(2020-11-07) Marilou Finds Stuff
Marilou Finds Stuff
Summary: In the Courtyard, Marilou shows how she finds things.
Date: IC Date (2020-11-07)
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Patio Coral Springs
Sat Nov 07 21:15:59, 2020 — Sat Nov 07 18:15:59 2020

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and sunny.

Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Marcus - 5' 6" African American teenager with a short locks and wide smile.
Marilou - Blonde girl, dashing smile and colorful clothes
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Sydney - Steel Girl. Short. Blued steel hair. Green reflective eyes.
Exits: [BF] Back Field [CA] Cafeteria
[CO] Coral Springs Courtyard [CW] Covered Walkway
[SB] Student Building

There's a glance given to the boy that was tossed the pillow, and one of his eyebrows nudges just a touch upwards. "Hey," he offers quietly, towards Marcus, by way of a greeting of sorts. Then his gaze turns towards the stuff that's been dumped out from a box on a table, but he doesn't touch any of it. He just looks. And his fingers continue to fidget around the wrist cuffs of his shirt. His dark gaze lifts to Marilou, and he tilts his head a touch to one side. "Would be a waste, if no one did," he says quietly, his brow furrowing a little bit. "I'm Kentucky," he offers quietly, giving his name. "So you… find things… that people need?" he asks.

Standing next to a table on the patio, upon which Marilou has dumped out a box of Stuff(TM), Marcus nods to Kentucky. Marilou just introduced herself, so after Kentucky follows suit, Marcus doesn't have much choice but to offer, "Marcus," in his turn. But, then Marilou says she can find stuff … 'for a price.' And that piques Marcus's interest.
"Wait, you can find stuff? What kind of stuff? Are you some kind of private investigator? Do you go out and solve 'mysteries'?!" the young black teen asks. And, from the way he says, 'mysteries,' it's apparently a proper noun in his mind. "… do you need help!?!?"

Marilou beams a bit, still with that pleased grin on her lips as if she took pleausre in messing around about what exactly she could do. "That's one way to put it, I guess," She replies to Kentucky.
The sudden surge of energy and interest that comes from Marcus seems to surprise Marilou who blinks at the rush of questions, as if attempting to process it all out. And it seems her brain gives up as she simply replies with a genuine laugh, "Woah, woah, calm down, jump boy, or you're going to explode again and I doubt that's good for you, especially since you refused my pillow,"
Spotting the easy target, Marilou lifts one hand up to try to ruffle Marcus's hair playfully, her smile everlasting as she leans closer, "Any kind of stuff… Here, first's one on the house," Marilou says as one of her hand that moved behind her back gives him a can of Dr. Pepper. She then frowns a bit with disdain, "Ugh, I hate those, meh," She finally says with a shrug.

From the cafeteria emerges a redheaded boy. Quentin pauses just on the patio side of the doorway as the door falls closed behind him. He wears dark tinted sunglasses. He is dressed casual, with a grey teeshirt, bluejeans, and a pair of sneakers in a truly eye searing shade of neon green. Seeing at least one familiar face, Quentin starts walking toward the group Kentucky is with. He stops next to the taller boy. "Hey." There's an accent there, but with only a single word spoken, it's hard to pinpoint what it is, other than 'not American'.

"It is nice to meet you, Marilou, and you as well, Marcus," Kentucky says, inclining his head slightly towards each of them in turn. His brow furrows a touch as he considers the offer that Marilou had made. Finding stuff. For a price. It sounds… odd. And he isn't sure what to make of it. And he's trying to puzzle it out. "If… if these are things that people paid you to find, then why don't the people who paid you to find them have the things?" he asks, curious and nervous about asking the questions, his fingers continuing their fidgetting of the wrist cuffs. He blinks and looks over to Marcus, one of his eyebrows slightly nudging up. He stops fidgetting with his cuffs, but that's so that he can stuff his hands back into the pockets of his jeans. He frowns a little bit, watching as she comes up with a Dr. Pepper that gets offered to Marcus. Yet the frown instantly vanishes when Quentin arrives and greets him, and there's a little smile to instead tug at the corners of his lips instead. "Hey, Quen," he says softly. "Something about… Shame day, or Shaming day…? I don't know," he adds in a quieter voice, ducking his chin a bit and blushing a touch. He doesn't really understand it, and being confused tends to make him more shy and nervous than he normally is.

