(2020-11-08) Kentucky Meets Osprey
Kentucky Meets Osprey
Summary: Kentucky finally gets to meet Quentin as a bird.
Date: IC Date (2020-11-08)
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Tide Pools Coral Springs
Sun Nov 08 10:02:16, 2020 — Sun Nov 08 07:02:16 2020

The rocky shore jut gets rockier a it continues around the island. In some area, like this one, there is nothing but shelves of rocks hanging over or jutting out into the water so that the waves during high tide crash over them quite dangerously. During low tide water collecting in eroded spots and divides in the rock creates tide polls where small sea creatures dwell. It isn't surprising to find sea stars, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and other creatures in the pools. During the early morning it is a favorite resting spot for harbor seals.

It is a fall morning. The weather is warm and sunny.

Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Exits: [P] Path [PS] Peninsula

An osprey flies in the area, slightly larger than average, hinting at the bird being an adult. But the wobbly flight gives other indicators, that the bird is a juvenile and not all that good at flight just yet. It aims for the tide pools and lands, if you can really call it that, on the edge of one in a slightly sandier spot. Or, at least, that spot has sand, which cushions the landing. The bird winds up tumbling beak over tailfeathers, and winds up on its back. It lays there, panting as it stares up at the sky. The eyes which, on this sort of bird, would normally be golden, are actually a reddish hue. It is morning, the sun up and shining brilliantly, if only barely over the horizon at just past seven in the morning. The bird turns its head a little bit, so it's not looking directly into the sunlight, but up into the blue of the sky. Wings spread and limp on the sandy, rocky ground, the bird does not make any effort to fold it's wings or to move at all. Winded from the 'landing'.

It's an early hour of the morning, but… Kentucky has been awake for a while. He tends to wake early. It's out of habit, in part, but it's also because of the nightmares that plague him. His dark hair is damp from a shower that he'd had, the locks of it left to tumble where they will across his shoulders and back. He's come to like having a shower. Another new experience for him. He's wandered, to get some fresh air and to just try to come to terms with all of the changes that have come to his life in just the past few days. It's been a lot. And he's tried not to be overwhelmed by it, but it's hard. He draws in a deep breath of the ocean-scented air, then lets it out slowly as he lifts his gaze to the sky and to the osprey that he spies flying there. It brings a little smile to tug at the corners of his lips. There's a possibility that it could be Quentin, but… it's equally possible that it could be just a wild bird. There's no way for him to tell, with his limited experience on such things and never having seen his friend in that form before. The rough landing causes him to give a slight wince, and he slips his hands from his pockets before quickly picking his way closer to where the bird has landed. And once near, he crouches down to one knee and extends a hand. "Hey… you're okay," he says quietly, half biting his lower lip. And he tilts his head a touch to one side, looking a bit more closely to the bird and, in specific, the eyes of it. One of his eyebrows nudge up a touch. "Quen…?"

Oh, there's someone approaching! The bird flexes his wings opposite of each other and struggles to his feet. He sinks down to his belly, wings still splayed out. It's true that his eyes have that tell tale hint of red to them, likely from the red contacts he always wears to help blot out the glare of bright lights and bring things into better focus for him. The bird turns his head to look at the approaching person, and recognizes him now that he's looking and not reacting instinctively. There are sever high pitched sounds from him, "Ki ki ki." And then back to panting for several more moments. Finally, as the panting eases off, Quentin pulls his wings in, and gives himself a full body shake. The feathers fluff out, and he actually rises to his feet. He looks up at Kentucky and then down again, as though ashamed. That was just embarrassing, crashing in front of a person!

With a small shrug of his shoulders, Kentucky eases his black jean jacket from his shoulders to remove it. With little regard for getting either potentially damp or sandy, the half-Native youth scoots closer and then settles to his rump before arranging his jacket in his lap. "You're all right, Quen. I won't tell anyone. I promise," he says quietly, giving a small nod to the osprey. "C'mon, let me help you dry off…? Or warm you up, if you want," he offers, ducking his chin a little bit. He offers out both hands towards the bird, but doesn't make any motions towards grabbing him at all. "At… least you didn't make a fire shield in a group of people because a soda can made a noise," he says, a little smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Which was entirely embarrassing when it proved to be for no good reason.

