(2019-05-11) Tide Pool Talks
Tide Pool Talks
Summary: Louk finds Besa and they have a heart to heart, not that either of them feel better afterwards.
Date: 2019-05-11
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Tide Pools

The rocky shore jut gets rockier a it continues around the island. In some area, like this one, there is nothing but shelves of rocks hanging over or jutting out into the water so that the waves during high tide crash over them quite dangerously. During low tide water collecting in eroded spots and divides in the rock creates tide polls where small sea creatures dwell. It isn't surprising to find sea stars, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and other creatures in the pools. During the early morning it is a favorite resting spot for harbor seals.

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and sunny.

Besa's finally managed to get some alone time. The twins have been very worried, enough that a call was made to their mother about the entire situation. Currently the ancient teen is sitting with Cocoa on some of the rocky terrain, looking out over the ocean. He likes watching the water, it's one of the few things that feels like it's remained constant in all his lives. The sun has just set but he doesn't look like he's planning on moving any time soon. Cocoa's head is in his lap, eyes closed. She had a long night taking care of him and is very tired.

Descending from the air, a warm and pleasant breeze carrying him, Loukanos comes behind Besa, barefoot and dressed in just shorts. "Hello, Besa." His eyes remain on the ocean, and not on the boy himself.

Besa tenses just slightly at teh obvious temperature change and turns, but then smiles softly as he looks up at Louk. "Hello Loukanous. How are you this evening?" There's. Few blinks, noticing the lack of eye contact before he turns to look back at the ocean himself. "It is lovely tonight, yes?"

"It is," Loukanos agrees, choosing not to comment on how he is. His expressive face has gone blank, but he pushes forward anyway. "How are you? Have you been adjusting well?"

Besa takes a long moment before turning to look back up at his friend, "I am here." But then again, so is Louk. "As well as I can, I suppose." His head tilts, a lock of that perfect hair tumbles over an eye, "You are not though." He wonders if Ash's grandmother destroyed more than just trust. "Are you upset with me?"

"What?" says the godling. "How could I be upset with you? No." He considers. "I have just had much to think on these past few days. I know this is very hard for you, though." He sighs. It isn't shaky like the night before. "I don't know how to help…I wish I did, but I…I can't even help myself." Even with this admission, his voice retains that flat quality. "What's next?"

Besa lets him talk, knowing that helps most people. He almost points out that Sky's been upset with him in the past for dying, and that Dylan's not spoken to him yet. But that's not helpful, instead, "Come sit with me. We will get through this together, yes?" He'll pat the rock on the opposite side of himself than Cocoa, she's sleeping and he doesn't want to bother her. "What is next? We heal. We make sure that Ashton will be safe. Then….then we destroy the Gnostic Flame."

Loukanos hesitates, but he will join Besa. "Destroy the Gnostic Flame," He repeats, then bluntly asks, "Does that include killing Ashton's grandmother? And are you sure that is wise? They are clearly deadly. You could leave this to Ashton and I…" Loukanos is pretty certain no mortal could kill him and even more certain that Ashton's grandmother wouldn't kill her grandson.

"She is part of it, is she not?" Besa frowns gently, picking up not only on the hesitation to sit near him, but the bluntness of the question. "You do not think she should do, do you?" His chest feels tight, but he ignores it. "I am well aware they are deadly, Louk." But then Louk flips it and wants to take care of this himself, "No. I must be part of it. To see it done and over. I…They murdered me…so many times Louk. It was like being in Alraxmargoth'ha's realm…but worse. They were humans with no souls….I did not know that was possible.." He swallows, looking back to the waves, "We must destroy them before they get Ashton. That is her goal, to make him a weapon she can use."

"I do not know that we should, no. She is Ashton's grandmother. Stop her, of course. But kill? Is that truly how you would have things play out?" He takes a deep breath. "I cannot see you die again." Is stated plainly.
Loukanos has partially disconnected.

Vivian's laughter echos in Besa's ears and he turns away. "I am tired of having enemies, Louk. I am tired of being afraid." Cocoa, in her sleep whimpers and nestles a little deeper into Besa's stomach. A hand is placed on her head to calm her. There's a very long moment, when Besa may be taking what Louk says the wrong way, but with how Dylan is behaving (Or not!), "I….I understand. I am sorry to have hurt you. You will not see."

"I will not see," Loukanos tries those words in his own mouth and finds a bitter taste. "How can you not understand? I need you alive. To stay alive. Chasing these people…you and I both know how dangerous that could be. Let Ashton and I take care of this." Our chances are better, he does not say, but implies in his silence.