Marcus is at first too surprised to react to having a hand other than his patting his braids. But then he glowers a little stares up at the wrist. He's not a puppy! … okay, well, so maybe he's kinda like a puppy. "It doesn't hurt," he complains. Cuz he's tough, remember? He said so! But … was refusing a pillow some kind of major faux pas? His brow furrow and he looks concerned for a moment, but then Marilou is leaning in and then providing a can of … Dr. Pepper! Sugar! Caffeine! Marilou Beauchamp is suddenly Marcus's hero. He reaches out and grabs the soda, then stares at it, blinking. "Where did you … how did … where …," he tries to figure out. But, those answers aren't necessary for him to reap the benefits of his new favorite person, so he shrugs and pops the tab of the can.
… and immediately treats everyone in his immediate vicintiy to a Dr. Pepper shower, as the can sprays its pressurized contents into the air. Apparently? The trip to Marilou's hand was not a gentle one. Marcus is at least quick to move the pop can away, but … yeah. Now he's wet. Can Marilou do towels?

So easily amazed. Just the kind of public for Marilou. She winks to Marcus as her only answer, to add to that shroud of mystery over everything. She spares a glance at Kentucky and offers him a shrug, "I'm cheap… I guess, I can careless about money," Marilou says, waving a hand up in the air dismissingly.

She stares upward a moment, as if pondering, then when her gaze casts down back at Kentucky, her lips have curled into a wide grin, "… You know, I just ask for random esoterical stuff like a smile, your soul or your first born son, that kind of stuff," It was hard to tell whether or not she was joking as she kept that straight face with that innocent smile on her lips.

She glances at Quentin, the newcomer, and than back at Kentucky, "No.. No… That's just the Shame Box, it's a long story… My roomie said I should have named it the 'Simp Box' and ask for donation, but I have no idea what's a Simp, so I'd rather not make a fool out of myself…"

A glance in Marcus's direction and Marilou heaves a sigh, one hand reaching behind her back and finding… Ta-dam! A large white towel, the kind you'd use for your shower. She hands up to Marcus and apparently, it's a bit wet as if someone had just used it or had been using it moments ago, "Don't thank me," Marilou says, waving her free hand dismissingly.

Everything has a price, though, doesn't it? Quentin stuffs his hands into his pockets now too, and hovers near Kentucky. His brow furrows at the comments. "Shame day?" And then there's a dr pepper shower to distract him. Thankfully, he'd stopped far enough back, just barely at a pace behind and to the side of Kentucky, to only get some on his shoes. He stares at his shoes for a moment, and then over at the two he's not overly familiar with. Then, "Shame box?" He looks confused as he looks from his shoes to Marilou and Marcus again. "I'm Quentin," he offers. And then there's a towel produced. "That's kinda cool." Definitely not an American accent. Welsh.

"Help yourself, Quentin," Marilou says with a grin, "It's for everyone," She waves her hand dismissingly at the pile of stuff on the table. Marilou turns on her heels and she walks away, "Well, got to go for now…" She says. After a few steps, she turns on her heels and she lifts one hand up to her ears, wiggling it like a phone, muttering a few things, licking her upper lip and winking. Was she having a stroke or something? Who knows, after this inexplainable display, she spins around and walks away with a happy little whistling.

