(2020-11-08) There's a Party!
There's a Party!
Summary: Cora puts on a party. The light show is spectacular.
Date: IC Date (2020-11-08)
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NPCs: Various NPC Students
Scene Runner: Cora

Woody Area Coral Springs
Sun Nov 08 19:59:43, 2020 — Sun Nov 08 16:59:43 2020

It would be easy for new students to mistake the island for a tropical one. In the summer, the climate is indeed similar. However, if nothing else broke that impression, then surely this small forest of sugar maples, birches, chestnut trees, and white ash would. They stretch high into the sky, providing shade and cool in the summer, shelter from the cold wind in the winter, and lavish reds, golds, and browns in the fall as their leaves change. The ground beneath is soft underfoot in summer, the quiet broken only by the rolling seas, the wind, and the occasional quiet buzz of a security drone overhead.

It is a fall evening. The weather is warm and sunny.

Cora - Short, pale, frail brunette teenage girl.
Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Marcus - 5' 6" African American teenager with a short locks and wide smile.
Marilou - Blonde girl, dashing smile and colorful clothes
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Exits: [BE] Beach [BF] Back Field
[CL] Cliff [Fly] Central School Sky

For days now, there's been rumors. Talk of something interesting to happen this evening. It's all over the place really, that there's going to be a party, that a teacher is going to show some super awesome cool amazing thing they can do, that a long shipped couple is going to finally go public with their totally true love! Really, the imagination is the limit, because everyone has some theory or another. The truth is… well, maybe not stranger than fiction, because in its own way it is just as weird and surprising, as one of the school's more shy Juniors, Cora Thiel - who is known to be the daughter of a pair of supervillain thieves to begin with! Sunset has come. Darkness is growing, but there's a Ghostly GLOW in the Forest, something pretty darned obvious at that, attracting those who might be inclined and interested. The students who were here most of last year especially seem to have a good idea what's up, though aren't saying much. But some of them are here (those who know cliques might notice the more nerdy and musical sorts are especially well represented!). ((The set))

The half-Native boy hasn't been here for long enough to have heard days of rumours, yet. He's only been at the campus since the day before, after all. But he did catch the whisperings that mentioned -something-. Though the only common thread behind what he'd heard was that it had to do with the forest. While not being one who's generally attracted to crowds of people for various and assorted reasons, crowds of trees don't sound too bad. He's dressed all in black, which may have been planned or it may have been nothing greater than happenstance. The darkness of the hour doesn't particularly bother him as he makes his way towards where the trees are, following the relative direction of the glow visible. Curiosity is an interesting force, especially when it clamours to be satisfied. There is a hunch to his shoulders, and his gaze is mostly downcast, though he does sort of keep an eye to where he's putting his feet. And he stops, with noticing other people who seem also to be gathering, his brow furrowing a little bit as he stays quiet. He stuffs his hands into the pockets of his jeans, and he takes a moment to look back towards the campus. Uncertain, a bit hesitant and unsure.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," mutters Quentin as he hurries behind Kentucky, catching up in that moment the other youth pauses to look backward. He's dressed how he normally is when not in any sort of uniform. That is, with no regard at all toward colors. Tonight, he is, however, not wearing his sunglasses. That's a somewhat unusual occurance. As it's dark, he's wearing his normal glasses. He catches the rest of the way up to the taller boy and nudges Kentucky's arm with his shoulder as he passes on the path. "Any idea what's goin' on?" Quentin keeps a steady pace, now, keeping an eye on where he's walking, not wanting to trip on anything.

