(2019-10-29) Your Prison Is Walkin' Through This World All Alone
Your Prison is Walkin’ Through This World All Alone
Summary: Syd, Morrigan, and Brier take off for the city… except that Morrigan can’t go, Syd has no plan, and Brier won’t go as Frank ‘n Fritter.
Date: 2019.10.29
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Back Field
The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.


The last rays of the sun give a soft glow to the sky. A gentle breeze has a bit of a coolness to it as it speaks of an approaching winter. With Halloween coming, some students have gotten a pass to go off campus to buy last minute costume ideas. Even the campus store is running low on candy and decorations though thankfully another shipment is due early tomorrow morning.

It seems like there is one person who isn't getting into the festive holiday spirit. The latest Russian student who rarely shows much emotion save for an occasional firey temper walks out across the field with her hands behind her back. Her blonde curls dancing in the gentle breeze. She is wearing her uniform which looks more like a military uniform the way she has it buttoned and pressed.

Sydney walks lightly (as lightly as she can, at least). She seems relaxed for a change, happy to be getting off campus, into the magic that is night time for a change. She's chatting at Morrigan, even if Morrigan isn't necessarily listening. "… I dunno, I may just get a set of Groucho glasses or something. Once I got too old for candy I wasn't much into Halloween…"
After class Brier had headed out into the back field area for meditation. It is from this direction he walks now, intending to go back into the school. Wearing a knitted beanie, cloth material lounge pants and a lightweight sweater, the hippie teen carries a backpack on his shoulders and a thermos of hot tea in one hand. If it were anybody else it might seem scary movie worthy the way he exited from the tall grass this close to night on the week of Halloween. However, there is not really anything scary about Brier's presence. The opposite actually. He has seemed especially calmer than usual lately even. So as he walks towards the school and comes across the other students he lifts his free hand in greeting "Sup!? You out for some fresh air too?" He seemed unaware of any adventure into the city.

Morrigan shakes her head with an expression of pure disbelief on her face. "You were serious? People dress up and go beg for candy?" She mumbles a Russian word under her breath that sounds like: "krest'yanskiy." She then says to Sydney. "What age do -people- finally stop doing that?" She says the word people with a bit of disdain in her voice. She glances over at Brier approaches and notices that he too has blonde hair though it is longer than hers. "Sup? No, I have already had dinner." She speaks with a distinctive and crisp Russian accent though it is not so thick as to make her unintelligible.

Sydney rolls her eyes and laughs. "Sometimes people do it into college. I started having parties to go to instead when I was… mmm… twelve? Thirteen? Mind you, this was the late 1970s, so things might have changed. Basically when you get scary for real, it's time to stop. Which is why I haven't gone trick-or-treating since I went metal. But yeah… and it's not begging so much as extortion. Tricks can be things like egging or TPing the house. So trick or treat."

Brier looks between Morrigan and Sydney as the two talk, lofting a brow at the mention of dinner from the other. "Cool. Dinner is good!" Yep he was confused too. Hearing the last part of what Sydney is explaining he grins "Ah. Talking about Halloween? Are you guys going to find costumes?"

"Yes, talking about Halloween." From the way Morrigan says the word, it is clear that she doesn't have much familiarity with it. "College?!" It seems that put a little emotion in the normally cold expression and manner of speech that she has. "Extortion, now that sounds more interesting. What is TPing?"

Sydney looks over when Brier speaks. "Oh hey Brier. Yeah, we're off to get costumes. Or at least they're letting us off campus. Whether we get costumes is kind of a different question." Syd chuckles. At Morrigan's question, she chuckles. "TPing. Toilet Papering. Take a roll of toilet paper. Wrap it around as many trees on the propery as you can. Throw it as high into the trees as you can. It makes a mess. I can neither confirm nor deny ever having done it." She grins metallically. "Halloween comes from All Hallows Eve. The night before the feast of all saint's day. Like a lot of holidays with Christian roots, it was vacuumed up from the pagan Samhain's day. The parties are usually fun. Bobbing for apples, punch, lots of people in costumes… they weren't always sexy costumes like they tend to be now, but… it's fun. It's an excuse for a party. Heck, you might enjoy it."

