(2020-09-25) Prometheus - The New Ares
Prometheus - The New Ares
Summary: Ankle Jewelry, New Arrivals, Ghosts and Fire. What could go wrong?
Date: 2020-09-25
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Coral Springs Courtyard
The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and sunny.

A nice fall day, some new students were picked up this morning for transfer to the school. One such was Bryson. He sports a stripped (horizontal) pull over polo, white under t-shirt, some blue jeans and some white Jordans that are pretty crisp. He was quiet on the boat ride, kept eyeing boat driver Tom Filson. Who makes sure they get up to the courtyard at least, and leaves them there. Bryson looks around the place like its the fanciest place he's been. Looking around, careful not to touch anything. Even if other students may have gathered to welcome or see the arrivals between courses and such at the school proper, he sort of looks like he's measuring or casing.

As Tom Filson reports back to ferry duty, probably fueling up and getting ready for weekend runs to Shady Cove, Bryson inhales, the breathes out sharply. "Whew, I thought we'd never get a little freedom." Like they were prisoners escorted to the island or something. He did get his prison outfit, er uniform. Black blazer sporting yellow accents. Any regulars will tell where he's destined.

Sebastian isn't the type to greet newcomers to the school, but he planned his outside snack-break poorly for it seems he's ended up in the Courtyard as said new students are arriving. He's in the school uniform, trimmed with yellow, and has an opaque water bottle with him as well as some sort of fruit and nut snack bar. It's hard being a teenager - he's always freaking hungry!

No doubt overhearing the new kid's comment, dark eyes look over, "Freedom? At a Boarding School? Guess you're a comedian too."

Cheery sort. Maybe he just needs a Snickers.

Wearing a beanie despite the weather, is another new arrival. Lumi had noticed the other student on the ferry but like him she'd been quiet, taking in the newness of everything, even if her blatant curiosity of everything was obvious. The rest of her clothing is pretty nondescript. A white pair of loose fitting chinos, cuffed to mid-calf, and a white bulky sweater with white deck shoes. Glacier blue eyes cut to her fellow ferry rider when he speaks once they've 'landed' and she looks back to the ferryman, not realizing he was a prison guard or something. Tilting her head, she laughs a little, "This is freedom?" A glance around at all the buildings, curious about them, about this place and its people.

Overhearing the comedian comment she twirls round to face the owner of the voice, eyes sort of rounded. "Hello." Yep, that's the greeting, pretty basic.

"Beats the youth center," says Bryson with a look to Sebastian, "I don't mind the free wifi there though." A glance down to his leg, one hand lifts his jeans a little. Like those who have known or seen it might catch on, ankle monitor and youth center as in county youth center to detain some kids. Maybe free clothes day, but they gave him a uniform and he has that jacket on at least. "Its a lot of space to move around and not be watched is all I'm saying," he says to Lumi the other girl from the boat. "You could?" He tosses her way the nods to Sebastian like they're on the same page, in on something. "I see we sport the same threads, we're like the bad group in school or something?" He has no idea on the groups and teams, only sees others that may have different colors and such.

The girl in white gets a nod when she offers a greeting, but it's the other's action…and accessory that actually surprises Sebastian. He usually tries to school his expressions (to varying degrees of success), but that shock is evident. That look then twists into a wry, bemused smirk as he sticks out a leg to reveal his own ankle-monitor. "Oddly enough, it's the Do-Gooder Team. They're obviously out to make sure we get reformed. These things still work here so don't think that you won't be watched…and tracked even here." But there's now some curiosity about the newcomers, at least.

There are no leg monitors in Bettles, Alaska, population 12. So, the fact the both of them have one, she sticks out her own ankle, "They didn't give me mine yet." Assuming it was meant to be something for there, at the island school. Lumi doesn't necessarily seem distraught over being left out though, just.. curious. "I got some of the same colors, I think. But I don't like those colors as much. So when they let me, I'll wear my own." Like.. who wears white after labor day? THIS GIRL. "Is it.. fun here?"

While Reese has been at the school since the new school year started, a few weeks is not enough time for them to get used to /All Of This/. Being from China and coming here to school…huge culture shock! As they cross the courtyard, heading to the cafeteria, they notice the trio of students showing off their ankles…so weird! Bryson gets a double take as they pause a moment. /The students too."/ is said with a sigh in some Asian tongue. It's casual day, so jeans are worn and a plain grey tee shirt, but the uniform blazer is worn, emblazoned with buttons on the lapel.