Weird floating meditation pose or not. Cora's mortified. She hasn't really done a huge party like this since near the close of last year, and that was just for a few close friends and obviously that was easy! She's just unremarkable enough to be able to slip between the cracks. No one super powerful, no one super high on the honor role, not super pretty, not getting all the solos in Choir (though if you're in Choir, you'd know her!). No, Cora's just another mousey Junior girl prone to more nocturnal living at that. The lights start getting a bit more crazy, almost like a laser show or something, flashing around and casting new shadows all over! So when she suddenly takes a deep breath and the stage is revealed in whole, aside from the bit near her? Complete with some speakers to each side and a computer and such on the table as she turns. "Hey." Comes a shy voice, ampilifed by a microphone. Her feet reaching the ground. "I'm DJ Willow Wisp." Her voice is airy and shy sounding as can be - her accent almost Scottish, but something else is there too, she looks really pale and nervous too. Looks like she's leaning into the symbolism of leading people into the forest with ghostly lights! Then she touches something on her computer and suddenly some tones begin, for the moment just ghostly sounding flute sounds with a super slow drum beat pattern that might, just might be picking up in speed audible too. Not to mention a few swooshing sounds reminiscent of the sort of electronic noises used to emulate stars and reminiscent of space! Meanwhile, the lights continue to dance, strange ghostly figures appearing and flitting around in the air just out of reach!

D'awwww. A /party/? This was /not/ what Marcus had prepared for. He frowns and looks around, staying at the edge of the clearing. And there's a bunch of people here, too? Marcus cluthces his backpack a little tighter and scans his surroundings. But, hey, look! There's a Marilou! Well … maybe he won't retreat /just/ yet. But he's definitely hiding in the trees, peeking, instead of coming in to the party with others.

There's a smile to come and tug about at the corners of his lips as he watches Quentin approaching. He waits until the redhead has caught up to him, and then he lifts one of his shoulders in a small shrug. "No," he says softly, giving a small shake of his head. "All the rumours mentioned was something in the forest. The something ranged from being actually plausible to make no sense to me, at least," he adds, ducking his chin a touch. He starts to walk again, with Quentin, and one of his eyebrows quirks up a touch. "Want better light to see by, for walking?" Kentucky offers quietly, looking through his lashes to the redhead. It's a shy thing. All of him tends to be that way, though. He's not used to offering anything that involves his powers… or really offering anything. His brow furrows a bit at the flashing of the lights, and he edges a bit closer to Quentin. And he goes or stays quiet when the sounds start up. This isn't what he thought would be found here in the forest, and he gives Quentin an apologetic look. He didn't know that the rumours would turn out to be this amount of people and flashing lights and similar such.

Deciding that this is definitely not his type of 'adventure,' Marcus digs his flashlight out of his bag and heads off further into the woods to see if there's anything else going on out here tonight.

Quentin squints in preparation of the light hurting his eyes. And it does, just not as badly as it could have done. He takes a moment to swap out his regular glasses for his sunglasses, tucking the regular glasses into the case the sunglasses came out of, and back into the pocket they'd come from. Some tension eases from his shoulders with the lessening of the light getting to his eyes. He glances sidelong at Kentucky, and nods thoughtfully. "Which means it's likely nothing that had been mentioned." He sounds Welsh. Quentin shakes his head at the offer of better light. "Sadly, better light tends to make it harder for me to see, not easier." He shrugs a little bit. It's a thing that sucks, but there it is. He doesn't seem to be overly bothered by the amount of people here, any more than he is by the flashing lights now that his sunglasses are on.

What might be impressive about this? There's legitimately no actual lights. Just whatever strange power Cora has dancing around and pulsating to this music. The beat is starting to kick in now, a bit more speed, abit more intensity from the music as she starts messing around on the computer! A woosh has become prominent especially, reminiscent of the wind. Everything is building up. This just seems to be the warm up, but all the same Cora's looking terrified up there, as if worried people aren't going to like it!

There's a furrow of worry that finds his brow as he watches Quentin swapping his glasses. But the expression eases once he notices the tension leaving the redhead's shoulders. He continues to walk along with him, amongst the trees, and he chews a little bit at the inside of his lower lip. "M'sorry, I didn't know there would be lights… like this," Kentucky says quietly. He glances towards where the lights are emanating from, then looks over to Quentin, feeling a bit bad over it. It had been his idea to check things out, after all. "All that was really mentioned, for sure, was the forest… and I think that was just to pull people here," he adds, frowning a little bit.

