(2020-03-18) What To Do
What To Do
Summary: Besa is very anxious after Ashton drops a bomb
Date: 2020-03-18
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It's been a rather stressful 12 hours for the teen. After stumbling away from the what felt like betrayal from Ashton, he numbly went to the video call with his priests. That was…interesting. He can't process it now though. He didn't go to classes, although the teacher just nodded like she knew and didn't make a big deal about it. Currently it's lunch time and Besa's still no show. That's because he's hiding up on teh rooftop. Cocoa is with him, curled up next to him in a corner of the roof. He's in his clothing from yesterday, jeans and a rumpled long sleeve off white shirt. It's not so cold that he's in dire need of a jacket, but his fingers are stiff. How long as he been out here? Currently his eyes are closed and he's trying to meditate. It's not working out though, as tears keep escaping his eyes.

It's not hard for Rain to find Besa, all she has to do is ask Sky or piggy back his powers to find her other brother. So here she is on the rooftop and striding over to where Besa is sitting. Taking a moment to pet Cocoa, she then moves to the other side and sits so Besa is nestled between the canine and her. Reaching into her blazer pocket she slips a hanky into his hand "Your eyes are sweating." she tells him, though that sounds more like something Legion would say, body language says she isn't the one in control.

Besa's yes flicker when cocoa alerts him someone is coming, so he's not surprised when Rain is next to him. The teen nods, not bothering to wipe his face. More will just follow, "I-" his voice cracks, his throat dry, "I did nto mean..to bother you." With teh dark circles under his eyes, he's most likely not slept. "H-how was class?"Look at him, trying to act normal.

"Who's a bother? You?" Rain makes a snorting noise of disbelief "When have ever said or even implied you are a bother?" never that"s when! She lifts her hand and rolls her wrist in a come on say it motion "You've met Connor and Sky…how are /you/ a bother?" she gives a shrug and for the moment allows his attempt at a normal conversation. She knows he needs it. "It was class, nothing to write home about." she pulls out her phone and unlocks it with a few quick taps "Mom sent pictures of Circe playing on the beach at home." she holds out the phone so he can see the picture of her trying to build a sand castle "They will be in Boston for spring break. Mom asked for your help in magic proofing the house there."

Besa blinks a few times, realizing this may not be Rain Rain. Normally he can roll with it, but his brain is very frazzled right now. "You have a wonderful family." Meaning her brothers too. A swallow and he tries to clear his throat as he looks at teh picture of Circe playin and that seems to calm him a little bit. "She is getting so big…" A shaking breath and then he leans his head against Rain's shoulder if allowed. "I don't know what to do…."

No matter which version of Rain it is, they all love Besa the same and don't want him to be in this emotional agony "They're okay." or maybe she borrowed someone's powers and for this moment with Besa she is the teen girl he meet in freshmen year. Who was more or less happy and had a ready smile for anyone. "To big. Maybe you can reverse that spell you did on yourself and use it on her!" there has never been a time where he shoulder wasn't available for him. She leans her head on his and reaches over, offering her hand for him to take "I would call you a liar if you said you did." yeah, this sounds like Rain original, pre-personality split "And I am am not sure what to say to make you feel better." comfort has never been her strong suit, but she tries hard "If you want I can go beat Ashton up?" that would probably make her feel more better than her. She isn't serious about it though.

Besa wasn't certain she'd spoken to Ashton. But then she confirms, "I…I just do nto understand how he could think this…that it was a good idea, or that I would not be upset by it?" He starts to tremble, his nerves fried, and he curls into Rain more. Cocoa takes this opportunity to lean her entire body against him, sandwiching him between the two. "He…he has joined my murderers…what am I supposed to do?"

This is the part that Rain hates. She is by nature a logical person and even if she doesn't want to can understand things for various perspectives, though sometimes it takes awhile. It did in this case, she had to get over her own knee jerk reaction first. "I think the first step is try and understand the intention of his actions." as she speaks the air around them begins to warm, the heat coming from her "I'll not saying what he did was right, I'm just saying that the deed is done and can't be undone." she sighs "He made a bad decision, so let's get some good out of it. If he wants us to use him, than let's use him."

