(2020-03-03) Downtown Demons
Downtown Demons
Summary: Downtown Funk gets a few unexpected crashers
Date: 2020-03-03
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Downtown Funk
A cover charge is accepted at the door before gaining entry and there's a coat check. A popular club with the local high school crowd, music is always thumping either from a DJ, a live band or Karaoke, showcasing the local talent. A bar serves mocktails of every flavor and alcohol free beer as well as soda, juice and other beverages.
The dance floor lights up when it's stepped on in varied colors and a mirror ball, strobe lights and other fun lighting, the wall nearest the dance floor is lined with mirrors. Seating is varied, either at the bar or at tables or booths, and a small array of finger foods can be ordered.
Under 21 Club

The Garage Possums are scheduled to play tonight! With the weather being abnormally warm suddenly, the students of Coral Springs were given leave to attend the concert. The lights are low, teens are packed inside listening to the DJ spin and getting way more excited for Garage Possums than they probably should.

Besa's grinning over at Rain, "I have the coin for the tee shirt this time!" He's been wanting one since the first concert. The ancient teen is dressed in jeans and a long sleeved shirt, too warm for most people dancing around, but he seems content.

And Cora actually gets to come to this show! She didn't get to for whatever reason the last time. And a show! And the club? This is just too weird. The shy sophomore is currently sticking a bit to the side, and dressed up in her almost grunge look with a Wolf Alice shirt, and flannel. Though the tight pants take at least something from it. She's sticking a bit behind the others she came with though, shyness hitting.

Ever since their first concert, Ashton has been a fan of the band. So when the students were given leave to attend, he was one of the first to get ready. Dressed in a pair of distressed indigo skinny jeans and a black tee, the young sorcerer looks like his is practially vibrating with energy.

"We'll be sure to get one on the way out." Rain tells Besa as the crowd waits for the headliner to get to the stage. Because of the concert and what it entails Legion is in the proverbial drivers seat today, so the ice princess that is Rain, in only present in body but not in mind. That's probably best for everyone, at least Legion can be happy to be here and excited with the rest of the crowd. And she can certainly fit in better with the crowd, no dresses and skirts for her, ripped jeans, oversize graphic tee that slips of the shoulders and skater shoes. Rain prime wouldn't be caught dead in those clothes. "You're keyed up there man." she says to Ashton, just as equally energetic. Bonus is that she isn't as cold toward Ashton.

Besa looks around waving to Cora over on the side before looking back to Legion, "Do you think Sky would like one?" Ashton gets an exciting smile, "It is good, yes?" Besa may be a fanboy! Anyhthng else he was going to say is drowned out by a very loud screeching noise coming from the speakers.

Sounds like the DJ is having some issues. In fact, it looks like he is too. The man is in his mid twenties and is frowning as he frantically tries to stop water is happening with his set up.

Cora is starting to make her way over a little closer at being waved over… but when the screech comes on she cringes abit and looks over towards the soundboard with shock, even if she's trying to plug her ears too! Still, getting over means the petite girl does need to push through the crowd too!

Ashton grins over to Legion, "I just really like the band, besides, looks like I'm hardly the only one." He eyes the way the girl is dressed, which isn't too far from his chosen fashion. "It's a good look on." He smiles as he nods in agreement with Besa. That smile fades suddenly as the voice speaking demonic shouts out from the speakers. "Well, fuck."

"It's black isn't it." Legion says to Besa "And you know Sky, he'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color. The Masters teen looks over to where Besa is waving and sees Cora trying to get through the crowd. An amused look is given to Ashton "And I look even better with it off." she knows Ashton's preferences and that he is taken so she feels such comments are harmless when said to him. That being said she bounces off to Cora having fewer problems getting through the crowd since she has no qualms with poking and elbowing as needed. "Come on!" she offers Cora her hand as an assist. The feedback like sound has her freezing in place her hand still held out "What fresh hell is this." she says glancing toward the door where she left her umbrella that isn't really an umbrella.

The DJ places his hand on the ear phone over his ear, trying to figure out what exactly is happening to his set, when there's a series of very loud thuds.

