(2020-07-16) Lunch with Robots
Lunch With Robots
Summary: Only one person in this scene has a normal human metabolism…
Date: 2020.07.16
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The cafteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see..well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.


Sydney comes in from weight lifting, still dressed in her lifting clothes. She's sweaty, a little rusty, and looks exhausted and hungry. She brushes her hair back from her face, where it hits the back of her neck with a realistic "plop". Also, every single muscle in her body stands out in sharp definition, just like they would if they were made of meat and she'd worked them as hard as she did. Proportionally, at least. Some part of her is spending an awful lot of work making her look as human as possible. She sits down with her lunch. Boron steel mesh with fried eggs, sliced into convenient bite-sized chunks. Yummeh.

Training is a good thing. That is what Pavel has been doing as well, so he's in his armor, not the wheelchair. Whictling a little to himself as he moves to get himself something to eat, he glances around, expression a little distant.

While Cid has been told to be better at controlling the body, which is something he has struggled with, it seems that he at least have some better control. Wearing a tanktop and knee length shorts today. Finding himself sitting alone at a table near one of the walls, studying the others about and how they are enjoying the food. Himself just having picked out three different items. One sour, in the shape of lime with some salt. Then also a sausage for savory and coke for sweet. Not having a real need for the food but enjoying testing it out. Spotting the familiar looking Sydney as she enters and sits down. Moving over towards her, "Mind if I join?" Asked with a small smile. Looking over her apparel and eyes glossing over for a brief moment before returning to himself. "Cool look." Spotting Pavel as well, having some info on the other, but probably not talked too often. Either way offering a smile and tiny wave.

Sydney nods. "Sure, definitely. I didn't know you ate." Syd looks down at herself, suddenly self-conscious, and tries to pull the sides of her shirt to cover her a little better. She waves at Pavel and motions for him to come join us as well.
Having gotten hold of his food, Pavel notices those waves, waving in return as he moves over to join them. "Hello. A good time for food, yes?" he offers to them both.

Cid shrugs, "Not really, but these small things people do seem interesting, so I try to indulge. I do have taste receptors, and the different things are funny and there seem to be balance." Looking to her food and smiling still, "Looks tasty." Then looking to her with a slightly wider smile. The only hint that he notices any self consciousness from Syd, then it is probably just in that he sits next to her and let the conversation take over. "Been working out? I think I could need some help with that, well mainly moving and so on. Been doing yoga and pullups and similar." Shrugging, seemingly taking his time in learning to control his motions still. Turning to Pavel as well, nodding. "So it seems. Anything interesting for you today?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah. They got some new equipment in. It's giving me a challenge. Love to know where they get this stuff. And sure, I'll help you work out. No prob." She takes a bite of her lunch and chews. Swallows. "Meh. Boron steel. Kind of like eating liver. It's good for you, but ecccch." She eats it anyway, the super-steel flashing sparks among her teeth as she chews. "Liver and pop-rocks, actually. She smiles at Pavel too. "Yeah, good time for lunch. How've you been?

"I miss working out, I mean really working out," Pavel offers, a bit quietly, expression distant for a few moments before he smiles again. "But that was a long time ago." A grin is offered to the part about the steel. "How does it taste?" he asks, before he smiles, "But all in all, it is a good day."

Cid nods some, "Perhaps if anyone is a chef they and try and help make something fun with it? I believe liver and similar can be tasty." He tries to suggest. Turning to listen to Pavel. "Just have to find a good opportunity for a proper workout, I suppose. And glad to hear." Glancing between the two of them some. Not minding listening more and letting them talk. His eyes studying each person some.

Sydney ponders how to answer that. Nothing she's eating is actively poisonous to humans, but it's also completely indigestible and unchewable. She takes another bite, chews it slowly and carefully, swallows, then on a whim leans in as though she intends to kiss Pavel. Which she does intend, unless he reacts really poorly. He wanted to know what it tastes like…

"Only upper body now. I only can walk with the…" Pavel is focused on answering Cid, so he doesn't really expect Sydney to lean in like that, so he's sort of just remaining where he is, bliking a few times. No reacting really poorly, at least.