Besa's brow furrows, frustrated himself, "I do not get that luxury, Loukanos. I am sorry. It does not matter if I hide, death always finds me." But doesn't keep him, which is the worst part! "Yes! It is dangerous! Why would I allow you and Ashton to go and place yourselves in danger that I was not willing to face myself?" That pretty hair sways in the moonlight as he shakes his head, "She murdered her own daughter. I do not trust her to not harm Ashton!" The silent implication is picked up on and his dark eyes narrow, "I may be small, but I have killed demons. Do not underestimate me!" Cocoa's eyes start to blink open.

"It does not have to," Loukanos argues. "You are not fated to die, Besa. Fate does not exist, not in the way I thought it did." He pinches the bridge of his nose, still never looking at Besa. "Understand that I only want you to remain safe. You are the target, Besa. How can we send you there?"

Besa actually scoffs at Louk, sounding like an old man briefly, "Fate does not exist?!?!" He can't even argue that, it's so ridiculous. He doesn't understand why Louk is saying these things, does the godling not know how much they upset him? To be left behind while they go into danger? Louk may not be looking at Besa, but the Promethean turns to look directing at the taller boy, something mean starts to form, but he can't get the words out. It's not in his nature. Instead he just shakes his head, "You are not sending me anywhere. I am free, remember?" There's the smallest hitch to his voice though, why does this feel like Louk is pushing him away?

"Not in the way I thought it did," Loukanos repeats since perhaps Besa did not hear him but does not elaborate. Words left unsaid still carry the same feeling as a hound ready to bite back, and Loukanos tenses. When no insult follows, he remains tense. "I did not intend to upset you." A breeze picks up again, signally a retreat. "This conversation was poorly timed. I am sorry."

Besa's frustrated, everyone is treating him so strangely! "Do not be sorry, nothing was your fault. Nothing was Ashton's fault. The fault lays with the order of the Gnostic Flame!" Sense his want to destroy them! "Why will you not look at me?!?" Despite what Louk said, Besa's getting the feeling he is upset with him.
<OOC> Besa says, "hence, not sense."

"I…" Loukanos finally looks at him, face pale and eyes widen. "I keep seeing you there, bleeding out and cut and drained of life." His voice is shaky. "I thought I had knew all of what cruelties mortal man had to offer. I was wrong."

Oh….Perhaps this is what his priests were trying to prevent. Maybe they were wiser than Besa gives them credit for. He turns away first, chest feeling tight. "You should not have had to see it at all. I am sorry. I…." He can't promise to never die again, he can't control what others do, just what he does, what he chooses. Wetting his lips, he looks out at the ocean, feeling much more defeated than he has in a long time. It seems Vivian took more from him than just his life. "I will not let you be in that position again." How can he promise that? He shifts, gently trying to get Cocoa off of his lap.

Loukanos' face finally breaks into it's customary smile, but there's sadness behind it. "No. As you said, it is not either of our faults. I am just concerned for your future. I do not wish to see you die again."

Besa gets it. He's hurt people he cares about! Cocoa moves, although the pooch is looking a combination of sleepy and concerned up at Besa. The boy won't look at Louk now, "And you will not." See him die again. Can't see him dead if he just goes with the Egyptian government! "I will spare you that." And spare Ashton. The twins will be more difficult, but he'll think of something.

Spare him…a light flickers our in Louk's eyes, and he turns to face the ocean. "The Flame will pay for what they have done. In the meantime, if there is anything you need, let me know. I am shaken but never beaten." The wind picks him up, and he begins to float.

Besa doesn't think they will, but that's not an argument he's going to have with Louk. The other Promethain doesn't understand where Besa's coming from. Maybe Besa doesn't understand where he's coming from either. His jaw tightens, but instead of saying anything else, Besa just nods. The panic attack is building, but ti's not going to help him to curl up on the rocks infant of Louk, He'll get to his room, or wait to louk is gone. "I….just need for you and Ash to be well."

"We will be," Loukanos says. A wind picks up around Besa, tugging gently. The godling holds out a hand, "Would you like a ride back to the school?"

Besa's perfect hair blows around his face, making the situation feel more chaotic than it is, "N-no….Cocoa would not like that…" And the ancient teen is thinking that just staying on the rock is better than trying to navigate the school right now, anyway.

"Very well," The wind leaves Besa abruptly, and the god lifts into the air in full. "I will see you back in the school then?"

Besa nods, letting his arms go around Cocoa's neck. The dog knows what to do and she presses into the teen. "I will go back to the school." Eventually. "…thank you for the offer."

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