Quentin does look impressed as he looks around. His head even starts bobbing to the music. "I think I like this," he says to Kentucky, just loud enough to be heard by said person. He glances over at the other again, and bumps him with an elbow. "It's okay. That's what my sunglasses are for. I'll survive, and this is neat enough to be worth any discomfort." Quentin flashes a rare smile at Kentucky, and then looks back toward the stage, edging closer to see what's going on. "Stop worrying, I'm fine. And if I wind up not, you'll just have to lead me back out of the light later." He grins again, but doesn't look away from the stage just now.

The strange Blue Green lights really are different! They're soft, pleasant. More like a night light sort of thing than any bright thing to hurt the eyes. And the spirals and dancs they're going through right now are quite ethereal at that. Prominent now is a ghostly figure, almost like a faceless knight or something dancing up there in a courtly style. But the first song suddenly gives way, fading into a new one - probably a bit more recognizable, at least to some of those here. Since it's a remix of a Chvrches song, Heaven/Hell. Cora's starting to get a nervous smile on her face too, even as she seems to bob and sway a bit to the music up there.

Kentucky tilts his head a touch to one side as he looks to Quentin, and there's a little smile to come to tug at the corners of his lips. And he ducks his chin, his cheeks colouring a bit. "I'm glad you like it, I wasn't sure what it would be," he says softly, looking to him through his lashes. "It is… different. I'm… trying to figure it out," he adds, that little smile returning. And he actually, perhaps even surprisingly, gives a short little giggle at the bump that's given him. "I believe you. And I'll keep you safe, Quen. It is neat," he says softly, giving a small nod and continuing to walking along with the redhead. "How do they move like that?" he asks, curious.

Quentin steps a bit closer to Kentucky. "What color are the lights?" The question has a somewhat wistful sort of tone to it. He watches the ghostly figure, curious at the .. story?.. that's unfolding on the stage along to the music. His head continues to bob to the music too. The question posed of him has Quentin shaking his head. "I don't know. Computer projection, maybe? Or some sort of power. I would assume it's something along the lines of one or the other of those things." He finally stops at a distance where he can see clearly, which is at about twenty feet from the stage, no more than that. He tries, of course, to go to a spot that has a few less people so they're not jostled, at least. For Kentucky's sake.

One of the other students nearby says. "Nah, not computer. That's Cora there. The girl up on stage has some weird illusion powers." The guy says. "She's really shy, but did this once last year too." All the while, the latest song goes on and the lights continue to pule and swirl, and probably would be impressive if they were just a technological projection! Though they are a bit limited in being more blue-green in color, but still quite ethereal and ghostly.

"They're blue mixed with green," Kentucky says softly. He's quiet a moment, considering, and he tilts his head a touch to one side, his dark gaze turning to Quentin. Studying the redhead for a moment. "You… don't see the colours, do you?" he asks quietly, his voice pitched so it'll reach only him. His gaze turns towards the stage, watching for a long moment, chewing a little at the inside of his lower lip, and he moves a touch closer to Quentin. A bit protectively. He can't help it, it's the way he is towards the redhead. He looks towards the other student who offered the explanation, and he gives a nod of thanks before his attention returns to the lights. "They're pretty."

Quentin's attention is caught by the nearby student talking to them. "Ah, that makes sense. And makes it even better. That's very cool." His eyes go back to the stage and the head bobbing resumes again. He glances over to Kentucky again, and shakes his head. "Nope, I don't. Shades of grey, black, white." He looks back to the light show on the stage, and shrugs a bit. "I don't even know what blue or green is really supposed to be like." That might explain his entirely lack of caring what colors he happens to be wearing at any given time. "You know, I'm actually kind of looking forward to wearing a uniform. I won't have to worry about color coordination anymore. You know how hard it is to match shades of grey on a color wheel?" He shakes his head a bit, but there's a faint smile there to be seen.