Brier listens as Sydney and Morrigan explain their trip into town, then as Sydney further tries to explain the hype behind Halloween to Morrigan. "Sounds like you guys have a fun night planned. Mind if I join?"

Morrigan sighs hearing what TPing is. She stops walking altogether and says, "While I do not necessarily have a need for candy, that is -not- how you extort something. First, you march up to the door and demand all you desire. Then, when they refuse, you say you will set their house on fire while they are still inside if they do not comply. Then, before they can answer, you randomly burn something of theirs. A tree, a toy, a pet. Then you ask … one more time and very slowly." She holds of her left hand as flames suddenly rage across her skin. "I'm not sure we are planning anything … yet. I have heard rumors the school might do something. I do not know if I shall participate or not." Although clearly the mention of sexy costumes got her attention.

Sydney rolls her eyes again. "Yeah, and serious extortion will land you in jail, too. This is all in fun. Or so the theory goes. Back in the 70s, it started getting not-fun. There were rumors about razor blades in apples being given to kids and stuff like that. Turns out a lot of them were just hoaxes, but still. Hospitals sometimes would let you bring your candy in and put it under the fluoroscope and stuff like that." Syd sighs. "Parties really were better. Lot of times there was booze, and a little later there was pot. So naturally I was there.

Eyes widen as the hippie teen listens to Morrigan's approach to trick or treating, "Whoa…you take your candy like…really seriously." Brier looks over to Sydney "So uh. Just checking…you are just costume shopping tonight right? Because I need a costume, but…definitely don't want to light anybody's stuff on fire."

Morrigan waves her hand dismissively in a way that seems oddly regal. "No no, the candy was not the most important issue. The extortion is. If one is going to do it, one might as well do it right. My father taught me many such methods. My mother taught me other methods for when the damage cannot be so obvious. As for costumes, I'm not certain if I shall need or require one. Parties are not something I am use to."

You say, "Come with us. It'll be fun, regardless." Syd grins at Brier. He is cute… she looks at Morrigan, then back at Brier, and wonders if the grumpy supervillianess has really noticed him. "The school party isn't likely to involve alcohol, drugs, and sex as much, but it'll probably still be fun." She looks at Morrigan. "I mean, if you're stuck here like you said, why not at least try to have a good time." She walks on without speaking for a while, then adds, "I learned my extortion from a mafia guy. Setting their stuff on fire… well that would be the kind way."

Brier again looks to Morrigan as she explains her family traditions, nodding. "My mom taught me how to paint my hand and make it look like a turkey on paper for Thanksgiving." The blonde teen assumes Sydney and Morrigan are being sarcastic about the fires and extortion. They are right? Right! "Cool. I already finished my homework so I got some free time. Maybe you guys can help me decide my costume too." He begins walking with them towards town as they start forward again, "I know I'm dressing as Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just gotta' decide if I wanna' be Riff Raff or Rocky."

"Going off campus is not possible for me," Morrigan says quite simply though there is clear annoyance in her cool tone. "As this is a prison for me, I am not allowed to leave without causing problems for my father and my followers. If I need a costume, I'll just make it myself." She lowers her hand as the flames stop only to raise her other hand letting it get encased in a thin layer of ice.

Sydney steps a little clear of Morrigan's sudden frostiness. By contrast, the fire didn't concern her nearly as much. "Um… I'm trusting you here," she says to Morrigan earnestly. "Cold is really bad for me. It makes me solidify if I get enough of it. I'll thaw eventually, but…" She takes a breath and looks at her hands a moment, then back at Brier. "I've got stockings from last year that you can have. They came from the thrift store. I'll bet someone has a garter belt and some lingerie you could wear… I'm thinking Bronwyn, off the top of my head…" She pauses and turns back to Morrigan. "You know what Rocky Horror Picture Show is, right?"

