(2019-11-06) Double Trouble
Double Trouble
Summary: Iain meeting Marilou can only lead to trouble
Date: 2019-11-06
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Academic Building
This four floored building is where all the classes take place. The lobby is sparsely furnished to prevent loitering between classes. There are stairs and an elevator that takes students to the various floors.

(OOC Note: Though we have only built one of each classroom, IC<ly> there are multiples ones divided amoung the four floors that make up the building. The exception being the art room. There is only one of those. It's on the second floor. There are also other non-specific classrooms and a classroom designed for teaching life skills i.e cooking, sewing, etc)

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and sunny.

It had been a rough start to the day. First, he hadn't been able to find his hair gel so he had just had to mess his hair with his hand. Then, while making his way to his first class the rumors had been heard about things disappearing around the school. Iain had to ask himself if he had taken some of the things people were complaining about…but no. Most of the stuff didn't sound like stuff he would have taken. Or at least not recently. Still, the worry and the tense nature of conversations had him on edge. So when staff asked for a volunteer to show a new student around, the Scottish teen shockingly raised his hand.

Walking down the hall now he looks around for wherever this new student was. It shouldn't be that hard. Iain wasn't very sociable, but even he could usually tell a new face at the school. "Fer' feck's sake. They said she'd be here." Or maybe he got the location wrong. "Or was it tha' Courtyard?"

It had already been a day since Marilou had gotten into the island and had the chance to try and settle in. It's not easy to adapt from your old life to a new one, no matter what background you come from but Marilou doesn't seem to be stressed in the least about the changes, easily going with the flow. Perhaps it was because of her attitude and the way she didn't seem to be fully paying attention to all the things she had to know, but it seems the staff decided it would be a good idea to appoint her someone to try and reinforce the rules and help her blend in.

Maybe, just maybe they didn't pick the right match… But it was better than no one, right?

Marilou was, indeed, easy to spot out… A bright smile on her face, totally not in a hurry, her wide eyes staring around as she discovers her new surrounding. Though what made her easy to spot was how she didn't fit in : her clothes were totally against the dress code. No uniform, colorful clothes.

She was late for her appointment… Maybe she forgot? It didn't seem to bother her all that much… When she spots Iain who seems to be looking around for someone, Marilou finally strides up in his direction, "Heh-oh! You must be that guy I'm supposed to meet, oui?" Marilou says, a thick accent in her voice.<OOC> Iain says, "you want to jump in Rain or not yet?"

Well Rain certainly isn't the guy she is supposed to meet, or a guy at all, her figure may lean more toward androgynous, but her other features are definitely feminine in nature. She comes out of the cafeteria putting a few drinks and other snacks in her bag. Certainly more than she could eat in one sitting. Her uniform marks her as Athena, and there isn't as much as a wrinkle on her clothing or a hair out of place. As she passes by she gives a nod to Iain "Morning Iain." her tone is polite coolness and her expression stoic. He's her best friend's cousin, she has to be nice to him.

Iain does see Marilou when she arrives, walking up and giving a nod. "Aye, Ah'm Iain." His own accent showed his Scottish origins. Ares were his uniform colors and they weren't messy, but definitely were not as neat and attended to as Rain's uniform. As the other student passes he just offers a nod of his head and a wave "Mornin', Rain." Likewise, he was pretty much nicer to Rain than he was with most people because she was his cousin's best friend. He looks back to Marilou then. "So. What have they showed ya so far? Or did they?" Iain as the welcoming committee for Coral Springs. The school was either desperate or doomed. Or foolishly optimistic.

What was that smell? Marilou folds her arms behind her back and closes her eyes a second to take a deep breath to appreciate the odor that came to her nostrils when she came close to Iain. That wonderful smell of food that came from the cafeteria ~

It might seem a bit disrespectful, or maybe this girl just has the attention span of a squirrel on crack. At least she was paying attention though , as she replies when she opens her eyes, "Where people sleep. And about a hundred rules to follow," Marilou says her eyes drift off toward Rain and she adds, "… Which I clearly didn't follow," She adds genuinely as if she just discovered that fact.

In the meantime, one of her hands behind her back moves to her mouth so she can take a bite off from a muffin and Marilou munches, only to wince, "Urg, craneberries… Blasphemous… Here," She says as she hands the muffin to Iain, almost pressing it into his hands for him to accept her gift.

And then back to the matters, "But yeah.. Not much, really, figured I'd discover this college… Oh, I must have my schedule somewhere…" She says with a shrug.

"Fee was looking for you earlier. Not sure why." Rain wouldn't have asked, or cared much about the business between the cousins. "I'm sure she will catch you at lunch." She looks over at Marilou, her stoic expression never changing "Only one hundred?" when the muffin appears and is quickly shoved toward Iain in disgust only then does her expression break into a smirk "High school, not college." she corrects.

