(2020-03-17) The Ring
The Ring
Summary: A meeting between three students ends with all three unhappy.
Date: 2020-03-17
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Metis/Prometheus Upstairs Coral Springs
Tue Mar 17 21:55:18, 2020 — Tue Mar 17 18:55:18 2020

Effectively this is the common area of the dorms. There is a large screen TV, with a hi-tech entertainment system and surround sound. There is a collection of couches and other comfortable chairs and tables all grouped in an assortment of conversation spaces, along with a bookcase or two, not that many teens read books anymore. They are there for the ones that still do. The walls and floor are done in tasteful neutral colors though there is a splash of green or yellow, in the curtains or the furnishings.

It is a winter night. The weather is warm and sunny.

Things are nice and weird here at school too! Or relaxed… or something! Currently Cora's chilling out in the commons, and youtube pulled up with a playlist from the 90s playing music. Currently, it's Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You" playing. Nice, chill, and probably why Cora's just vegetating on the couch. Shoes off, laid out, book open and left ignored on the coffee table. But her eyes are open and she's seeming content.

Besa is dressed strangely out of uniform, he tends to wear it most days even after class. But not now, right now he's in designer jeans that Rain clearly picked out for him and a long sleeve tee shirt that is just a solid off white. Simple, but it's angled look for the Egyptian. Cocoa is at his side, she's nto left it much these days. He slows as he come down from the boys dorm, head tilting as he listens to the music. "It is sad sounding . But Like it." Anyone with a sharp eye will spot he has an envelope shoved into his back pocket and there's something heavy in the leather satchel over his shoulder.

Ashton has not been seen for a couple of days, having gone home for the weekend. The weekend seems to have stretched a couple of extra days. The staff was made aware that he would be absent, so if anyone noticed it might be some of the students. He comes up the stairwell, carrying a small suitcase in one hand and his backpack slung over the opposite shoulder. The teenaged sorcerer looks rather tired and a bit unlike his normal self. He is dressed in a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans and a long sleeve black shirt. The dark clothing and his dark hair makes his skin look all the paler than usual.

"One of the few good things about my parents was all the wonderful music they introduced me to." Cora says offhandedly. Sitting up a bit to offer a faint smile. "I've always loved just relaxing to this band. And my range is pretty similar to hers too, so that's fun too." The sound of another coming up the stairs has her peeking a bit too, and she holds her hand up lazily in a wave towards Ashton too.

Besa smiles gently at Cora, nodding as one hand reaches up to adjust the strap of his bag. "That is a good thing to have." He knows her family life is touchy, soemthing good is, well…good. His smile brightens, "It is? I would love to hear you sing it sometime." He follows Cora's wave to find Ashon looking rather exhausted after his time at home. The ancient teen can't help the worry that crosses his face, "Ashton? Are you well?" He looks pale, causing the Promethean to worry he was doing blood magics.

Ashton's mind is elsewhere and he doesn't even notice the two nearby students. It isn't until he hears Besa saying his name does he look over. He walks over and drops the suitcase next to the couch, but very carefully sets the backpack down. He forces a smile to Cora, "Hey Cora. How's it going?" He looks to Besa and chews his lip. He reaches and twists a silver ring from his right ring finger. "I'll need this back when you're done with it." He holds his hand out with the ring of the Gnostic Flame.

Like all playlists… songs change! The time moves on and another song begins, this time Gin Blossoms "Hey Jealousy" - it's just some channel going onward. "It… can happen before the semester ends." Cora says. Then kind of looks over at just what got handed over to Besa. Some curiosity in her eyes.

Besa takes a small step forward, like he's going to offer to help Ash, but he's not certain how their friendship is currently. Answering Cora, "I would like that."Before he leaves. His stomach tightens at the tough, but then stays tight as Ash hands over the ring. He blinks, almost stupidly, "I…I don't understand…."

Ashton's blue-green eyes flickers back over to Cora. "Cool song.. I have always loved that. Shame they only did like one album. He looks at Besa, "What don't you understand. You said you wanted one of the rings."

"They're fun too, yeah." Cora says with a dorky sort of toothy grin and a nod. Then she's once again looking at the exchange between the two boys, and her expression turns a bit more worried, and curious. Though as of yet nothing more.

Besa blinks again, but then his eyes narrow, "You said you could not ask your grandfather for it…what changed?" The ring is examined briefly, and then Besa look like he's been sucker punched, "W-what did you do?" In those brief seconds the ancient teens voice cracks, and he actually looks fearful. A tremor runs through his body and the ring shakes where it rests on his palm.

