(2019-08-26) Catching Up
Catching Up
Summary: Some of those involved in the beach battle explain what happened
Date: 2019-08-26
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The end of summer camp is rapidly approaching as the start of the new school year is in one week; however, instead of a relaxing and enjoyable time, things have been more on edge with the appearance of Master Krovopuskov, whom some call Windy and whom Buddy calls Floaty Man, and his students. The attack on some of the students less than a week ago seems to have many people on edge. Very few students seem to be considering Krovopuskov's offer with Buddy having been the only one who was seeming to think about it.

Since the main dinner rush is over, there is hardly anyone at the central campgrounds. Bryce, however, is one of the few people still there. He is walking back and forth in a 10 foot path under the large central tree. He is mumbling to himself as he walks. The occasional words of "grounding" and "air flow" and "air mass" can be heard though these are just a few words out of the many rambling sentences coming from him in a rapid almost unconnected succession. For those who know him well, it is clear that he is wearing his under armor.

Ah, tasty lug bolt Stroganov. They really do try to make Syd's diet interesting. She's going to be in a bad way when she graduates and has to cook for herself. She wanders out to the central campground. Sure, she's heard about Krovopuskov's offer. She didn't give it much consideration. She knows about bad guys. She knows exactly where it leads. Right now, she's looking for her boyfriend. Oh, there he is, pacing, muttering to himself. She waits until he's on a turn to wave to him. "Hey."

Bronwyn put serious consideration into the offer but found the details rather lacking. Who would buy the songs of a bank robber? Well…some would…but it would hardly be mainstream. And the fashion sense of Windy's group…ugh. With no phone to distract her, Bronwyn is in jogging gear (short shorts and t-shirt) as she walks in on two lovebirds…doing nothing exciting.

Bryce pausing in his pacing and blinks a few times at Sydney. This brief hesitation isn't anything new. When he is deep thought, sometimes he retreats from reality and it can take a moment or two for him to return. "Hmmm. Oh, Hello, Syd. It looks like you have, uh, some dinner. I am always, well, amazed at the level of detail and ingenuity that they have in preparing your meals." He turns his head as he sees Bronwyn approaching. "G-good evening, Bronwyn. How are you, uh, doing since, since the b-battle?"

Sydney blinks. Not exactly the warm welcome she was hoping for. She sighs a little. "Yeah… they do amazing work." She blinks. "Battle? What battle?"

"I've been doing fine" Bronwyn replies with a shrug and a smile. As if she is ever anything less than awesome. "Windy was just a bunch of hot air and when his Junior Team showed up without him…should probably call them the FIve Breezes or something…they were easier than Taylor Swift. Did you hear I punched the big guy into next week? Gosh, I was soooo incredible. Hey, Sydney. Wasn't really a battle. More handbags at dawn. They outnumbered us and didn't have a chance. You should ask how Cora is. I think she was quite upset."

Bryce notices the blinks from Sydney and knows that means something. He shakes his head and walks up to her. "I, I'm sorry. I've been so distracted by the, well, never mind." He gives her a bit of a hug. Public displays of affection are at lot easier to receive that to initiate for him, but he is getting better. Looking back to Bronwyn, he says, "I heard that something happened in the, uh, event though I have not seen C-cora to, well, er, see how she is doing or what happened."

Sydney hugs back. There he goes. She was starting to wonder if things had ended and she missed it. She notes the armor and squeezes a little tighter than she might if she had to worry about his ribs. "Sounds like I missed a fun time. Tell me more."

Cora's in full it's still too darned light for me mode. Wearing a big floppy black hat that with the right dress would make her look all mysterious and dark. But really looks almost out of place with her camp outfit. The pale girl ends up making her way quickly to where the leftovers are kept for those who get seconds. Or latecomers like her. Really, she's kind of scurrying there too.

"Why don't you ask her now?" No scurrying Cora is going to avoid Bronwyn's alert gaze. The tall teen pointing out the Girl in the Hat. "BFF!" she calls out. "Come here, Counsellor Bryce wants to talk to you." She smiles to the boy in question. "There you are. Sorted." Bronwyn does her best to ignore the hugging.

Bryce tells Sydney, "I was not there unfortunately. When I heard the, the commotion, I tried setting up some barriers in case it was a feint." His eyes close a bit when Bronwyn calls out to Cora. Hearing himself called 'Counsellor' sounds a bit odd. If Cora looks over in their direction, Bryce gives her a wave. "What happened on that b-beach?" he asks Bronwyn.

Sydney frowns a little, letting Bryce go. "Sounds like there wasn't much command and control of the whole thing." She's practically quoting the final lecture in Super-heroics 102 on 'how to run multi-hero fights.' "Who were you fighting?"

Cora freezes when she hears herself being addressed. That rather withdrawn sort of demeanour she so often gets. It almost seems like she ignores it too, as she starts to go towards the food, but a moment later pauses to gesture that she's doing that before getting her grilled bratwurst and a fruitjuice box. Only then does she start to walk over there. But head still down a bit.

"The Five Breezes showed up without Windy and wanted to abduct Buddy" Bronwyn explains about the beach. "So we fought them off…wasn't hard. You should have seen this ghost with a sword that was kicking ass." A jerk of her head in Cora's direction. "You should ask her about where it came from. Command and control?" That makes Bronwyn giggle. "Besa showed up but, no, I don't think anyone was in charge."

"Tried to kid-kidnap B-buddy?" Bryce says sounding confused. "Why would they … hmmm." Before he can finish his own question, his mind is off and running. "Ghost with a sword?" Bryce asks Cora sounding a bit skeptical. "Not a ghost, I imagine." He remembers their encounter in the woods. "Were the, what did you c-call them, the br-breezes? were they organized?" He places his hand on Sydney's lower back.