Besa shakes his head, causing his hair to brush against Rain before he pulls away, "No. It does not matter his intention. How could he not have known this would be betraying me?" There's those tears again. He feels so dry. The ancient teen's had all night to build up worst case senerios in his mind. "This is what his grandparents wanted. They will use him to connect with Alraxmargoth'ha's children. My enemies combine, because of him. And now…" More head shaking and he presses his hand into his chest near his heart, "Now I can not trust him." A soft strangled cry comes from his lips and Cocoa whines, "It is my fault…I should not have told him how I feel…I should never tell anyone. All it does is makes things worse…"

<FS3> Rain rolls Magic Knowledge: Good Success.

"Intentions always matter." but Rain realizes its to soon so addresses the more serious issue at hand. "Then severe the connection Ashton has." she tells him "Separate him from the demon collective permanently." what exactly is she suggesting. Whatever it is she knows something. "Everything gets better before it gets worse. That's reality. It won't matter if you speak up or not, it just happens that way."

Besa's eyes close, "I have been trying, Rain….All I do is think and plan on how to destroy Alraxmargoth'ha's realm. To stop it all…" He's taking her words in a different direction than she may have intended. "He would not have….done that for me if I had not told him how I felt…" He shivers. Is he cold, or is it the panic attack he's having? "I am so …so tired…I just wish for it to end."

"Well, this is Ashton we are talking about. He could have just as easily done this if you had said nothing. I have never trusted him, nothing he does surprises me." nothing new there. "You aren't getting it Besa." Rain shakes her head "I don't mean physically removing him from anything. He already is here." she pauses a moment, more heat pours from her "I mean using magic to sever him from the demon collective. You know, close the door and lock it so they can't get in."

Besa uses his free hand not trying to press whatever is in his other hand into his heart to wipe his face with her handkerchief. He ties to understand, 'But….it is him, It is in his blood….It would kill him…would it not?" And while he's feeling completely betrayed, he's not going to kill Ashton. His eyes are still leaking but he manages to lean his head back against the wall, "I wish my heart were still broken…It would explain the pain…" Echo pain is worse. The ancient teens mind starts rolling around an idea though, it's better than wallowing and wishing he could just die die. "I am…too much, Rain. I do not know what to do anymore." The Promethean certain does have a ton on his plate.
"Well I won't lie and say that there isn't any risk involved, there is a chance that he could die from it, or worse." something worse than death, Besa probably knows a lot about that. "There is a higher chance of succeeding though." she bites her bottom lip a moment "The problem is we will need a artifact that belonged to Alraxmargoth'ha." assuming that is the demon that fathered Ashton "We already covered that part. That's what we are talking about now…what to do."

Besa's trembling increases, "I….we can not…amputate…." Not if there's a chance of it killing Ashton. "He would not a-agree to such…" And he's not going to do it to him with out agreement! An artifact that belonged to Alraxmargoth'ha's? He make a face, like something is familiar, but he can't hold onto it. He ancient teen shifts the object in his hand that he's using to press and keep pressure on his chest. It's the necklace that Whitley gave him several years ago, ironically an ankh symbol. "My priest…wish me to leave."

"You don't know that. He says he is willing to do anything to help you. If this helps he will do it…and it solves your problem." Rain looks at Besa with clear concern "Amputation is a harsh comparison, but I am not arguing semantics." that would be pointless "Leave? The school? The dimension?" she blinks at him, unsure where he is going.
Besa doesn't know what to believe anymore. Especially when it comes to Ashton. Instead of picking at that more he wets his lips and nods, "The—-the school. They feel it is not safe." It probably isn't helping he talked to them right after the Gnosic Flame bomb last night. Good thing he didn't talk to the Egyptian Government, or they'd have Agents at the school today!

"It's a school full of students with super powers, what part of that implies safe?" in a way she finds that amusing, in a kinda dark way "We could put you on the moon and you still wouldn't be safe. She gives his hand a shake and glances down at Cocoa "How about we take Cocoa for a walk and she what trouble three Fiona's are causing?" wait, what…three Fionas! That is definitely trouble. She then will begin to push Besa to the door.

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