(2020-11-06) Welcome to Shady Cove
Welcome to Shady Cove
Summary: Quentin and Kentucky are welcomed to Shady Cove, and Coral Springs, by Madison and Besa
Date: IC Date (2020-11-06)
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NPCs: The Barista
Scene Runner: NA

Mug Shot Coffee Shop Shady Cove
Fri Nov 06 11:36:34, 2020 — Fri Nov 06 08:36:34 2020

The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and sunny.

Besa - A 17 year old, lithe, 5' 5" tall Egyptian male with amazing hair and piercing dark eyes. A faint scent of dirt clings to him.
Kentucky - 5'10", slightly curly long black hair, black eyes, half-Native
Madison - Hazelnut skin, large black eyes and long black hair confined in small braids all pulled back into a thick ponytail, are the defining features of this scrawny teen girl.
Quentin - 5'8", curly bright red hair, amber-hazel eyes, fair complexion.
Exits: [Out] Main Street

This warm, sunny weather might well be the death of one red headed youth. Quentin looks like he's practically melting as he ducks inside the coffee shop. He has on dark sunglasses, a grey teeshirt, plain blue jeans, and truly eye searing neon green sneakers. He pauses just inside to get his bearings of the place and his expression brightens. He makes a beeline for the counter and orders a blended italian soda. Hazelnut flavored. Yum. It's early enough in the day one would think he'd go for coffee, but nope!

At one of the tables that fill the cafe sits Madison. Her head rests in her hand, elbow propped on the table as she focuses on the sketch pad that sits on the table in front of her. Littering the table is a variety of colored pencils amd a half empty iced drink. She is currently using one in a shade of brown as she shades the picture she is working on. As she works her leg bounces with nervous energy.

The door jingles again as an older teen uses his backside to hold the door open. His hands are full, he's got a large wooden box with a cloth draped over the top. He's small in stature, but smiles wide and friendly like to the person who grabs the door for him, "Oh, thank you so much. Wonderful day to you!" His accent is clearly middle eastern of some kind. Steeping inside the familair shop, Besa shifts the box to rest on a hip as he glances aroudn with dark eyes. His hair is fantastic. Oddly so. It may be a super powered hair. He heads towards the counter to make soem kind of delivery. Most locals seem used to him, although there's one cranky older Karen who glares from her table near the front door.

Quentin pays for his drink adn then looks around while he waits for it to be ready. Curiously, he does not remove his sunglasses, despite being indoors. First he looks up, admiring the support beams. Next, the walls with their travel memorabilia catch his eyes and attention. He doesn't wander, though, while he waits. Soon, the artist catches his attention. While he looks curiously in her direction, he makes no move to approach. When the door opens, he glances over that way, and studies the individual entering. A moment later, an answering smile blossoms, and he lifts his hand to wave. "Hey," he says. "Pick something. My treat." His accent is British of some flavor, but stronger, more accented. Welsh, for those that know it. Another glance to the door and the next person entering. With.. a…. box of some sort? He looks curious, though the sunglasses still hide his eyes away.

Madison's head lifts as she scrutinizes her work, the pencil tapping her chin a few times before she drops it amoung the rest and runs her fingers along the other pencils as she decides what color she needs. The jingling of the bell on the door draws her attention as people enter, one of which is familiar, even though she doesn't know the teen very well, except maybe by reputation. Getting to her feet she takes the few steps between Besa and herself "Do..do you need help?" she asks him with a bit of a stammer.

There's a little wave given by the half-Native youth, along the way to reaching the counter. The artist earns a peek of a glance from behind his dark hair, curiosity perked at the drawing more than the person making it. The box and the older teen with it gets a brief glance, but his gaze moves quickly away and down, his chin ducking a touch more. Once he's reached Quentin, Kentucky settles on a stool next to him, and his cheeks turn red at the offer extended. "Hey," he offers in greeting, shy and quiet. "I'm… not sure what to pick? Is there something you'd recommend to try?" he asks quietly, curious and uncertain and hesitant all at once.

