Older, yes. Smarter and more mature is… undetermined," he adds, giving a small nod. It's true.

Quentin chuckles. "That would have been very rude of me, yes." Hands remain tucked into pockets. They itch to heal. To fix that which is broken. He nods. "A sister, yes. Caitrien. She's thirteen. So next year, if we're still here. She'll be a freshman next year." He doesn't speak further on them not being here next year. Afterall, he hadn't expected to be anywhere but Aberystwyth this year, and yet here he is. Nothing is really solid as far as location goes for him anymore. "Welcome, Ky." He glances back to Keyson. "I don't think I'm smarter or more mature. I think I'm still just me."

Keyson laughs again , something Kentucky says amuses her, "You're funny! You can call me Key, almost everyone does. Well, everyone that knows me does. It's shorter." She nods, agreeing with herself, "I'm going to make Q cookies! What's your favorite cookie, Kentucky? My is chocoalte chip. His is ginger snaps, and Sebastian likes store bought cookies." She ends that mini tyrade with a yuck face and her tongue sticking out. She laughs, turning back to Q, her hand patting his arm, "I know you're not rude! You're too nice to be rude. And you have a nice yellow tie!"

There are reasons for Kentucky to have the concerns he does about Quentin possibly not being around here come next year. But he says nothing. That… that will wait until later. There's a little smile to tug at the corners of his lips as he looks to Quentin, giving a small nod to him. "Being just you is a good thing," he says, a thoughtful note to his voice. His gaze turns to Keyson, and he tilts his head faintly to one side. "I… am?" he asks, a bit uncertainly and hesitantly. He wasn't trying to be funny. "Thank you, Key. It is kind of you," he says, giving a small nod. Then he blinks a bit, at the suggestion and question about cookies. "I… don't know. I… don't have a lot of experience with cookies," he says, colour rushing into his cheeks as his chin ducks.

"Homemade cookies are so much better than store bought cookies," agrees Quentin. He smiles at her assertion that he's too nice to be rude. "Thank you," he says. "I try not to be rude. It's in my nature to fix things, make them better, not worse. My Da tells me that's all part of being a healer." He considers the cookie question, and looks thoughtful for a moment. "I imagine Ky will like anything chocolate, since he seems to like chocolate just fine. Maybe chocolate with butterscotch chips."

Keyson's eeys widen again, she almost looks like a cartoon, "Oh! Oh ! Oh! You don't? Oh, no no no! That won't do. iI'll make cookies for you to try. You have to have a favorite cookies." She takes a step closer to Kentucky, "It's important!" Well, at least to her it's important! Looking back at Q, "You're a healer? that's so wonderful! Do you heal birds when you fly?" She looks up, a snow flake landing on her cheek, "Ah ha ha! look at the snow! Yay!"

Kentucky doesn't know a lot about cookies, and so he's a bit quiet with the discussion of home made versus store bought. There's a smile that tugs his lips at Quentin's suggestion, taking a moment to consider it before he gives a nod. "You're likely right. I do like chocolate," he admits, a bit shyly. He's not really used to having likes. It's a new thing. His dark gaze turns to Keyson, and he blinks a little at her reaction. "Umm… it… they… I wasn't given any…?" he says quietly, hesitant and sheepish over it. He doesn't back away from her when she steps closer to him. "I am willing to try them," he adds. Meaning the cookies. Then he glances towards the snow, and he wrinkles his nose a little bit. "Snow is… challenging."

Quentin can get behind that idea! "Oh yes, I agree with that. Cookies are brilliant," he says. It really is important! Quentin agrees very definitely. He nods. "Yes, I am. I can heal people or animals. I try not to heal animals. They can't cooperate and it takes too much energy from me." He smiles and nods about the snow. "We don't get snow very often in Aberystwyth. It's right on the ocean so we get ocean effect." He pauses. "I can heal when I'm in my osprey form, so long as I can touch, but I try not to, because getting permission usually means the person cooperates. I can't do that with a beak. People don't understand what I'm saying." He grins at Kentucky's comment about snow. "It can be. I wonder how much there will be here," he says thoughtfully. Then shakes his head. "Come on. All this talk of cookies is making me hungry and it's time for dinner." Quentin waves the pair of them to come along and heads for the patio as the fastest way to get to the cafeteria.

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