(2019-12-03) Just Another Grinch
Just Another Grinch
Summary: The Toy Princess pulls a grinch and tries to steal toys
Date: 2019-12-03
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With Thanksgiving past and Christmas rapidly (too rapidly for some) approaching, toy drives are being organized across the City. Some students have volunteered to help with one of the toy drives specifically designed to help provide toys for some of the less fortunate families in the City. A few booths have been set up outside several megamart stores. At each of the store locations, one of the students has been selected to either dress up as Santa, an elf, or Mrs. Clause: occassionally all three. A small flurry of snow falls onto the students and their booths.

<FS3> Rain rolls Singing: Great Success.

<FS3> Besa rolls Rune Magic: Good Success.

For things like toy drives at the holidays Rain usually takes the throw money at it tactic, and honestly, she has or will at some point. But since the school was doing this and volunteering for things like this looks good an the academic record she was more than willing to put on the elf costume to help drive donations, not to mention Legion. So for the moment there are two of her, singing along to the carols that play on the store speaker. One singing lead, the other harmony, though sometimes they switch it up. It's enough to make the occasionally passerby stop and at least listen while one of the others makes the pitch.

<FS3> Buddy rolls Animal Reflexes: Good Success.

Besa opted to wear a Santa hat, but refused the coat and beard. The entire tradition of Santa kinda weirds him out. Why would anyone invite fey into their homes? That's how children get stolen! The booth the students are in has had several runes broken for earth, so while it's still cold enough to be snowing, the temperature near each student is a little warmer. Instead of singing along, the ancient teen isn't completely sure of all the words, he's started drumming on the table to whatever carol Rain and Legion are singing so he's free to ask passerby folk for help. Cocoa is under the table, working vest and Santa hat on as well, but she's curled up. No anxiety and it's cold, so she's trying to sleep till needed.

It took a lot of explaining to get Buddy to dress up as a reindeer without him actually turning into one. He is wearing a brown shirt and pants with a set of fake antlers on his head. Trying to help get attention, Buddy does a set of backflips across the area like he was some olympic type gymnast or something. He spins in the air and lands next to Besa. He has to grab the antlers to keep them on. "You sure Buddy can't change?" he whipsers (a bit too loudly) Besa while bouncing on his toes.

Rain and Legion are more than enough to attract attention (Twins always seem to for some reason) without the singing or being dressed as elfs, so as Rain stays near the booth singing the carols, Legion being the more personable and friendly one strays farther out. She pauses in her singing to approach a middle aged couple "Happy Holidays!" she says cheerfully "Would you like to donate a new toy so an under privledged child doesn't go without this holiday?" the couple looks to the booth as Legion continues "Any toy will do, but we could really use toys for the older eight to ten year old range." her cheerful expression turns to a more sympathetic sad one "Everyone always donates toys for the little ones," a had goes to her chest and she gives a sigh "but it is the older children that truely suffer during the holidays." the couple look from the booth to her and back "Of course, Of course." they agree and head over to the booth to sign whatever donation paperwork is necessary.

Besa leans towards Buddy and tries to sound stern as he replies, "We are sure. You will scare people." And scared people don't leave toy offerings. As the couple approaches, Besa will slide the clipboard with the donation fliers on it, "Happiness for the holidays! We are able to take toys or donations to buy toys!" His accent is as thick as ever, which as given a few people reason to pauses (Unfortunately there's judgey people) but most just smile and help out. It may be the silly red hat he has on, red is a good color on him.

Buddy shakes his head looking at Besa. "No, no, no. Buddy is fun and funny! Buddy can make bunny." Suddeny Buddy stops and rubs his chin. He kneels down to look at some of the nearby kids and asks them, "Does Santy Claws have any bunnies?" A little girl wearing a cute princess dress places her hands on her hips. She is probably no older than 7. "All cute animals help Santa at the North Pole. But they can't pull his sleigh. Only reindeers do that."

The ground starts to rumble which sends several of the shopper scrambling. A couple of kids duck down and try to crawl under the table with Cocoa while a stack of already wrapped presents falls down near Legion. The couple in the process of signing stand shell-shocked as the rumbling gets stronger and stronger. Cracks form in the middle of the parking lot until a large mound pushes up through the cracks throwing cars out of the way. The princess girl screams and hides behind Buddy.