Kentucky tilts his head faintly to one side when Marcus gets patted by Marilou, though he keeps his distance. Quiet possibly he doesn't want to receive similar treatment. His brow furrows slightly, the can of Dr. Pepper studied for a brief moment. The questions he'd been thinking end up voiced by Marcus, so he feels no need to repeat them. But then… then there's the can making hissing noises in a manner that Kentucky's not used to and he simply reacts without thinking. Instinct. He shifts his weight back a bit, feet shoulder width apart and one a bit back from the other, then pulls his right hand from his jeans pocket and makes a slight movement of his fingers which causes a wall of fire to simply appear in the air not that far in front of him, extending out in front of Quentin as well. To try to shield himself and the redhead from the 'danger'. Which is just soda, but perhaps he's simply easily startled. It's hard to guess. Interesting to note, perhaps, that his posture straightens, and he actually properly looks up with the fire is in place. And the fire remains in place until after the last of the sound from the liquid has fizzled out, and he makes a slight gesture with two fingers which causes the fire to vanish again. Then he stuffs his hand back in his pocket, looking down again and with his shoulders hunching a little. And he's quieter, then.

Sydney returns from the ladies room, finding the gathering of (mostly) underclassmen still around the box. "So… where does this stuff all come from, anyway?" It makes Syd suspicious that it's all apparently used.

Holy smokes! /Literally/! The sudden spout of flame causes Marcus to jump away, tucking his head behind his arm so he doesn't get burned. … but … the flames are actually under control, it seems. Still! Marcus's brow furrows as he takes the towel Marilou provided, eyeing Kentucky. "Bruh … for real?" he asks, skeptically. Then he shakes his head and begins towelling off. And, just as he's about to thank Marilou, she tells him not to, so he blinks. Then, he smirks. "I guess if I'm not thanking you for the towel, I'm not s'posed to blame you for the soda, either?" he asks. And then Marilou announces her departure and he droops a little. "Oh. See ya," he offers, throwing up a peace sign in her direction.
And then Sydney returns and Marcus whirls, having not expected her, either. See? This is why it was a really bad idea for Marilou to give him something to amp him up even more. Poor kid is already very excitable. But, it's just the robot girl. Er, /not/ robot girl! "She didn't say. … it's a mystery!" he offers, a little too happy to announce that last part.

Quentin glances to the stuff piled on the table. His expression is a touch on the wary side and he moves no move at all to approach that stuff. While a smile isn't a bad price to pay for random stuff, a soul or his first born son? Way too steep a price to pay! The fire shield protecting him gets a smile. "Thanks, Ky," he says. He watches Marilou make her way off, and then looks back to Marcus. There isn't much of a reaction to the exciteableness on Quentin's part. And then another new face in Sydney's return. "Hi. I'm Quentin."

The flames are very specifically under control, though they do have the expected heat that a fire would have. They extend a certain length, a certain height, a certain thickness that's entirely based on what Kentucky wanted. They don't lick out and catch anything else on fire. It's there, it serves its purpose, and then it's gone. The half-Native boy's gaze flicks over to Marcus, and there's colour that rises to his cheeks as he ducks his chin. "Sorry. I… I didn't mean to startle," he says quietly, turned shy again. There's a glance towards Marilou's departure, and a nod there as well. "She said that she finds things. That it was a… lost and found box," he says softly, his gaze turning to Quentin and a small smile tugging at the corners of his lips. Then to the redhead, he gives a little nod. "You're welcome, Quen," he says softly, a little of the shyness bleeding away a moment.

Sydney seems not-very-concerned about the flames, though she does stay back a little while they exist. And then, abruptly, they don't. "So… one of you's pyrokinetic. Cool." Syd grins. "Last one of those we had graduated this past spring." She looks at the veritable crowd of young men. "Uh yeah. I'm Syd, like I said before. Welcome to Coral Springs." She looks toward the jumpy fellow. "We're friendly here, like I said.

"Friends don't fry friends for having a soda blow on them," Marcus counters, warily, eyeing Kentucky again. "I mean, you didn't mean to startle /me/, or you didn't mean to get startled and start a fire?" he asks, shaking his head. He sighs, though, calming down a little. "Just … be careful, bruh. We all on the same side, right?" he offers, stepping forward and holding his fist out towards Kentucky. "I'll try'n be careful, too, aight?"
And, whether or not Kentucky returns the fist bump, Marcus will turn his attention back towards Sydney. "Sid? I gotta say … you looke pretty cool. I mean, I thought maybe you were a robot, at first, but … you're not a robot, right? Not that it's bad if you are, I just … you're not, are you?"