The other students are just sort of getting into it as the music progresses! Now into a more upbeat song that's definitely got a Trance/EDM beat to it, this one seems to be fully the original version though, of a song by Key 4050 and Plumb called 'I Love You.' Cora's getting more into it up there on stage too, her smile wider now too as she sees the others out dancing, or just hanging out and enjoying themselves.

Kentucky chews a bit on his lower lip as he looks across the lights, watching the play of them, and he gives a small nod. "That makes sense… and makes other things make sense," he muses, a thoughtful tone to his voice. "So… umm… that means you might want to know that your shoes are neon green?" he offers, leaning in towards Quen to softly nudge his arm nearest, a little smile touching the corners of his lips. "I'm not really sure how to describe the colours," he admits, his dark gaze following the lights. He chews briefly on his lower lip, and then he lifts one of his shoulders in a bit of a shrug. "I… kind of… had one. Before. I guess it could be called one. Sort of," he says quietly, a thoughtful tone to his voice. "This one will be better, though. I can try to help you… with colours… on casual days," he offers, his gaze turning back to the redheaded youth.

Quentin isn't dancing, but he is at least obviously enjoying the music, if the bobbing of his head is anything to go by. He tilts his head and glances back toward Kentucky. "I don't really know what that means," he says. "Is it bad?" His brow furrows, at the thought that he might be wearing colors that aren't so good. Then again at the admition of uniforms. "I agree, better. I surely won't say no to help with colors. Shopping for clothes is a pain in the tailfeathers if I want anything color coordinated." He shakes his head a bit, amused at his own expense. His attention returns to the stage, and the person up there. He's enjoying himself, despite the lack of colors!

Still more swirling - and that mysterious figure keeps appearing up there in the whirls as well, dancing and looking debonair or something. It does at least give off a vaguely masculine vibe, if a ghostly figure can be said to have such characteristics! While Cora? She's still grinning and dancing along. When this song finishes, or at least whatever snippet she's got, it shifts again to something new. Much like the first song this one starts with all those weird woosh sounds reminiscent of the ambiance in a planetarium to go along with the beats. More crazy, there's a voice singing too! A song about shadows at twilight being beautiful from the sound of it - and probably Cora's voice too, she's definitely at least lip singing along with it!

The half-Native youth isn't dancing, though that's likely because he probably hasn't a clue how to. But he does seem to be listening intently to the music, and watching the flowing of the coloured lights, and those must be good things, right? It means he's not looking down, at least! And his shoulders have even unhunched a little bit. He tilts his head a touch to one side, looking to Quentin, and he quirks a bit of a smile. "It's not a bad thing. Your shoes. They just stand out a little," he says softly, giving a small nod to him. "So… I help you with colours and you help me to not end up with all long sleeves that have cuffs that I can play with. Fair?" he suggests, lifting his right hand to show the fact that the wrist cuff is halfway over his hand and, in fact, being toyed with by his fingers. It's a nervous habit.

It's probably better that Quentin doesn't dance. His dancing is laughable, to say the least. It could even be considered painful to watch! So he tends to content himself with bobbing his head or tapping a foot. Now that they're standing in one place, Quentin is tapping his foot, his head still but for looking between the stage and the people around them. He grins at Kentucky and nods. "Deal. Though I think our uniforms all have long sleeves, so maybe I can just poke you or something when I see you fiddling with them?" To that end, he pokes Kentucky in the shoulder with a single finger. "You're fiddling with your cuffs."

Cora's dancing and singing along, but definitely shows an air of being more nervous now though. But ultimately, she's looking less nervous the longer the song goes on. And when it finishes, it shifts into another old classic… Darude's Sandstorm! A nice little combination of original, old standards, and obscure to familiar modern stuff seems like it will be the theme of the night. And the lights she's got going on seem to swirl around like sand, and whirlwinds for this song!

