(2020-07-10) Maybe Just Stick to Showering Together
Maybe Just Stick to Showering Together
Summary: Syd winds up asking Schuyler out. She’s like, “what, is that all it took?”
Date: 2020.07.10
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Mug Shot Coffee Shop
The barista is generally busy with orders, but most times still manages a wave of welcome. A large sign serves as the menu and orders are taken just beneath it. It's as lovely inside as it is on the outside. Rounded, wooden beams support the upper floor. The walls are packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner. Tourists seem to be some of the more catered to clientele here, the drinks and atmosphere with the added food as a bonus.. Several small tables dot the area with a few larger ones thrown in for bigger groups.


Schuyler gives Fee a little wave as she departs and he gestures for Sydney to hold that 'thought' as he goes to get her the iced coffee. When he returns, he'll answer, still signing…because it's far easier to do in public! He's still aware of the thoughts around him. 'I'll get the primer tomorrow, probably, and see what paintbrushes we can mooch from the Art Room, so I think we're good, thanks. It's appreciated though…and it does mean Fee and I will be at the school for a little bit more this summer.'
Sydney smiles. "Awesome. Thanks." She sips her coffee. Her skin ripples slightly, just suggesting the "poing" effect of caffeine on the steel girl. "So you're doing a murial, or what?"
Schuyler signs, 'You're welcome and yes. Outside the Cafeteria. To honor the Class of 2020. I asked the School and they said it was fine.' He's still a little surprised at that but also a bit pleased. 'So, you're stuck back at school?'
Sydney nods. She goes on signing, still talking out of habit along with it. "Yeah. No family to go home to or anything like that. Been kind of quiet. Awesome on the mural though. The school's nice, but it's all so new that it doesn't have much personality yet. A mural would help.
'I'm sorry…I have family, but Rain wants to stay here with Besa a little longer.' If he had his druthers, he'd be at home, but then he wouldn't be doing the mural. Trade-offs. Sky sips at his own sweeter iced coffee, 'I hope you're right. It seems to be the case with most of these new buildings. They're tech-heavy but sterile and boring.'
Sydney nods. "Buildings don't have character by themselves. We humans invest character into them. So how does it feel to be graduated? I mean… I'm having a hard time even imagining that school just became a choice.
'Oh, some do. Some of the older buildings…some that have seem a lot of coming and going. Even though the builders put character in, even abandoned buildings develop some of their own too.' At least, that's what Sky has seen. When the subject shifts, he shrugs, taking another drink from his coffee, 'It just feels like summer vacation right now, to be honest.'
Sydney nods. "I wonder what it's like when it sinks in." Syd curls a smile. "I haven't hung out in too many abandoned buildings. Wanna do that for our date?
'It might not until I'm packing to go to college. I mean, it's summer…Besa has a mission…same as the last few summers, you know?' Sky does tilt his head some as Sydney mentions their first date. 'They're kind of musty and dirty. I only know of the one that Callisto and such have been using to help feed abandoned cats…'
Sydney nods. "I'm not exactly a shrinking violet here, Sky. I mean I do have to worry about the floors, or I could wind up in the basement, but it'd be hard for the building to really hurt me. Maybe some breathing masks though…
Schuyler wrinkles up his nose at the mention of breathing masks, 'Not terribly romantic or anything,' he points out. He wasn't just thinking of her. 'They're usually not -that- dangerous unless they're going to be falling down or have asbestos or something. In that case, we probably don't want to be going in anyhow. But I can see if there's something like that nearby. It's such a quaint little town, they might not let too many buildings get abandoned.'
Sydney nods. "There's that. I dunno, when Bryce and I were dating we didn't have any money, so we did a lot of outdoor hangout kinda stuff. Doesn't have to be an abandoned building. Doesn't have to be an adventure date at all. Got any ideas?
'I'm not Bryce' and the Masters are known to have more money than they could ever There's a silent look for a moment before Sky slides his hand back. «Not a
good idea. I wouldn't want to do any permanent damage. The mind is delicate
and I don't really want to hurt you.»need. 'I would suggest starting out easy and do dinner or something, but I've only ever seen you eat metal.'
Sydney nods. "I know. I can eat other stuff, it's just messier to digest because I don't metabolise most of it." Syd shrugs. "Dinner sounds great." She smiles.
