(2019-06-29) Marshmallows. On a Stick!
Marshmallows. On a stick!
Summary: Camp RP.
Date: 2019.06.29
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Central Campgrounds

A wooden platform area forms the central part of the entire campground. The platform is in the shape of an octagon with a total diameter of over 30 feet. A large oak tree grows out of the center of the platform providing some shade while other trees around the platform help with that as well. Benches are placed in various places allowing for comfortable sitting while a few rectangular tables with chairs are also set out. A stone trail leads south back to the docks. A wooden walkway leads off to the cabins while a dirt trail leads east to the campsite. A few tents are visible even from here. A concession stand sells various snacks and drinks which is open at times when the mess hall isn't. The mess hall, which is located a few feet from the central platform, is open just for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While there is some seating avilable in the mess hall, it is clear that the intention is for people to come back out to the platform to eat. A number of trashcans are set up on the perimeter of the octagonal platform. A small shop also open during the days for people to buy various goods that people might run out of while camping.


<OOC> Besa says, "ok!"
Summer camp isn't as terrible as some thought it would be. It's also not as amazing as others thought. It's just kinda up the middle. Some nice fun outdoorsy stuff, some terrible crafty stuff. A good mix. Currently it's after supper, campers are breaking off into groups, to either hang out in the cabins, or sit around one of the few bonfires.

;'s at a fire, poking it quietly with a. stick. He's been rather quiet this entire experience, until soemone talks to him and he puts on a councilor smile, ready to help if needed. Mostly he's been needed to help set up tents, but that's okay, he doesn't mind.
Fire is the steel girl's best friend, even if she's warm enough, for a change. Fire is life. Fire is warmth. Fire is comfort, and above all, it's where the people go. For a city kid like Syd, all these are revelations. She finds a sturdy log to sit on near the fire and waves at Besa, firelight glinting off her fingertips. "Hi."

Another city kid here. Dakota is in a mood. Giving up on all electronics didn't sound all that bad at first, but he never realized just how much he relies on the darn thing for entertainment and an easy means to drown out the chatter in his head. Now, he has to talk to people and that only goes well about half the time.