The first comes from the stage , when from apparently the rafters, or maybe thin air has appears a large ….thing. It's about the size of a grizzly bear, but it's not cute nor furry. There's scales and horns and what look like boils all over it's body. Rain may recognize it as a smaller versions of the demon she fought that had acid blood.

The second thud is from the DJs booth, where the man's been thrown by something with many, many legs (Or is that arms?!?!) Gah! It's crawling over the booth, chittering and clicking it's mandibles.

And the last? Is a scantily clad woman that seems to crash through the mirror from the opposite side. She doesn't look demonic per say, but her eyes are black. Even above the terror induced screaming that's happening, she can be heard yelling out in the demonic tongue. There's mirror sharks all over the floor near here.

Poor Besa. He goes pale as soon as he hears the demon voice over the speakers and tells any that can hear him, "We must get everyone out!" His hand clinches and he starts drawing the rune on his leg to draw out his Khopesh when he sees the woman.

Cora starts to reach out for the hand too. Unfortunately, with what just happened? That's another matter entirely. The poor girl has been lucky not to be in a desperate situation like this all school year! But now it's here and she's looking around, taking a deep breaths as if trying to keep herself calm. Trying to focus and prepare herself.

Ashton blushes slightly at Legion's remark. He grins, "I'll take your word on that." Then all hell breaks loose. The boy nods to Besa and turns to the crowd yelling as loud as he can, "Everyone one out! The show's just been cancelled!"

"Cora, go pull the fire alarm!" Legion tells the girl as she points through the crowd to where the glass encased handle is. For the moment she gives no futher instructions as she pushes her way through the crowd who for the moment just things this is all part of the show and are cheering and clapping "Idiots." she mumbles under her breath "Dude, move you ass." she gets a bit fiesty as some of the crowd shifts to see the demons better. After finally making it through the crowd she goes to the door person and gets her 'umbrella', or rather her sword that is disguised as an umbrella in one of those nylon umbrella bags. The doorperson starts to protest until she pulls the sword out, and thinks better of it. Dealing with people with swords is above his paygrade.

<FS3> Cora rolls Psychic: Success.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Success.

The DJ is crumpled on the floor, groaning. A roar from the bear demon as it leaps off the stage and barrels though several kids. There's screams of panic stop or turn into ones of pain.

The clicky spider thing crawls over the DJ booth , ignoring the DJ and starts swinging it's front 'arms' around. They have a vaguely scythe like shape to them, and when it catches a kid, he screams as blood splatters. Apparently they're also sharp like a scythe.

The woman scans the room, the students being the only ones not screaming in soem way shape or form are easily spotted and she lifts a hand and points directly at Besa. Again that guttural speech is heard and it's terrible. Mirror shards break as she steps towards the group. That finger stays pointed and she says in ancient Coptic, "Kill them all, bring the cattle's body."

Best snarls, "You will touch no one!!!" His khopesh is drawn, making a gross noise. The woman demon hisses at the sight. It's the weapon that killed their father!

Cora continues to breathe deeply, continues trying that. When Rain suddenly tells her to pull the fire alarm? She even manages to do something! She takes one more deep breath, and holds it as she looks over at it and a small, ghostly blue flame like figure appears next to the alarm and pulls it! Meanwhile, Cora then tries to move aside, away from any stampeding people! Trying to keep herself otherwise ready for more.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Mystic Vs Spider=7

< Ashton: Great Success Spider: Great Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Ashton closes his eyes for a second. When he opens them, they are just as black as the woman's. Like the woman, he speaks in the same gutteral demonic tongue. He points his left hand at the spider demon perched on the dj's booth. An arc of lightning issues forth from his hand and leaps towards the demon.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Demon Bear=7

< Rain: Great Success Demon Bear: Good Success

< Net Result: Rain wins - Solid Victory

Both Rain and Legion were in some layer of Hell with Besa, so Legion recognizes the right bastard demon bear that has shown itself at the teen club. And she remembers what it is capable of. Sword in hand she makes her way through the finally retreating crowd, to bad some had to get injured and possibly killed before they got smart "Wow, you don't know when to leave things alone do you." she's got a bit of an attitude, but don't most teenagers. The words probably can't be heard over the screaming of the fleeing, paniced teens though. She rushes the demon bear, twisting and spinning as nescessary to dodge around the crowd trying to escape. As she gets within attacking range she feints left before slashing the other way with sword.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs Lady=7

< Besa: Good Success Lady: Success

< Net Result: Besa wins - Marginal Victory

Spider demon is hit with Ashotn's lightning, it chitters, but more in an angry than hurt way. It scurries forward to get close enough to attack.