Quentin doesn't appear to be wet. His feathers are nice and dry. And the full body shake he'd done got rid of all the dirt and sand and other debris from his landing. He eyes the young man and turns his head to preen an itchy spot between his wings. Clearly, not cold. And likely not wanting any help. Or maybe not needing any help. He turns his head and fluffs the feathers along his head and neck out before letting them relax. Though what it could mean is anybody's guess. In that case, though, both boys had had a good reason for their most recent embarassments to happen. Inexperience and lack of knowledge. Quentin takes a moment to flex his wings, testing out how he feels. Then he spreads them as far apart as they'll go. He flaps experimentally a couple of times, bringing his feet off the ground as he hops to meet said ground again. He does this again, the flapping, and manages to get on up into the air, where he flies around for a few moments before he lands next to one of the tide pools. He snags something with a taloned foot, then flaps up into the air again. His big foot mostly hides whatever it is, but there are bits of reddish orange peeking out to be seen between the scaled toes. He flies back and lands much more gracefully this second time, despite only having one foot. He hops forward and lays whatever it is beside Kentucky, and hops back one pace. It's a sea star.

The young half-Native tilts his head a little to one side as he studies the osprey, still chewing a little bit at his lower lip. There are a lot of things that he doesn't know. A lot of things he has no experience with. He releases his lower lip as the osprey preens, and he withdraws the offer of his hands to bring them to rest within his lap. Shifting a little bit, he tugs his legs a bit closer beneath him in cross-legged fashion, watching the bird seem to… test itself, flexing and stretching the wings. "Prettier in person than in the picture you showed me," he says quietly, giving a single little nod, a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He watches the hopping that happens, a little curious but uncertain. He's never had an opportunity to watch birds let alone specifically an osprey. He watches the bird fly off, admiring the flight and giving a warm smile at the perfect landing on only one foot, sitting up a little bit and leaning a touch forward. And then leaning a little bit more with the sea star left, watching it for a long moment before his dark gaze turns to the osprey. "A… starfish?" he asks quietly. He's never seen one before, but it seems a good guess for what it might be called given that it was in water and is shaped like a star. "Is it… for eating…?"

Quentin fluffs out all of his head and neck feathers again at the compliment of being prettier in person than in the picture. The picture he'd shown Kentucky hadn't really been him, just a generic osprey to show him roughly what he'd look like. The first question, 'a starfish?' is met with a firm nod. The second, has the bird nods, though hesitantly. Maybe they're edible, but an acquired taste? Then he peers at the starfish with one eye, and then the other. Then looks back at Kentucky. It is, apparently, good for looking at, at the very least! He leaves the starfish for another few minutes, then hops forward to take it up in his taloned foot again. He flaps himself up into the air, and goes back to where he'd got the starfish from. Then lands there, puts the starfish back where he'd gotten it from, and flies back to Kentucky's location. He chitters as he circles the youth, and then turns to aim toward the school. The meaning is clear. I'll meet you back at the school. Likely in their room, since that's where he'd shifted to start with. That would explain why the window on Quentin's half of the room had been left open.

It had been enough of an identifier for Kentucky, at least. Living things have a way of having another dimension to them when they're seen in person. He isn't sure how to explain it, but it's like they have more clarity. There's a little smile to tug at the corners of his lips when he turns out to be right about it being a starfish, and right about it being edible. Guessing, sometimes, isn't a terrible thing. "More to look at then to eat, maybe. I do not know how one would eat it," he says softly, reaching out to give one of the arms a little poke with one of his fingers. He watches the starfish on the sand, and watches the osprey as well. Then he tilts his head a touch to one side when Quentin plucks up the starfish in his talons in order to return it to the water, curious and a bit uncertain. The curiosity remains in him at the chittering, though he does look back towards the school when Quentin aims in that direction, and then he looks to Quentin again before giving a small nod, and a little smile. "Mmhmm, I'll meet you back there. I'll head back now," he says softly. He shifts his weight a bit, one of his hands catching his coat as he rises to his feet, and he takes a moment more to watch the osprey. "You could… if you wanted, sometime… umm… ride on my shoulder… or arm," he offers, his voice shy and a bit of colour creeping to his cheeks. Offering anything isn't a thing that he's used to.

Photos are flat. The real thing isn't. It's full of life and vitality. As for eating it? Quentin opens his beak, and closes it. Then opens, and closes. One bite at a time? As for riding on Kentucky's arm or shoulder? Well. Maybe someday. If he's tired. Or can't shift, for whatever reason, at the time. But not so much today, apparently. He flies in a large circle, keeping Kentucky in sight as the youth gets to his feet. He swoops down and around enjoying the feel of the wind sliding against his feathers. His feet are tucked up tight to his belly, where they can stay warm in his feathers.

There's a slight tilt of his head at the miming of eating, and Kentucky gives a little smile. "One bite at a time. Like anything else… right? But I think the bites are easier for you to take, like that, than me," he says quietly, a smile tugging again at the corners of his lips. He gives his jacket a little shake, but doesn't bother with putting it back on again. He's warm enough, at the moment. He starts to walk back towards the school, though along the way he does find himself to often look up towards the osprey flying overhead. Admiring the flight and the sight of him, and perhaps still marvelling at being free to see such things. Freedom is still a novel concept for him.

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