A brow is lofted when Rain tells him Fee was looking for him. If it was something urgent though that would have been included in his cousin's message. So Iain doesn't ask. "Thanks." Then, a cranberry muffin is being shoved into his hand. It doesn't seem to bother him though, or care if Marilous is actually paying attention or not, and he just reaches out to set the muffin on a nearby water fountain. There. Somebody would make a decent breakfast of it…or the school ants would! "Well then. Ah guess we can start with here."

An arm goes out as Iain indicates the hallway "This is a hallway. Great fer' walking. Wasting time getting from one class ta another. Running…but they seem ta yell at ya fer that." Then he points to the water fountain, "This is a water fountain. Great fer hydration. Also known to grow random food items, as ya can see." Yeah. He had this whole 'school tour' thing down to an art!<OOC> Iain says, "The Cranberries!"

Marilou grins at Rain, "Something like that… I know the drill, it's just, bwah… Rules," Marilou rolls her eyes and sticks her tongue a bit in disdain. When Rain corrects her, Marilou arches a brow, "Oh? Isn't it the same thing?" She asks naively, offering her a shrug.

Marilou then turns her attention to Iain as he goes on with the 'school tour'. Marilou glances down the hallway, as if expecting to see something off interest out there, and then toward the water fountain. She laughs and leans over to nudge him with her elbow, "Is it me or that's the school tour for poor and second class students, oui?" She shakes her head and heaves a sigh, glancing about as if to make sure no one is watching and she lifts her hand up, flicking two fingers to make a couple of banknotes appear between her fingers like she pulled off some magic trick. Marilou grins and waves them back and forth in front of him, "So, where's the fun stuff at, eh? You wouldn't say no to a little bribery, would you?"

A closer inspection on them would reveal it's just a few one dollar banknotes. Obviously, even if she did act up to check no one was watching, she clearly omitted Rain's presence in her clever inspection.

Most would at least chuckle at Iain's snarky version of the school tour, but Rain is most people "You forget to warn her of the occasional dimensional rifts that spring up." the comment is said in a perfectly serious tone, but she has to be joking. a Things like that just don't happen. Do they. Not being American herself, though she lacks any type of accent, she is familiar with the European school system "High school is the same as secondary school, while college is equivalent to university." she explains to Marilou. Since is is just a couple of small bills, there is no concern from Rain where they came from.

A look over to Rain at the other student's comment and Iain nods "Aye. She has a point. Watch out fer' those as well." Then Marilou's question just gets a shrug. "It's the school tour given ta keep me out of class. The give a shyte tour costs ext-" Then she actually produces some money! Sure it's just a few dollars, but it still gets a laugh out of Iain. "Well then. A paying customer is a totally different story." Taking the dollars he pockets them before nodding to her. "What kind of fun stuff did ya usually fancy? Ah have a few places Ah could show ya depending on yer answer."Schuyler pages: Marilou looks fun
Iain's reaction to her little 'magic trick' makes Marilou's lips curl into a bright smile, "Now you're talking," Marilou says as she gladly hands them over and pats Iain's chest, "Surprise me, I suppose, eh?" Marilou glances over between Rain and then Iain, offering both of them a shrug, "Dimensional rifts sound like hell of fun, yah ~!" She says, pumping a fist in the air making one wonder whether or not she really understood what they said… Or if she's crazy. Maybe a bit of both.

"Whatever that's not about being the good girl and boy everyone would expect us to be, non? Where everyone goes to have fun when the classes are over, you know? The real place where it's at,"

Her idea of fun and Marilou's idea of fun is certainly different things, and Rain's usually involves sharp, pointy things, so this is territory that Iain or any other Ares is more suited for. "Good luck with that Iain. I'll see you later, I left two supposedly starving brothers is the art room, so I better go before they waste away." she can do snarky too, only it is low key. "Welcome to the freak show." she tells Marilou as she heads off to the stairs.

Iain looks to Rain as she makes to leave "Later. I'll find Fee too. Thanks." Then, he looks back to Marilou at her encouragement of finding somewhere more fun. He had told his aunt and uncle he'd behave. He had told them he'd stay out of trouble. This was a bad idea. A bad idea presented by a pretty girl…and that is all it takes. "Well…" Iain looks around a moment to make sure the hallway is not full of prying ears and then back to her again. "Ah can show ya where ta smoke or drink. Ah can show ya where to ditch classes best." He chuckles, "Ah can also show ya the best spots fer a different kind of fun, but that'd be purely on an informative level since yer a new student and believe it or not ah AM a gentleman…plus that would cost more than what ya gave me."

Hanging around Marilou is the best way to deviate from the 'proper' path. Hearing the options he gives out, Marilou's smile brighten, "Now that's more like it," The girl glances over at Rain and she offers her a cheerful wave of her hand, almost like she had always been best friends like her even though Marilou's not sure she even knows her name.

Marilou turns on her heels and insidiously wrap her arm around Iain's shoulder, not seeming to mind invading other people's personal space, "Oh, cherie, money is the least of my worries… How about we start by showing me off where the cool kids hang around, oui? I want to know EVERYTHING ~" Marilou says with her thick accent, confidently yet slowly dragging Iain off with her toward a dead end hallway.

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