(2019-06-14) Into the Pit
Into the Pit
Summary: DREAMSCENE: Callisto explores one of Besa's frequent nightmares. She never would have expected what comes of it.
Date: 2019-06-14
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NPCs: Dream shades.
Scene Runner: NA

TP Room 1 - Dreamscene
Fri Jun 14, 2019

IC: Besa's nightmares!

Besa's been so stressed out lately, that when Callisto asked to help him by dreamwalking, he nodded. Anything to help alleviate some of the anxiety he's been feeling, at this point. The ancient teen hasn't mentioned Dylan's possible leaving, but there's clearly something going on. Laying on his bed, Cocoa immediately moves to lay onto of the small teen. This seems to be their normal sleeping positions. Besa's room has things, but they're all new things. Nothing is older than the 2 and a half years he's been at the school, except the pieces of his sarcophagus that are on his desk. He glances over at Callisto and offers a tight smile, "I think you for this…if…if it is too much for you, please know I will not be upset if you leave my dream."

(IMPORTANT: We agreed to handwave +rolls. Freeform RP!)

The end of school is nigh for Callisto. Between helping with Daxton's return to his normal (even if his new normal may yet differ from the previous) and finishing up with her loose ends here… she's been busy. But for her to be able to say that she is a free girl now, able to pack her dorm and no longer fear being chased down… damn. She had even given Boomie something in farewell: a delicate silver bracelet that looks as old as the hills.

Callisto is free now to do something that she likes doing: helping out. Even in passing she could just tell that Besa was suffering. She promised to walk his sleeping mind with him and here she is right now, seated at his bedside, following the boy's gaze to the sarcophagus pieces before looking back to him at his words.

Her white hair is loose, softening her features; she's dressed comfortable in a pair of dark leggings and a loose peasantry blouse. Bare feet. "Of course… I hope we can glean something from this to help you. I am unafraid so lay back, yes? And close your eyes." Callisto bids, reaching out to give loyal Cocoa a gentle scritch.

Unafraid? Besa's brow furrows before he nods gently and lays back. Cocoa scoots to lay more comfortably on him. Does he even use a blanket at night with her onto of him? After studying her a long movement he does as instructed, long eyelashes flutter closed and he takes a deep breath. Well, as deep as his tight chest will allow.

The fey girl does not use hypnotic terms to coax a person to rest. Hell naw. She got herself a powered brain to do that work! Cocoa further drapes herself across her boy and Callisto nods in agreement.. good.

She watches Besa close his eyes, and she gives the boy a few seconds to get comfortable. "Remain aware of Cocoa, touch her and know you're safe with her." Callisto whispers.. that's as far as she goes with affirmations. Then, eyes still trained upon the supine boy and his pup, Callisto's lashes flutter and with barely a blink, she 'pushes' with her mind. It happens in seconds and it's like easing back into a warm bath; that sort of relaxing feeling. It will start in Besa's hands and feet, a great restful heaviness as Callisto wills thoughts and body processes to just… rest. Finally the gauzy pre-sleep sense of 'wandering'… and then? By the time he's on his fourth breath Callisto will have psychically (and gently) locked his mind into deep slumber.

Once sure of her friend's sleeping state, Callisto's eyes close and she is perfectly still. Deeper concentration, meditation. She wields that same mental force and begins projecting her own mind into Besa's dreams… waiting..

It doesn't take long, nightmares are always lingering on the edge of his consciousness. It's dark, the kind of dark that comes from a deep hiding place. It feels claustrophobic. There's labored breathing, two join together, although they feel muffled, as if they're trying to be quiet. Besa is pressed against what feels like a dirt wall, but there's roots or tree limbs woven into the dirt, uninviting to lean against. But he does. And so does….another Besa. She has longer hair, knotted but beautiful, even in it's mess. Both Besas look exhausted, in pain. They have scrapes and blood on their faces. Two sets of identical eyes are locked onto each other, almost like they are trying to will the other to be quieter.

The unseen Callisto that resides in this deep hovel presents herself as she always does in dreams: in full fey glamour, wings and iridescent gown and all. But no need going on about the blah'dy blah blah of such an appearance because she cannot be seen in Besa's mind's eye, just yet. Not by the remnant of him that is aware of the nightmare and overseeing it; not by the two frightened shades who are pleading wordlessly with one another right beside her. Callisto is kneeling, hands resting in the froth of her skirts, pale eyes studying the boy and girl. Did Besa once have a… sister? Or…?

