(2019-12-26) Where To Begin?
Where to Begin…?
Summary: Daxton visits Callisto in Thunder Bay, right after Christmas.
Date: 2019-12-26
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NPCs: Mention of various: AfterThought, Oridove.
Scene Runner: NA

NOTE: OKAY I have sucked ROYALLY at uploading logs on this game. I've fallen ridiculously behind. In all honesty it'll take me even longer to catch up and I'm not making many promises. Maybe if I get a few really slow days lol. So to summarize what has happened in past months…

- Lots of catching up between Daxton and Callisto, 'easy does it', collaboration with Unit 23 to help regain his memories.

- Callisto moved to Thunder Bay after graduating. There were scenes later in the summer where Dax visited her, helped her settle, grew more comfortable. They have begin to 're-date' while his memories heal.


Old Town, Thunder Bay
Thu Dec 26, 2019

The charm of old Providence remains in Old Town. Though some old building remained, there was a push to redevelop this area with the same feel. Attempts to recreate former buildings and to keep the old cities history remain. The area along the Providence River has been redeveloped as green space and a river walk with restaurants and shops catering to the crowds wanting to to out and enjoy the night life the city now has to offer. The high end restaurants formerly of the Jewelry District still remain. This area is a big draw for locals enjoying their city's charm as well as visitors to the city.


One day, Callisto lowered her head into a book… she committed herself to studies sometime in the month of October and suddenly? It's December. The holiday season. Where did that time go?!

That's just how Callisto's life has been these days. To the best of her ability she has tried to be a good girlfriend, setting aside time (typically on weekends) to come into Shady Cove to keep up with Daxton and her duties to Coral Springs as a volunteer tutor. But cripes… it's the holiday season already?! Daxton will have received a happy text on the actual Christmas Day but Callisto knows that his Unit 23 'family' will have wanted to stick close together in the manner that they see fit. (OK, maybe not akin to the Hallmark Movie drivel… maybe more National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with weapons and super powers.)

ANYWAY the evening of the 25th Daxton will have received an invitation from Callisto to meet her for a belated Xmas celebration on Boxing Day. Surely, travelling to Thunder Bay can't be too difficult now that he has a few visits to Oridove and Callisto's condo under his belt! The instructions? Come to Callisto's home, the 26th… 6pm sharp! Now what has she planned?!

While he's not been happy about Calli's obsession with school, Daxton has been working on himself this whole time as well. No more running pizza. There's been several missions, several near misses that he's not going to tell her about involving bullets and knives and one time an octopus. Christmas was spent between Unit 23 and his mom and siblings, most weapons were set aside.

He sent a few questions back, mostly asking if he needs to dress in some way or what. But he'll show up, 6 sharp, dressed how ever she told him to. A very small package is in his jacket pocket, Afterthought helped him wrap it.

The fey girl had surprised herself with her devotion to schooling… and it has shown in her marks. Glowing, steady success… what is she working toward, honestly? Why bother working hard to make something of herself in what is a blip in her long, long life? Simple, really.

In her mother's destruction, Callisto has opted to live as mortal a life as possible. Oridove balked in the beginning, having had designs on teaming up with her 'little' sister to really take the world by storm. No no, no villainous designs. Oridove is a business woman; a regular tiger shark in her field. She could have really shown Callisto some ropes.

But no. Callisto kept up with her psychology majors and made sure to text the speedster as consistently as possible.

Fast-forward to now… Callisto gives the large, vaulted den a onceover: it's fancy and clean.. the tall windows giving a panoramic view of the vast city at night. Daxton will have been urged to show up in anything other than pajama pants or miltary fatigues — just clean casual… and when she receives him at the door, Callisto smiles widely. She is in a black knee-length dress with a silvery corseted bust, hair long and loose. Cerulean eyes take him in, top to bottom, before she reaches for him. "Merry Christmas, Daxton. Will you come in?"

Daxton has both clean and casual clothing he can wear. Nice dark jeans and a comfy button up flannel, blue and it brings out the color of his eyes. She gets a crocked grin, head tilted as he eyes her dress, "I thought you said not fancy!" He's put on the weight he lost during the mind F'ing he had. Stepping inside, he reaches for her pull her close. "Merry Christmas." He leans in for a kiss.