'It's a good a place as any to start. What's your favorite kind of real food to eat?' He's not quite as picky as his twin is in regards to cuisines. 'I mean, nothing too crazy as we're stuck with what they have nearby. Can you ride in cars?'
Sydney nods. "As long as they're sturdy cars, yeah. I weigh just shy of a thousand pounds. I'm pretty easy on cuisine. There's that burger place… been there, it's good. Meat-heavy is good. I do metabolize meat protein. And I like meat." Syd smiles toothily. "Keep it simple and casual, I think. Yeah?
There's a thoughtful look before Sky signs, 'I have a Tesla.' Is that sturdy enough? Maybe not. 'We won't go on any bodies of water then,' as she divulges her weight. Not too surprising…his father turns into a stone gargoyle that can fly. It's not terribly unfamiliar of a concept.
There's a nod, 'Burgers are fine. Or a steakhouse then. I'm fine with meat as well. I think simple and casual is best to start with, don't you?'
Sydney nods. "Yeah. We've known each other a long time, but… this is a little different, you know? And yeah, steak'd be awesome too." Syd grins and sips her coffee. She's trying not to bounce with enthusiasm, but… hey, a date. She chuckles. "Seriously, do you mean to tell me all I had to do to get a date with you was ask? All this time?"
'Knowing each other as students who go to the same school is different than dating, yes,' Sky agrees completely. He's also rather excited and kind of nervous…but he's also had a lot of practice school his expressions. 'Why? What did you think you'd have to do? Circus tricks? I can usually tell when most people aren't interested in me, so…' he shrugs again.
Sydney laughs softly. "I thought you didn't like me. It took a while to get to know you better than that. 'Course when we met, I was trying to get you set up with that Goth girl. I figured… upper classman… Syd, he's not even going to notice you. Plus… I had other stuff to work through, you know?
There's a tilt of Sky's head then, 'I don't like most people,' is offered as if that's any sort of explanation. 'But you didn't get on my nerves that I recall,' so there's that. 'Which Goth Girl?' There have been a couple, 'One, with the eyeliner…she was with Kaylee. Not into guys.'
Sydney shakes her head. "No, this was… she wasn't with us for more than a month or so. I forget her name." Syd looks down at her hands. "Why don't you like most people? I mean… I can see that'd be… could be… pretty personal to ask at this point.
'The one who was trans? She was kind of Goth-ish. Yeah, I asked her out. She stood me up,' Sky shrugs again and works on his coffee some more. Sydney gets another look at her question, 'I can read people's surface thoughts. I can read deeper if I choose, but I don't really get a choice about the surface thoughts. Most people's surface thoughts are pretty awful. And most of the kids at school…they either wanted me to tell them how awesome they were for having powers or somehow be impressed by them.'
Sydney nods slowly. "Ohh, right. Yeah, I can see that'd be a big downer." She frowns a little. «I wonder what kinds of things I give away?» she thinks to herself. Then looks at Sky and smiles a little. «Hey. I like you.»
Schuyler switches to the mindspeak, «Well, now you're focused on it so of course I can read that,» He looks back at her, also with a little smile but it might be a little smug, «Thank you. I'm still a little in surprise but…you don't annoy me.» High praise indeed!
Sydney laughs, and covers her mouth, lest people wonder what she's laughing at, since no signs were exchanged, no words spoken. She's nervous about dating someone… on paper at least far, far more sophisticated than she is, but hey. She doesn't annoy him. Syd smiles and reaches out to touch Sky's hand. "So… if I invited you into my head… how deep could you go?"
Schuyler isn't new to dating…but his first left some pretty deep wounds that the second didn't really help heal all that much. There's a smirk at the laugh, but then he looks as her hand reaches to touch his. That's noted for a moment before her question pulls his attention, «I don't know. I mean, I don't know what your powers have affected. I can read your surface thoughts, so maybe your mind is much the same. I could probably go deeper into your mind than you'd want me. I could probably also control it.'
Sydney nods and squeezes Sky's hand very gently. "We'll have to play around with that some time. Just to see.
There's a silent look for a moment before Sky slides his hand back. «Not a
good idea. I wouldn't want to do any permanent damage. The mind is delicate
and I don't really want to hurt you.»
Sydney bites her lip. "Maybe… just stick to showering together.

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