Besa turns and smiles warmly at Madison, "No, but thank you. I am just here to drop off my mugs…" He makes a face, like he's trying to think, "I am sorry…I do not recall your name? How is school going?" He remembers that much! The older teen moves towards the counter where the drinks are handed out and slides over the box to a worker, who seems to know what to do with it. He's asked if he'd like his usually, which he nods to. Turning back to Madison, "Today is casual day, yes? It is always the best day of the school week." Not that he's in any kind of uniform. The designer jeans don't quite match the long sleeve tee shirt he's wearing. if someone were to look closely, they might notice splatter marks on the sleeves.

Quentin considers the question, and shrugs. "I'm getting a hazelnut blended italian soda. I know you like chocolate and toffee, and you like coffee okay, so… what about a caramel mocha? They come hot, iced, or blended," he says. He glances over to the other two. "Casual day? If you don't mind the question, what is that?" School had been mentioned! He may or may not notice the splatter marks, but if he does, nothing is said about them. At that moment, his italian soda arrives. Quentin tries a sip of it, and nods his approval, then offers it to Kentucky. "You might like this. It's sweeter than coffee."

If the box weren't covered Madison would peek inside, but her curiosity will have to be satisfied by Besa telling her what's inside. A hand comes up to rub the back of her neck and she shuffles a bit as her name is asked, "Uhm, sorry, Madison. Your name is," there is a thoughtful beat "Besa?" His question has her shrugging. "For Coral Springs this school year has been surprisingly uneventful so far." glancing down at her casual wear she nods "Yeah. I have to head to work soon too, so even if it wasn't I would be in my school uniform." Then they are being asked questions by a complete stranger! Awkward! "Uh.." she looks to Besa then back at Quentin "Fri..friday we don't wear our school uniforms. W..w…we can dress casually."

That's a lot of descriptors for a soda. Especially when Kentucky hasn't even tried a soda before. He chews a little bit at the inside of his lower lip, considering the options that Quentin has suggested, and then he gives a little shy nod. "The hot one, of the caramel mocha, please," he requests quietly, apparently liking the sounds of it. His gaze follows Quentin's, to the other two, looking at each one for a longer moment than his initial brief glance had been. "We start there soon. Coral Springs high school," Kentucky says softly, speaking up in what's an uncommon way for him, and giving a small nod as though to reinforce the statement. His dark gaze turns back to Quentin, and there's a little smile to tug at the corners of his lips at the offer to try the soda, and he gives a small nod. There's a slight brush of the fingers of his right hand against Quentin's as he accepts the soda to take that little sip, though the drink is offered back after the sip is had. And he's quiet for a lingering moment, considering that sip and the bubbles that had been a new experience for him. "Thank you… the bubbles are… different. Good different, I think. I think I like the flavour, too," he admits, quietly.

Besa smiles as he repeats her name, "Madison, yes. Of course." He nods, which causes his hair to flop around. He let's the actual student explain, he needs to remind himself he's graduated sometimes. "I am glad it has been quiet. Too many times things get too…" He makes a motion with his hand, like he's trying to think of the proper word, "much." That wasn't the word he wanted, but it will do. Turning back to the two teens at the table, "I prefer the coffee here. The soda drinks are too sweet." But he nods, again, hair seemingly glad Kentucky likes the drink. "Are you both new to the area? My name is Besa Ini-Herit." A hand is offered out for either of them to shake.

Quentin realizes after the questions are asked that he'd intruded where he might not technically be wanted. His chin tucks and he looks away. "Sorry," he says. "I didn't mean to interrupt." He clears his throat a little bit and nods at Kentucky's order. And he gets that ordered and paid for. He dips his head in a nod at the thank you. "You're welcome," he says. Then a smile appears and he seems to relax again. "Makes it almost.. fluffy." His head turns toward Besa and he nods. "They can be, but I don't like coffee or really anything with caffiene, so… Not a lot of other choices in most places." Pause. "Yeah, new. I'm Quentin Harris. Been in the country for about a week." Quentin hesitates at the offered hand, as though bracing himself. He takes a breath and then reaches out with his own hand to shake the one offered. His grip is firm, but not pressing.