"Lost and found box?" Quentin takes an actual step further away from said lost and found box. Nope. Not trusting that at all! There's a small smile for Kentucky's 'you're welcome'. He glances to Sydney then nods toward Kentucky. "Kentucky is. I heal. And shift." The bit about shifting seems almost an afterthought. He pauses a moment and then that small smile reappears. "Thanks.. uh… Syd. It's… gonna take some getting used to, this place." He glances around him at that, clearly still not used to this place at all! He glances toward Marcus, then to Kentucky. Maybe a little bit of both on the startlement?

The half-Native youth's gaze falls to the ground and holds there, and he gives a small and single nod to Sydney's comment about pyrokinesis. "That's me," he says quietly, acknowleding the power he possesses. He doesn't make further mention of it, though. There's a glance that's given towards Syd, and his gaze returns to the ground as he gives another little nod. "It is nice to meet you, Syd," he says softly. He's quiet for a long moment, sidestepping a little closer to Quentin, and he gives a little nod to Marcus's words. "I did not fry you. I did not attempt to fry you, either," Kentucky says, a quiet clarification. "It was a shield. A wall," he adds. Hesitant and uncertain, and it shows in his voice as well as in his body language. "I… didn't mean to startle you. Or to be startled. The fire was… a consequence. The noise, danger. Protecting," he says quietly, then gives a little shake of his head. "I was careful. I will be more careful," he adds, giving a small and single nod. He chances to lift his gaze then and blinks a little bit at the first being held out. There's a helpless sort of looking given to Quentin before he looks back to Marcus and the fist, and he gives a small shake of his head. "I… don't understand…?" he begins, lifting his right hand from his pocket to gesture towards the fist awaiting fist-bumping. He doesn't understand the gesture. He's not used to the place either, or the people, but… he's trying!

Sydney holds her hands up in a calming gesture (she hopes). "This is the kind of thing we're all here to learn, right? Working in teams is part of it. Getting used to each other's abilities is too." She looks over at Marcus. "Nah, I'm not a robot. Once upon a time, I was a normal human who got used as an experimental subject, because kidnapping runaways is cheaper than buying a chimpanzee. I'm a brick these days. I break things." She pauses, then adds, I do a little shifting too, but only on a pretty limited range." She flips some of the blue-purple hair back out of her face and smiles, steel teeth behind steel lips in a steel mouth. It can be hard to see.

Marcus listens to Quentin, nodding. But, then Kentucky tries to explain things, and Marcus apparently isn't buying. "… bruh … protecting? From a can of soda?" Marcus asks, incredulous. And when the boy doesn't understand the fist bump, Marcus's eyebrow shoots up. He just shakes his head, dropping the gesture. "Whatever, bruh." But Sydney, on the other hand? She's all /kinds/ of cool! He listens to her story, frowning. "What? Aw, man, that's … that sucks. I'm sorry." When she flips the hair back and smiles, Marcus stares, pretty unabashadely. "… so … are you … like … metal?" he asks, leaning in. Can he see his own reflection? Weeeeeird! But, at the same time, pretty cool.

"Oh, the fist. You make one, and bump the offered one," says Quentin in reply to that helpless look. That much he at least knows! He slips his hands from his pockets and makes fists of both of them, then bumps them together in demonstration. "It's… a symbol of solidarity. Understanding. Agreement. Um… 'boo yeah'..? Sort of thing." He looks toward Sydney and nods. "I can turn into a bird. Doesn't seem overly useful, but flying is fun." He tilts his head toward Marcus, expression thoughtful. "First time he saw a can of soda was a few days ago when I introduced him to cream soda." He glances toward Kentucky. Then to Sydney again. "Sounds like you two have a bit in common," he says softly.

