(2020-05-12) The Start of a Plan
The Start of a Plan
Summary: Besa's Priests and Egyptian Agents meet with him and company to discuss their next steps in teh school Library.
Date: 2020-05-12
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NPCs: Robert Sabnison, Ami, The Agents, Unit 23
Scene Runner: Besa

The school has allowed both the Agents from the Egyptian Government and the priests that Besa claims as 'his/ to meet in the Library with said student. The room is still open for anyone that wishes to go get books, but there's several adults that clearly don't belong at the school. Overseeing the gathering are several members of Unit 23 acting as school security. 

At the table are two well dressed suited Egyptians, sunglasses included. A rather large metal case is on the ground next to the woman, the man stands behind her with his arms folded looking rather gruff. 

Across from the table are three other people of mixed decent. One is clearly Egyptian, and anyone that's met him before will recognize Robert Sabnison. Next to him is an older woman, and on her other side is a bald man. All three are wearing modern clothing, but through their adornmets it's clear they are from some Egyptian religious group.

Besa has just walked in with his body guard , who walks over and stands on the side of the priests. The ancient teen does not look thrilled at this meeting, but he knew it was coming. Cocoa, his ever present chocolate lab presses against his leg as he smiles nervously. 

 Also accompaning Besa is Rain. Of course she is going to be at this meeting, she would fight anyone that tried to stop her, quite literally. She can understand her bonus brother's feelings about this meeting. Her own are quite mixed considering there is no telling where it will go. "We can get up and walk out whenever we want, Besa." she reminds him for probably the tenth time "I have your back no matter what." just like a sister should.  

Cora happens to have been here studying. Her Japanese textbook open, and a dictionary and other things at hand as she works on some rather complicated sentences from the looks of it, problem with year two! She keeps pausing to look things up and then write a bit more. That being said, the others are starting to attract her attention too as she looks in curiosity about it. 

Ironically, Ashton is one of the reasons that the priests are here, so hell yeah he is going to be here. How else is he going to prove that he's not a monster-in-training. He is dressed casually, wearing jeans and a black v-neck tee shirt. The young sorcerer looks at the collection of people across the desk, sizing them up, almost. He looks to Besa, "Your friends are here for you, just remember that." 

Sitting at a table, reading through some schoolwork and taking notes, along with momentary mutterings in Russian, Pavel is wearing his armor, so he can actually move around when he needs to find another book, instead of just being in his wheelchair and needing people's help. He glances up as there seems to be a meeting, raising an eyebrow as he looks to the others, keeping silent as he watches. 

Besa looks over to Rain and Ash and nods, He knows, but somehow it doesn't feel like he can. Not really. "Thank you, Rain. Thank you Ashton." His hand lowers to touch Cocoa's head before turning back to the two groups. The woman Agent stands up, "Hello Besa. I hope you're well since last we spoke. Mrs.Gamol wished for me to tell you that her niece is much better now, and to send her thanks." The mummy unconciously rubs his left forearm, but nods.

The Priests all stand, the old woman taking longer than the rest, but it's Robert Sabnison who speaks, "Besa!" His smile is warm and friendly and Besa seems to relax as the man speaks, "We're going to work something out. I have the permission from the head priests."

The old women priestess and the agent with his arms crossed both don't look happy with what they're spokespersons are saying. 

 As the trio cross the library to join the others Rain scans the room with her typical stoic gaze. The other students are noted as are the somewhat familiar school security guards, though she isn't sure exactly how much help they would be, at least it is good to know that if things so sideways some people will be on thier side. "Maybe we should of come up with a safe word." Rain says to the pair in a lower tone "Maybe knitting?" she has to suspect that word won't come up in the conversation they will be having. As Mr. Sabinson greets Besa she silences while the man speaks "I hope your confidence in that isn't misplaced." she tells him. 

  And if the strange guests wasn't enough, the talking is definitely enough to get Cora's attention and cause her to look up away from her studies more intently. Especially as she's seeing the others look around as well. A friendly smile offered to any who do meet her gaze. 

Ashton crosses his arms, as he's not sure that he's particularly happy with the sounds of things being said either. He cocks his head slightly, "knitting? Okay sure, why not?" He tries to keep his pleasant face on for Besa's sake. Generally when people want to work with Besa, it means that Besa is going to be used.

 Pavel raises an eyebrow as he listens, glancing around to see how the others are reacting, offering a nod and a smile to Cora, before he looks back to the meeting itself. Robert Sabnison answer Rain directly, "Rain. It's good to see you as well. I don't think the priests, Besa's real priests, have mislead him yet." The old woman puffs slightly at that before glaring over at the Agents. 