"I thought you said you were going into town? Or…how can you do that if you aren't allowed to leave and stuff?" Brier leaves the comment about followers alone. Or he doesn't catch it. Either one is possible. When Sydney mentions about the cold he looks to her, "If you get too cold I got my sweater you can use. Or a blanket in my backpack too. It was on the ground for my meditation, but it's still plenty warm!" Her suggestions about possible sources for a costume he nods "Cool I will check with them if I don't find something in town thank you."

Seeing Sydney step away from the cold, Morrigan pauses for a moment and then the ice disappears as quickly as it appeared. "I will think about it. I have seen Bronwyn. Her attire quality is appropriate." Shaking her head at Brier causes her curls to dance around again. "No, I cannot leave. Others left and are leaving I am certain." When asked about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Morrigan shakes her head. "I do not."

Sydney glances back to Brier. "A virgin." She giggles impishly. "Rocky Horror Picture Show is… I don't know what it is. A movie based on a musical that became an audience participation thing that became… a ritual thing. I laughed my butt off when I found out it's still trotted out every Halloween, all these years later. You have to see it, and I should probably make you listen to some of my old glam rock so you have some cultural reference for it." She looks at Morrigan. "You'd be with us… I mean it's not like you're running away."

Brier looks to Morrigan as she says she's never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show. He lets Sydney explain then adds, "It is a movie about self expression and acceptance of yourself and your fellow man. Ultimately it is a musical encouraging kindness to one another and celebrating diversity…to not dream it but to actually be it." The hippie had his moments where he could remind people he wasn't a dumb blonde…at least not all the time. "So I need either a black suit or golden glitter shorts…I am still not sure who I want to be."

With Sydney's last statement Brier agrees, "Yeah you're with us. They can't get mad at you right?" Right? She had supervision. It was harmless Halloween shopping…and possible extortion!

Morrigan states simply, "I do not think those who enforced my precense here will allow such a veiled excuse for my depature. With my father's own internment as well as others dependant on me at stake, I should not risk it. At least not yet. I will leave, in my time." Her hair starts to move again as she says that last bit though it is not moving in time with the wind. "I should not prevent you from your shopping excursion." She gives a slight nod and starts to walk off towards the dorms.

Sydney nods. "G'night, Morrigan. Sleep tight." She watches the other woman go. "…Actually I was thinking you should play Frank 'n Fritter. You've got the figure for it."

Brier watches as Morrigan leaves "Have a good night!" If Sydney continues towards town he would follow after her. "Frank 'n Furter could work. I would need to find a wig to cover my hair though. If I don't shave it." He looks over to the other student, "What is your costume going to be?"

Sydney looks at Brier curiously. "I'm thinking temporary dye and a curling iron for your hair." Syd shrugs. She looks down at herself. "Costumes are funny when they make you do a double take for who you're seeing. Nothing in this world is going to do that unless I go as a fire hydrant or R2D2 or something.

"Maybe. I will think about it…" Brier listens to Sydney talk about her own costume options, thinking for a moment. "What if you went as one of those tall inflatable tube things that are outside car dealerships and stuff?" He shrugs "That'd make people do a double take for sure."

Sydney cocks her head, picturing it. "I could make it out of a big leaf bag or something like that… I'd need some kind of fan that runs on batteries… probably… car vaccuum? They have those at the thrift store…" She imagines it further and giggles. "Ok, that's a really great idea. Thanks."

Brier grins "You're welcome!" The idea of it did amuse him as well. It was a fun costume idea! "Depending on how cold it's supposed to be I think Riff Raff might be the better option. Shirtless or pantless doesn't really seem like it'd be fun." Even for somebody used to Colorado type weather!

Sydney shrugs. "You're assuming the party will be outside. Is it?" She seems a little disappointed, to be honest.