In truth, Kentucky isn't sure what there is to be learned here. He didn't even know that here existed until less than a week ago. He's not angry or upset about what had happened, but he does tend towards nervous and easily startled by noises and things he's not familiar with. His dark gaze lifts away from the ground and to Sydney when she speaks of what she is, studying her for a long moment in which he's quiet. His tongue flicks out briefly, damping his lips. "I'm sorry to hear of what was done to you," he says quietly, sincerely, slightly inclining his head towards her. He can relate to it. It's similar to his own. His dark gaze turns to Marcus at the reaction he receives, and his cheeks flush with colour at the same time as he ducks his chin, looking down again. Quiet, again. When Quentin explains about the fist, Kentucky lifts his gaze to him and then gives a little nod. And there's a little smile that finds the corners of his lips, relieved a bit. "Thank you, Quen. I'll try to remember… for next time," he says softly, giving another little nod. He chews briefly at the inside of his lower lip, and then finds himself nodding once again. "Yes. A bit of things. Experimental unpleasantness," he says softly. It's hard to see the shadow in his dark eyes, but it's there. Memories of things he'd rather not say.

Sydney watches Kentucky's body language carefully, and chews her lip softly. It catches the light, reflectively polished like all of her body - or the parts not covered by clothes, at least. "Thanks. It was a long time ago now. And all things considered, I came out ahead for it. I mean… I get to be a hero. It's totally addictive. You want to feel good about yourself? Save a few dozen people's lives and see how you look to yourself in the mirror." Syd grins again. The astute observer might notice that, not only are the teeth mirror polished, but they're wet with… something, anyway. Perhaps saliva, like anyone else's. "So have they assigned you guys teams or dorm rooms yet?

As Quentin explains fist-bumping to Kentucky, Marcus's skeptical eyebrow is all the way up. But yeah, nobody is happy to hear about what happened to Sydney. Though, Marcus's fascination with her shiny metal skin hasn't worn off yet. "Oh man, that's cool. I can't wait til we get to try and /do/ something!" he agrees, enthusiastically. "I'm so hype for that. Just lemme at 'em," Marcus says, pulling his best Scrappy-Doo and shadow-boxing in the air for a moment, bouncing on his toes.
When Sydney asks about the teams and the dorms, Marcus nods and goes digging in his pocket. He pulls out a phone that's in a blue case with the 'Ares' logo on the back of it. "Yup! Team Ares, comin' at ya!" Although, he completely fails to answer the second half of the question.

Quentin dips his head into a nod at Kentucky. He tucks his hands back into his pockets. Saving lives? Totally seems to be a good thing, at least if Quentin's expression is anything to judge by. "Dorm rooms, no, not yet. I'm in Prometheus." He glances to Marcus. He looks… not precisely uncomfortable, but not precisely comfortable either. "I'll likely be on the sidelines. I don't have any offensive capabilities." At least, not that he's aware of!

The body language is likely familiar to Sydney. His shoulders are hunched and there's a guarded or self-protective sense to the posture, his dark gaze lowered to the ground. Half hiding behind the fall of his dark hair. "It… is hard. To imagine saving anyone," he says quietly. He couldn't save himself for a lot of years. And he only blames himself for that. His gaze lifts to Quentin, and he gives a nod. "Prometheus for me, as well. But not for dorms, either," Kentucky says softly. Then he tilts his head a touch to one side, studying Quentin. "Healing is important. I will protect you, if I can," he says quietly, giving a small nod.

Sydney leans over a little to look into Kentucky's eyes under his hair. She doesn't have to lean far. Syd is short. "I know that look," she says softly. "That feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop. 'When does the bad stuff start up again?' Right?" If hundreds of pounds of steel nanomachines can have a soft expression, Syd does. It's a look she remembers. One she wore once. She reaches out… very very slowly… to try to take Kentucky's hand and give it a gentle squeeze. Her skin is surprisingly warm and soft, all things considered. "I'm Consortium of Metis. Because even brute force is best applied with precision and planning aforethought."