"This is casual." She remarks simply, regarding her attire. Truth. Callisto always dresses to the nines… though there is that unicorn-rare moment where she's in flannel pants. It HAS happened. Just not all the time.

"That suits you," She says before she eases in, pressing her lips to his. In such close quarters, of course, Callisto notices the improvements to his physique. A hand lifts to carefully trace Daxton's face from earlobe to chin. "You look great.. you look healthy." Said kindly, once she breaks the embrace but still touches him, hand gliding down to take one of his. There's the barest tugging, "Come now." Callisto smiles mysteriously, guiding the speedster into the fancy A.F penthouse suite.

It's much as he remembers it, with the nod to Christmas being that of Callisto's efforts alone… Oridove doesn't care one whit for the holidays. It's all tastefully done: white and pale blue lights along the gas fireplace mantle; candles along some of the tall paned windows; a small artificial tree set up on a corner table behind a loveseat. But.. no Oridove.

Callisto watches him, "How was your holiday?"

Daxton's chin tilts, following her finger trace slightly, "Thanks. I got tired of hearing that I needed to eat from everyone." Everyone being his mom and AfterThought. An eyebrow raises as he's lead further into the penthouse. "It was…fine. Where's your sister?" This seems odd. Not danger sense odd, just…she's up to something.

"You always need to eat." Callisto smiles playfully, "Did you spend time with your family? Were you given presents?" She asks as she glides away from him, padding soundlessly across a kitchenspace toward a fridge. She looks over a shoulder at him, unable to look away really. "I am truly sorry for the time I've spent with classes.. it's been a busy time, leading up to the holidays. But I am off for a couple of weeks." The door is pried open, she pulls out a couple of dark glass bottles. A drawer is pulled open, a bottle-opener is removed and utilized in one fell swoop. Callisto makes her way back over, handing Daxton an expensive winter ale. Likely from a hipster microbrewery. "Oridove is out.. she is not much for this season. She does not stop for anything." She watches him, "So if.. it is alright, we've the place to ourselves."

Daxton snorts, yes, he does always need to earn, that's true. "I saw mom and the twins yesterday." Presents? "Yeah. Did you get any from Oridove?" Seems he can get her name right, he just chooses not to always. A shoulder lift, "You have classes, I have missions. It's alright." The drink is taken, lifted to clink against hers, "She seems the type that would be on Santa's naughty list. And be proud of it." He smiles around the bottle as he sips. The place is there's huh? "What do you have planned?"

"I am glad.. but I still felt as if I had to apologize. I've been hard to reach." Callisto looks rueful, "I have even had to set my duties aside with Coral Springs… I've a few students whom I tutor. I cannot give than anything less than my complete attention and.. these exams have been murderous." Listen to her, talking like a regular teenager! Stressing like one! Alas, the old-English accent is still there with that Northern touch. She lifts the bottle to her lips and sets it down upon the counter.. moves to the fridge once more, having remembered something. Te door yawns open, she's pulling out a covered dish of sorts.

Setting it down, she moves to collect plates. "I.. did not receive anything from my sister. T'is alright, truly.. I did not expect a thing. She is…" A beat, a laugh, "Hah! Understatement… she would try to seduce Santa." Callisto murmurs, shakes her head. Yuck. "I have gotten you a gift, for I do favor the season. I hope you do not mind.." Unsaid: this gift represents a lot!

Daxton shrugs again, "It's alright Calli. It's important." He stands on tippy toes, trying to look around her to see what she's taking out of the fridge. His nose wrinkles, I thought she was into chicks, not old dudes." Gross. He smiles moving over to try and peak into the covered dishes, 'I got you a gift too. Want to exchange them now or after dinner?"

"She is into women, but she is truly of the dark court. Sometimes they opt to do things for the sake of doing.." Callisto tilts her head, pushing her hair back to swiftly tie the bottom of the pile off into a loose ponytail. Can't have that stuff swinging into whatever it is she just pulled out of the fridge. "… or for the fun of it, however strange. I have lived with her since well before autumn and I still cannot hope to understand her." She offers a helpless little smile. Callisto does not like to consider that she shares half of her linage with the woman. She flits silver lashes, gives Daxton a long look as he tries to catch a peek at what she's uncovering.