An odd brow raises at the remark by Sebastian. Bryson counters, "Reform school." Though he did already call it boarding school. "Its not like we spend weekends scraping graffiti off walls or picking up trash in the park though?" Now he needs to know these details, what chores he's in for, and a glance to Lumi. "Girl, you should escape now while you can then. But, same team, you have to stick around now, we're in it together." He might say more, he's giving her a look over, but that is as Reese gives a double look over. The second one sort of draws Bryson to look that way and hear some words he doesn't know. "Ugh, you talking to me?" Almost Brooklyn accent, but really the kid is from Detroit and sounds like everyone else. A side comment out loud to Sebastian, "What's his group?" A chin jut towards the blazer which has some sort of blue trimmings.

"If you don't have one already, you probably won't be getting one unless you screw up pretty bad," or…other things. Sebastian blinks at the girl in white, "You don't get a choice…except on Fridays. And then there are rules for clothes then as well even if you can choose different colors." There's another blink at her question, "It's a School. On an Island. Full of Teenagers." He doesn't seem thrilled by it, himself.

At the approach of another Freshman, whom he probably recognizes from a class or two, Sebastian gives another nod before tilting his head at the newcomer and offering, in the same language, "Hello".

Back to Bryson, "Depends on the year. I think starting your Junior Year, you need to do some sort of Community Service, but there's a choice. I wasn't given that option. It was here or incarceration." Essentially. At the question about Reese's uniform, he looks back over and offers, "They're in the 'Order of Ares'…after Ares, God of War and Battle and the guy Aphrodite was having an affair with. Lucky us, we're the Order of the schmuck who stole Fire for the Humans and then got his intestines eaten by vultures every day while he healed up at night."

The language isn't familiar to Lumi but she indeed looks curious to the new arrival. She knows lots of words! Her favorite? "Hello!" The greeting she'd used twice now in the space of that many minutes. "I'm Lumi." You know, in case anyone was curious. Her name is delivered with a delighted smile though that fades pretty rapidly. "Fire?" Shrinking back a little, as if someone's about to ignite something or other. Oh sure, it's the mention of the fire and not the intestines being eaten that bothers her. There's a look given between the three strangers, and while it holds curiosity there's a touch of wariness driven purely by self preservation. "I'm a Junior." Piping in that, since it was mentioned.

"Uh, no." Reese answers Bryson's question with a shake of their head. Are they supposed to be intimidated? Should they fake it? Then Sebastian is commenting on Ares and a hand comes up to touch the blue trim on the blazer "Is there a problem with being in Ares?" they have an accent, marking them as a foreigner, if their looks didn't already, but it isn't so thick that they can't be easily understood. "Hello?" the same hand waves. Awkward much Reese?

"Same," says Bryson to Lumi about being a Junior, or to the group to inform them he is as well. "I'll pick something new at least when it comes to community service. Sounds better." As a choice instead of mandatory. Mandatory voluntary sounds better then straight mandatory. The ponderance of fire and Ares being a problem has Bryson considering that too. "Ugh, I think he means like old dead gods or something." But this is new to him, maybe he's wrong and fire will reign down or something. Watching the Ares fellow, not sure what they're up to. He doesn't know himself if there is a problem with Ares, just that its not the yellow he was given, so he defers to the student who seems to have experience in these matters, "Do we have a problem with them?" As if, should it exist, he has no problem contributing to that problem and looking out for his own.

"I am not," a Junior, Sebastian offers, looking at the two older teens. There might be a grimace in there, but he tries to school it. At Reese's question about Ares, he shrugs, "I don't know…from what I can tell, the Team assignments are somewhat arbitrary and yet somewhat intentional in regards to personality or…what the Powers In Charge want. Sort of like Hogwarts." And to Bryson, "I don't think there are rivalries like that. I think it's just a way to try and promote teamwork and that sort of nonsense. Maybe something with sports." There's another shrug then before he looks back to Lumi. "Sebastian," is offered likewise before he lifts his eyebrows, "I was talking about a myth. Greek Mythology. I'm pretty sure it's frowned upon to go about randomly committing arson here."