Rain's not umbrella sword bites into the Demon bear's side. It's blood splatters and anything it hits sizzles.

Besa and the Lady demon clash, he catches her with his khophesh, but not enough to do much damage. They both are glaring and snarling at each other.

This dance goes on between everyone, the demons and students trading blows. More acid blood is spilled, weird sticky gross webbing has been shot around the club and almost all the students are bleeding.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Cora=psychic Vs Spider=4

< Cora: Good Success Spider: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

Breathing. Stop from panicking. It's hard! And Cora's fighting it all she can. Every time she's been in a situation like this since last year it hasn't worked out for her, and her confidence is terrible. But it's been months, and the school teaches! So more breathing. Focusing, demons, trying to do things… Her friends, she is looking around at the others, who is struggling? Ashton didn't quite manage to hurt the spider, that's not good. And thus she starts to concentrate, trying to hide him from the spider's senses - her concentration looking intense now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Mystic Vs Spider Demon=7

< Ashton: Good Success Spider Demon: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Mystic+1 Vs Spider Demon=7

< Ashton: Good Success Spider Demon: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

The Spider Demon is quick for its size. Ashton hurls magic at it, only to have it scurry around. The benefit of it is that it keeps the demon occupied so that it cannot do much on its own. The fact that it has to choose between two possible Ashton's doesn't really help that either.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Demon Bear=7

< Rain: Good Success Demon Bear: Good Success

< Net Result: Rain wins - Marginal Victory

Acid burns and claw marks aren't stopping Legion as she does a potentially deadly dance of possible death with the demon bear. She moves, slashes and stabs with her sword with the deadly elegance that comes from years and years of practice with the finest teachers money can buy. She twists her body, deftly dodging demon claws and stabs at the bear, drawing more blood that coats the sword, which isn't doing the metal any favors…that poor sword.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs Lady=7

< Besa: Good Success Lady: Success

< Net Result: Besa wins - Marginal Victory

There's injured and unconscious people in the corners of the club, huddled or flung. The DJ is still near the spider demon and Ashton, unmoving.

Spider demon is having a harder time, attacking Ashton and his double (thanks Cora!). It's chittering is creepy though and echos against the clubs walls. The scythe arms swiping to di as much damage as it can.

Legion's sword may end up being non existent after this fight, but it's doing the best ti can for now. The bear demon roars, deep and rumbling. The sound mixes in with the chittering from the spider. A terrible chorus. It attacks and bleeds.

Best would be doing better, but the lady demon keeps whispering things to him for only the ancient teen to hear, and it's clearly shaking him. Both are bleeding.

Cora tries to make her illusions lure the Spider away from the DJ - or at least keep the fight between it and Ashton from harming people more. She's tiny, and not likely to be able to help much with her body. But that's her goal now.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Mystic+1 Vs Spider Demon=7

< Ashton: Good Success Spider Demon: Good Success

< Net Result: Spider Demon wins - Marginal Victory

As Ashton tries to likewise keep the spider demon away from the DJ, he under-estimates the demon. One of the scythe-like legs swings and catches Ashton's arm. Blood flows down his arm in a line, as it snakes down, dripping from his fingertips.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Lady=7

< Rain: Good Success Lady: Good Success

< Net Result: Lady wins - Marginal Victory

As she has been fighting the demon Legion has been doing her best to make sure the others are still standing, but mostly Besa. She has been drawing the demon bear closer to where Besa and the succubus demon lady are. "Besa! Switch!" she dashes forward sword flashing as she slashes at the Lady demon, hoping Besa has better luck with the demon bear.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=Physical Vs DemonBear=7

< Besa: Good Success DemonBear: Great Success

< Net Result: DemonBear wins - Solid Victory

Besa wasn't expecting the switch, so he fumbles when Legion is suddenly clashing with the lady demon and he's got a deamon Bear dripping acid blood on him! oUch! He spits out soemthing in coptic, a curse and attacks, but he's shaken and the bear swipes at him, catching his side with it's claws.