The woman Agent, Miss Haddad, ignores the other woman and nods to what Sabnison says, "That is the goal." To work something out. "Let's all sit down, shall we?"

Besa himself frowns slightly at talk of knitting, but at least he doesn't call it out. Instead he moves over to sit down between the two groups. There's plenty of chair that can be pulled up. Cocoa's under the table with her head in his lap. "I had thought you were both at odds, yes? You have both asked me to leave with you after graduation…" 

 An eyebrow arches at the word yet "So you are saying that they might in the future?" Rain definately doens't like the sound of that one. "I would hope they would never mislead him." but apparently that is a possibility. They will have to keep that in mind. She grabs a nearby chair and sits at the table as near to Besa as she can. 

 Yeah, Cora's not being subtle. Or really even trying at such! She's definitely watching, and trying to hear. Though it is a conversation like that in a library too. So the whole quiet study space thing is basically done anyways. Either way, she even sets down her pencil now too. 

Pavel frowns momentarily as he listens, placing the book he was reading down on the table in front of him. At least he looks like he's taking some kind of notes, right? 

Ashton arches an eyebrow. "So much for working together…" He looks at the collective group. "Have any of you bothered to ask Besa what he wanted to do after graduation?" 

Robert sighs, "That's not what I meant Rain." He sits down as does the rest fo the adults. "There are dangers coming that we want to be able to help Besa with." Ami, from behidn the adults offers a soft smile to the students, she's gotten to know them some, and knows that they care for the ancient teen.

The Agent nods, "Of course we have, Mr.Talbot. It's why we're here. The extraction of the Others and the barring of any further inner-action from Alraxmargoth'ha's Realm are the goals." She raises an eyebrow as to silently question his. Maybe it's the Egyptian Government that Ashton has to look out for!

Besa, sensing an arguement, "Yes. They have. And that is my main wishes. To stop Alraxmargoth'ha's brood from hurting anyone else. The ones here and in Hell." 

 It doesn't matter to her if that is what he meant, it's what she understood that is important. She doesn't respond to it either way, since at the moment a debate is not wanted. "There is no doubt that we all have the same goals when it comes to the demon and his ilk. What the issue is the route we take to get there." she glances to Besa and Ashton a moment before speaking to the Agent "The three of us can't even agree on a plan of action. How is your plan any better?" 

  Cora definitely reacts to hearing demons mentioned too, a slight grimace, and an obvious tensing of her body. She suddenly seems a lot more uncomfortable than curious. A deep breath is taken then, and she looks down at her homework, staring at it blankly for a few moments.

 Ashton doesn't look so certain that they have Besa's interests at heart. "I meant after that… but I guess that is not what we are here to discuss." He runs his canine over the corner of his lower lip. "I have already told Besa that I am pretty sure that I can open up a portal to the hell realm to help extract the others." 

Pavel pauses as he listons, muttering something to himself in Russian again. He glances over towards Cora, pausing as he sees her reaction, before he looks to the people having the meeting again, watching carefully for now. 

The Agrent and Robert glance at each other, and he nods to her to explain. "There is not going to be a perfect plan. There will be dangers. There will be sacrifices, but….we think we've come up with the start of something that could work."

The bald man, who's been quiet up till this point leans forward, "It seems that the orignial priests, at the first sacrifice, had other plans for you as well, Besa. We're still trying to piece them together, but we think you were meant for more than just a sacrifice."

The priests all glance at each other when Ashton tells about the portal, seems maybe Besa didn't mention that.

The Promethan shifts in his seat, looking down at his hands, "I…I would like to hear this plan." Besa glances to both students at his side, a silent plea for them to at least hear it out. 

 "Well at least we agree on that." Rain tells the agent. "We are well aware that this is dangerous and that certain sacrifices may have to be made." they aren't going into this with crazy notions "That's where our disagreement is. What those sacrifices are." she stifles a sigh "That's why we are here. You have resources that despite our own, we don't have access too." she seems willing to hear what the agent has to say.  

A couple more moments of looking down and another shiver, but now Cora's looking up again. Definitely still concerned appearing, but even more interested in how this is going to affect her friends and classmates, let alone potentially her!

 Ashton nods in agreement with Rain, "Just because you may consider us a bunch of children, but we have probably seen more "action" than you have. We're not stupid. We know that such a thing won't be easy, and most likely with losses." He puts an unringed hand on Besa's shoulder, "We want what is best for Besa's interests." 

Shaking his head to himself, Pavel's attention is still mostly on that meeting taking place. While he may have been trying to hide that he's focused on them earlier, he doesn't quite look like he's hiding that now. Although he's taking notes of something every now and then. 