"That is not the adjective I would have used." Madison replies to Besa with a bit of a grimace "But it has been nice." That she can't deny. The news from Quentin that the two teens are future schoolmates has the teen's brows lifting "Really?" She looks between the two "Have you picked your team yet?" She asks the important question. "Oh! I'm Madison." She doesn't offer her hand, she is more informal than Besa.

Kentucky's dark gaze turns towards the man who had brought the box with him, and he tilts his head a bit to one side, watching him and listening. He doesn't really understand how things could get to be too much at a school, but… he has limited experiences and he's too shy to ask after it, and so he just accepts it as it was said. His gaze turns to Quentin, a little smile tugging at the corners of his lips, and he gives a small nod. "Mmm… I like that fit. I wasn't sure what word to use," he admits, a bit of shy returning to his voice and causing a bit of colour to come to his cheeks. His attention returns to Besa, with the question that was asked, and he gives a small nod. "Yes," he answers intially, then adds, "I've been here a couple of days. I'm Kentucky Kendrick." It is the thing that must be obeyed and followed, with Besa having offered an introduction to start with. Manners dictate such. His dark gaze turns to Madison, and he gives a small and single nod. "Monday, we start," he answers softly, giving a glance to Quentin. Then he looks a little bit confused, blinking and giving a small shake of his head. "Team? Do you mean… sports?" It was the only thing that he could think of that made sense for a school to have teams for. "It is nice to meet you both," he adds quietly, giving a small nod.

Besa chuckles to Madison, "If you did not have dinosaurs, then be happy." WHAT?!? Two new students, the former Guardian grins, "I graduated last year. It is a good school, you will learn much. Welcome both of you!" He'll offer in explanation, "The dorms are split into teams. They devide us on what we wish to become." His hand raises and he pats his chest, "I was a Guardian of Promethian." When Besa shakes hands, his grip is comfortable, hands warm and slightly dry.

"Oh. Um…" Quentin has to actually take a moment to think about that. "Prometheus," he finally answers, but the words are distracted. He pulls his hand away from Besa after one shake and leans against the counter. He reaches for his italian soda with both hands and is quiet for a few minutes as he drinks some of the sugary beverage down. He doesn't offer his hand to Madison anymore than she'd offered hers. Nope. Keeping his hands to himself, now. He shakes his head to Kentucky's question of him. "Not as such. A… fraternity or sorority, kind of." Then nods to what Besa says. "What he said," says Quentin.

"Sports?" Madison pulls a face as she shake her head "It's more like the houses in Harry Potter, except there is no picky hat telling you where to go." That would of made it so much easier. "They will give you a couple of weeks to pick one." She assures Kentucky "I'm in Metis." She has been at the school long enough to hear about the dinosaurs. "We haven't had anything that lethal or bad since. Thankfully. Close with the wendigos." Dinosaurs? Wendigos? What kind of school is this!?

There's a blink, and then another, and Kentucky's dark gaze looks to Besa at the mention of dinosaurs. Umm… what? Yet he doesn't ask, no matter what curiosity might lurk within him about the matter. He gives a small nod, though, at the welcome. "Thank you," he says quietly, a small smile finding the corners of his lips. Yet his dark gaze turns back to Quentin, noticing as the sugary beverage is claimed and drunk generously from, his brow knitting a little bit, concerned at least but not asking. And he chews a little bit at the inside of his lower lip as he mulls over the notion of teams. He doesn't know what he wants to be, and he doesn't know what choices there are to pick from. There's a confused look that Madison earns at the likeness she draws to Harry Potter, and he gives his head a small shake. "Umm… Harry Potter?" he asks quietly, colour coming to his cheeks. There are big gaping holes of nothing where he's getting the feeling that he should know… things. It's unsettling for him, and his hands fidget a bit in his lap, fingers toying with the cuffs of his sleeves in a nervous manner.