Besa smiles softly, ready to tell Buddy no to the rabbit, but it seems the little girl does just fine on her own. Turning back, the promethean is ready to answer any questions that the couple has, but the math decides to start complaining in a very loud way. A small swear in coptic, and then he motions for the couple to stay near the children as he staggers around the table to be closer to Rain and Legion, "This is not natural, is it?" He doesn't think they are on a fault line. His hand is reaching down to crush more rune disks in his pocket, just in case.

"No animals Buddy." Rain tells the younger student during a instrumental part of the song "You are here as a student representing Coral Springs not as the school mascot." once she is done reminding Buddy about his role she goes right back into singing, frowning slightly as Legion has forgotten her own duties for a few moments to flirt with some local boys. It seems like numbers are being exchanged.

As the ground starts to shake Rain and Legion immediately look at each other and brace themselves so they aren't knocked to the ground "Not at all natural." Rain answers as she holds an arm out for Besa to take "Earthquakes have happened here, but nothing on this magnitude."

Buddy stands up quickly as soon as the rumbling starts and tries to make himself as big as possible in order to shield the girl. Of coruse, with how short he is, his attempt to make himself bigger isn't that effect. He looks back at the girl and says, "Buddy will protect you." As the other students talk about the rumbling being natural or not, Buddy looks at them and says, "If not natural, then what is it?"

The mound continues to grow until it is over 6 feet tall and nearly 10 feet in diameter. It takes on an oddly pastel pink hue with large chucks of rubble and rocks in it. A opening starts to form into the mound. The rumbling stops and the mound becomes silent for a moment. A short girl in a black, frilly gothic dress walks out of the mound. She points directly at Besa, "You. You are here? My enemy finally reveals himself. You think I wouldn't see you without the beard?"

Besa's eyes widen and eh takes a small step back, pulling Rain with him. Cocoa is definitely awake now and trying to get to Besa, but (un) fortunately, the children have latched onto her. The girl gets a frown and he makes fists ready to defend the people but then he pauses. He's her enemy? IS she part of a cult that is trying to kill him? Or a member of the Gnostic Flame. He glances at her hand, looking for the tell tale ring but he'll call out, "I have never had a beard. You are mistaken. And you are scaring these people. Stop it."

Legion tilts her head as the mound becomes all pink and the girl steps out. "How many nemsises does that make now Besa?" she asks sounding quite amused "Or is it nemisi." she start to look contemplative and starts mumbling about greek, latin and tenses, her hands moving as she discusses this with herself.

"Isn't that the girl that can animate toys?" Rain looks from the girl to Besa and back eyes narrowing slightly "The one we hid in the truck to capture but she manage to get away?"

Buddy looks at the girl and says, "Are you part mole? Buddy likes moles. But sometimes, moleses are bad without meaning to be. Maybe that is why Buddy likes them. Moles don't mean to dig up good peoples stuff and trees and other stuff. Sometimes they are blind and naked. You aren't naked though, but you did dig up in a weird place."

The girl keeps her attention on Besa, "You may have shaved and lost weight, but you are still the foolish toy giver." She lifts one hand up in the air and then stops to stare at Buddy. "I'm not a mole. I am the Toy Princess. Let me show you what I can do." The packages start to vibrate and shake until they start to lift up into the air in ever increasing numbers. They float in orderly lines towards the pink mound. "I will reclaim these toys and save them from the foolishness of this follyday."

"Too many!" He has too many enemies, he needs to put some back! Best frowns, "…yes. Ye sit is." Why is he her nemesis? Lost weight?!?! That's definitely the first time he's ever been accused of that! "You have mistaken me and are the one who is foolish." As soon as the boxes start moving he moves as well, "No!" And makes a mad dash towards the girl and the mound, perhaps trying to beat the toys there?