"But she has some good points too, despite the mischief. I'm finding that out too. She bought this." Oooohh.. the mystery food. "For us. While she is out causing trouble."

Finally revealed, it's a full 10" round cheesecake! Massive! Chocolate, covered in dipped strawberries.. it's about as Xmas'y as the elder sister gets. Callisto blinks once, twice… "Full of dairy.." She whispers, looks back to Daxton. "We can exchange now, actually! Let me get yours!"

Another gross expression as he gets a mental picture. Yuck! His eyebrow shoot up again, "This is from Ori? …She still likes me, right?' It's not poisoned? But then the cheese cake is unveiled and he doesn't care if it's poisoned! "Hell. Yes." Dairy, huh? And then he remembers! Oh boy. "Will you be ok eating this?" He may have to make the ultimate sacrifice and eat most of it…for Callisto! Trying to not undress the cheesecake with his eyes too quickly he nods, "Okay. Now is good." While she goes to get it, he'll slip off his coat and onto the couch it goes. Super speed allows him to run his fingers through his hair, not that it's long enough to get messed up really, and straighten his shirt before she returns.

"Of course she likes you." Callisto remarks as she moves away from the airy, classy kitchenspace. She's not even padding things: it's true. She pauses before she makes her way into a dimly lit alcove that leads to the bedrooms, peering back out. "She does not like many, but I know she likes you. Had she not, t'would not be something so pretty sitting on that platter, waiting for you to eat up." Callisto laughs gently. "I cannot have much, lest I make a fool of myself… you will have to take the bullet. Do excuse me.." With a swishing of long tresses and the barest tapping of her flats, she's gone. This gives Daxton time — in the span of minutes, it being more than enough time — to do as he must.

Then she's returning, carrying a couple of boxes… one is small and square, about half the size of a pound of butter.. the other looks to be long and rectangular, bigger than a standard paperback book. Callisto gives Daxton a smile that is almost shy. "Who shall gift first? You, or I?" Did he just fix himself up some?

Cheese cake bullet? He'll happily throw himself on that. The former Ares stands there, frowning slightly as she has two gifts in had. His is //much smaller, 3 inch by 3 inch. The bow on it is as big as the box and slightly crushed. "I…uh…" A flash of worry, this isn't good enough, "I guess you can go first, it's only one…" Crap, he's an idiot.

Did she notice that flash of worry? Hard to tell.. Callisto knows how to handle this, or so she hopes. Looks can be deceiving. "T'is.. not fancy, I am just very versed at wrapping presents." A gentle smile, "I am also a student who, aside from the roof over my head, I refuse my sister's charity beyond that. So, a-ah… hn.." She looks down at the two wrapped things in her hands, and offers them out carefully to the speedster. Should he begin to unwrap them, anxious as he perhaps is…

The smaller of the two contains a key chain of Luigi in a go-kart… it's of better quality than the one she had jokingly given him ages ago, likely long gone in the destruction of Winbarry. The larger? It contains a polished, moderate-sized conch shell.. pristine and clean. Where did she find this?! Callisto clears her throat gently, "Put your ear to it anytime you desire to hear the ocean. I know it may not be much.."

There's an immediate relaxing of his shoulders as he unwraps the keychain. That's…good. He likes it, clearly. The shell has him pause, head tilts. He remembers the day on the beach…mostly. he knows it's important. "..thank you. I like them both, a lot."

Her gift is a little more traditional at first glance. It's a jewelry box when the paper's torn off, and when the box is opened it reveals an oval shaped locket. It seems old, a fancy C in cursive adore the front, and two pearls hand on the chain next to the locket. One is white, the other a silvery grey color. "You don't have to wear it but…" He steps closer to reach for the locket, like maybe he's going to open it. Or maybe take it back?

