(2020-06-18) The Steel Returns
The Steel Returns
Summary: Syd comes back from where she’s been all these months. Chats with Cora This log comes immediately after Syd’s actual first return scene with Besa and everyone. I (Syd’s writer) will hook up the related tag when that log is posted.
Date: 2020.06.18
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Student Building
This building serves a dual purpose. First and foremost it is a place for study. The first floor is divided into a variety of cubicles of various sizes where students can either study alone or in groups.

Each cubicle is furnished with the necessary items to make it conducive to study. There are one or two sitting areas outside the cubicle area for study or group discussion as well. A variety of paintings and plants decorate the area and lots of large windows and light fixtures provide plenty of light.

In the center of the ceiling is an translucent round area that lets light in from the floor above but no detail can be made through the thick glass. Surrounding the glass area is normal ceiling. Curved stairs lead to the game room upstairs.


Sydney watches everyone leave. "I spend six months away from here, and I come back and half the people I came back to be with have graduated." Syd shakes her head.

Cora sighs and nods to that, looking down a bit. "Yeah. I get it. Most of my friends were either Juniors or Seniors when I got here. Now you're one of the few friends even still here." Needless to say, not much success making other friends! It seems. "There's a few. But so many more are leaving and it sucks."
Sydney looks at Cora and offers the willowy girl a hug. "Guess we young ones gotta stick together." She says that with a certain amount of irony.

Cora accepts the hug too. "Yeah. It almost makes me not even want to get to know the younger generations better. Just so they don't have to go through the same… and I won't have to either. It's just… weird. You know?"
Sydney is warm. Also softer than one might expect. "Yeah, but if the oldbies had done that to us, think how much poorer we'd be for it?

Cora pouts a little bit. "I guess that's true too. It just feels weird realizing we're basically upperclassmen now. Only the Seniors are older. I feel like I was just a freshman yesterday!" She rues. Shivering. "So it's like, kind of the half point now. And that's just super weird."

Sydney nods. "Yeah, it totally is." She runs her fingers through her hair, which squeaks in exactly the same way as a metal gauntlet over fine metal wire. "Anything exciting here since Christmas?

Cora shakes her head. "Not really at all. At least not involving me." The slender girl responds. "I think someone might've finally stopped the Doll girl. Oh! There was like, Demons at a concert in the town, but Besa, Sky, Ashton, and Rain basically stopped that. At least I could get people out of the club. But otherwise? Compared to last year it was… dare I say, normal feeling."
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)

Sydney nods. "Good. I've been the guest of the Justice Department. I'm not allowed to talk about what they wanted me for, but… they made it clear I hadn't committed any crimes. Then I couldn't fucking leave Washington because of all the other stuff going on. Marched in a demonstration, stopped some dick in a car from running over the demonstrators… that plus homework's been my semester.

"Wow." Cora says, surprised at that bit at the end especially, it seems. "I get the homework part though. It was harder this year! More of it. Next year's probably going to be insane. I've heard Junior Year can be the hardest. But some say the funnest too. So I don't know who to believe anymore."
Sydney nods. "Probably both. I dunno.

Cora covers her mouth and giggles, a bit sardonically really. "Yeah, you're probably right about that." She finishes up her iced tea then. "Take it you'll be here all summer then? I haven't heard anything about a camp or anything like that yet at least."

Sydney nods. "I don't have family… other than here… so yeah, I'm here for the duration. Maybe we can find something fun to do? Camp got kind of tiresome after a while. Like… rust city.

The small girl nods in agreement. "Yeah, and sun. A few days might've been fun. Half the summer was way too much." Cora agrees whole heartedly. "Especially being away from all my music. I hope if they do anything else it'll be like, an affiliated campus is another country or something. Paris, or Tokyo, or Istanbul. Anywhere. That might be fun. As long as it's civilization."

Sydney pff. "I dunno. Flying me overseas would probably be pretty expensive.

"Koga could probably just open a portal for us, I think. Or maybe someone could. But if not. Yeah, I'm happy just staying here too. I'm sure I'll get invited to visit Kaylee once or twice if she isn't doing too many other things. But otherwise? I doubt I'll leave the island either." Cora stretches out her hands above herself. "Glad you're back though."

You say, "Oh true…" She smiles. "You've heard from Kaylee? Is she doing well?"

"Sounds like it. Super busy in college, no surprise there though." Cora says. "And she was doing great at Easter." She leans back. "Wow, this is going to be a weird summer. Just more Japanese classes, and I'm doing my Science class to try and get it out of the way so I can do more electives next semester. That'll be soooo nice to be done with and not have to worry about with everything else. You taking any summer classes?"

Sydney shakes her head. "I dunno yet. I don't know if I'm behind, I don't even know what my grades were yet. There were classes I couldn't do… I mean.. .PE… they didn't exactly have equipment built for me." Syd chuckles. "Toward the end they did at least let me use the building gym."

Cora gets a sympathetic look on her face. "Hopefully you did good so you can stay on track too. And at least PE in the summer there's all sorts of options for stuff outside too. Right? Like… running in the woods. Or running on the beach. Or the outdoor track." Seems that was a joke after all!

Sydney chuckles. "You first, babe." Syd laughs. "How've you been doing in that regard? I mean, you had a lot of problems keeping up, the way I remember."

"After all year having to run extra every night? At least I'm in shape now." Cora still shivers. "I still hate running, but I did fine in the mile run for someone my age and not possessing super speed. So, like, a fit girl I guess?" Cora shrugs. "At least I don't usually have special sessions anymore for that."

Sydney raises both arms in a touchdown gesture. "Yay! Win! Way to go!" Syd grins, and seems remarkably sincere in her praise.

Cora smiles, "Thanks." She says, also quite genuinely. "It felt like such a punishment at the time. But it probably was best for me, given how weak I was after the hospital."

Sydney nods. "So do you still have a roomie? Last I saw mine was months before I left.

"Not for the summer. No." Cora says, "And I didn't over the semester either, was just easier to let me be alone since none of the other girls in Prometheus were so prone to needing it not light so much, if that makes sense. So that was kind of nice. We'll see what happens come Fall though. Things always get so shaken up with incoming freshman and any other new people."

Sydney nods yet again. "Hmm. That'd be a challenge, since I'm Metis. Which is weird for a brick, I guess.

"I'm still a little shy for a Prometheus, so there's always exceptions." Cora says.

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