Callisto has questions, but keeps them to herself. Her gaze roves the dark surroundings; she herself is not claustrophobic and remains perfectly still. Waiting. This place 'feels' difficult, and frightening… and hot. She looks back toward the two.

They're being quiet. Well, as quiet as children can be when terrified of something. And they are terrified. Tears are running down the girl's cheeks, leaving trails. Besa shakes his head, almost pleadingly. But it's too late, that small amount of noise it seems is all it took. Whatever constitutes as a ceiling, the dirt and roots, is ripped off with impressive force. The girl screams, the type of noise that gives chills and makes a stomach drop. Above the hole is a silhouette of…something. The noise though, those may be familiar to Callisto. Whatever this thing is, it seams in the same demonic tongue Ashton does. Because this is a dream, Callisto can understand, even with eh demon words, "THERE'S MY LITTLE RABBIT. YOU SHOULDN'T RUN FROM ME…" It's pretty clear she should though, and she tries. But it's too late, the demon is already reaching down and wrapping it's clawed hand around her arm. Besa's not been seen, still pressed against the wall.

The two Besas lock eyes again and the boy shakes his head again, pleading with her.

Where does Callisto intervene? Should she? When? She has immersed herself well into this dreamscape so when the earth is torn from where the kids hide, her invisible form jolts in a startle right when the Besas' location is discovered by—by that. No, she's here to understand. To see exactly what it is that plagues Besa at night. If it proves to be too grueling for the dreamer, Callisto will escape.. and will him awake with her. But…

Indeed, being immersed in the dream and mind of the dreamer affords to Callisto some 'loopholes'. A language that she could not decipher in waking becomes available to her now and the demon's words are understood as they boom forth. The girl is grabbed.

It takes everything in Callisto not to 'push' amd try to alter the horrible scene. She turns to watch the boy Besa, her white hair fluttering like thistledown.

The female Besa screams again, it's heart wrenching. Her words are in Coptic, pleading.' Although its hard to tell if it's with the demon or Besa. The demon laughs, it's just cruel sounding and it shakes her, "WHERE'S THE REST OF YOUR WARREN, LITTLE RABBIT? I PROMISE TO KILL YOU QUICKLY IF YOU TELL ME." This feels…played out. Not only like Besa's had this dream before, but like this may have actually happened, many times. She screams again, choking on her own tears and fear. Besa though….Besa stays still as he hides, frozen in his own fear. His hand is pressed into his mouth so hard his knuckles have gone white and he seems to not be breathing at all.

It's to be known that Callisto is no great authority when it comes to kids. Oh, she likes them well enough but she does not seek them out, to play or engage. Her childhood was… well, let's not go there. But even as an adolescent mixed-breed faerie there is still a button that is pushed in her soul — awake or dreaming — that warrants a response that she can't even control. When the girl begins to choke on her terror, Callisto's gaze — soft and worried upon the kids — jerks over in the direction of the demon.

She concentrates, wrapping the influence of her mind into the very subconscious makeup of this profound nightmare. Callisto tries to push for something different to happen… ANYTHING… a disruption in this same awful song and dance. Maybe the demon's grip falters; maybe the girl wrenches just so to break free. Free the child. Or maybe nothing, nothing will happen at all.

Something does happen, but it's one of those weird dream things. Suddenly the girl isn't in the demon's claw, it's Besa. And the girl is now pressed against the wall of dirt, trying to suffocate herself into not making a sound. Besa screams, but it's not in surprise, it seems he's had this version// of the nightmare before as well. He pleads in coptic as well, finally choking out that the girl is under the dirt, he's not alone…and then the pleading turns to asking to die. It's terrible. He outs the girl and then begs to be killed quickly.

Did she just-

No, Callisto recognizes when one of HER 'pushes' connects. This is NOT entirely of her own doing. Or is it? Maybe her efforts have hastened something that Besa intended to have happen, in this nightmare. She looks hastily to the girl at her side now, switched out for Besa. It's another angle where the girlchild hides and begs her small treacherous body (for don't all bodies have to breathe and shift and make noises?) to be quiet. This is a turn that Callisto, in feeling, would have never expected and yet…. the logical, watchful fey part of her mind.. somehow understands. That part of Callisto recognizes Besa's intention in trying to secure even a few moments' worth of salvation from pain, and what will hopefully be a swift death.

