(2019-05-28) Experiments in Telepathy
Experiments in Telepathy
Summary: Bryce is trying to learn how to use telepathy. Ashton is his guinea pig, Rain the spotter
Date: 2019-05-28
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The School's library is one of the largest buildings in the school. Five stories tall and the size of a 747 hangar, plus a basement, its built in a long line of square clusters of of dark polished hardwood shelves, with desks and reading chairs of the same wood. At the center of each cluster, surrounded by a wrought iron and polished brass railing, is an opening extending from the ground floor to the skylights above, that sunlight (albeit carefully filtered to protect the books) might reach the inside of the library.

And what a collection: thousands upon thousands of books, some quite ancient, on every topic imaginable.

There are more. Around the perimeter of each cluster are robot dumbwaiters (stocker robots) and the ubiquitous brass robot tracks run around each floor of the library well above head height. Students can request books from the archives in the basement, and the stockers, along with the tracked robots overhead, will see that the book reaches the stocker closest to the student.

Theres still more. A battery of desks with ultra-thin computers and keyboards provide access to a vast electronic library, stored below in vaults that could weather a nuclear detonation, and checked out to student iPads.

Physical books are as easy. Pick up a book and carry it out. The RFID embedded in the book is paired with the RFID in a students ID tag. Best have the book back on time. Students who fail to often serve detention shelving books by hand.

It is a spring evening. The weather is warm and sunny.

News of Bryce's desire to work on a Mind Walking ability to help Daxton is starting to be rumored around certain parts of the campus. It wasn't exactly a secret, but Bryce wasn't exactly going around and announcing it to everyone; however, the increased use of his astral projection had definitely drawn some attention. He sent a message to Ashton so they can meet together in the library. In fact, Bryce reserved a quiet study room for the purpose of this practice. Due to his frequent use of the library, he might have been given a bit of leeway in reserving the room. Shortly after dinner, Bryce opens the door to the study room looking a bit more nervous than his normal standard nervous level. Without a single book in his hand, he moves over towards the table and slides a chair out. Sitting down, he takes out his phone and rests it on the table.

With final exams looming ever closer, Rain has been spending more time in the library to study and prepare for that than doing whatever else it is she does outside of class. Tonight after dinner is no exception, A's don't earn themselves and she must have all the A's! As Bryce wanders past where she is sitting she watches him head into the study room by himself. She does give a bit of a wave in greeting, but for now that's it. Had she heard what he has been up too lately, maybe, but for the most part has stayed out of business that has nothing to do with her.

Ashton has told Bryce that he was more than willing to be his guinea pig. So when he received Bryce's message, he showed up without a second thought. The young sorcerer has been spending enough time in the library himself that he has practically moved in. He strolls up to the study room, "Hey Bryce… you ready to get in my head?"

Bryce looks up quickly and offers a wave back to Rain having forgotten to wave to her as he walked by. He is just that focused and nervous. When Ashton walks in, Bryce slowly stands up and says, "Um, yes, I mean, I think that I am, or, at least I am willing to try. I, I am, not, well, I'm not sure how well I will actually do."

Voices carry in the quiet library, so Rain hears the unusual question that Ashton asks of Bryce. And the question and vague reply can only mean one thing…there will be experimenting with powers going on, and if context is any indicator that power would be telepathy. The laptop open in front of her is gently closed as she gets to her feet "Do you two need a spotter?" she asks as she approaches them. She isn't a telepath herself, but she has been around one since birth so its not like she isn't unfamiliar with the ability or anything

Ashton looks at Bryce, "Just relax Bryce… I'm sure you'll do just fine." As Rain approaches, the dark haired boy whinces just slightly, "Um… hi Rain." He chews on his lower lip, "Sure… Not that I think that we'll need it… I mean what's the worse that can happen… Bryce could accidently pith me… I'm sure there would be some people that would probably cheer." He's sure that Rain would be one of them.