Rain understands what the young girl is implying, but she has no time to explain it to Besa. She will have to save explanations for later. She is of two minds on this situation. They could just stand down and let the girl have the toys, Rain is more than willing to replace all of them if necesary, or fight the girl again. And off Besa goes, looks like its option two than! She is half a step behind Besa as she races after him

"Nemsises!" Legion announces loudly while the young girl gives her speech, her arm going up halfway as she points to the sky. "Since it is greek derived word the plural…" she trails of as she realizes Besa and the girl are exchanging words. "Her? Again? Seriously?" she nods approvingly "Let's do this than!" she is off, racing after Besa in sync with Rain.

Buddy watches as they go running after the packages. He looks back at the princess girl and says, "Stay with the doggy. She is a good girl." He smiles at her and turns to follow Besa, Rain, and Legion now. He points at the girl and says, "Buddy thinks you are a, a -bad- girl!"

The girl screams at Besa and says, "You cannot have them." A pulse of energy moves from her into four of the packages which burst open. As the toys fall, they become life-size toy version of Elsa, Buzz Lightyear, a Slime Alien, and a stuffed Simba. By the time they hit the ground in front of the four students, they have fully come to life. "Let it go!" "Falling with Style!" "GGrrulple." "ROAR!"

The Santa hat flies off Besa, releasing the beautiful hair underneath as he runs. He's aware that the toys are just weapons, the way to stop all of this is the girl. His own sword is drawn from his leg, a wet sorta gross sound, and he will yell out as he clashes with Elsa, "We must stop her!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Animated Toy=6

< Rain: Good Success Animated Toy: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

"We got your back Besa!" Legion calls out which Rain interprets for him "We will keep the toys off you!" she knows as does Legion that Besa isn't the best with metaphors, but Legion doesn't think before she speaks unlike Rain.

Rain and Legion share a brain so working in sync is as natural to them as breathing. One goes straight to where Besa is going after Elsa, the other goes toward Buzz.

Legion flanks the life sized Elsa kicking at her to get her attention off Besa and to her "Go after the girl." Legion tells him.

"Buddy!" Rain calls out "Show this stuffed lion what a real lion acts like!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs Elsa=6

< Besa: Great Success Elsa: Success

< Net Result: Besa wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Buddy=physical Vs Lion=6

< Buddy: Success Lion: Good Success

< Net Result: Lion wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Toys=6 Vs Rain=6

< Toys: Success Rain: Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lion=6 Vs Buddy=Physical

< Lion: Failure Buddy: Good Success

< Net Result: Buddy wins - Solid Victory

As Buddy runs towards the toys, he is surprised to see them change and grow bigger. He blinks a couple times though when Rain calls out to him and tells him it is okay to change, he shakes his head. "Not Lion. Bigger than lion!" The rippling wave rolls over Buddy's body turning him into a huge bengal tiger. He takes a few silent strides and swipes at the stuffed lion. They two got at it pretty fiercely. Though Buddy is bigger than the lion, it seems to be fighting back though it is losing some stuffing here and there.

The floating toys continue to float towards the mound and slip inside even as the animated toys fight the teens. Elsa lifts her hands as though to cast some spell at Besa at which point his sword goes snicker-snack through her neck. The plastic head totters on the body before falling off. Whatever magic was animating the toy vanishes as the toy falls. A couple of the girls hiding under the table start to cry as they see Elsa killed. The Slime Alien, unattacked, squirts a jet of slime directly at Legion while Buzz gets into a fist fight with Rain. The stuffed Lion leaps into the air to pounce on Buddy-tiger, but Buddy uses its own attack against it and rips into its stuffed neck. With a shake of his head, Buddy sends the lion's head flying and giant balls of stuffing fill the area.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Besa=physical Vs Buzz=6

< Besa: Good Success Buzz: Failure

< Net Result: Besa wins - Solid Victory

The sound of the beheaded Elsa head bouncing in the snow should be very amusing, but there's still attacking toys. Besa spins, his khophesh now moving to strike at the large astronaut fist fighting with Rain.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Animated Toy=6

< Rain: Good Success Animated Toy: Success

< Net Result: Rain wins - Marginal Victory

With Elsa beheaded, those poor kids are going to have nightmares for weeks, and Buddy dealing with the stuffed lion quite nicely, Legion starts to go after the Slime Alien as it attacks her "Ewww." she says, wiping slime from her face. Right now she would give anything for a weapon, but no, the school forced her to leave them behind. Blunt damage isn't going to do to much to the toys, they learned that the last time. So instead she will go after the girl since Besa is dealing with the toys instead. Does no one follow directions anymore? As she runs toward the girl she feints in one direction, and then dives and rolls in the other to deftly avoid and get past the Slime Alien.