Looks like her intuition won out. The keychain is a fun little thing and the conch a nod to what was. Unspoken: it will be a year in February since Malachite was killed; since she took Daxton's mind with her. A year. Callisto figures it to be innocuous enough… and important. She watches the boy with worried eyes as he looks the gifts over, worried that something might discomfort him or trigger something or….

.. but he likes it. Callisto's smile returns. She remembers Oridove's perplexed look as she wrapped the pair of gifts… her sister offered funds. She could have bought whatever… a Nintendo Switch, a new Swiss watch… anything. Callisto turned the money away. And then.. it is time for her to open what Daxton has brought her.

Clearly antiquity appeals… a deep breath as she pulls the locket and chain out of the box, reverently. "T'is beautiful… where did you find it?" Callisto looks up, is about to hug it to her chest.. but she pauses as Daxton appears to reach forth. She tilts her head inquisitively, holds the jewelry gently in her open palm. "Would you like to open it, to show me? Or may I?"

Daxton steps closer and opens the locket in her hand. Inside isn't the typical photo or lock of hair. Nope! Not in this locket. Instead there's a small red button, looking completely out of place against the antique metal. "It's kinda like a…a panic button. Push it, or crush the locket and Unit 23 will know to come find you." That's so not romantic, but he knows there's still enemies out there, she has weird siblings. After a long moment he looks up to see if that's ok. Or did he just make it weird?

Honestly? A photo or a lock of hair or trinket would be stranger than this. Daxton before Mommy Dearest and Daxton now… he was never that soppy sentimental sort. Callisto is sentimental but not syrupy with it. But indeed, were the contents of that locket anything other than this it…

.. aw hell. Her lips twitch, curve at their corners. It may not be romantic but it's exactly what Callisto needs.. she even goes as far as to say it: "I need this." A soft whisper, she looks down at the open locket and the red button and she closes it carefully, presses it to her heart again. "I needed to know this and… it's perfect." Callisto says meaningfully, her voice lower and soft. Some members of the Unit may not be her biggest fan, but this connection to their protection is a Big Deal. Her arms lift and she carefully eases the chain around her neck, working the clasp at the nape of her neck. Her eyes do not leave Daxton's face.

Daxton's own mouth quirks into a crooked smile, "Yeah? I…I tried to find one that was pretty and would match you…" As she lays it against her chest and works the clasp he raises a hand to trace the edge of the locket. "I'm glad you like it."

The willowy girl manages to feed the ends of the clasp together and her hands lower to test the chain. It is now held fast behind the length of her neck, with her pale hair falling over the back. Callisto is silent for a few more heartbeats, a hand lifting to rest over the clasp. "I love it." Said simply, eyes flitting up to look upon the speedster with his crooked smile. "Have you the full idea of how much this means to me?" Callisto asks softly, gaze held fast to Daxton's features.

"One might expect me, given my lineage, to favor glamour and extravagance but…" A headshake, "Nay. Not I. I wish only for safety." Understandable, given what she ran from for damn near fifty years. "And this represent it. So I ask of you this.." She itches to touch him but to this day Callisto is still careful. Admirable for a girl who is half dark-fey. "… how are you with me now, Daxton? Are you truly comfortable?" Is this a trick question?

An eyebrow raises when she asks about if he knows. "I want you to feel safe." His fingers pull back when she asks about his comfort. "I'm ..fine." Gah, who to girls always ask things like that? He smiles, stepping around her towards the cheesecake. "Have you had dinner? Or want to just eat this?".

Hnnng.. wrong answer! Callisto has, bless her, abstained from touching Daxton beyond hugs and mere kisses for the better part of a year! Almost a year! OK.. so it'll be the spring, roundabouts, when a year is marked in her finding him again and beginning the process of rebuilding his mind. Thank the fates above that she has that Light side, championing her patience! But then the guy had to go and give her safety for Christmas. That is a Big Deal. That is like.. makeout-worthy. But true to her promise to NOT push… Callisto will not grab him, as much as she longs to.

It's hard, being Callisto. Poor Callisto. Passed by for cheesecake!!