"Oh good, I know someone else at this school then that's in the same class." Not that Lumi actually knows him. At all. Tilting her head a little, she ponders if there's issues with people from other teams. She had read the manual, even if she didn't understand it fully. At the mention of Hogwarts, she smiles, "I read those books. They took forever to get them in the library back at my home, but I got to read them finally." At the offered name, she tries to commit it to memory before asking, "Do you have a nickname or anything? Back home we have a lot of old style names so sometimes we give nicknames to tell the difference." Brightening visibly, she beams a smile, "I'm glad there's no fires."

Is Reese relieved to know that the three other students have no issues with their team? You bet they are. They are also sort of confused by what is going on, but that is nothing new, they are almost always confused. "We had friendly rivalries at my former school, but it was class versus class, nothing like the teams here." they explain briefly "I am Reese." they introduce themselves since names are being tossed around.

More of a look to Lumi, same class is good but he's giving attention to the information that Sebastian lightly unloads. Things make more sense when another student explains it versus reading the manual. That and not reading the manual too much, those words help. Even just a little helps with understanding. Bryson gives a nod as Sebastian explains things. "Sports," he questions in a mild scoff, half complaining like it means having to do things in gym. And he might have more on the topic, until Lumi seem to talk with some enthusiasm. "Yeah, heh, books," he says, like he knows about Hogwarts other than the movies, and which is why he says no more because he doesn't have any clue what he would be talking about otherwise. "There isn't like a place we go for fires at night, like the park or something?" Asked in general, campfires and stuff, but for him that's the only frame of reference. "Bryson." Muttered afterthought, they're all saying their names and he isn't sure about fitting in yet or not.

Sebastian shrugs again at the mention of fires, "There might be. I mean, that's not a promise that nothing is ever lit up. If it's meant to be lit up, you leave it alone. If not, you put it out. I mean…Fire Safety basics. I've heard they sometimes do bonfires on the beach." He doesn't seem to see why it's any sort of big deal. There's then a slight frown at the mention of a nickname, "Sebastian," is repeated in answer to that.

Back to Bryson, "During the summer some went camping over on one of the islands. I'm guessing they had fires or some way to cook food." Again, he doesn't seem to see any of it as a big deal. "There's a curfew. You want to sneak out and have a fire on the beach after that, be my guest."

"Oh. I've never been to a bonfire before, I don't know what they do there." Lumi puzzles it over for a few moments before shrugging it off in her natural fashion. "I don't need to go to those." His response to the nickname has her formulating one anyway, she opens her mouth as if to give him one, but closes it again only to ask, "When is the curfew?" Curious about most everything involved in attending this new school. "Bryson, Reese and Sebastian." Committing the names to memory as best she can. "Do you sneak out?" Questioning Sebastian on that one.

Reese shrugs at the question, "If there are bonfires at the beach, I have not been to one here." are they implying that have been to ones that are here? "There is no park on the island. There is the lighthouse, it has a snack bar." they point in the direction of the lighthouse, that can be seen over the trees. "I guess it is kind of park like." they look to Lumi "I do not think you are missing much by not going to bonfires." but what do they know!

"Nah," responds Bryson, on fires and looking for them. "Just seemed odd if there was none." His lips sort of smirk as if in a grimacing thought. "If anything's getting lit up," he says with a little more enthusiasm like everyone's in on what he's talking about, but a moment of hesitation (spidey senses may tingle a little more) and then second guessing. That thought trails, he doesn't finish that what if. "Curfew or not, what is there to do around here, for like fun?" He tries to offer it to the group, Sebastian may be getting bombarded as the student with the info, so why not deflect a little from 20 questions and make it group project. That and group activity, he considers his things and the way to where he'll sleep. "I can find out later, maybe I can get in a nap before I have to talk with anyone about my course of action. Which way to our place?" He does move to grab bags and if Sebastian points towards some building or other, that's the way Bryson is going.

Sebastian shrugs again, "Whatever you want, I guess. Roast marshmallows, dance around it and call out to the Old Gods, poke at the fire with sticks, make out…" There's an emphatic shake of his head when asked if he sneaks out, "Are you kidding me? I can't even make an 'unauthorized' phone call or text on my phone or send an email not to approved email addresses. You think I'm going to somehow manage to sneak out without being immediately caught?" Maybe he's tried already and failed. "Dorm Check is at 10:30pm on Sundays through Thursdays, 11:30pm on Fridays and Saturdays, but if you go off the island on Sunday, you have to be back by 8:30pm." He then lifts his eyebrows at Bryson's question, "Fun? Guess that depends on your definition of the word." But when Bryson asks about where the dorms are, he'll point in the direction of the correct building. Hopefully the older teen will know what room he's in already as Sebastian has no idea.