"There are three major issues that we've stumbles upon. The demons on earth, The Others that need to be rescued, and the closing off of the portals to the Realm." The agent doesn't call it Hell like Besa does. "We believe that with some external help the Egyptian Special Services will be able to handle the demons on earth. We have supers that are good at tracking such things." That might explain how they've gotten so many pieces of Besa's sarcophagus. She glances over at Pavel and Cora , both pretending to study, "We are hoping to get assistance from the school as well."

Robert takes over, "We can get a group, along with Besa to Hell." He does not have any quams calling it Hell. "Although I'd like to, later, converse about the possibility of Mr.Talbot's portal." That would be better than what they had planned, but it may not work. The hand on Besa's shoulder gets a murmur from the old lady, but then she goes quiet while Robert continues, "We have been working on a ritual to close off Hell, but….we need to be there." He looks at Besa, "A group has already volentered, and we'll be able to send you back before it's enacted….we can send all the Besas back." 

The bald man, who seems very focused on his part chimes in, "If what lore we've found is true, Besa could have been meant for this very thing. Not a sacrifice, but a means to end this turmoil." 

Besa listens intently, but frowns and chews his lower lip. "I…see. I would like to see this lore." Again, his existance is being turned over on it's ear.Again. Rain and Ashton both get a frown, but he'll tell them, "Do not discount them. I know they are all very powerful as well. Do not fall into huberus, Ashton. If they will help me, I will accept it." 

 Rain frowns right back at her bonus brother, she hasn't done anything to deserve such a face. She was quite tactful in a way Ashton wasn't. "I'm sure you won't have any trouble finding volunteers from the school to help out." she tells Sabinson "Besa is well liked by everyone. Most would do anything they could to help him." 

  It's the bit about 'all the Besas' that has Cora blinking in surprise, and looking with a very strange expression on her face at the Egyptian boy. It's surprise, and also like something might be dawning upon her right now. Either way, someone looking at her face would see it go through a series of emotions and expressions in a very short time! 

Ashton looks to Besa, "I wasn't underestinmating them.. I was just cautioning them not to underestimate the capabilities and resources of us… " He gets Besa glance, and smiles, "I'll play nice." He looks across the table, "My apologies if I insulted you unwittingly."

 Pavel blinks momentarily as he hears the part about them hoping to get assistance from the school, studying the people speaking a bit more carefully now. If anything, his expression seem to be saying the word 'interesting'. Thankfully, the Russian doesn't speak out loud.

 Robert nods and repeats, "Besa is very well liked. The priests….many asked for the honor of helping him. He makes an impression on everyone he meets."

The Agent stands up and picks up the metal case from the floor and with a grunt places it with a thud on the table, "We've found more pieces. With how you've been reacting to them, we think…" She trails off, allowing the bald priest to continue. Ashton gets a nod for his apology.

The bald priest leans forward again, like he can see into the metal box, "You seem to get power flairs when you are reunited with pieces of your sarcophagus…The hope is if we can gather enough, or all, that whatever the original purpose was…" A hand is lifted and he wipes his mouth, "I think you're meant to have great power, Besa. More than what you learned from watching the priests cast." 

Besa's listening to everyone, although at the look from Rain he'll reach over and squeeze her hand, he didn't mean to snap! "I….I think it is good to have as much help, yes?" He reaches forth to open the large metal case. There's about 10 small pieces of very old stone, some even have what appears to be very old paint on it. It's more peices of his sarcophagus, and more than he's had before. Either the government has been holding out, or they've kicked up their search. A glance around the table and Besa touches a piece. The same thing happens as when he touches any of them. The air growns warm, a golden light seems to pulsate from the stones as they fuse together. Besa's normally brown eyes glow golden and anyone with magical powers can feel a boost. 

 The hand squeeze is returned and let go in case Besa needs both hands to deal with the sarcophogus peices. Rain knows how important those are to him. At seeing how many there are in the case she gives a momentary frown to the agent "I would ask how long you have been holding onto these, but as Besa has them now, it is unimportant." having no magic of her own, she can't feel anything but has seen this reaction from the previous pieces.  

 Even without magical powers, golden glows are noticeable! Cora looks on at it with a look of awe on her countenance. "Pretty…" She mouths softly, probably barely audible even to those near her, unless they've got superhuman hearing or something.

 Ashton closes his eyes as he feels the surge of power. He opens up his blue-green eyes, as he watches the pieces fused together. He doesn't ask, but he wonders if after this, if Besa is willing to take possession of the large chunk that Ashton is still holding on for him… for reasons.. he's sure that Besa has them… he just disagrees with them. 

While he doesn't have any magical powers, Pavel sees that golden light, unable to hold back a bit of a whistle as he does. There's a few seconds of pause, before he looks back down to his notebook. No, not at all eavesdropping. 