"… I could partake." Callisto's smile is wide, strained for all of a few seconds, and she's making for a drawer in the kitchen to seek out a utensil to make the first cut in that amazing dessert. In an uncharacteristic display of clumsiness, her normally-deft hands drop a few forks to the floor as she seeks out the knife. "Oh.. oops! A-ah.." Gah! Gahgahgah—

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Good Success.

Dropped utensil never hit the floor when a speedster's around. He stops, crouched down but looking up at her, "You alright?" She's not clumsy, usually. Bright blue eyes blink, he's still not 100% eye contact all the time, but up till this moment he's been good with it…today. but looking up at her, his eyes land on her throat and he frowns. Fingers twitch, memories are hard. He's mostly gotten all his pre-memories back, but there's still a Grey area when he was not with Unit 23, back with the general… But he remembers something about Calli's throat.

Before she can experience her second flush of aghast embarrassment (Callisto is never. clumsy.) the falling (yes, falling) cutlery is caught. To this day, Daxton's ability to move so fast catches Callisto off-guard some… for in her long life (still just a baby where fey are concerned), there has always been lots of time. The concept of speedsters still bowls her over, but there you have it. Not one tine of Oridove's expensive forks hit that floor. Callisto collects herself in those few seconds and meets Daxton's gaze, having the grace to blush as she replies: ".. I'm alright. I'm still a bit…" A breath, "Bowled over at this gift, and—" She can feel where his gaze goes, she swears it. Her very bare throat, no longer having to wear that amulet, flushes a bit, feels warm.

She notes the frown, senses the direction of that gaze.. her hands lift to touch her own skin. "Are you alright? Is something the matter…? You look a bit.. concerned." Callisto watches him, has the knife but sets it down on the counter. "Is there something on me?" Her fingers linger at the front of her throat, well above the lay of the locket.. she leans in, toward him, to reach out for the fallen utensils.

Daxton swallows, dropping his gaze as he stands up. "I…it's nothin'." Clearing his throat, gaze now on the silverware in his hand. "Just a …flicker." He swallows again, nervous and hands her the utensils, "No…nothing on your…neck."

She recognizes the signs preceding the boy becoming discomforted / discombobulated enough to flee. Callisto very gently takes back the fallen cutlery and upon taking the last fork, she reaches out and takes one of Daxton's hands in her own. Should he allow it, her now-free hand will reach forth to take his other hand so she is effectively holding both of his palms in her own. Callisto takes her time, does not rush, watches for every single nuance that could spell disaster. This nervousness just won't do and she just wants to squash it, where it begins.

Provided the other teen doesn't run screaming, with the slightest tug Callisto will merely try to coax him closer, closer still so that she may hug him. If this flies, she will rest her head upon his shoulder, the locket pressed between them.

"I'm sorry. It cannot always be easy, figuring me out and what once was. There are things in the past that I would like to leave there, ways that I behaved.. of which I am not proud. Maybe you will remember, maybe you shall not.. but what matters is that I get this chance again. S-so.. thank you. Really, truly." Callisto says softly, "And don't be screwing your face up at me thinking I'm being weird, either.. I'm serious." A bit more humor comes to her tone there, but she means it. She hugs him tight.

There's a flinch, but he allows the hug. "N-no. It's not you you didn't…" His chest expands as he takes a deep breath, and then his hand comes up and pats her back gently, "I …I remember grabbing your throat…against a wall…." A tremor runs though him but he tries to ignore it, "Lets…let's eat, yeah?"

Oh, she remembers that too. Right in the beginning, after. Callisto's slender body can be felt inhaling deep, exhaling almost in-tandem with Daxton's breath. "It's… it couldn't be helped. It was a hard time, but you're here now.. and I'm here. T'is Christmas, yes? We are heading into the year of 2020.. a better year." It's best not to continue along the tangent of neck-grabbing and explaining it away, but it disturbs Callisto on an unspoken level that memories of that nature would return to Daxton.

"Everything is and shall be alright, Daxton. I promise." Callisto smiles at him as she eases back, hair sluicing down to frame that neckline of hers some. Taking the knife she will gingerly begin cutting the cake, carving a large wedge for the speedster and a careful piece for herself. Dax's huge portion and a fork are handed to him. "What is your desire for this new year?" She asks, blessedly trying to keep the topic innocuous. But oh.. she remembers That Day.