Bryce looks up from the table over at Rain. "Oh, uh, hi. I, yes, you have, I mean, you know, or at least are, uh, related to a telepath so p-perhaps there is some insight you could, well, I mean, could offer." He is clearly very nervous. He sits down slowly using the table for support as he does so. He nods over at Ashton and says, "Actually, I'm not exactly, uh, sure what is the, the worst that can happen which is p-part of what c-concerns me." He takes a slow deep breath and says, "I can understand if, if, well, if you want to b-bow out."

"Do you really want me to answer that question?" Rain asks of Ashton "There are much worse things than death." being a brain-fried vegetable the rest of your life would probably be one of those things. She doesn't say that out loud of course. And she would never cheer anyones death, not even Ashton's, though to say she would shed tears would be wrong as well. "It'll be okay Bryce." she assures the nervous teen, with as fidgety and nervous as he is she does her best to exude a calming aura "You can do this." she also seems to be kinder to him than others, or at least more supportive and encouraging, but if any needs that it is Bryce.

Ashton looks at Bryce. "Why would I back out. I told you that I'd help you. I mean it's for a good cause." He glances at Rain with a shrug. The boy is obviously not concerned about what could or could not happen. He nods in agreement with Rain, "Yeah, Bryce, you got this."

Bryce looks up to Rain again and is silent for a while. He remembers when there were people who were in danger on a rollercoaster. He could try and use his powers to create an arcade claw to try and rescue them, but he had never made one that big or held that much weight. Rain told him then that he could do it, and she was right. It was the first time that he really felt his powers were helpful. He nods to her and takes a breath. He seems to calm down (at least for him). Finally he looks to Ashton and says, "Alright. I'm going to try to, to read your thoughts. Try and, uh, think towards me." He isn't sure if that will help.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Telepathy: Good Success.

Since the two have agreed to let her act as spotter to whatever it is they are going to do, Rain follows them into the study room and closes the door. It's better that they not be disturbed. The teen girl can be quite convincing when she tries, which she rarely ever does. While the instructions that Bryce gives Ashton are appropiate, she can't help but be amused by them, there may even be a bit of a smirk that breaks her stoic expression slightly.

<FS3> Ashton rolls Dark Whispers: Success.

Ashton nods to Bryce. There is a slight flicker of light behind Ashton's blue-green eyes, as he looks intently at the psychic. His voice whispers into the other boy's mind. «Can you hear this, Bryce?» Meanwhile the boy arches a brow as he cants his head slightly to the side.

Bryce's eyes flare open wider. He nods solemly not really trusting his voice for a moment until he realizes that Rain doesn't know why he is nodding. He clears his throat and says, "Y-yes, I could, uh, hear that. That," he places his hands on the table for moment as though stilling himself. "That was the first time I did that on p-purpose."

Leaning against the table, Rain watches the pair as one tries to read and the other tries to project. Telepathy is very boring to watch, or so she has been told, but she hasn't gotten to boredom yet, not with the non-verbal communication and facial expressions going on between the two. She can't help but wonder if that's kind of what Sky and her look like when they are talking telepathically, just making wierd faces at each other. "Success on the first try?"

Ashton chews on his lower lip. "Well, he told me to think at him… I have on a rare occasion communicated with Louk silently… it could be that as well… maybe since it won't be a mutual effort, maybe it would be better if you just tried to rip a thought from my head, than me trying to be heard."

Bryce seems a bit surprised still at his success and is about to answer Rain, when Ashton explains that he projected the thought. "Ah, p-perhaps that explains it." He takes a deep breath and says, "Very well," as Ashton says to try and take a thought from him.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Telepathy: Good Success.

"It is much easier for a telepath to hear thoughts aimed at him than a person just thinking normally." Rain tells Bryce "Though some people are just loud thinkers and can be heard no matter what." she has probably heard plenty of complaints about those kind of people. She goes silent than as Bryce tries again, watching both carefully for any sign of trouble.