The agent glances at Rain and her comment, but doesn't clarify. Instead she nods approvinly as Besa lights up gold and several of the stones fuse together. "We're getting closer to having enough to use them as magnets for the other pieces." Look out museums!

The bald priest grins with glee, having never seen this before. 

And Robert smiles softly, "We've throw a lot at you. Do you, " He makes sure to glance at all the students, the ones sitting with them and beyond, "have any questions?"

Besa's eyes are still glowing, that's a lot of power running through him currently, "I…I think finding the rest of her is important…"
 Rain is watching Besa reunite with the peices of his ancient funeral box, so it takes a moment to realize that they are being asked a question "I would like to hear more of this plan you have." 

  At least the staring at Besa is understandable, with eyes still glowing! That's totally Cora's excuse. Really! It would be. It's certainly distracting from any other attention. And homework still. Silly homework.

 Ashton nods in agreement with Rain. "So first thing first, get as much of the sarcophagus as possible. After that, what?" He has a few ideas as to where he can get a hold of other pieces, but Besa won't exactly like the costs. He smirks slightly, "What about you, Cora? You have an observations over there?" He looks across the table, "Like we said, Besa has lots of friends here." 

Since the Agent's plan has already been bare bones laid out already she motions to Robert. He sighs, but nods, knowing this was going to have to be said, "At this point, the idea was for myself and 13 other priests to go with Besa to Alraxmargoth'ha's realm. There we will help him free the Others and then cast the ritual to send them back to their bodies. At that point, the remaining Priests will cast the ritual to close of the Hell realm forever." He swallows, not making eye contact with Besa.

Besa's eyes are slowly dimming, but still otherworldly as he glances over when Cora is called out. A small head tilts to the quiet girl before he turns back, "Yes. Reasembling her is the first step." Listening to Robert, the ancient teen says nothing at first, but the students can see his hands are clenching into fists and his expression grows dark. Finally after a long moment. "You are a father, Sambison….I will not orphan children." 

Before he can say more Ami steps forward, the girl who's been assigned to be his body guard at the school. "The entire reason for the priesthood to leave Egypt was to end this cycle of pain and death for you, Besa. We knew the cost when we took our rites. Don't deny us the debt we must pay." 

Ashton frowns as he voices a thought that he has had since this discussion began. "Does this rite take in consideration that there is potentially a conduit between here and there? A living conduit?" He sighs, "Get me the rite and I will see if it can be adapted… I'm rather gifted when it comes to things like that." 

 Why does Rain feel that there is something they aren't being told. There is definitely a look of suspicion on her face "And what of our Besa? He gets sent back here too, right?" that part might have been clear to the others, but it wasn't so clear to her. She isn't leaving anything to chance. 

  Caught! And Cora's a deer in the headlights as she is. She blinks a few times, almost blushing. Then bites her lip before saying, "Un… what did it mean, all the Besas?" She finally asks. "Does that mean there's like, lots more of him in Hell or something?" But then there's another moment and she changes tact. "Besa, in history we learn about the Spartans. I'm sure you know more than any of us. But how at the big famous battle against the Persians where the 300 died, their king only sent men with children because they already had a legacy. Those who could remember their sacrifice and be proud of them."

 Robert nods, "Yes. He will be send back to his body as well." What Ashton proposes is trickier, "I don't know, Mr.Talbot. Your assosiations and connects makes you powerful, but also a risk. I will need to speak to the elders and ask for guidence." 

Besa tries to explain it once to Cora, but it's all very weird, he knows. The easiest thing to do is for him to nods to her, "Yes…and they need peace."  Between Cora's logic and Ami's plead, be quiets, but is still not pleased with the idea. It makes his chest hurt. 

The Agent starts to stand up, "I think it's time for us," she indicates herself and the grumpy glaring agent behind her, "To leave. I will contact you when more pieces are found." 

 "And…" Rain prompts for more information "What happens to Besa? Will he be mortal? Will all that time catch up to him…" she is unable to finish that horrible sentence "These are questions that can't be answered aren't they?"   Cora winces at that answer too. Simple or not, it leaves her feeling awful. Her expression completely softened and sympathetic looking. But there's a nod to it as well, understanding and no more prodding about it at this point either.

 Robert shakes his head, "We don't know, Rain. I wish we did."

Besa blinks, the idea of all the time catching up to him has never occurred to him really, "I would become dust, yes?" Not the worst way to be, he supposes… A deep breath and he glances after the retreating Agents, "i would like to meditate on this. I will picture call you later." He stands , Cocoa immediately by his side, "I…I think I wish to be alone for now. Thank you, all."
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