The spider is also having better luck with Ashton, it takes a moment to raise it's sythe legs and bangs them together over it's head in soem kind of gloat. What a jerk.

The lady is not happy with Legion, she wants to kill The Undying One! Her own curse is spit out to Rain, in the demon language and the girl is pushed to the side. She may be slightly distracted in her desire to kill B.

Cora is doing what she can to help Ashton and to start moving some of the closest to the door injured people out.

Besa spends 1 luck points on Becasue DEmons are hard to kill.

Ashton spends 1 luck points on loosing his temper fighting his spidery brother..

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Mystic+51 Vs Spider Demon=7

< Ashton: Amazing Success Spider Demon: Good Success

< Net Result: Ashton wins - Crushing Victory

It has been some time since Ashton has used his own blood to power a spell. After the Spider Demon slashed his arm, he reaches up, grasping over the injury. His blood flows between his fingers. The half-demon's expression becomes darker and filled with rage. He practically spats the demonic incantation as he reaches out with his outsreteched hand then forms a fist, unleashing mystical energy at the Spider Demon.

<FS3> Rain rolls Multiplicity: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical Vs Lady=7

< Rain: Good Success Lady: Good Success

< Net Result: Lady wins - Marginal Victory

Hell no is Legion letting the demon lady continue to go after Besa. Since its Rain's body the power to multiple is there, unlike if Legion had split off and had used a duplicate body. The teen's form blurs briefly as the two duplicates step out of the original. Rain is in control of her body now and it only takes a few seconds for her to get her bearings. The trio share a brain so working in unison is just like breathing and the three go after the Lady demon in concert, if only to keep her from getting to Besa, killing her would be good too, though that isn't going to happen right away.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical+50 Vs DemonBear=7

< Besa: Great Success DemonBear: Good Success

< Net Result: Besa wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Success.

Besa's near frenzy himself, whatever that demon said to him, he's distraught and distracted. It doesn't help he can hear Ashton's voice in the demonic tongue…. It's a lot. But some instructs are stronger than that, and with his side bleeding, he attacks the bear. A memory surfaces, and he switches his target last minute, slashing the beast in the neck. Good idea, it's going to bleed out. Bad idea, it's bleeding acid.

The spider isn't so lucky. Ashton's full wrath is upon it, powered by demon blood (Ironically). The arachnid twitches once, twice, and then explodes in a rather gross black sticky mess. At least it's not acid?

The lady seems to be having better luck with Legion, but then there's 3 of her and that's just not fair. She growls out, loud enough for everyone to here in ancient Coptic, "He will be made to pay, we are but the first wave!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Mystic Vs Lady=7

< Ashton: Great Success Lady: Good Success

< Net Result: Ashton wins - Solid Victory

Ashton is well splattered by the black goo of the Spider Demon. It is enough to distract him, but for a moment. Seeing that Legion is having a bit of a time with the Lady Demon, he directs an attack of raw energy towards his sister.

Rain spends 1 luck points on To kick demon booty.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=Physical+50 Vs Lady=7

< Rain: Great Success Lady: Success

< Net Result: Rain wins - Crushing Victory

Three blades flash, one acid marked, the other two in much better condition. Two feint, one attacks, one feint, two attacks, not all hit, it seems to be the three are perhaps playing with her or feeling her out. Keeping her away from Besa, certainly. Until the demon lady speaks, "Not today bitch." one of them says, hard to say which it is, Rain, Legion or Ranier. With the way they are weaving around its even more impossible to tell which is which. "And you certainly won't be the one collecting." the fighting changes from the three, time to end it. Dodging one sword maybe easy, but three not so much. The three converge simultanously on the demon, one going for neck from the right, another her heart from the front, the third straight through the back, well from the back of course.

The club has never looked messier. If this was just a racer, it would be one of legend. But Allas, it is just demons.

The Bear demon collapses, a pool of the acid blood forming around it and reaching out to do more distraction, even as it does.

Lady demon is skewered but the three swords, black eyes widen is surprise. But that doesn't last long as Ashton's attack his her and she convulses. She was dead by teh sword, but the magical attack ends with her in pieces. Gross.