There might be some toes moving along with the beat of the music, hidden away inside one of Kentucky's shoes as they are. He watches the stage and the lights for a brief moment, then brings his dark gaze to Quentin. Then there's a little smile that tugs at the corners of his lips as he nods. "I think they do, too. Maybe I'll have to see if they'll allow short sleeves. I can't fiddle with the cuffs on those ones," he comments, a bit shyly. He gives a quiet little giggle when Quentin pokes him, a flicker of amusement reflecting in his dark eyes. "I am. I do. It's a thing," he adds. Then he moves his hand to try to push the cuff back up to his wrist before lowering his hand back to his side. He watches Quentin for a moment, then turns his gaze back to the lights in their different patterns, actually seeming to relax just a little bit.

Quentin considers the taller boy, and then motions for Kentucky's arms, expecting them to be brought into reach. "I doubt they'll allow short sleeves. It's a uniform. I just hope they don't take exception to my sunglasses. I can't take most artificial lighting without them. Can't see." His foot keeps tapping to the music, but his eyes and most of his attention are on Kentucky at present. The show and music are nice to have there, though. It's not something Quentin has ever really experienced before. Not like this, at least. With artificial stuff on stage? Sure. Not with powers, though.

The rest of the show will continue through such means. The mixture of music, the trance music more mainstream. The original stuff just weird and always with some sort of theme like Stars, The Desert, or something. The other songs all over the place in terms of if they'd be heard of or not, depending how big a music nerd someone would be. But Cora seems happy up there, an introverted sort of stage presence that sees her opening up if only through dancing and not having to talk to people or something. The lights though? They definitely go wild, sometimes just fun swirls and ambiance. Others will go along with the song. By the end of the show Cora will be looking utterly exhausted too. It can't be easy to keep this sort of power going after all!

Kentucky raises an eyebrow slightly as there's the gesture for his arms, and he ducks his chin a little sheepishly as he offers both arms forward to Quentin, his dark gaze resting on the redhead. "I have a feeling they won't, either. Well… your sunglasses are essentially a prescription, aren't they? Didn't the brochure say that prescription glasses are allowed?" he suggests, trying to remember. "If you have to go without them, well… I'll guide you around, then," he offers, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. "The music is nice. Not too loud, here," he adds in a thoughtful tone.

Quentin nods once and reaches for the right sleeve first. He folds it back, one length of the cuff. Considers, and folds it once more for good measure. Then he releases that sleeve and does the same to the left sleeve. Then nods, satisfied. "There. I think that'll do." He lifts a shoulder as he tucks his hands back into his pockets. "Yeah. But I have prescription glasses. It's the sunglasses I need inside the building. The lights are too bright and I can't see otherwise. They likely won't say much outside of class, but I need to be able to see in class, or learning is going to be a whole lot harder." He nods agreement about the music being not too loud. Now, though, he turns his back on the lights. "The changing lights are starting to make my head hurt, despite my sunglasses." Yes, he's /that/ light sensative.

There's a smile that comes to tug at the corners of Kentucky's lips as Quentin 'fixes' his sleeves, and he ducks his chin a little bit. "Thank you," he says softly, a bit sheepishly. "It'll do, for a little while, at least," he adds, looking to him through his lashes. "Well… the sunglasses are prescription as well, for inside, aren't they? I mean… if you get an eye doctor to write a note or something… they can't really fuss over it, right?" he asks a bit uncertainly. He doesn't know how it works. He tilts his head a little bit when Quentin turns his back to the lights, and he instinctively steps closer to the redhead. "Let's head back then… maybe grab a snack or something on the way back to the dorm?" he suggests.

Quentin ducks his head in shy acknowledgement. "I don't think it specifies 'inside', just 'bright light conditions'. Which, I suppose being under flourescent lights counts." He shakes his head. "My eye doctor is in Wales. Might be hard to get a note. I just hope Mum 'n Da thought of that and already made a note of it for my file that I have to have them inside. Best I can hope for, really, since I forgot to ask them." He lifts a shoulder. "I'm enjoying the music, but wouldn't say no to a snack and some juice or something."

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