Cid does nod some to Pavel's explanation, "I could make a VR for you? Not quite the same though." He then raises his brows, "Interesting." Seeming a bit curious, perhaps wanting to know if it worked to answer any question. Looking between the two. "So, any taste?" He asks, trying to be his usual logical. Studying them, something on the tip of his tongue but seem to keep it to himself for now.

Sydney draws back. "It tastes like that. Sorry, I couldn't think of any other way to show you."

When Pavel starts speaking, it is in Russian, and it takes him a few moments to realize it. "Ah… I see. No need for apology, I think…" It is offered a bit quietly, as he nods a little.

Cid does let out a soft chuckle at their reactions. Giving them both a moment to regain their composure. If either of them wanted to answer his previous question he let them do so now, otherwise just letting it shift. "So, anything else interesting been happening for you both?"

Sydney chews her lip a moment. "How could you make the VR to know what I taste?

Pavel pauses at Sydney's question, looking to Cid to see what the reply to the question is now.

Cid smiles to Sydney, "Well, it would take some sensors to monitor your brain, so might be a bit more advance than regular VR. But that way you should be able to make the computer stimulate the same parts of your brain to get a similar sensation, in theory. We might need to put a sensor on your tongue and on the other's as well, or just connect to your brains." A shrug, "I think your method was a bit faster though." A teasing wink to her. "But since I can enter the systems and monitor I think I might be able to read your tastes from the sensors and transfer it, I think. I have not tried something other than offering long range transmissions despite the use of short range devices." He admits.

Sydney nods to Cid. "Or… you could try talking to my nanomachines directly and experience it for yourself. " She holds out one hand toward Cid's.

Pavel listens a bit carefully as he hears what's being said, trying to map out the part about sensors and computers and all that in his mind. As he hears Sydney's suggestion to Cid, he offers them both a smile. "That sounds like a good solution, I think?" he offers.

Cid nods and does reach out to touch her hand. "If you are sure about it." Nodding to Pavel as well. Waiting for her to give her approval before trying to communicate with the nanomachines, through simple commands and and language. Her hand is given a bit of a squeeze. Probably bonding with Sydney for a moment, Cid's own mind and body seems to be vacant for the time being. More or less feeling anything the nanomachines would be feeling from her.

Sydney 's nanomachines are very… analog. But also very simple. There are just lots and lots of them, and all of them have something to do with being her brain. To Cid, it might seem as though Sydney is running in a 'virtual brain' and the vast majority of her body spends most of its 'thinking' being her body, controlling itself down to the molecular level, providing movement, senses, and so on. If Cid can decypher this information, he'll probably get all her skin at once, the sense of breathing, the sensations of her steel teeth crunching through the boron steel mesh, and the metallic taste of iron, eggs, and salt. There's a lingering aftertaste of something else, probably the boron. It's a little bitter and quite cloying. Cid might also be aware that once Sydney swallows, the nanomachines inside her disassemble the metal and use it for making more of themselves. The outermost layers, where the machines are oldest, are used for fuel. Today's meal becomes tomorrow's Sydney, which becomes her energy for next week, or next month. The fact that she is hungry is yet another simulation.

Pavel watches the others in quiet. Not really sure about what to say at the moment, he focuses on eating some of his own food for now.
You paged Cid with 'and yeah, he'd get ALL of her skin at once. Including the private bits. Ever wanted to know what it really feels like to be a girl, albeit one who weighs close to a thousand pounds and is made of steel… now he'd know.'
Cid does seem to take it all in, as Cid in himself is basically just a virtual brain of sorts it seems that he does take in how she functions and how the different parts control and interpret things. Giving it another moment to fully experience it before he seem to come back into himself and beaming at her. "That was fascinating. You really are quite amazing." He tells her. Getting to know her a bit better as well it seems. Glancing over to Pavel, "How is your food?" Trying to include him some after the moment of silence.