A better year? Man, Dax hopes so. A low grunt of a laugh, "Guess it couldn't be worse, right?" Cheese cake now, please. "You don't have to make promises like that, Callisto." But cake, yes. He takes his plate and within 3 seconds half of it is gone. "Jesus fucking Christ, this is pure." New Years resolutions, "Me? Uh…" While he thinks he polices off the rest of the cake on his plate. "I don't have tons, I guess. Just….make things right?"

She knows him well… there's already another wedge being carved out for Daxton before Callisto even forks a bite to her own gob. The chocolatey mass is indeed divine; it tastes expensive. Likely something made out of the rarest cocoa beans and unicorn farts… it's that good. Anyone who is lactose intolerant would be in for a world of pain. But what if you're part of a branch of feydom where consumables containing pure cream can possibly cause drunkenness?! OK to Callisto's credit, the 'cream' being an ingredient to a greater whole is beneficial. Easy does it.

She leans against the counter some, one ankle hooking behind the other, legs fold elegantly. Takes a 'careful' bite… sighs, "Gods, where did she find this…" Oh, Oridove.

She listens to the speedster's answer, "T'is an admirable cause.. I would like to believe that you are on your way to this goal." Callisto tilts her head, her brow furrowing. "Mine may very well be complicated.. but I cannot ignore it forever."

Daxton grunts, but this time in enjoyment. "I didn't know a cake could be sexy." Maybe Oridove isn't so bad after all. "Ignore what?" What could she have for a resolution that could be that bad? "No jogging, huh?"

Well, Callisto won't fault the cake for delivering ease! But as she needles at what is in-fact a substantial resolution for the upcoming year, a shadow of unease crosses her features. She looks down at the dessert upon her plate… she pushes it around with her fork a bit, already feeling the first couple of bites warming in her belly. "T'is my intent to seek out more on my father's side of my lineage. This is no light task and I am a bit nervous. T'is not pressing and nobody has a hot poker to my back, making me do this.. but if I am to know more about who I am and what I am capable of…" She shrugs anxiously, gives the forkful of cheesecake a noncommittal nip with her lips.

Daxton slows the fork full to his mouth. Dad's side of the family, "That's all…light side of the force fey, right?" He glances to the plate and then casually says, "Okay, where do we start?" Yum , cake.

"Light side of the force…?" Blink.. Callisto has to think on that one, but it comes to her quickly. "Ah.. t'is that series, yes? Those.. movies… Star Wars." Good God, get this girl a trophy! That's the extent of it though… "I-I guess you could call it that. Oridove tells me that Light does not mean pure, and good… and she wonders what I am getting at." She shakes her head. "But as far as I am concerned, there must be more merit to that lot over what the Dark ones have shown themselves to be, thus far." Ie. Mommy Dearest and yes, Oridove.. who is also pure Dark.

"I would start with my sister.. for she knows who my father was and who could have been connected to him. But she is tight-fisted.. I yet wonder if she does not wish to share me." Callisto takes another bite, still not done with her tiny piece of cheesecake.

Daxton smirks before nodding, 'Yeah. Star Wars." He leans on the counter, relaxing some, "I don't know, if the dark fey have cheese cake like this…maybe you should stick with Dovey." But then Calli says something that has him frowning, "She's not going to go all…single white female on me, is she?"

The white-haired girl laughs gently, takes on a playful expression as she pushes back from the counter, scraping the saucer clean and moving to run it under hot water. Eventually saucer and fork will find their way to the dishwasher and the whole rest of that sinful dessert will be given to Daxton! Dude! No wonder Callisto is as lean as a greyhound. c.c

Seems the coining of 'Dovey' has amused her out of that anxiety, "This is not dark fey magic.." A gesture to the cheesecake, "T'is but the efforts of one dark fey who knows her way around the city bakeries. She is a fiend for baked goods." Callisto laughs again, liking anything that humanizes her elder sister. She gives him a soft look, a hand lifting to absentmindedly toy with the locket, very gently. "… what is this… 'single white female' approach? What does this mean? I do not understand?" Right over her head, "Do you mean… seduce you? N-no! I shall not allow it." Callisto bristles. Yup, way off the mark.