Knowing Besa as she does, she knows that his shame and guilt would be astronomical. Callisto steels herself, for how this will all unfold..

It unfolds as one would expect a nightmare inspired by real events in a real hell. The girl is fun, both Besas are tortured, terrified and crying. Shaken and screamed at in a demon tongue. The demon carries them back to a location that has a pit, there's bodies of many Besas, different ages and genders.

Another Besa, another girl, sneaks up near Callisto, watching the scene unfold. She's older, late teens. Despite being dirty and skinny, her hair looks amazing. The outre two Besas are sobbing, the demon is hurting them. The teen next to Callisto sighs worriedly, but isn't making as much effort to hide as the first two.

Fates, this is hard to see. But now Callisto is coming to understand some things… why Besa is so intent on helping, healing, sacrificing. Does he go to bed each night and see not only Hell and demons but himself, or a shade of a previous 'self', ratting out 'this Besa' and 'that Besa' to said demon in order to catch reprieve? Something that he would hate himself for doing, in waking? Callisto pushes herself hard to stick through it, hang in there.. even though what the demon is doing is triggering something powerfully instinctual in her.

The pit of predecessors doesn't help her resolve.. is that a wet shine to her eyes, now? Callisto promised that she would see this through and she does not retreat. The sight of the pit, though, elicits another feeling in her gut, in dreaming and realtime… almost sick.

The arrival of the teenaged 'Besa' earns a wary look.. this one, in her behavior, seems resigned. That is even scarier.

The teenager sighs, head tilting as she watches the scene play out. She's seen this too many times as well.

The girl's screams abruptly stop after the sound of neck being snapped. Besa though…Besa isn't given that mercy. He's thrown in the pit, bleeding an barely conscious and then the body of the girl is thrown onto of him. She lands unfortunately not unlike how Cocoa lays on Besa, which can't help the teen's anxiety. The only sound now is a low whimper as Besa tries and fails to crawl his way out of the pit.

Here's where the Dark fey bit of blood comes in handy. It makes Callisto better able to see this and not run away screaming or become a hysterical mess. Oh, she's bothered… she's not trying to stop the tears now. Her lips quiver and teeth clench and a hand lifts to press in front of her mouth as she coughs hard. This, for Callisto, is a terrified response. But that dark heritage is the steel she needs to stay with this. She needs to know.

Hasty looks to the teenager alongside her, and that same degree of antipathy is enough to scare Callisto further. Now she just can't 'hide' any longer and there she is. She 'appears' and will now be visible to both the resigned teenage girl and anyone (or thing) else that can be somehow aware of her in this nightmare. Besa, when he awakens, may be able to recall Callisto just appearing there.. winged and upset. She doesn't even try to hide again.

"Can nothing be done?" Callisto asks.

The teenage girl is clearly surprised, she jumps backwards, fist raising in defense. Still speaking in Coptic, she asks with a hint of fear, "Who are you?!?" Strange girls appearing in dreams, especially girls she's never met before….that's worrisome.

"A friend." Callisto says quietly, hand lifting again to wipe her eyes. Her 'palette' is that of silver, black, soft blues and purples… all crowned by that white-silver flow of hair. Her colors don't match this terrifying place so she is therefore an interloper. Clearly. Much as she could understand the demon, Coptic becomes temporarily known to Callisto now. She answers again, repeating herself: "A friend." Her voice is feeble with sadness, and she tries to swallow it down. "I am trying to help Besa, to understand… does this occur everytime he sleeps? And who are you?" Asked in that universal way… she may as well be speaking Coptic herself.

Callisto is studied before the girl nods. "How are you here?" Her eyes are exactly like Besa's dark and expressive, and they turn to look at the pit and the struggle that's happening inside, "Oh…no….He dreams different. It is not always the same demon…the same…death." A frown and she pushes away block of that hair, "I am Besa….just not your's. I came here searching for the Khophesh. But….I have never been able to speak with him…not in dreams as these."