From afar, Cid nodnods and is probably fascinated. He might be a program but so far he has only used one body, so it was different. And also he is just fascinated by Sydney now. :P

Sydney blinks, having gotten pretty much nothing on her side of the link. Her brain doesn't do digital at all. She shrugs, and goes back to her lunch. She smirks a little to herself. Casual intimacy with two different guys before lunch? Achievement unlocked.

There's a brief pause as he hears Cid's question, before Pavel grins momentarily. "It is good. I miss some of the more traditional meals from back home from time to time, but still good."

"It does seem that memories and nostalgia can change the perception quite a bit, so it is not odd for you to miss old foods." Cid offers and starts to smile some, "Perhaps you can give us a taste one day." Turning towards Sydney, "There does seem to be quite a lot of interesting ways your nanomachines work." He offers to her, tilting his head some. "I do admit that what they couldn't tell me seem quite interesting as well." Most likely his way of saying that he wants to learn more about her rather than the nanomachines as well. Looking back to Pavel then, "I have not seen Russia, other than videos and what I have read, but it does seem interesting. Perhaps you can explain more about it?"

You say, "Like… what kind of food? When I'm from, Russia was the Soviet Union, so we found out practically zilch about it." Syd finishes her lunch and drinks her milk afterwards to wash the taste out of her mouth. It's a gesture, a harkening back to her meat body. She could as easily have simply waited a moment until the molecules were disassembled."

"Well, in Siberia we have a version of dumplings, for example," Pavel replies, before he adds, "And some of the more traditional meals from the rest of Russia too, like borscht. Beet soup." He smiles, "And it is probably natural for memories to be a part of it, yes." As he hears the part about the nanomachines, he grins, "My father would have lots of questions for both of you. He is always curious."

Cid nods a bit and does seem to be doing research on each thing that Pavel mentions, saving the notes so to speak. "Was he an inventor or engineer perhaps?" He asks, glancing to Sydney as well as she speaks, and finishes her lunch.
You say, "Mm. Sounds good." She cocks her head, wanting to know the same thing Cid just asked."

Pavel smiles as he nods, "He is." There's a hand moving to tap at the armor he's wearing. "He made this, when I could not walk anymore."

Cid nods, "How does it work?" He asks Pavel, trying to get a better look. which makes him lean a bit against Sydney. "Oops, sorry!"

Sydney chuckles a little. "No worries." She looks at Pavel. "And… if you don't mind me asking… what happened that you can't walk anymore?

"I do not really know how it works. I am not as smart as him," Pavel replies to Cid, before he nods at Sydney's words. "I used to be good hockey player. They said I could go to Canada to play. But then in game, I get hit, crashed into the boards. Head first. Woke up in hospital and could not move my legs. It felt like the world fell down."

Cid nods a bit to the first part. As for the accident he does get a sad look as he listens some. "That is quite horrible. And unfortunate." Glancing to hear what Sydney offers as well.

Sydney frowns a little. "That sucks, yeah. Sorry to hear it. I'm glad your dad built this suit though. So… if it breaks, can you fix it?

Pavel offers a quiet smile to them both. "It is what it is. But with the suit, I come here, meet new friends. That is good." For the part about if he can fix it, he pauses. "Some of it. I will have to learn more for full repair."

Cid does nod a few times as he listens curiously, "I can try and check it. I probably won't be able to fix everything, but I might be able to find someone that can, and I know a bit of engineering and so on." He offers. Looking between the other two as both seem finished with their food. "Should we head out?" He asks and will rise to his feet.

Sydney nods. "Yeah. I've got some beach time coming. You guys want to come with?
Pavel nods as he hears that. "That sounds quite nice," he replies, getting to his feet as well.

Cid nods, "Sounds like fun. You made it sound interesting last time we met, so I'd be happy to join." Moving to leave with them both.

Sydney gets up to go put on her bikini. "Catch you guys there. I gotta change."

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