(2019-07-31) Eye of the Storm
Eye of the Storm
Summary: A new villain comes on the scene in an effor to recruit
Date: 2019-07-31
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A large grass field has been set apart for activities. Various colored lines have been painted to provide boundaries for various games that might be played. A locked supply shed sits near the southern end of the field. Inside of the supply shed are the various balls, cones, ropes and other sports equipment to allow for a wide assortment of games to be played.

Another hot sunny day at the campgrounds has come just in time for the second field day this week. While the other field day had everyone just playing random small games, this was an organized competition. The campers were divided into blue and red teams. Each person was getting an appropriate band of cloth of the matching color. The band could be worn around the arm or around the forehead. One in place, each time was lined up on opposite sides of the soccer field. One each side of the field are large black trashcans that are filled with something; however, what was in the trashcans was unknown as each of the trashcans are covered with a black tarp.

While Rain isn't technically one of the attendees of the camp, she may as well be considering how often she is at the camp visiting Besa. She of course isn't participating in the organized team sport. Rain has a hard enough time with team sports at school, and the only reason she is on the Arena Fetch team is because it looks good on college applications. She is perfectly fine standing on the sidelines cheering on whichever team her brother ended up on.

While Rain isn't technically one of the attendees of the camp, she may as well be considering how often she is at the camp visiting Besa. She of course isn't participating in the organized team sport. Rain has a hard enough time with team sports at school, and the only reason she is on the Arena Fetch team is because it looks good on college applications. She is perfectly fine standing on the sidelines cheering on whichever team her brother ended up on.

Bryce is out on the field with a blue banner tied around his left bicep. There is no way that he is going to wear something on his head and risk it mess up his circlet. He is standing with a bunch of other blue players. Several of the ones closest to him are from his cabin. Once all the campers are lined up, one of the teachers walks up to the sideline with a megaphone.

"Alright, campers. We are going to have a little contest. The winner team will get in the dinner line first. We do have some special desserts tonight so first place will be nice." With a gesture, several counselors run up and pull off the tarps revealing that each of the trashcans are filled to the brim with water ballons all of which are sitting in ice cold water.

Rain supposes to some being the first in the dinner line would be a great prize, she on the other hand would need much more incentive than that to play, especially when she sees what the contest is. The water balloons are given a lip curl, doubly glad she is just watching. She scans the players on one team and than the other as she hears a few of the other spectators near here talking about which team is going to win and betting kitchen duty on the outcome.

Bryce looks at the trashcans full of balloons and doesn't seem overly thrilled by it. He tries to put on a good face for the team, but getting drenched with cold water isn't a fun thing especially when physical exertion takes so much out of him. "Alright t-team, we can, uh, do this." It is hard to cheer when you aren't wanting to compete.

The megaphone teacher continues to say, "As with most of the competitions here at camp, you are not to use your powers." That gets a few cheers and several sighs from the student. "Alright. We will start round one in 3, 2, 1 … GO!"

Rain isn't a betting person, but if she were, she would naturally bet that Besa's team would win. As it is she watches as the coach hollers Go! and the intitial burst as the two teams rush the trash cans full of water balloons. At times like this she is doubly sure that Besa is glad he cast the magic to grow taller. Longer legs potentially mean he can move faster. Hopefully he can use them to his advantage "Go Besa!" she cheers loudly, like a sister should.

Besa is indeed happy, not for the first time, that he's cast the growth rune. Longer legs indeed take him faster to the ballons. Not that he likes them, they feel like animal guts, yuck. Hands dive into the can and retrieve two baloons before quickly backstopping to target his first hit. This the of war is much more preferable than the one he's used to!

Bryce moves to a trashcan as quickly as he can though the physical effort is going to quickly take its toil. Thankfully, the counselors and faculty know about his physical condition and are on alert. He almost makes it to one of the trashcans when a water balloon hits him directly in the chest. It shatters covering him in cold water. On a hot day like this, the cold wasn't too bad though it was a bit of a shock. He reaches for a water balloon as many of his teammates have already returned fire…with water. That thought makes Bryce pause for a bit.

The sky is slowly filling with water balloons. After several seconds of this, the wind begins picking up. A violent wind that speaks of a sudden and unusual storm. Not just any storm. A waterspout, a tornado traveling over the water, is heading directly for the nearby beach and towards the field where the campers are playing. "Pathetic." A sound like thunder erupts from the sky. For those with good senses, they could tell that the voice is coming from the tornado itself.

<FS3> Rain rolls Alertness: Great Success.