Ashton tries to think of a good memory, something pleasant, since there is so many dark thoughts that are flying around his head, like how his own grandmother murdered Besa, the finding of Besa's corpse, the finding of poor Cocoa's broken form, his thoughts finally settles on a memory of watching movies in the library of the old school with a huge gathering of students, watching the Star Wars movies in a marathon session over a weekend.

Bryce reaches up and grabs his head as the flood of memories stream in this mind from Ashton. It is clear that he went from a normal situation to a massive head. "I, I think I should .. .ug." His eyes narrow as he shuts closed the stream as it were. "I should go."

The sudden reaction from Bryce has Rain stepping in his direction in case he falls over or passes out. "You alright?" though she already knows the answer to that, she knows a reaction headache when she sees one "Drink plenty of water Bryce and take some aspirin or ipuprofen. The reaction headache will just get worse if you don't." she speaks from experience. Sky gets them frequently. "That was expected." she says to Ashton as Bryce leaves the room. "The sudden headache. It couldn't be stopped. It's the bane of telepathy."

Ashton's eyes widen at Bryce's sudden reaction. "Bryce? What's wrong?" He is rather happy that Rain is there right now. He looks at her, "This is normal?" The dark haired boy chews on his lips. "Bryce, dude… you okay? Do you need some help?"

Rain nods to Ashton "I'd be more surprised if he didn't get a headache." she assures Ashton "He's using a power that he has never used on purpose before with a part of his mind that he has never properly exercised before." this is kind of her wheelhouse "Sky and I have been using telepathy all our lives and we still have reaction headaches…him more than me." since he is the true telepath.

Ashton nods slowly, "Really? I didn't know that… I haven't really had mush experience with telepathy." He reaches up and combs his hair back. "So um… Rain.. we haven't talked, since… Spring Break. I swear that I had no idea that anything was going to happen. You have to know that, right? I'd never just let someone hurt any of my friends."

"Yes. He may be feeling tomorrow too, so check up on him before breakfast if you can." there is a pause "Or maybe I will have Besa do it since they are teammates." and Besa may be able him if it isn't any better "We really didn't talk all that much before spring break either." she points out maybe trying to make him feel better. Not something she is particularly good at. "I have been asked to give you the benefit of the doubt, so I beleive you." Besa's doing of course. "But your grandparents have to answer for what they did."

"Grandmother." Ashton corrects. "My grandfather had nothing to do with it… but yeah, I know she does… the only thing that I have said to the contrary was that I didn't think that I could be part of the group to bring her down… I can't forgive her for what she did… but she is still my grandmother… " Which some might think is only fair. "If I knew where she was, I'd tell you… but I don't."

Rain nods, if there is one thing she can understand is his reluctance to take part in whatever is done to make his grandmother face the music "I truly understand. If it was a relative of mine I couldn't help either, no Masters could." that's the whole Masters family schtick, Family Above All "She'll be found, eventually." she is confident in that

Ashton frowns slightly, "I am not sure that Besa and Louk can understand it… They both want me to help hunt down my grandmother… Besa is very disappointed in me for my reluctance. I mean I understand how he has blinders on… I really do, and I can't hold it against him for it either…" Ashton doesn't look like he has slept well since "the incident". He looks to the Masters girl. "Thank you for giving me the benefit of the doubt… I'm not sure that I could if I were you…"

"Well you can't expect people that have never had true families before to understand the nature of the dynamic. Though Besa has gotten a bit better over the years…three or so years doesn't make up for a millineum." Rain gives Ashton a nod "Besa is family, I trust him explicitly," her twin not so much, "were it not for him…

Ashton sighs and looks at her, "I'd be a smear on the floor… Yeah I get it. But luckily, there is Besa, and we don't have to worry about that." Right? He is still not too sure that is the case. He also knows that Rain isn't the only one that he has to worry about. Unlike some, the young sorcerer doesn't underestimate Schuyler. He cocks his head, "Well, since the thing with Bryce didn't work out, like we had planned, I guess that I should hit the books again. After all straight A's don't just happen. "Good night, Rain."

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