(2019-08-29) Windy and the Five Breezes
Windy and the Five Breezes
Summary: Discussion at summer camp about the use of hurricanes as weapons.
Date: 2019-08-29
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Each day that passes brings the camp closer and closer to an end. In fact, this weekend is the last weekend scheduled for the camp. The students will all be moving back to the campus soon in order to begin classes next week. At the evening meal together, Dr. Ricci stands up and gathers everyone's attention. "There is a good chance that several of your classmates will not be returning on schedule for the beginning of the school year. The hurricane heading towards Florida is going to be disrupting travel. We will not be holding classes for them. Instead we will help them catch up when they arrive. Enjoy the rest of your meal."

Bryce's forehead furrows as he listens to this announcement. "That is unusual," he states to some of the students nearby. There is an empty chair next to him since he is saving a spot for Sydney. "Hurricanes are, well, they are getting easier and easier to, to p-predict, but this one seems to be acting almost, uh, erratically."

A rare case of Cora being at the meal from the start! Oh, sure she's wearing her floppy hat, and had a parasol to help when coming out too, but she's here! Likely told to be here because of the announcement. So here she is, sitting and idly eating her food. Bryce's comment gets a little look from her before she shrugs and says, "I don't really know it that well, as neat as weather maps were to make."

"Climate change" Bronwyn nods sagely to Bryce's comment. "Unless it's Windy and the Five Breezes stirring up trouble. Why on Earth would I want to join a bunch of losers who set off hurricanes. For what? Extortion?" She considers this. "That would probably work, actually. Still, not my thing. I don't work in the shadows…for which I am sure you are all grateful." A sweet smile to those at the table.

Besa listens, head tilted in some confusion. Why are they not just…getting the students? He shrugs, focusing on his meal. And sneaking a piece of hot dog under the table for Cocoa. He glances back up, eyeing the group at the table with him. "Is there anything we can do to help?"

Bryce reaches down to pick up his hot dog and pauses for a moment. This usually happens when there are 'finger' foods which means it has happened a lot this summer at camp. Finally, he grabs his hot dog and says, "C-climate change is one thing, but that simply alters the, the variables. But for all the, well, the pronounced difficulties of hurricane for-forecasting, it really is just a matter of, well, evaluating all the the appropriate data and the, well, interaction between them. This one, this, er, D-dorian, is acting against some of the variables." Bryce takes a bit of the hot dog as he listens to Besa. Once he is done chewing, he says, "Manipulation of, of forces on that scale would be quite the, er, challenge. My dome of p-protection could only help a rather small area unfortunately."

"Might explain why the people aren't coming back then. They want them there to help save people. Or fight them." She emphasises the 'them' part of that statement. But Cora also looks a little shaken for whatever reason. "Maybe it's just new variables or something too. But probably not, the way things are going. It's a big coincidence."

"But if the variables are now random, how can you forecast it?" Bronwyn shrugs at Bryce. She may give the appearance of being bimboish, perhaps on purpose, but her mother is a respected scientist and she's interested in such things too. "I don't think they control the hurricane. Yes, that would take way too much power. More like they create the parameters for it and let nature run its course."

Besa taps the table in thought, "Perhaps….perhaps we should go as well and help?" He doesn't really understand the climate science talk. Dark eyes look between everyone, "Even if we can not change the hurricane, we could help?"

Bryce nods to Cora as she says that maybe people are staying behind to help. "Coincidence?" Bryce thinks about that for a moment. "Seems rather, well, large for a coincidence." Though it is Bronwyn's comment about randomness that gathers his focus next. "Ah, I would c-classify it as apparent randomness. The winds, control by temperature and, well, the earth's own motion and further influenced by atmospheric c-conditions, guide and steer the fronts, windstreams, high- and low-pressure systems. These all, well, they control and drive the storm itself. This storm is slowing down an incredibly unusual amount and seems to be, well, strengthening much more than, well, expected. It is as though, uh, well, that it is finding all the sweet-spots, as it were." He takes a sip of his water before asking Besa, "How could we do so?"

