(2020-07-04) Where Would You Go?
Where Would You Go?
Summary: More Syd and Sebastian. They’re getting along a little better. Maybe it’s the bikini.
Date: 2020.07.04
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Narrow Beach
The sound of waves hitting the shore and various sea birds drown out any noise coming from elsewhere. Dotting the shore are rocky tide pools full of water and various small sea life when the tide is low.


Sydney is lying out on the beach, soaking up the sun. The heat shimmers off her polished steel skin in waves, giving her and her bikini a vaguely etherial, unreal look. She's leaning against the slope of the beach, and the close observer might notice she's polishing her skin with a hand full of sand. The days, they are just packed. Sydney unfolds her towel, which is a somewhat worn thing, probably from a thrift store, with the Marvel Generation X logo on it.

Sebastian probably has some tutoring during the summer that would have started up sooner rather than later…mostly classes on Ethics and maybe some remedial classes as the education system is different from the first time 'round. Can anyone say 'New Math'? But he isn't being stuck in a classroom or office for the entire day. After lunch, he was given some time off to explore and he's made his way to the beach that Sydney spoke about. Wearing a t-shirt and swim trunks, he's been exploring some of the smaller tide pools around the rocks. Finally scaling them over to the Narrow Beach, it's not hard to miss the metal girl glinting in the sun. Making his way closer, he isn't quite a shadow blocking the sunlight when he opines, "At least you don't have to worry about sand in uncomfortable spots…"

Sydney looks over. "Hey Sebastian." She smiles reflectively. "That actually depends on the spots, to be honest." She looks up at him as he gets closer. Yeah, she knows, Freshmen are off limits, and they're so… skinny and stringy… but hey. Better than no company at all.

Sebastian is kind of skinny, that can't be denied, but there's potential. A hand scrapes his hair back out of his face, "Well, at least that's something kind of normal." He sits himself down on the sand close enough for conversation but not too close. "I guess if you're going to be stuck on a rock, it's not a bad one to be stuck on. The view's decent."

Sydney chuckles. She stretches out a little, perhaps trying to add to the view, if that's what he meant. You can never tell with Freshmen. "In town's not that much more interesting, to be honest. Bunch of folks who graduated from here still live there, but that's about it. Hoping to take a road trip somewhere yet this summer, but I guess that's not a thing these days, is it?

Knowledge that the girls are Jailbait and a 14 year old brain and body are hard to reconcile. At least for now, he's able to push that particular 'view' aside. Sebastian rests his arms on his knees as he looks out at the water before briefly glancing back to Sydney, "Yeah, I'm not allowed into town." Not yet. Maybe not ever…without proper 'supervision' "Sure, people still take road trips. I think it's been a 'thing' since cars became the norm in the…what, 1920's? Doubt that'll change as long has people have cars."

You say, "Oh. I thought the cool kids didn't want to drive anymore." Syd shrugs. "So where would you go, if you were allowed?" She looks at Sebastian more curiously. He just seems so… different."

"How else are they going to get places? We don't have teleportation devices for normal people…it's not Star Trek," Sebastian offers with a smirk. The question about where he would go though, turns that smirk into a frown and he looks back out at the ocean. "I don't know," is finally offered after a long pause. "What about you?"

Sydney looks out at the ocean and thinks about it. She's quiet a long time, thinking about it. "I dunno either. I got nowhere to go. Maybe visit Kaylee's family again. They were super-nice. It's just… I don't fit in the country club scene, you know? I'm early 80s trailer trash at heart. I guess here is the best place for me right now.

"Nowhere in the world you want to see? Just to visit a Waspy family?" Because…Country Club. "Classism isn't so clear anymore most places. And a lot of places, most people don't care. Who cares about some snooty Country Club?"

Sydney shrugs and looks over to Sebastian. "Well, if we're ignoring 'practical'… I'd like to see England… hang out at the beach in Australia, maybe stomp around in the outback. Antarctica, see penguins…" Syd chuckles. "I weigh upwards of a thousand pounds, so practicality is a big concern for me. Japan could be fun. Or China, for that matter."

"There are also penguins in South America so you don't actually have to go to Antarctica," Sebastian points out. "You could always go to these places by boat. They carry heavy freight all the time. Or Aircraft Carrier. Or Military transport." He looks out at the water, "Those places are pretty cool, yeah. Australia tries to kill you though." Apparently he's fairly well-traveled.

Sydney chuckles. "You've been to these places?"

Sebastian nods, "I have. Some of them a couple of times. But I didn't take a boat. I mostly went by plane. Although at one point I considered trying to cross the Atlantic myself, but freezing Salt water is a bit harder than fresh water. Seemed a waste of energy and time when I could fly over there in six hours."

Sydney laughs. "Damn… what did your parents do that you went all over like that?

Sebastian snorts, "My parents have been gone a long time. They had nothing to do with my travels. We don't really need to talk about them. But I went those places for…well, I guess you can say 'work'."

Sydney looks at Sebastian a little strangely. "You've led an interesting life for what… 13, 14? Maybe 15 if you got held back a year somewhere along the line?

"Fourteen," is corrected with a little sigh. "Yeah, well, some people thought so. Some had other words for it. Kind of why I'm here now. Better than the alternative."

You say, "What was the alternative?"

"I think I mentioned it yesterday, didn't I? Power-dampening Prison cell for the rest of my life." Sebastian isn't necessarily hiding that part as it's hard to do so with the ankle-monitor. It may be fairly high-tech, but it's not quite as sleek as a FitBit.

Sydney notes the ankle band. "I thought you were kidding. Guess not, huh?
Sebastian shrugs, "Not kidding." He's wearing swom trunks, so the ankle monitor is right there. "I mean, the choice was mine but neither were great to begin with, in my opinion."

Sydney nods and looks away from it. "Happens. You're like the third 'reforming' power I know here." She shrugs. "Not including me, at least legally.

"Why are you reforming? Everything I've read have you being all helpful and stuff." Sebastian looks back at her, "Who are the others? Why are they here?"

You say, "I was Iron Fist's training buddy before I was anything else. Before I left the 80s. One is the kid of a powered criminal couple who was getting pulled into the family business. One… was kind of in the same boat you're in. Came here with her powered friends and family to raise trouble, and got captured, decided staying here was better than prison." Syd notably does not give their names. "I figure who they are… that's their secret as much as who you are is yours.

"I gave you my name, didn't I? Stupid to hold that from someone I'll be going to school with. Sounds like the first isn't necessarily here for 'reforming'. The other…well, I dunno. It doesn't sound quite the same," but maybe there will at least be some sympathy from them. Or maybe the Staff have already figured things out via working with them already.

Sydney nods. "At least one of them is a personal friend. The other… I haven't seen since I got back." Syd smiles at Sebastian. "I'm just saying I won't judge you for who you were before. You made whatever deal you had to for that, and you wound up here."

Sebastian gives another little chuckle, "Who I was before?" There's a teenagerly roll of his eyes. "Sure. I don't really care about being judged by anyone. And it's Summer vacation for most, so I'm surprised that you're even here."

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