Ashton looks at Besa, and says matter-of-factly, "I did whatever I could to help." See he did mean it when he said he would. Besa of all people should know that you should be careful of what you wish for.

"Is this something I shouldn't be seeing?" Cora asks then, looking very definitively worried! Then a closer look over at Besa. "Besa… are you ok? You don't look ok." She bites her lower lip while she's looking between the two again.

It's a good thing that Besa's not been eating much lately, as he feels sick to his stomach, "Whatever you-" For a brief moment the mummy boy considers throwing the ring back in Ashton's face, anger creeps into the edge of his face, "You….You think this will help me?! How in Ra's name will you joining the Order that murdered me, and still wishes to murder me, help? HOW?" Tears are starting to form as his head almost numbly looks over at Cora. Cocoa doesn't understand what's going on exactly, but she knows that demon boy is upsetting her's. The loyal dog moves to lean against Besa, who stumbles at the added weight.

Ashton doesn't flinch at Besa's reaction. He's just simply that weary. He blinks at Besa, "Because it gets you one of those damned rings that you wanted. It gives you an inside man that might be able to warn you if something is being planned, and if I'm part of it long enough, someone that might be able to reshape the order to not be a threat to you." He looks over to Cora and sighs, "Nah… if anyone should be leaving it's me."

Cora still looks between the two, her face pained too. And then she implores softly. "Please don't fight. I… definitely don't get all of this. But… please." It's all she can do. Taking a few deep breaths and sitting up on the couch finally, her knees pulling up to her chest as she seems to be trying to make herself just a bit smaller, more guarded.

Tears start to fall, this is not what Besa meant. It's never what he wanted. Even with as upset as he is, his hair bounces almost comically perfect as he shakes his head, "Why would you…" A pained face and he reaches up to grab at his chest, panic attacks are the worst. "You…you have…" With a shaky hand the ring is offered back, he forces himself to swallow, "I will not take this. Your soul is more important." Although it may be too late! Poor Cora! Poor Ashton! Poor Besa!

Ashton takes the ring back with a limp shrug. "You said that I wasn't willing to do whatever I could to help, but I am. This may not be what you wanted, but it's what you got." He sees the distress that he has put both Besa and Cora in. He sighs, "I'm sorry… I didn't mean to ruin your evening." He looks over at Besa, "I guess you won't accept my other gift then either, huh?"

Bad teen movie playlist! Or something. Because the next song coming on is No Doubt's "Don't Speak." But Cora hugs herself tightly while still looking between the two. "Please… I don't get it. But I do seem to get things were done to try and be nice. And… please don't stop being friends. Please don't fight."
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa's still got tears rolling down his cheeks, but his gaze has gone glassy. There was someone else in the Order he thought was his friend. Or someone connected to the Order. A flash of a young teen girl, dressed as a servant, dead at his feet as someone else is berating him in french. Blaming him. In present day the teen sways, a small voice in the back of his head tells him to run. Blinking away he looks over at Cora, the small teen just looks pitiful, "I…I know. I am not…It.." He swallows, looking down at Cocoa, "I have to go….I am sorry…"

Ashton opens up his backpack and pulls a piece of stone about the size of a legal pad (11" x 14" approximately). "Do you want this before you go?" It is a sizable piece of the sargophagus. He might not be crying, but he looks like he could, an quite possibly will soon. he holds the piece of stone with a shaky hand. He chews on his lower lip as he looks at the ancient teen.

Cora holds out her hand as Besa starts to leave, looking like she's about to say something else, but ultimately doesn't end up doing so. Her eyes widen then, however, as Ashton takes out the piece of the sarcophagus. It seems she knows about what that means! Either way, she's quite silent right now.

Should this enrage Besa? Placate him? He's unsure , there's too many emotions rolling around in his chest, making it feel like ti's going to crack. Instead he'll take Cora's hand, "I…Please…" He's looking at her like it's something important he wants to say, somethingbig. "Please tell the twins…" His hand presses harder into his chest, the other squeezes her hand as the wave of pain rolls over him. "To hold onto it…I will be back…" He doesn't want to touch it, he knows there will be a wave of magic, a joyous thing, and he can't trade Ash's soul for that. Not letting go of her hand, maybe he's drawing a small amount of strength from it, he looks at the half demon, "You knew I would not wish this. You knew."