Sydney rests her head on Bryce's shoulder, listening. "That'd be a tough one to hit… might be able to take the sword…" She frowns. "They tried to kidnap Buddy? Of all people?"

Cora seems to pale and stop in her tracks a bit when more is being talked about the events the other day. It did land her in a bit of a medical situation if only for observation after some nasty mental feedback. Either way, she's not saying anything yet.

"I guess they were organised but some of them weren't very interested." Bronwyn furrows her brow. "Maybe there were only four? There was the Big Guy, Curls, Speedster, Goth Girl. Were there any more, Cora? Windy makes five but he wasn't there. I got the feeling that Curls was leading the group with out Krapov, her Daddy, knowing about it. Probably trying to show off to him. Goth Girl in particular was bored out of her mind. Oh, who was the one with glasses, Cora? Did he have tentacles or something? So, yeah, there were five."

Bryce listens as Bronwyn list the members of the team. "If, not now of course, but if at some point, it would be helpful to me if you c-could write down a list of their, well, what you know of their abilities. The more I understand what they can, can do, the better I can work on some sort of d-defenses for them." About that time, one of the students walks up and says, "Hey, Bryce. We've got everything set up for the experiment." Bryce nods and says, "Th-thank you. I'll be right there." He gives Sydney a bit of a squeeze before saying, "I need to g-go work on this. It is an, well, an idea that I had that m-might help. Excuse me."

Sydney waves to Bryce, and watches him go a moment. She folds her arms across her chest, thinking about it. "So… Big Guy, Curls, Speedster, and Goth Girl? Like… what do they do?"

Cora shifts around uncomfortably where she is, eating rather quickly to help fill the time and make her own lack of responses a bit less obviously her just being uncomfortable about the whole situation. She finally says in a very quiet tone "I didn't really catch much. It all was so fast."

"Let me think…okay, Curls might have had some energy power. Big Guy was just super strong until I knocked him into next week. Speedster was…speedy. Goth Girl was magical…" A little shiver from Bronwyn at that. "She was the one with the tentacles. I think Glasses was a psychic? He was bothering Besa until Besa punched him. You should have been there, Sydney. You could have had some fun." Time for Cora to get some hugs to cheer her up, Bronwyn putting an arm around her BFF and giving her a squeeze."

Sydney rubs the bridge of her nose, metal on metal. It makes a disturbing sound, and she stops after a moment. "So they showed up, got a pounding, and that was that? Glasses… missed that one." She looks at Bron. "I don't think I even know what you do either, for that matter. Geez, where've I been? Overwhelmed with fresh air, sunshine, chirping birds and all that?"

Cora is definitely, even after a full semester and a summer in this environment, not one who is used to physical touches of comfort or affection and it's obvious most of the time too. The sudden arm and squeeze seems to surprise her. Worse, she's almost finished her dinner too! Even if not the drink part. "Curls' name is Morrigan, and she's a very strong flame user." Cora says then, matter-of-factly. But quite distantly, even hauntedly.

"Makes sense that Curls is into flame. That's how she gets her hair like that." Bronwyn smiles sweetly to Sydney. "What I do is be awesome." She may not even be joking. "Do we have any flamers since that Mexican girl left? Not that she's gone far. Working at the local Taco Bell now. I don't know what Cora does either, other than be my BFF."

Sydney looks at Bronwyn. "Not that I know of, since Sierra Graduated. She's my friend. I miss her. So don't badmouth her, ok?" Syd doesn't mention that she's still hiding at least one joint that belongs to the fire goddess. Summer camp hasn't seemed like the right place to smoke it. She looks over at Cora. "Are you ok? Did you get toasted in that outing or something?"

Cora winces a bit at the casual insult thrown out, and then Syd's defense of it. Her own meekness keeping her from choosing a side or something. But when Sydney asks her the question she says, "No. But I've knew Morrigan before." She says softly, "And I'm still just weak. And couldn't protect my friends like I should." It's like she doesn't even remember the rest!

"Hey, chill, no offence" Bronwyn sniffs about the insulting insinuations. "She seemed okay…I guess. But she really hasn't gone too far. Hanging around for her fiance or something. God…how could anyone get married so young? That's cray cray." A curious look for Cora. "What do you mean? That ghost was you, right?"

Sydney pinches the bridge of her nose again. "Cora… did you do what you could?"

"The last thing I remember was when I couldn't even break into the big guy's mind to hid you from him, and… and then I fell. Not much until there was a flare of pain later and being helped from the beach." Cora explains.

"Really, BFF?" Bronwyn gives her another one-armed squeeze. "So where did the ghost come from? You need to see someone about your powers. I think they're doing things you don't know they're doing. I mean, you might almost be as powerful as me. We could be a team!" A quick peck to the side of Cora's head before Bronwyn sighs. "I should go finish my jog. Nice to see you both. Try not to have too much fun. Ciao!"

Sydney watches Bron head out before she can say anything else. "Is it just me, or does she give you a headache too?" Syd shakes her head and pounds her fist on the only thing likely to endure it - her other hand. It's like the sound when a car hits a rock.

Cora tenses a bit at the sound of the punch all the same. Before blinking and looking over towards Bron, and then back at Sydney, "She means well at heart, I think. She's not a bad person." A pause, "I wish some of us could have her self-confidence though." Because Cora obviously doesn't have enough for anyone! Especially herself. Then she says, "I really need to get back inside, the light's been really bad to me since then."

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