There are a few near misses with water balloons going wide of there target, while Rain doesn't get hit with one, she does get backsplash from one landing near her and bursting. Friendly fire is real! And then the weather starts to turn for the worse. She isn't a news watcher so she can't say if this was forecasted, but she would think the camp leaders wouldn't have planned this event if they knew it was going to storm. Today the Masters girl has great senses so she is well aware of the voice and where it is coming from. A talking tornado, its weird enough for it to cause her eyes to go wide…just a tornado would of been enough for that.

Besa frowns, head swiveling in confusing. What in the world? The balloon is dropped to the ground and he makes his way towards Rain, "Is it speaking?" AFingers go to his thigh, ready t draw his sword if needed.

Dr. Ricci heads up to the teacher with the mega phone and takes it from her

Bryce sees the tornado come up just as soon as he was about to throw his first balloon. He turns to look at it and hears the voice though he doesn't know where it is coming from. His mind goes to the members of his team and those in his cabin. "Back away. Keep alert." He is ready to use his powers to try a shield. He hasn't tried a shield against a force of nature, but if he is given no other choice he will. He steps in front of his team so he is between them and the tornado.

Dr. Ricci moves up towards the teacher with the megaphone and takes it from her. "Get back everyone. That is not a normal storm. That is Colonel Krovopuskov, also known as the villian Tempest."

The tornado starts to dissipate revealing a middle aged man with a strong presence and firm jawline. He speaks with a clear but obvious Russion accent. "Former Colonel. Look at you. Pathetic. Each of you have the powers to be great and amazing, but you are throwing balloons of water?" Tempest is hoving a few feet above the ground though three others are now on the ground in front of him: a teenage girl with blonde curls, a large teenage boy, and another average looking teenage boy.

As Besa comes to her Rain reaches for his arm to pull him closer "Yes, but I'm not sure if it is the tornado or whatever is causing it." she is pretty sure this is no kind of natural. Her guess is confirmed by Ricci and the tornado winding down and revealing a middle aged man "I knew I should of paid more attention to dad's lectures on the various villians out there." she eyes the man and his teenage looking posse.

Besa moves forward, "Everyone power up and fall back!" Instead of drawing his sword though, he crushes the clay hicks that are in his short pockets, powering up his own powers. The ancient teen looks more confused than angry though, what are these teenagers doing with a villian?

<FS3> Bryce rolls Omniglot: Failure.

Bryce looks at one of the boys in his cabin and says, "Take the others back to the c-cabin." He then walks up and stands next to Rain on the other side of Besa. "I, I am not sure how throwing water b-balloons has any bearing on our, well, our p-powers. From my assumption, the total dep-pendancy on p-powers makes the other skills once might p-possess weaker."

Krovopuskov, the floating Russian, shakes his head again in dismay. "Why would they not be with me? Those weak with powers learning from one with greater power. Is not that what you are wanting to do even though those who teach you are clearly remiss in their instruction." He turns to look at Bryce. "You with your stuttering? No one has gotten that out of you? How weak you all are. I offer you this. Leave these weak and ineffective teachers and come to me. I will train you with my own students and you will know true power." A lightning bolt arcs through the air and slams into the ground a few feet in front of the three teens.

Ashton wasn't participating in the water balloon fight. He was back at the camp with other duties. Lucky him. But then the sudden appearance of a tornado, sent the young sorcerer running towards danger, instead of away like a sane person. He comes to a skidding stop, as he sees the man and his trio of teens. He quickly moves forward, encouraging some of the younger students to get back to the camp. He runs up to stand beside Besa, putting his hand on the ancient teen's shoulder to let him know that he's there. "Weak? Says the guy trying to scare a bunch of kids." He glances at the other three, "Am I suppose to know who this guy is?"

Besa's eyes narrow, he didn't say anything…is this a mind reader? A lip curls , now angry with the mocking of Bryce, "We do not wish to learn from any such as you." He also thinks this is a strange way to recruit students. The lightning blast has his loose hair fling back, but Besa just clenches his fists. Answering Ashton, "He is a no longer Colonel, who believes that a show of power equates true power."