Besa's smile flickers and he blinks, "Are you well, Quentin?" he nods, glancing at Madison, the Wendigo situation was bad and Besa still feels bad about it. The older boy smiles over at Kentucky though, he himself having been in the situation of not knowing anything Potter either, "It is a book series that they all seems to be obsessed about." But not Besa? "You will have time to decide, no one will rush you."

Quentin grimaces faintly. "Unless you mean chess or something, I don't really do sports." His head turns toward Madison. "Dinosaurs? Wendigos?" Pause. "What are wendigos?" Dorothy, we're not in Kansas anymore! HIs attention turns toward Kentucky and he nods. "Harry Potter. It's a set of books and movies about a wizarding school. I'll introduce you tonight, if you like," he says. To Besa he hesitates before answering. "I am, but…" He looks straight at Besa's left arm, but with the sunglasses, it might be hard to tell that's where he's looking.

"It's a monster from Native American mythology. I can't tell you much more than that, really." a beeping comes from a pocket and she pulls out her phone "I have to head to work. I'll see you two at school." she says to Quentin and Kentucky and to Besa she gestures to the mug display "Good luck." she then goes to collect her drawing stuff and backpack before heading out.

The half-Native youth hadn't asked about the wendigos, and he'd meant to. He doesn't know what they are any more than Quentin apparently does, it seems, which makes him feel just a smidge better about not knowing himself. Kentucky looks to Besa and blinks at the information offered, giving a small nod. "Oh… right," he says quietly, still fidgetting with his sleeve cuffs. The information didn't really help much, but that's not Besa's fault. "Having time to decide is good… it will give me time to learn what each is for," he adds, giving a small nod. His dark gaze turns over to Quentin at his mention of chess, and there's a smile that comes to find the corners of his lips. "I'll play you, sometime," he offers, ducking his chin a little. "I don't really do sports either," he adds, giving a small shake of his head. And yet, his physique might speak differently, given the shape he's in. And there's another small nod, about the offer of Harry Potter. "Yes, please. I'd like that," he says softly. Then he looks to Madison at her leave taking, and he gives a small nod, lifting one of his hands and escaping it enough past his cuff to give a little wave to her. Then he looks back to Quentin, then to Besa and then back to Quentin, one of his eyebrows nudging up just a touch. He doesn't ask, though. It's not his business, and questions can be challenging.

Besa's head tilts, not following Q's gaze , or at eats the meaning behind the gaze, "Are you…hungry?" Was that a hungry look? It could be! He's distracted by Madison's beeping phone, instinctiving pulling back a little bit from the technoligy. "Thank you Madison." He's connected to the mugs here apparently! His smile comes back though, and he nods to Kentucky, "Yes. It can be very much overwhelming, but it is good." A warm chuckle, "there are sports at the school, but you do not have to participate. I did not." A barista calls Besa's name from the counter and he excuses himself to get his coffee, which he did not pay for. The box on the counter has disapeared at some point, brought to the back and the manager. With his coffee Besa is also handed an envelope.

Quentin is from /Wales/. They don't have wendigos. Instead, they have kelpies and other assorted bogeymen, but not wendigos. Quentin has a return smile, though it's a dampened one from what it was before. "I'm not very good," he warns. "I only started playing chess like six months ago." He considers, and some of the former smile wattage returns. "I think you'll like Harry Potter. There's something like seven movies with the main story about Harry Potter, and two of an offshoot prequal about beasts. Harry Potter was basically a prisoner and a slave to his aunt and uncle until he got his letter to go to Hogworts. Then he found magic and freedom." He waves to Madison. "See you in school," he agrees. At this time, Kentucky's ordered hot charamel mocha arrives. It is topped with a generous swirl of whipped cream, with chocolate sprinkles and a caramel drizzle. Hungry? Quentin looks confusedly at Besa. He huffs a quiet laugh and shakes his head But then he sobers and points one finger at Besa's left arm. His finger hovers with about two inches of space between it and the older teen's arm. "You were hurt. Recently." Quentin's hand hovers there for a few more seconds before he pulls it back again and wraps both hands around his blended soda. Then drinks a little more. He watches as drink and envelope are passed over, but moves his gaze, or at least his sunglasses, toward Kentucky. "How's the mocha?"