"I have no idea. You mentioned a party. So I thought you knew!" Brier was just joining the conversation and apparent trip into town. "An inside party would make more sense. Unless it's a bonfire. For Halloween though people will probably want to put more decorations up." As they continue walking he has a realization, "Wait. If Morrigan can't go into town…and you weren't interested in a costume…then why were you walking out this way anyways?"

Sydney chuckles. "Because I got a pass to go into town at night, and I'm damn well not gonna pass it up. I was stuck in the camp all summer long, and I'm a little island crazy, I think." She looks at Brier. "So… how old are you, anyway?"

Brier gives a grin "Well that's a good reason. So where are we actually going if we aren't going shopping for costumes?" Taking the cap off his thermos, the hippie take a drink from the still hot tea. Steam is visible escaping from the top of the thermos before he puts the cap back on and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand. "I'm 18. Why?" Did the party have an age requirement?

You say, "Nooo… that would be silly for a school sponsored party. Which may not even exist. I was just assuming that since they sent us off for costumes there would be one." Syd shrugs. "I don't know, really. I didn't have a plan. Just to be not here. I'm trying to be law abiding these days, and trying not to be boring or bored with it. It's not easy. I asked about your age because… I dunno. Legally you're an adult. We could go see an R rated movie, probably."

"Ah yeah. I don't know what movies are out right now, but we could definitely check it out. Or are there any you have been wanting to see?" About Halloween Brier shrugs, "I don't have any plans for Halloween. I just assumed stuff would be happening here. Or at least that we could wear costumes to class the day of…at my school back home they let us."

Sydney nods. She makes her way toward the ferry landing. "I dunno. I could just walk around in town really. Don't know what movies are out. After the last Star Wars movie I saw, I'm not sure you people know what good movies are. Last Jedi? Seriously?" She sticks her tongue out. "But yeah… in school I imagine… if there's no party… fuck it, I'll have one in my room. As many people as can fit." She pauses after a a few moments mroe walking. "What was your old school? And how'd you wind up here?

Brier follows her to the ferry, "I am probably not the best person to ask about movies. It isn't that I don't like them…I just also don't keep track of them." The question about his old school has him give a small smile. "Back in Colorado. It was just a regular public school. I came here when I found out about my powers…it's definitely been different, but good too!"

Sydney nods. "I was in regular school in Chicago. But I didn't have powers then. I ran away…yadda yadda…got picked up as a lab animal for mafia criminal masterminds, more yadda yadda, and they tested this process on me so they didn't fry a made man on the first run. Lucky for me it worked. They did him second, with anesthesia. More yadda yadda, then I wound up frozen in a mafia body drop for 30some years and woke up a couple years ago when the place went out of business and the martials defrosted everyone who was in there."

"Whoa…" That was Brier's response to most things, but the story definitely was a new one! "Your life kind of sounds like a movie plot!" The statement isn't said in a mocking way, but in one of genuine admiration. "Glad you were okay. I bet that was pretty freaky. Especially waking up and Blockbusters not being around anymore."

Sydney laughs. "Worse than that. What's Blockbusters?" She nods and looks at Brier's face. "Thanks man. I try not to lay the whole thing on people I don't know that well, and obviously I'm leaving a whole ton of shit out, but… y'know. I got to start over. Remake my life, after I'd done a pretty good job of fucking it all up. Oh, and I'm a power and all that. And man, I like that."

Brier shakes his head "Never apologize for having a story. It's what makes us who we are ya' know? I just feel honored you trusted me enough to share it with me…so thank you." There was genuine kindness behind his words. "I hope the next chapter you write for your life is a good one." The hippie teen shows his hippiness as usual.

Sydney chuckles. "You sound like a hippy, too. But you smell way better." She looks back the direction Morrigan went. "She really is a prisoner here. It's this or prison for her. I'm working on her, but it's slow going. Um… awkward question… are you into girls?"
"Hippies get a bad wrap, but thank you." Brier knew why the stereotype existed, but he figured stinky people existed in all kinds of groups. The mention of Morrigan has the hippie teen frowning. "That sounds tough. Maybe we can bring her some stuff back from town to help sometimes?" Or maybe that would just make it worse. The awkward question definitely catches him off guard. He thinks about it for a second. "Uh…I never really thought about it before honestly." That answer might seem odd for any other teenage boy if they were not Brier. "Are you?"