A lonely and slow soccer ball heralds his arrival as it lands just at Besa's feet. "Sorry," chimes Dakota, a second later, swatting at a persistent bug. "Yo."
Besa straightens when Syd joinshim, Smiling up at her, "Hello Sydney. We have the ingredients for the s'mores…if you would like." He motions to the side where there's a bag of all three ingredients. The marshmallows are the flat ones, designed for s'mores. The ancient teen's still in the body of a 14 year old, he's not done the age rune yet, it seems. Or he did and it failed. The soccer ball gets an eyebrow lift and he bends over to retrieve it, "Hello Dakota. It is alright. Would you like to join us? We have the ingredients for s'mores."
Sydney glances over to look at Dakota when the soccer ball lands and she works out where it came from. "Hey. Come on over and have a sit. Fire helps keep bugs away, or so I read. She looks at Besa about the s'mores, then the marshmallows, then the chocolate, then the grahm crackers. She thinks how sugar, particularly corn syrup, of which marshmallows are made, makes her insides sticky. She pauses, thinks some more, and says, "Ok, if you'll show me how to make them. I've never actually…been camping before."
"Same here," Dakota says, taking the ball from Besa's hands and moving over to sit near Sydney. "It's, like, not as macho as I thought it would be." He glances at the others and tries to make up for his gloom. "S'mores sound nice, though. I always wondered how you get the stick through the graham crackers. Shouldn't it break?' Oh boy…
Besa's eyes widen. Oh. He assumed all the modern kids would know. "I…know the concept. We can figure it out together, yes?" The ancient boy knows it starts with roasting the marshmallow. "Let us all get sticks, yes? They are for the marshmallows." There's metal skewers if folks don't want to use wood. "What do you mean macho, Dakota?"
Sydney ponders. "I think… in a Peanuts comic I saw once… you just roast the marshmallows.
Besa offers, "It is like a dessert sandwich, yes?" Above the fire goes Besa's stick. He has patience. "You though that camping was for men?' That seems a strange thing. "This is very….comfortable camping. In the before, I would go out with his my bow and a water skin. That was very hard, but rewarding."
Sydney snorts. "You kids and your electronics." Syd smirks. "Back in MY day, computers were a new thing, and we'd never heard of the internet. We had to make do with books! And walk uphill to school. In the snow. Both ways." She giggles and sticks her tongue out, as she gets up to look around for a stick. "Seriously though, it does feel weird to be unplugged like this. I guess I was more of an internet junkie than I thought." She doesn't tell anyone that she's not completely unplugged, that tucked away, turned off, currently nestled inside what would be her pelvic girdle, if she were normal, is her cell phone. For emergencies. Sydney listens to Besa, and pretty much instantly regrets everything she just said.
"Well, maybe not just for men," Dakota isn't sexist or he tries not to be, at least. "But a stereotypically male-oriented activity? Sure. Anyway, I figured as a teenage America dude, I should go camping once in my lifetime." He almost smirks then listening to Sydney and Besa in turn. "I forget that everyone in this school is secretly two hundred years plus old."
Besa's head tilts, listening to Sydney, "That…does not make much sense, Sydney." Uphill? Snow? Both ways? "It is nice to have everyone like I am for a time." Since he can't do anything with electronics. A soft smile at Dak, he's nto going to argue, but it seems silly that he thinks it's male orientated. "I do not keep my age a secret." There's a pause while he frowns, realizing how weird this next statement is, "I am going to cast the rune so I can be the twins age again for this year. I wish to be correct for my senior year." Right now he looks like a young freshman.
Sydney laughs softly, returning with a likely stick. She sharpens one end between her thumb nail and her index finger. "I was kidding. I'm fifteen, more or less, just spread out over 52 years. Uphill both ways is making fun of the kinds of stories your parents… um. Well. Parents these days… where these days are like the last hundred years or so… geez… anyway, the point is "in my day" stories tend to be exaggerated."
"I guess I should be grateful that I can camp in my own era and partake in 'comfortable camping', but immortality sounds like a pretty sweet deal," Dakota carefully stabs a marshmallow and thrusts it above the fire. "You mean the Masters twin?" He frowns. "You can just do that?"
Besa doesn't even try to smile at that, "No….it is not. I would not wish it upon anyone." He's nto paying attention to his marshmallow and it catches on fire. "Yes, the twins are my adoptive family. I started school with them as freshmen…" He glances down at himself, 'I am not the right age anymore, so I must casta. rune." He only notices the marshmallow lady mine when it gets too gooey and falls into the fire. He says a singe word in an ancient tongue. The one implies it may have been a swear.
Sydney solumnly hands the marshmallow she was about to impale to Besa. "It's ok. It's just a marshmallow. Try again." She fishes out another one and holds it over the fire, a little further perhaps so it doesn't get so hot so fast. Or that's her reasoning, anyway. "Why is immortality bad? I mean I get it that there are…supernatural entanglements involved, but just in and of itself, why is immortality bad?"
"Careful, dude," says Dakota, laughing as the sugary confection burns up. "And this rune…it'll just age you up? Just like that. Dude, why don't you skip the awkward teen years entirely? You'd save yourself a lot of drama."
He lifts his chin at Sydney's words, frowning suddenly. "It's probably no fun to see all your loved ones die," He lets that settle for a moment, before lightly adding, "So communal immortality sounds like the way to go."
Besa's cheeks puff out, sighing gently as he takes the offered marshmallow from Sydney, "Thank you. This is harder than it appears. "Living forever is…lonely at times. My heart aches for things that are gone forever. It is…tiring, and I will never be able to truly rest." Best keeps his gaze on the fire this time, "I do nto remember much of being an adult, and I have never been an adult in this time…it is better to learn, yes." Although he can't argue that teen years have some sucky stuff. "I always have drama, I fear." A blink and he will glance over at the idea of a communal immortality, "…yes. That would be the choice I wold prefer." But it's not a choice.
Sydney looks down into the fire, minding her marshmallow, thinking about what Besa said. "My heart aches for things that are gone forever," she repeats. "One sentence. Jesus, I've felt that, and I haven't even been able to put it in words at all." She shakes her head and fishes her marshmallow out of the fire when it just starts to blister and turn black. "Like this?"
Dakota has never felt that, has never really even had anything permanent in his life to lose. So it's understandable when he goes quiet and lets the two have their moment. His crisping marshmallow is watched intently.
Besa's large dark eyes go to Syd and he sighs in empathy, "I am sorry for your loss, Sydney." But then he peers, "Yes? I believe so. Now you make a …sandwhich….with the crackers and chocolate." He'll attempt to put one togtehr, but doesn't use two crackers. Just a gram on one side, chocolate on the other. "This seems….messy."
"I think…that is too much cracker?" Besa's bad at this. He really doesn't know. "But I think you can stack them however you wish, yes?"
Sydney takes a bite of the scalding-hot marshmallow. "Mmmf. Hot…" It doesn't inconvenience her overmuch. "Careful." She swallows. Yes, her guts will be all sticky. So worth it.
Besa nods, he waits, letting it cool down (And unfortunately melt the chocolate). The ancient teen does nto look very dignified with melted sugar all over him, but he's trying. "I think…I prefer hunting and roasting meat over the fire…"
Sydney looks around. "Like… rabbits and stuff? We've got those here." Somehow the idea of shooting a rabbit with a bow and cooking it… sounds good to the steel girl.
Besa thinks on it as he tries to eat the mess in his hands, "Yes…rabbit is good. Perhaps We can go hunting tomorrow if you'd like? I used to go for larger game, but rabbit would be good."
You say, "Sure… I kind of stomp through the woods like a tank, but… could be interesting…" She reaches into the bag to spear another marshmallow. "I know you need to be older… but you're adorable at this age. Just so you know. Don't ever be ashamed of who you were, back in the day, back in your life, whatever, you know?"

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