As loud as the demons were, now the club is definingly silent. Except for the muffled cries of the teenagers who couldn't get out.

Best just stands there, bleeding from his side and looking rather shell shocked.

Ashton's right arm hangs down, as his left hand holds the wound, adding pressure to stop the bleeding. "Everyone okay? Besa… " as he looks to the trio, he pauses, "Um… girls?" He looks to the DJ, before heading over to check on the man's status. "Check on the injured…" His eyes return to their normal blue-green hue. "Besa? You okay?"

<FS3> Rain rolls First Aid: Good Success.

The one sword is useless so as the demon lady is vaporized by Ashton's magic it is dropped to the ground as the three scramble back to avoid getting demon bits and peices on them. Not that it helps. There is a moment where the three look at each other as silent communication pass between them and they they look around and take in the carnage. Ashton's comment gets a scowl from two of them, clearly those two aren't Legion, while the one that apparently is Legion hurries to the bar to gather towels and tosses one to Ashton "Use that to press into your side instead." She passes towels to one of the others and they go tend to injured. "Besa!" the last, clearly Rain hurries over to him, making sure he knows its her before attempting to reach out to him.

Besa blinks, swallows, and tries to focus. He…he heard the word injured. Instead dog answering Ashton he swivels his head slowly to look for hurt people. A slightly hysterical tiny voice in his head exclaims that at least he doesn't have to cut himself to heal people this time). By this time Legion approaches him and he focuses on her, although who knows who he's actually seeing as he speaks in Ancient Coptic to her, "…there are injured….who is the worst?" There's no attempt to take the towel.

The DJ is in a bad way, it looks like his neck may be broken.

The other teens are alls tarting to cry out, some are on their phones trying to get help.

Ashton nods as he gets handed a towel, "Thanks." He presses the towel to the wound. He frowns at the state of the DJ. He looks over at Besa, "Besa, over here… I think his neck as been broken… he's still alive though."

There really isn't a word in ancient coptic for DJ so Rain improvises "The music man." she answers back in the same language, her ancient is atrocious, but its understandable. "Come on." she reaches for Besa's hand to lead him over "We can take turns." there is no need for him to do /all/ the healing, and since she is bleeding from various cuts she won't have to cut herself either. The other two are taking care of the other injured and triaging as best they can. "Paramedics are on the way." one of them calls out, handing the phone back to the girl she borrowed it from, who seems to have a head wound.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Success.

Besa is easily lead over to the DJ, and he frowns at his attire, but will kneel down. A hurt person is the same, no matter the time period. Ashton is looked at, almost in a not recognizing way. Or maybe B's just focusing on everyone's injuries. Legion's offer makes no sense right now, so he ignores it to focus on healing the music man. And then anyone else that comes into contact with him that he can. H'es seeding a lot, so it's easy to keep going.

<FS3> Ashton rolls Mystic: Good Success.

Ashton frowns as he watches Besa. His concern for the other boy is clear and pronounced. Once the DJ is taken care of, he steps back to go check on one of the kids that is having a panic attack. He does his best to calm her down. When that doesn't work, he sighs and utters a few words in Coptic, a spell from the ancient scroll that exists in his head. His voice gets softer and softer. With it, the girl slides into a slumber. He lifts his head up as the sound of sirens can be heard in the distance.

Rain can see the concern for Besa in Ashton's face. It's a worry she shares "If he goes to long I will take it from him." she tells Ashton in a whisper as Besa is focused on healing the DJ. And she will do it too, she's cold like that. The worst cases will get healed first, if possible. The teen continues to trail Besa, talking to him in Coptic as necessary. While the two duplicates continue to treat the minor injuries as best they can with what they have. At least there is plenty of water and towels.

There's… a lot of teens here, even the ones not physically injured are hurt in other ways. Between the four Coral Spring students, everyone is at least stabilized for the ambulances.

Best stays talking in Coptic, but will start calling Legion Rain at least. By the end, he's very pale, and Rain will most likely have to snag his power. He gets upset by it, naturally, but eventually will end up curled in ball against wall until a teacher from the school comes and escorts all the students back to the infirmary.

After everything is said and done, it'll be mentioned that Garage Possums hide in the back room and are as shocked and unsure what to do as everyone else.

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