Lumi looks at Bryson expectantly, until he doesn't give the punch line. A small shake of her head as if to move past it, but he seems to be asking the questions she wants the answers to also. She does watch where he goes off to for when she wants to find her own room but gives her attention back to the others. "Marshmallows are good. Dancing is fun. Fires are scary." Nodding in agreement to Reese, then another grimace but she grins at Sebastian. "No phone calls? No sneaking out? I don't have a reason to sneak out, I think. Unless it's just for something fun to do, to go exploring. I wouldn't do it alone though." So many times, so many rules, she tries to remember them. "I think I got a schedule, I'll check it for my classes and stuff."

"I would sneak out if I had a reason to." Reese glances in the direction the docks are "Like to check out the ruins of the lighthouse on the small island that direction." they point kind of towards the dock but slightly to the side "You can walk to it at low tide." there is a pause as they look at the others "It is haunted." boom! As Bryson moves past a hand is lifted "See you around." another look a bit wary to see how they handle the bomb they just dropped.

"Fire is fine as long as it's not burning things you don't want burned or raging out of control." Sebastian doesn't seem to think too much about it. "Other people can make phone calls…although not in class." That seems to be fairly common at least. "You probably did, somewhere in all the info they send you. If not, just follow your friend there…it's not like there are a million classes." But then Reese says something really interesting. "Haunted? For real?"

Yeah so fire is even forgotten, except for her to add. "I don't need fire. I got a flashlight." Lumi seems rather proud of that. But the mention of the lighthouse ruins and them being haunted, she perks up, curiosity certainly piqued. "Are we allowed to go there? If you go, can I go too?" Yeah, just sliding that in there, she's not going alone, she's made it well known now. "What kind of haunting?"

"Your schedule will be in your packet." Reese says to Lumi. Oh no! They opened the can, and now they aren't sure what to do with the contents, or in this case the reaction of the other two. Wide-eyed, they nod and shallow hard "It is." is gotten out "So is the library." they lean forward suddenly encouraged by the lack of ridicule and interest of Lumi and Sebastian. "She is crazy, but likes the smell of hot tea. It calms her." there is a shrug "I have not been over there. So I do not know what kind of haunting. Residual if I had to guess."

"Can't cook food over a flashlight," Sebastian tosses off but his attention is now on Reese and the ghosts that haunt the area. "Well, now we -have- to go…" if they're allowed. Of -he's- allowed. "And the library? Here? Really? Ok, so that's really cool." Finally, something more interesting about this place!

Lumi gapes, she'd heard of things, seen the shows about it a time or two, but never had she been anywhere haunted! "The library and the lighthouse ruins? I want to see both places." Eyes widen a touch, "Hot tea? So if we take hot tea to the library she will come out?" Bobbing her head, she seems to agree. "I think we can at least go to the library, but I would like to go to the lighthouse too."

Reese nods at the pair, raising eyebrows at the cooking remark. "I cannot cook over anything." they aside "Maybe this an upcoming weekend we can walk out to the island." that is more like a glorified shoal really. "It is not that simple." they say to Lumi "And she is crazy. But it is worth a try maybe?"

Sebastian glances at Lumi, "You actually want to -lure- a crazy ghost to the library…where there are other people as well? Have you -ever- seen a horror movie? How is that a good idea? And what are you going to do if she -does- show up? Do you have a Ghostbusters pack or something?" But to Reese, he tilts his head, "I'd like to go…if I'm not going to get chained up if I'm somehow pulling too hard on my leash."

"I might try," Lumi tells Reese with a grin, curiosity and love of adventure more prominent. She tugs on one of the strings from her beanie as she's scolded, or that's how she takes it anyway. "You tell me that, but you want to go to the haunted lighthouse ruins too?" She counters with a laugh. "I'm going to go and find where I'm supposed to be, it was really lovely meeting you both." A sweet smile given to the both before she'll lug her baggage with her in the aforementioned direction of her new home.

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