Well, now everyone is being quiet and pensive and now MARCUS is the odd man out. With everyone else being quiet, he follows suit, folding his hands in front of him and stepping out of the way so Sydney can approach Kentucky. But, Marcus is a 15 year old kid who gets his powers from adrenaline rushes, so handling the touchy feelies? Not in his wheelhouse. Instead, he just rubs at the back of his neck nervously, and then pats the braids on the top of his head.

That body language is definitely familiar to Quentin, at the very least. And the protection bit is nodded to. "Thanks, Ky," he says. Thankfully, Quentin doesn't have that body language. He's just shy and probably very much an introvert. Nervous, without expecting bad things. He watches Syndey and Kentucky for a moment, then looks to Marcus. "What do you do?" The question might be a distraction to ease the nervous tension away. Maybe.

It takes Kentucky a moment to lift his dark gaze to meet Sydney's. His gaze holds to hers for a long moment or two, flicking back and forth between her eyes. Then there's a flush of colour to his cheeks, and his gaze breaks away, lowering. And he's quiet for a long moment, the muscles along his jaw flickering a little bit before he gives a small and single nod. She's not wrong. It's exactly what he's been doing, been looking for, been guarding against. "Yes," he says quietly. He doesn't make any effort to stop her from taking his hand, nor does he take his hand away, though he does blink a couple of times with a bit of surprise that she actually does take his hand. And he manages a little smile before giving her hand a small squeeze in return. "Thank you," he says quietly. For the understanding, even though he doesn't specifically say it. Then he glances to Quentin, gives the redhead a bit more of a smile, and he gives a nod. "Always. And you're welcome," he says softly.

Sydney doesn't push Kentucky. She knows these things take time. Just gives him a reassuring smile before letting go of his hand. She looks toward Marcus, waiting for his answer to the question.

Aww. Everybody's pals! It would be a pretty touching moment, if Marcus were more intune with emotions and stuff. But, graciously, he doesn't wreck it or make it awkward, or otherwise make an ass out of himself by runing the moment. He just stands there, quietly, awkwardly, until Quentin asks him a question. "Me? Uhhhhh … stuff?" he tries, making a face. "Depends on the situation, really. But I can be fast, or strong, or tough. … depending."

Quentin waits for the answer to his question too! "That's pretty cool," he says. He seems about to say something else, but then, his phone rings. He digs it out of his pocket and peers at it. He glances to Kentucky. "Mum, probably checking up on us." To the others, "Pardon, I need to take this." He touches the 'accept call' spot on the screen, stuffs it up to his ear, and turns to walk off, heading toward the covered walkway. He'd probably just picked a direction at random. "Hey, Mum. Yeah, seems okay."

It will take time. It took time to make him be the way that he is, and it can only take time to undo the conditioning. His cheeks flush with colour as he ducks his chin, and his hand goes back to being in his pocket. "I try. It is not easy," Kentucky says quietly, looking up at Sydney for a moment again. Change isn't easy. Getting used to different things isn't easy. So many things can apply to those two little statements of his. His attention turns to Quentin at the phone call, and he gives a small nod, and a little smile. "Mmhmm, probably," he agrees. He watches Quentin head off that distance to be able to talk, and then his attention turns back to Sydney and Marcus. More to Marcus, at the moment. "I am sorry, for earlier. There are many things I do not know. Many I am unfamiliar with," he says quietly, inclining his head slightly.

Sydney listens and nods to Marcus. "Sounds interesting. I'll look forward to seeing you in Power classes. Possibly the weight room too." She raises her fist in the fistbump gesture to Kentucky. "Be gentle." Is she so fragile as that? Well. No.

Marcus snerks a little at Quentin's response to his powers and shrugs. "Yeah, I think so," he agrees. And then Kentucky is apologizing to him and it makes him feel awkward, so he waves his hand and shakes his head. "It's whatever, bruh. You good. Not e'rybody fistbumps. No worries," he says. Sigh. Emotions. Ugh. But, Sydney mentions the weight room and that makes Marcus nod and smile again. "I'm in there e'ryday, six days a week. I'm tryin'a get /swole./"

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