(2019-10-06) This or Prison
This or Prison
Summary: Syd and Morrigan talk. Syd kind of gets the surly supervillianess
Date: 2019.10.06
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This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.


Weekend at school means that most of the students are off having fun of one sort or other. The student building is definitely loud and filled nearly to capacity. That is also why Morrigan isn't there at all. She doesn't see a point to it. She doesn't see a point to much of what happens here at this so-called school. There are some classes that are useful and the powers training is sometimes beneficial, but she honestly feels like most of her time here is a waste. Of course, it is clearly something that helps her father, and if she knows him well enough, something he will use later. She walks out of the locker room and towards some large thick mats used for gymnastics. She is wearing something specifically designed to respond to her powers and not turn to ash the moment she uses fire.

Sydney has kept quiet since camp. She thought last year was tough, "catching up" after decades of missed events and knowledge, but her sophomore year is much harder, since it leans on background she only just learned instead of absorbing through her pores like everyone else. It's only October. It's going to get harder before there are any meaningful vacations. Syd sighs, sets her iPad down gently as not to break it, puts on her weight lifting clothes and heads down to the gym to do what she's best at: lifting, moving, throwing, and breaking large, heavy objects. So it's a surly steel girl who arrives in the gym. She cocks her head a moment to look at the blond. "Hey," she finally says. "I don't think we've met."

Morrigan moves to the middle of the mats and places her hands down at her sides with her palms facing downwards. Before she can do anything though, a voice calls to her. She looks over at the metallic looking girl and slightly raises an eyebrow. She has attractive features though her appearance is muted by her cold expression. "I think not." The accent is clearly Russian, a thick accent though not so thick that it makes her English unintelligible. Her accent is very crisp and precise though. "I would have recalled."

Sydney nods and brushes her hair back out of her face with one hand. "So would I. I'm Syd. Welcome to the school." She ambles closer and offers a hand to shake. Surly, right? Well really she is, but she's swallowing it for the moment.

The girl is silent for a moment as though deciding whether or not to share her name. Finally, she says, "Morrigan Krovopuskov." If there was any mistaking her Russian heritage that surely clinched it. As for the handshake, Morrigan looks down at the proferred hand and then back up at Sydney's face. There is a possibly-awkward silence as the girl doesn't shake Sydney's hand though from her appearance, Morrigan doesn't feel awkward about anything. "Your welcome is kind though unnecessary. I am not here by choice."

Well, it is awkward. Syd shrugs and lowers her hand. Her expression darkens a bit. "Like… your family insists, or like… it's this or prison?"

"Prison," Morrigan echoes. She nods a bit as though glad that someone at least gets the concept. Most people she has met act as though this should be a great opportunity for her, that she should be happy to be here. She was happy where she was and doing what she was doing. This, this was not her choice. "A gilded cage if you will."

Sydney blows out her cheeks. "Sorry to hear that. I'm not quite in that boat. The school is my legal guardian, so I have to be here until I'm 18. It's not a bad place, and there are some good people here. Bunch of 'em graduated, so fewer than there were, but there are still some. She moves a little closer to Morrigan, and asks with a softer voice, "What'd you allegedly do?"

Morrigan smirks at the word 'allegedly.' "What a nice word. Allegedly." She takes a breath and returns to her cold expression after that brief flicker of life. "I 'allegedly' -" She uses her fingers to make air quotes, "Aided my father in attacking the summer camp at the school to act as and 'alleged' diversion while he manipulated and controlled a hurricane to bring about his ends. He is an independent power with his own agendas and setting up his own training facility."

You say, "Ohhh, I heard about that. One of those fun missions I missed, I guess. Always seems to go that way, unfortunately. So… you got caught, and they sent you here rather than lock you in the power prison. Is he likely to come looking for you, or is this part of the plan?" Syd folds her still-unoccupied right arm across her chest to hook her left elbow. Lots of muscle bulges. A few other things too. She doesn't try to draw attention to herself. Sometimes it happens though.

"My father got caught," Morrigan says. There is a tightness in her jaw as she says this. "He sent me off to help the others be a distract when I should have gone with him." As she says this, her voice is tinted more and more with her anger. He hair starts to move as though being blown by a wind unfelt by anything else. She takes a breath and her hair stops moving. "The plan was made by others. By coming her I was able to ease certain restrictions for him and for those who were beneath me. As for his plans, he is a father." Apparently by that she means that he doesn't communicate them all to her.

Sydney nods. "So here you are, feeling like you've let your side down, stuck with the opposition, and you don't even know if he's trying to rescue you." Syd shakes her head. "Shit. I get it. I spent a year being the punching bag and surrogate daughter to a guy named Iron Fist. Serious baddie. Murderer, extortionist, you name it. But he was nice to me. I was…lucky to land with him instead of a lot worse, frankly. He's long dead now, of course, This was in the 80s. Sydney does notice the unseen wind in Morrigan's hair, but doesn't comment at the moment.

Morrigan holds her hand out towards Sydney, "Do not mistake my words. My father cares for me though he does not coddle me. His training of me has been severe and painful, but it has also helped prepare me for my future. As for rescue," Morrigan gives a slight shrug and lowers her hand down to her side. "I do not know. I focus on the task ahead instead of unknowns which can lead only to frustration."

Sydney nods a little, and draws her other arm across her chest, folding both arms protectively. "That's good. It's good when they care for you." She looks toward the gym. "So what is it you do, then? Do we need to find equipment for you to get some power exercise?"

Morrigan notices the metallic muscles flexing with her movements. "Equipment is not necessary. I can quite easily make my own." She holds up a hand and a small sphere of ice is formed on her palm in a matter of moments. "Temperature manipulation."

Sydney does take a step back and unlace her arms at that. Cold is not really her friend. "I break things, mostly. Your basic brick." She tends to keep the other things she can do secret. They work better when they're a surprise.

<FS3> Morrigan rolls Physics: Success.

"I had someone on my team like that, a brick," Morrigan uses the word simply because Sydney used it. "Had a few others as well. Part of my training including learning to join diverse powers. "I am currently working on flight. I know the theory behind it, but it is time to put that into use."

You say, "Well… if you need launching… I can throw you. Might want to do it inside though, and the landing could be pretty rough.""

Morrigan takes Sydney's offer serious and shakes her head. "No. I should work on this first. In my team I had a teleporter which I relied on too much." She looks down at Sydney's legs and then back up at her face. "Flight must be beyond you. My … brick .. could jump quite well though."

Sydney chuckles. "I can jump pretty well, yeah. Flying? That's a little harder. I don't even float. Getting to the fight's been a problem for me too, yeah. Normally I don't get in jams I can't walk out of.

Morrigan notices the time and says, "I better go. There is a pointless assignment that I still need to accomplish by tomorrow afternoon." She nods to Sydney and steps off the mat. There is as much precision in her step as there is in her accent.

You say, "Take care. I'm in Metis 100 if you need someone to talk to or whatever." She waves to Morrigan. "Ahh fuck," she says, once the other girl is gone. "You really are in a bind here."

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