"I meant, like, it seems like it would be a pretty big coincidence if it wasn't Them." Cora says, looking down, "But I don't think he is really that powerful either. If he was, he could've done something a long time ago. It's not like he's only suddenly a villain." She looks down to her hamburger and picks it up so she can take a bite.

"The sweet spots could be manipulated much easier than an actual hurricane" Bronwyn suggests as she picks at her salad. Hot dogs? Never! She has a figure to maintain. "You want to dash down and be all heroic?" she smiles over at Besa with a wry smile. "I would expect nothing more of my husband to be." As an Athena, she's all for that too. "Would they let us go?"

Besa bites his lower lip in thought. "I think…we need to find out if it's them. Or….go help the people in the path of the hurricane." Helping is good though. He eats his hot dog, now that he's in a 17 year old body, the ancient teen is eating like one. A lot. "Well….dash down, I do not know that it will be heroic." But then Bron says future husband. "Bronwyn…" He sighs, "I think we asked, they may."

Bryce nods to Cora as her further explanation makes sense. "I think you are right." The teens are eating dinner while discussing the very unusual pathway of strengthening of the hurricane heading towards Florida. "Some of our teachers do c-clearly recognize him which makes me wonder, well, just how long he has been in operation. "If it is them, then what is their or p-perhaps rather his agenda. I'm sure there is more than just, well, just hurricane. It feels more like a, a pathway than a, uh, goal." He slowly stands up from his chair and says, "I should check on, on something about the storm. Excuse, er, me."

"Later." Cora says to Bryce as he takes his leave. Then looks over at Bronwyn and Besa and just crinkles her nose up a bit along with a little wince before she takes another bite of her burger to help fill the time up. In general she just looks a lot more uncomfortable right now for some reason too.

"Toodles, Counsellor" Bronwyn offers Bryce with a fingerwave. "Using a hurricane to make a path? A path where? To what?" Things to ponder when she is bored. "Could always have something to do with the Bermuda Triangle." She'll happily throw that one out there. Did Besa just object, again, to their future marriage? Bronwyn will let that one slide. It's probably just nerves on his part.

Ashton walks from the direction of the cabins. He has his hands in the pockets of his cargo shorts. He is wearing a white and sky blue striped shirt. His hair is in that sculpted messy, spiky style. Just because you are camping doesn't mean that you can't take the time to do take care of your appearance, right? "Hey guys, what's up?" He takes a seat near Besa.

Besa's brow furrows, "The Bermuda what?" A glance to Cora to see if she knows what it is. He looks up as Ashton walks up, "Do you know what The Bermuda shape is?"

"Hello." Cora says as Ashton walks up then. Some sort of distraction at least! Though she also looks to Besa afterwards, "Bermuda Triangle. A region where a lot of mysterious disappearances have taken place. A lot more than probably should. Plane crashes, boats sinking, that sort of thing. It's a triangle from Bermuda to… well, I forget the other two points. But Bermuda's the top of it, from North to South at least."

"It's near Florida" Bronwyn adds. "All kinds of things are supposed to be in there. Aliens. Demons. Wormholes. It's silly, for the most part, but maybe it was a supervillain all the time?" Another few bits of salad before she rises. "I have to go and jog these carbs away" she grins. "You all be good, or at least be careful." A wink for Besa. "See you later. Maybe in the showers?"

"Miami, Florida and San Juan, Puerto Rico." Ashton adds in. "The other two points." He looks over at Besa, "It's also referred to as the Devil's Triangle. Supposedly navigation equipment will go haywire in the triangle, boats and planes disappear. Some of them have been found by divers." He looks to Bronwyn, "Good night, Bronwyn." At the showers remark, the young sorcerer arches a brow and looks at Besa like, um… you want to fill me in?

Besa listens to the explanation, "I…oh, okay. Has no one…investigated it?" Florida? "That is near the hurricane, yes?" His eyes widen, "Demons?!?" He looks slightly panicked. "Devil's Triangle?" At the wink and shower comment, Besa flushes. "No, Bronwyn. But have a good run."

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