Daxton points to the cake , "Dark fey magic . I should know." He was mind F'd by the biggest and baddest. He'd know! Forgoing slicing another piece, he just forks out of the cake itself (At least it's not from the middle), "It's some stalker movie my mom watched. A possessive roommate or something." He's never actually seen it. He stops moving when she leaps to a very wrong conclusion, "Seduce-no! Gah! No, she wouldn't. I don't have the right parts, remember?" Plus, she's totally old. Gross.

The little twinge of jealousy is purely that.. not possessive, as seen in her more nefarious kin. Callisto listens, wanting to understand this new sprinkling of slang… she may be coming along in leaps and bounds but she's still a bit oblivious to… well, case in point. Callisto blushes at her folly, "Oh.. ah.. alright. Was I not completely silly, just now. I mean—-" She rubs the back of her neck, fidgets. "I should have known… but…" Ahem, recover! Recover! She was not jealous just now! c.c

"You are correct.. what I guess I meant is that I am a remaining sister who shall not undermine or challenge her. T'is not in her personality to see my reuniting with my father's side as sentimental but rather… dangerous. But alas.."

Callisto moves toward a sofa, and lowers herself down to settle. She gives the skyline a brief glance, then turns back to watch Daxton. "More and more, I long for a kinship… like that which you have with your own brother and sister. Kinship, not an.. alliance."

Daxton watches her opening, picking up on the …is that jealousy? The corner of his mouth tugs upwards. And while he's only had the one beer, he feels a little warm. That's…nice. "I mean, if she were to decide to go over dudes, I'm sure I'd be on her list, but I think if anyone in my Unit interests her, it's AfterThought." Although he has no idea what AT thinks of Dovey. Speeding over to the fridge, he grabs another beer , and another huge bite of cake before zipping over to the couch, "Okay. We'll find them then. Do we look for mushrooms or what?" Inferno is going to be so pissed when Dax tells him they have to look for Arcadia.

Of course Dax has to go and goose that which got Callisto's back up, in the first place! But it's teasing fun, not being mean.. she is about to fire back about the prospect of Oridove giving him 'the eye' but then something else occurs to her. Something far more probable. Callisto blushes gently, slumping into the cushions a bit as she feels what little that she consumed of that dessert sitting heavy and warm in her belly. The anxious feelings around her cause — a cause that she could easily take or leave — ease a fair amount, and suddenly it's far more desirable to focus upon Daxton. But yes, what was this 'probable' thought that she had… that Daxton literally just voiced?!

Callisto nods her sleek-haired head once, "T'would be Afterthought. She had even alluded to such… but then, there is something about them that can look masculine… and feminine and, ah—" She stretches a bit, hands splayed upon her thighs. "I would be hard-pressed to even guess if the feelings would be returned. But they did seem to have a rapport while…. when everything happened."

She watches Daxton return with another beer, "… what would your Unit think, you being sucked into another one of my foolish fey causes?" Asked with a tiny half-smile.

Daxton nods, settling on the couch, "Yeah, I don't know that Afterthought is untested in…anything like that really. They've got enough to keep upright, I don't know that dating would be healthy." He chews on his lower lip, cracking open the next beer while looking out the window. "Yeah…I suppose I should prolly think her for helping…" He knows it wasn't for his own good, but for Calli's. A snort, "Honestly, I think they'd be relieved." Oh look! Tempo's being a pain in the ass again, things are back to normal.

As the beer is cracked open and the bottle fizzes, Callisto considers Everything as she feels Daxton's weight settle onto the couch alongside her. She eases in some, rests her head against the side of his shoulder, pale blue-green eyes gazing off toward the tall, wide-paned windows. Beyond them, and this amazing room, the black night sky and the thousands-upon-thousands of city lights glitter like a tapestry.

"Whereever would I begin.. how would I begin.. and is it even worth chasing." Callisto thinks out loud, and snakes an arm around his waist to simply be closer.

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