The question of being hungry is presumed to be asked of Quentin, and so Kentucky is quiet after it, leaving the answering of it for the redhead. There's a brief glance given towards the beverage that's given to Besa, but he doesn't ask. It's not his business. "I… do not play any of them," he says quietly, about sports, lifting one of his shoulders in a faint shy shrug. He doesn't know how to play any of them, nor has he watched them. It can be challenging to be expected to know certain things and just… not know them. His dark gaze turns towards Quentin, and he chews a little at the inside of his lower lip as he watches the redhead, listening. And there's a smile that tugs at the corners of his lips, one which even manages to reflect a bit in his dark eyes, and he gives a little shake of his head. "I'm not very good, either," he comments, about chess. It could just as easily apply to a lot of other things though! He tilts his head a little to one side, considering the information offered about Harry Potter, and he gives a small nod. "I think I will like it, too," he agrees. And it will be oddly… fitting. With the drink delivered, he takes a moment to look it over, perhaps not having been certain what to expect. And, perhaps a bit unsurely, he nudges his hands out of his sleeve cuffs and claims the drink from the counter to be able to take a sip of it. A small one, to test it. And then a little bit more of one. There's a shy and warm smile that Quentin's given after the question about the drink, and he gives a little nod. "I like it," he admits quietly, giving the redhead a look that's veiled by his lashes.

Besa pulls his arm back, any mirth in his expression gone, "I am fine." That's not exactly inspiriing that he's ok. Instead he frowns and tucks the envelope into the pocket of his expensive jeans. Whatever coffee he's drinking looks strong and is in a togo cup. Large. He takes a drip, maybe to steady himself before nodding to both students, "It was nice meeting you, but I need to get back to work.'

Quentin nods to Kentucky, about not being very good, a small smile appearing. "There's this thing called wizard's chess in Harry Potter. It's interesting." About liking the coffee, Quentin nods, and smiles again. Quentin lifts a shoulder at Besa's. "You asked what was wrong," he points out. "I just needed away before doing something without permission. That's all." Nothing more, nope! "It was nice meeting you, too. Take care." He looks thoughtful, then his phone beeps before whatever thought it is takes root in his head. He digs it out, it's a plain silver iphone, one of the older models. He turns it on to have a look at it and sighs. "I gotta jet. Appointment. Later Ky. Enjoy the coffee." He slides off the stool then, and snags his drink before heading out of the coffee shop.

Kentucky slightly tilts his head a touch to one side as he looks to Besa, a flicker of concern showing in his dark eyes for a moment. Yet… he doesn't ask or say anything about the injury that Quentin had pointed out. He studies Besa for a lingering moment, and then he gives a little nod. "It was nice to meet you as well. Be well," he says softly, the words sincere. Then his dark gaze turns to Quentin, and he lifts a hand to brush a strand of his dark hair from his face. "Maybe if we find rules for it, then we can try playing it, too," he suggests, a bit of colour coming to his cheeks. He doesn't pry or snoop to the message on Quentin's phone, as manners dictate that to be a line not crossed. Though one of his eyebrows does quirk up at the news of an appointment, and he gives a small nod. "I hope it goes well. Thank you, I will. I'll see you later, Quen," he says, giving the redhead a smile. Though it might be a bit daunting being left in public on his own, he's at least going to try it.

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