Ashton bites his lower lip as he pulls the stone back. "Yeah, I knew… but I promised you that I would do all that I could. Grandfather would not part with his, so this was the only other option that I had." He knew that Besa would not approve of someone being put at risk for his sake, even though he is often more than willing to do the reverse. "I'll tell Rain." She is at least is capable of of understanding. Sky… Sky still hates Ashton, as far as the young sorcerer knows. "I'll keep the piece until you are ready for it." He looks at Cora, then to Besa, "You can stay here.. I'll go, Besa…" He pauses, "I could use some sleep anyway."

Cora clasps the hand tightly. "Besa. He did it because he's your friend. And sometimes friends do silly things for friendship. Don't be angry, please." She implores again, looking up with glassy eyes as she raises her other hand to sandwhich Besa's between her hands. A look to Ashton then too, "Don't leave on bad terms, don't let it build up."

Besa has many, many retorts he'd like to say. Some very mean. But instead he closes his eyes, trying to focus on not swaying too much. Cocoa is right against him, worried and Cora has his hand. "I…I am supposed to go for a picture call with …my priests…" The Egyptian boy looks broken. A tremble goes through his body before he answers Cora, "This is not silly, Cora. It is dangerous. This is what his grandmother wished. She told me as much before she killed me." He stands there, hand pressed into his chest , other hand holding Coras with his eyes closed. He's trying to get himself under control enough to walk.

Ashton sets the hunk of stone down, before he accidently drops it. He puts his hand on Besa's shoulder. "Dangerous or not, I did it because I wanted to help. It was the only thing that I could think of." He sighs softly as he reaches up and rubs the back of his neck.

"You know that's not what I mean. Just… don't be mad. Please. He's your friend, and friends do stupid things sometimes trying to be friends, don't be mad about it." Then Cora takes a deep breath and sighs, "Just… please don't leave mad at each other."
<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Does he? Besa looks down at Cora and seems rather lost. Almost like he's having a hard time keeping his eyes focused. "I am…hurt, Cora." A tremor goes through him when Ash touches his shoulder and he'll slowly look up, but he's still having trouble focusing (memories wash over the real world making it hard to be in the now), "Did Loukanos know?"

Ashton shakes his head. "Of course not. He wouldn't have allowed me to go through with it." He sighs, "Besides… I didn't go home with the intent of joining the Order. I went to ask for Grandfather's ring, like you wanted me to." He slides the ring back on to his finger, before he puts the stone back into the bag. He looks between Cora and Besa, "Sorry that I screwed up your evening…. it wasn't my intent really."

Cora tries to give a faint smile to Ashton in response, but it doesn't really come out very strong. Then it's back to Besa and she nods, sympathetic looking. "I know. Just… he didn't want to hurt you. It's all I'm trying to say. He wanted to help."

Small comforts. Besa blinks a few times, trying to clear his head. "M-must you wear it?" Is there a need to flaunt it? He's unsure what Ashton thought would happen when Besa realized what he had done. "Cora….he know this would hurt me. He knew." He tries to pull his hand away from her, why doesn't she understand? A shaky step away from them, "I…I need my priests." That's not something he's said in long, long time.

Ashton sighs a little aggitatedly, as he puts the ring in his pocket. "No. I didn't know. I probably should have but I didn't. You told me that I wasn't willing to do everything to help, and that is exactly what I was trying to do. You wanted one of the rings. I got it. " He sighs, as his shoulders sag. "I'm sorry if I hurt you, but that was not my intention, despite what you may think."

Cora sighs as the hand is pulled away then, letting go. Then she looks downwards and just shakes her head side to side a few times. At some point, Cranberries "Zombie" came on too. But she's definitely not listening anymore. She ends up standing up then too. "I think I'm going to go." She picks up her book. "I'm just going to make things worse." Then she's starting quickly towards the stairs, head hanged and steps quick, scampering really.

Besa presses his hand harder into his heart, wishing he was wearing the necklace from Whitley, it was always good for moments like this. There's more he's like to say, to yell, but he doesn't think it will matter. Cora is watched, more tears starting to form in his eyes. "Louk would have stopped you. Should that not have been enough reason to stop and reconsider what you were doing?" He shakes his head, not that it helps to get any of the past lives memories gone. "Can you not give it back?' He has a feeling he won't though, "Can you not stop?"

Ashton sighs, "I don't know… I really don't know if I can." He throws the backpack on his shoulder and picks up the suitcase. "I … I… I need to go to bed… " He breathes out heavily, as he shakes his head. "I'm sorry… I really am. I was only trying to keep my word."

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