Rain is already engaged with Buzz so when Besa engages the Toy Spaceman as well she does her best to use that to thier advantage. Spinning into a kick she tries to send Buzz into the path of the khopesh that Besa is swinging

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Buddy=physical Vs Girl=8

< Buddy: Success Girl: Good Success

< Net Result: Girl wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alien=6 Vs Rain=physical

< Alien: Good Success Rain: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Buzz=6 Vs Besa=physical

< Buzz: Good Success Besa: Good Success

< Net Result: DRAW

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Girl=8 Vs Buddy=physical

< Girl: Good Success Buddy: Great Success

< Net Result: Buddy wins - Solid Victory

Buddy spends a bit of time making sure the stuffed lion is good and dead. Thankfully, he isn't in play mode but full on hunting mode. With it dead. and hearing that the girl is the threat, Buddy-tiger turns his gaze to the girl. His head drops as he pads towards her. Then, as the other toys are engaged, he charges at the girl who has some type of mystic force barrier. Buddy-tiger bounces against the barrier and tries to claw at it.

The slime alien shoots its blob of goo at Legion again as she runs past the gooey toy as Buzz is doing a great job fighting off Besa. Besa's sword bouncing off a defensive response by the toy soldier. Star Command must do a great job teaching its soldiers. With Buddy-tiger fighting against the barrier, the girl yells, "Leave my toys alone. My toys. You are runing everything." The toys flying through the air drop to the ground though over two-thirds of the collected toys have already gone in the mound. Even as the girl tries to push Buddy away with her barrier, he ends up clawing through the barrier and approaching.

Bone against plastic is a weird feeling when the khophesh and Buzz clash. Besa snarls, "What kind of monster is this?" Not a living toy, he gets that, but he's never seen Toy Story. The sword is drawn back again and he makes an attempt to drive it into the chest of the weird plastic human.

Buddy rolls 1d3 and gets: 3

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Legion=7 Vs Princess=8

< Legion: Good Success Princess: Good Success

< Net Result: Legion wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Rain=physical Vs Animated Toy=6

< Rain: Good Success Animated Toy: Great Success

< Net Result: Animated Toy wins - Solid Victory

Ewww more slime, but thankfully not so much or in a location that is going to hinder her to much, Legion glances at Tiger-buddy as he is going after the Princess as well, she gives him a quick thumbs up "Nice." and a just as quick side comment before focusing on the girl "Alright your Highness playtime is over." she doesn't want to seriously hurt the kid so for now she just reaches out to grab the girls upper arm and partially restrain her.

With Buzz being dealt with by Besa, Rain goes after the Alien. Spit at her duplicate! She thinks not. She moves to it to attack with a kick to the torso

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Buddy=physical Vs Girl=8

< Buddy: Good Success Girl: Success

< Net Result: Buddy wins - Solid Victory

Buddy jumps at the girl and lands on her knocking her to the ground. He presses his muzzle against her neck and roars against her face. He bares his teeth and places one of his large paws on her chest.

Besa's sword cleaves right through the toy's body turning him into a lightyear shish kabob. The toy soldier drops to lifelesness. The slime alien goes to spray his slime at them again though when the girl hits the ground the slime alien collapses to the ground and instantly shrinks to normal size. The Toy Princess places her hand down on the pinkish mound she is laying on. The mound starts to quiver beneath her.

"Stop her!" The ancient teen sprints forward, sword raised as he attempts to stab the pink mound (that sounds so dirty). "It is like a portal, do not let her escape!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Legion=7 Vs Princess=8

< Legion: Good Success Princess: Great Success

< Net Result: Princess wins - Solid Victory

"Let her up Buddy!" Legion tells him "We have to get her away from here, now." she moves around to get at whatever part of the girl she can get too, but Bengal Tigers are freaking huge and with the girl squirming herself to do whatever she needs to open the portal it isn't an easy grab.

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