Under other circumstances Rain may find what the Russian guys is saying funny, but these are not those circumstances. Insulting everyone, low key threatening, its not the best tactic to get in good with teenagers. The lighting blast has her clinging on to Besa and averting her gaze due to its sudden brightness "I think you have over played your hand." she says loudly, blinking back the orbs of light dancing in her vision "I don't think you will find many volunteers here." there could be a few, but they won't be the kind he is looking for. And once more she is glad that her own powers are keep secret even if her identity isn't. She doesn't want this kind of villian to have any kind of information on her

When the lightning blast hits, Bryce's circlet flashes and his clothes tighten slightly. He grimaces from the power of the thunder. "My speech p-pattern is indeed something that I am, well, I am working on with the assistance of my friends and, uh, teachers. As for the teaching of p-power, power does have multiple definitions. From a purely physics standpoint, p-power is work divided by, uh, time though it can also be expressed as force multipled by, by speed. Since I doubt that either of these are your useage, I would then assume you are speaking of our sp-pecial abilities. Since you are there, by enumeration, one and the teachers at, at the school are significantly greater than one, it would seem logical to conclude that they would have a better chance of b-being able to help a greater and more diverse student p-population. Now, if a student did p-possess weather manipulation powers, then p-perhaps you would be able to, to aid them in their endeavor though I surmise that your, well, your teacher style would probably leave much to be desired."

Before Bryce can go any further, the Russion ex-Colonel says, "Enough. I am not here to quibble or to argue. You can either leave these pathetic excuses for instructors and join me. Or you can be crushed along with them. I will give you a few days to make your decision." He stares at the students in the front line. Speaking to Ashton, "Your teachers do not instruct you as to a potential rival? This is another example of the flaw of their education." To Besa and Rain, he states, "And you four do not speak for all."

Ashton clinches his jaw slightly, "Hey will listened to you monologue'ing, you could listen to Bryce rattle on. Fair is fair. And a few days, really? Few doesn't really give any time reference… what is a few to one might be many to another… That's like saying that you'll be back…. some time." The young sorcerer was clearly not disarmed by the lightning bolt as the mad Russian would have seemed to have intended. "No, we don't speak for all, but I reckon that we speak for enough of us to say fuck off pretty easily."

Besa just points at Ashton is agreement, not wanting to say, 'Fuck off' himself. He takes the moment to study the three teens with the villain teacher.

Rain remains silent, between Bryce and Ashton she really has nothing to add. She really doesn't feel the need to dignify a meglomaniacs words with any of her own. She leans closer to Besa and speaks quietly to him "Do you think they are with him willingly or brainwashed by him?" she is speaking of the three teens of course.

Bryce, the ever verbose one, was just about to speak some more until he hears Ashton say 'rattle on.' "Rattle? I rattle?" He blinks a couple times and then glances at the Russian. "He does have a p-point," Bryce states gesturing to Ashton. "Few is, by d-definiton, 3 to 5 days while several is con-considered 5 to 7. Once you go beyond that -"

"Shut up," the girl with the blonde curls says. Her voice is dripping with a coldness that matches the look in her icy blue eyes. "Is 'talk-to-death' a tactic you are taught?" The large teenage boy on her left laughs a couple times while the teen on her right still just looks bored. The floating Russian says, "Make whatever you want of the time. Be prepared." The tornado appears around them again and begins to head back out to open water.

Ashton gives Bryce a bit of a grin and a shrug, in acknowledgement to the 'rattle' question. His attention remains fixed on the Russian though. The whole time, he is prepared for a fight to break loose. In truth, it was part of the reason that he goaded the man in the first place. Once the villainous team disappears, he relaxes a touch. "Well, that was certainly not what I had anticipated the day ending with…." Then once they are truly gone, he looks around, "We really need to make sure that everyone is accounted for in the camp… "

Besa leans slightly towards Rain, giving he smallest of nods in agreement. Perhaps? He turns back to look at teh blonde talking, "Perhaps it is?" Talk to death sounds like a wonderful power, honestly. He smiles softly, "You do not have to-" Nope! There's a tornado. Eyes squint closed, "That is a terrible way of transportation." But then he nods again, "Yes, Ashton is right." Head count time.

Rain looks at Ashton, she knew he was there somewhere but didn't realize he has pretty much right behind them "I don't think anyone could have expected something like that." she smirks at Besa's joke "It depends on which end of that power you are on." she starts out "I am pretty sure Izzie could talk anyone to death…and Circe is giving her serious competition."

Ashton watches the tornado disappear. "I don't know… it does have a bit of a dramatic flair, if you don't mind looking like a meglomaniacal douche bag." He sighs, "Yeah, let's make sure that everyone gets back to the main camp."

Besa smiles again at the comment from Rain, "Circe needs no more powers." Finally unclenching his hands, "That man was …unkind." And with that he'll turn to help wrangle underclassmen.

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