The sound of the terrible struggle and eventual death is heard but Callisto finds it easier to focus upon this older girl. This is where she must ask these questions. Her eyes widen. "You are a reincarnation, then.. an instance. The Besa that I have known, twice now, has been sacrificed and wrapped. The Besa left behind at each death… becomes one of you?" Callisto indicates the teenage girl with a slender hand, and shakily sways that hand in the direction of the pit. All ages and shapes, buuurning. Q_Q

Callisto's cerulean eyes lock onto teenage!Besa's face. "Does each reincarnation remember the others?" Callisto asks the money question, but her voice is so shakey and young. With how this lone girl Besa watches this awful thing, unfeeling, Callisto can't help but assume. "Who is the Khopesh—" A pause.. she'd better answer questions. "I am a dream walker, a mentalist. I am able to enter dreams and… especially with permission, see.."

Besa's eyes narrows, but then she smiles softly, "Oh…you don't know. No…I'm not a…reincarnation. Alraxmargoth'ha has taken many of us, from our…homes." Dimensions, really, but that's a weird concept. "I know the Khophesh because we were in Hell together…I and others are still. We need his help." A dream walker! Suddenly the girl steps forward, grasping with stronger than she should have hands into Calli's arm, "Tell him! He needs know! Please!" She glances again at the pit, "He is not able to be spoken to like this…but you can!"

Here stands Callisto, days away from graduating from school (her first ever true mortal achievement), actively trying to piece together the mental puzzle of her boyfriend-ish (?) friend's mind, poised to live with a sister who has been estranged for centuries, longing to know who her true dad was… what business does she have intruding upon Besa's trials and tribulations?

Plenty of it. He's important to her. She wets her lips and answers without hesitation, "Tell me what to do. Where do I start? What am I to say? I shall do it." Well now!

Besa sighs again, she looks tired, "Tell him we are here, in Alraxmargoth'ha's realm. He must come for us, as he did the others. He is our Khophesh. We need him." Her fingers tighten on ally's arm, if the wasn't. Dream, she'd leave marks. "Alraxmargoth'ha's children, they are searching for him, and another that is with him….They have agents on your world…" The teenage girl's form wavers, as one does when trying to stay in a dream walk.

Callisto is listening. But now she understands. Oh, Besa; poor Besa. She suspects he and Dylan are still having some trouble.. she made a pledge here and Callisto knows she will have to relay this to him when they're all awake. As if the boy hadn't dealt with enough? But the fey girl bows her head once, and will rest her free hand atop teenage!Besa's. "I will remember. I will speak to him, he will know every word."

Talk of 'agents' of this ilk, that which is gleefully throwing versions of Besa into a flaming pit… being in the world? Their world? It makes the soiree of Callisto's mother seem like a cakewalk. "I cannot condone such beings in our midst. I will pass on your message, I swear it." Said hastily. Callisto recognizes what that rippling means. "Is that all?" Asked with that same urgency

That's…not what Best meant, but if it lights a fire under the fey's butt to tell the Khophesh, then she's not going to correct her. "Tell….tell him…" Again she looks towards the pit, brow furrowing, "It's not his fault…We all …did…" And then she winks out (As she winks awake! Ha!). Everything seems calm now, except for the flaming pit.

Nothing as calming and atmospheric as a flaming pit. Said anyone.. ever! Pah! Callisto gazes at the space that was preciously 'occupied' by the teenager, and glances back toward the pit with a look of trouble about her. Tell him.. oh man. What a thing to tell.

She had spoken of dimensions… so there are other Besas in other worlds and-

Callisto touches her forehead and tries to decide what to do now. She needs to think; she needs to figure out how, and when to proceed.. what she does know is that she will not shake Besa awake and bawl this information all over him before he even blinks the sleep out of his eyes. It's seamless, how she eases out of Besa's mind and back into her own prettily-turned-out self, still upright in a chair pulled up alongside Besa's bed. Eyes open and she observes the boy and his dog for a few seconds.

Besa stays sleeping, although his had is thrown to the side and his brow is furrowed. Cocoa though, is awake and clearly upset, having crawling up further onto the boy's chest. She looks at Callisto, whining softly before nuzzling him. In response his hand comes up and the frown dissipates some. She really does help the nightmares.

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