Sydney blushes straw colored, darkening into blue-purples. "I don't… Maybe. Mostly boys. That's for sure. I have a boyfriend," she stammers. "I was just thinking… if you were into girls…nevermind. I was going to try and set you up with Morrigan."

Brier doesn't seem shocked or alarmed by the reason, instead just shrugging "I mean. She seems nice and everything…but I don't really know her. Whoever you're into that seems like it is important." He thinks for a moment before looking over to Sydney again, "Does she want a boyfriend?"

Sydney pauses, then shrugs. "Yeah, I'd have to find that out too. I could see it being 'fraternizing with the enemy' from her point of view. I just… I dunno. I got lucky about boys here… twice… I had a prom date even though I showed up a few weeks before prom last year, and he's great, but he was 18 and he graduated this spring. I kind of dumped him when I found out how old he is. At the time I wasn't quite fifteen, legally, so I was jailbait. Then I hooked up with Bryce. He's only a few months older than my legal age, so that's cool… I didn't set out to hook up with him. It just kind of happened. I thought he was cute and funny and brighter than me, most of the teachers and einstein put together. It's kind of his power.

Given how Morrigan talked about burning houses and stuff Brier is pretty sure he didn't want to be considered an enemy. "Well. I think it's important to find out if she wants a boyfriend before you try and find her one." That seemed like another important detail. "It's good that you found somebody and are happy, but not everybody wants that or at least not at the same time as you ya know?" He shrugs "A lot of my friends have been in relationships and they've been great and I'm happy for them…but like I've never been in one. If I ever want to get in one I figure I'll know. Just so far it hasn't been…so maybe Morrigan just doesn't want one right now either."

Sydney nods slowly. "Yeahh… you're probably right. I just figured having some ties to here might make things easier while she's here. She and her dad and a bunch of their friends were the supervillian team trying to kidnap Buddy toward the end of the summer. Her dad's in power prison, and she's here. I've been in the system, man. It's not very gentle, even if you're not a criminal. They just assume that… they have you ticked in the box as x, you will always be x, and a school that supports x will be able to fulfill your needs. The system doesn't care whether you're happy. And that's hard."

Brier listens to Sydney and gives a small frown. "That definitely sounds hard…but think of it this way. If she's unhappy now a relationship won't make her happy. Then she will just be unhappy, but in a relationship instead of single." Not even getting into a break up could just make things worse. The blonde teen shrugs, "My mom always taught me you gotta' be totally cool and happy by yourself. That way another person can only add to that happiness and you add to theirs…so it is just like…more happy ya know?" He thinks for a moment, "What does she do around here? I mean…there's the art room and the library and rooms for like…hobbies and stuff. If she needs something to find that she enjoys and that can help get her mind off of stuff."

Sydney stops walking and looks at Brier, and frowns as his words really sink in. "totally cool and happy… with yourself?" She whistles. "That's… a pretty high standard." She thinks about it. "I don't know. I know she works out. That's how I met her." She ponders. "I wonder if you can mail order food from Russia like you can from Japan?"

Another shrug is given, "Well the way I figure is you like your friends right? So whoever they date you want to make sure they know how cool your friend is and really likes them too. Because you know your friends deserves it right? So…you just gotta' be your own friend." Brier takes the cap off his thermos again and takes a drink as Sydney asks about the food from Russia. Finishing his drink he puts the cap back on the thermos, "We can maybe check in town for one of those foreign food markets. Or they also make those mail order food box things that you can get from different countries."

Sydney beams. "That is an awesome idea." She turns back toward the dock. "Really awesome idea. I didn't even think of that. I have this disconnect like… all the boring stuff you can buy locally, anything you might actually want you have to mail order from friggin' China. Plus… I don't eat normal food, so I don't shop at places like that."

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